William R. Alban


WILLIAM R. ALBAN, now one of the leading practitioners at the Jefferson County bar has a Welsh ancestry whose representatives settled in AMerica long anterior to the War of the Revolution. John ALban appears to have come to Virginia at least as early as the middle of the 18th century, and located near Winchester, Va. Here on February 15, 1758 his son George Alban, great-grandfather of William R. Alban was born. In 1764, John Alban purchased a section of land from Lord **** He reenlisted on March 3, with Capt. Jeremiah Dunn's company of Express Riders, with whom he remained until November 24, 1778, when, disabled by wounds he returned to the home farm at Winchester, where he married Miss Jane Green, in 1783, by whom he had a family of ten children. In 1796 the family removed to Charlestown, now Wellsburg, on the Ohio River, and in the following year to Island Creek Township, in the newly organized county of Jefferson, O. Mr. Alban was probably the first settler in the wilds of this township back from the river, and it was primeval wilderness, where it was necessary to guard against the nightly depredations of wolves and other savage beasts, and where a visit from a wandering red man was still not infrequent, although Wayne's victory had removed all danger from this source. On December 27, 1800, he purchased a quarter section of land from THomas Edgington, and this farm remained in the family until about 1868. Mrs. Alban died on AUgust 8, 1839, aged seventy-nine years and was followed by her husband on January 29, 1840, at the rip age of eighty-two years. Of the children, George Alban, Jr. alone remained in the county, the other being scattered over the country from the lakes to the Gulf, and there was representatives of the family on both sides in the late Civil War.

He married Nancy Cox, December 29, 1825, who died October 29, 1877. Mr. Alban died in 1861, leaving seven children, of whom, John Alban, the father of the subject of our sketch, lived until 1902, when he departed full of years and honor. As an illustration of the standing of the family, the office of justice of the peace, for Island Creek Township was held almost continuously by George Alban and his son from 1802 to 1861. John Alban married Margaret Warden, on September 21, 1858, and on October 10, 1864, on his father's farm near the old home place William R. Alban was born. As usual among the youth of our rural communities he received his primary education in the country schools, finishing at Scio College. He taught school for six years, and in 1891 began the study of law in the office of Hon. E. E. Erskine, then prosecuting attorney. In the fall of 1892 he entered the law department of the Ohio State University, and was admitted to the bar the following year. He remained with Mr. Erskine two years, and then opened a seperate office where his industry and ability soon had the effect of building up a rapidly increasing legal business. Being an ardent Republican he was made chairman of the County Central Committee in 1899, in which capacity he served most efficiently for three years. In 1902 he was nominated for prosecuting attorney on the Republican ticket without opposition, an almost unprecedented honor, and was elected by an exceptionally large majority. He was renominated and elected for a second term, and retired from office in 1909 with an unexcelled record for vigilance and proficiency in conduction the criminal business of the county. Since then he has devoted himself to his legal business of which he has a large share. Mr. Alban is a prominent Methodist and a leading factor in religious circles. He is a broad minded citizen in every respect, and his name is a synonym for integrity and honor that is universally recognized in the community.

On December 24, 1895 Mr. Alban was joined in wedlock with Miss Laura A. McWha, and has one daughter Ethel M., aged thirteen and one son Frederick Warden, aged one year.

****In Mr. Doyle's 20th Century History book there was a lapse in the pages from the origianl printing which resulted in the loss of some information on this biography seen above.

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