William R. Heburn


WILLIAM R. HEBURN, one of the substantial and representative business men of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, who is a contractor and builder of turnpike roads, and all kinds of concrete work, was boen at Wheeling, W. Va., May 31, 1856, and is a son of William W. and Mary Jane Heburn.

William W. Heburn spent his life at Wheeling, W. Va., where he died in 1878, aged sixty-six years. His parents were old residents of Wheeling, his mother being of English parentage. William W. Heburn married at Wheeling and his wife died at the age of seventy-six years. They had the following children: John Henry, James and Alexander, all of whom are deceased; Jacob, residing at Dayton, Ohio, who served as a soldier in the Spanish-American War; Anabelle, who is the widow of Capt. William Shainly, an officer in the Civil War, and resides at WHeeling; Georgiana, who is deceased, as is also another daughter; and William R., who was the youngest of the family.

William R. Heburn was educated in the schools of Wheeling, and in boyhood assisted his father to some extent in his grocery store, but later learned the carriage-making and blacksmith's trades. He was twenty-two years old when he opened a blacksmith shop of his own at Short Creek, in Blemont County, Ohio, locating there in 1880. From there he came to Mt. Pleasant in 1904 and began contracting, finding it more profitable than work at his trade and more conductive to health. He has gradually expanded the scope of his operations and has built up a very large business. He gives employment to from forty to sevety-five men. Among other contracts he built four miles of turnpike between Dillonvale and Portland. He finds all of his time fully taken up and enjoys a well earned reputation for first class, honest work. He resided for six years in the town of Mt. Pleasant and then purchased the Albert Lupton residence near the town and has made it a fine rural home.

Mr. Heburn was married first, to Miss Cynthia Riley, of Deer Park, Maryland, a daughter of John Riley, who was a farmer in that section. She died in April, 1879, survived by one son, Charles Edward, who was born in December of that year and is now in his father's employ. Mr. Heburn married secondly, Miss Mary Jessie Murray, a daughter of William Murray, of Jefferson County, and they have had three daughters and two sons born to them: Earl, Fred, Erma, Lila and Jessie. Mr. Heburn and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church. In politics he is a Republican. He is recognized as one of Mt. Pleasant's best citizens.

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