William R. Zink, M. D.


WILLIAM R. ZINK, M. D., deceased, who was active in the drug trade at Steubenville, O., for more than fifteen years, and later for a long period was identified with the freight department of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad, was one of the city's representative men. He was born May 31, 1834, at Amsterdam, Jefferson County, Ohio, and died at Steubenville October 21, 1897.

The Zink family is of German extraction, but the family has been American for generations. James H. Zink, father of the late Dr. William R. Zink, was born in Ohio in 1812, and was twice married, William R. having been born of his first marriage, with Elizabeth Shearer. In 1835 James Zink moved his family to Steubenville, and in 1840 to Smithfield, where his first wife died in 1866, leaving six children.

William R. Zink grew from childhood to manhood at Smithfield, and his first work away from home was as a clek in a grocery store at Bloomington, Ill. One year later he went into a wholesale and retail drug house at Bloomington, still later continued his drug training at Steubenville, and in the spring of 1863 he embarked in the drug business for himself, doing a large retail business until 1877. With his knowledge of drugs went a large amount of medical learning, and he subsequently applied himself to the study of medical science, under the direction of the late Dr. J. C. Mairs. For a time he was associated with Dr. Mairs in medical practice, both being advocates of the remedial system known as the electro-thermal. In 1878 he turned his attention to an entirely different line of activity, in March of that year entering into railroad work as assistant freight agent on the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railway, and in March, 1886, he was appointed agent. He was well and favorably known to a large proportion of the officials, employees and patrons of the road, who ever found in him a capable and efficient officer.

On June 8, 1871, Dr. Zink was married to the estimable lady who survives him. She was Mrs. Jane E. (Ragan) Shane, who was the widow of Col. James M. Shane, and is a daughter of Rev. Dr. Zachariah C. Ragan. The latter was chaplain of a regiment during the Civil War, and at the time of his death was a chaplain in the regular army. Mrs. Zink was born January 18, 1830, in Jefferson County, Ohio. On November 14, 1854, she was married to Col. James M. Shane, a son of Henry and Elizabeth Shane. Colonel Shane enlisted for service in the Civil War in July, 1862, in the 98th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. A brave and gallant soldier, he fell at Kenesaw Mountain, June 27, 1864. He was prominently identified with the Masonic fraternity. Mrs. Zink resides at No. 256 North Third Street, Steubenville, which is also the home of John F. Flood, who is an adopted son of Dr. and Mrs. Zink. Mr. Flood is one of the prominent business men of this city and is general manager of the Tri-State Traction Company.

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