Contributed by Jeannie Mildner Holland

I'm assuming the date was 1906 or earlier because my grandmother, Daisy Mae Ennis (far right), was married in 1907. I know she worked as a clerk in a store when she met my grandfather, Henry Justus Mildner, but have absolutely no idea where the store might have been located. Before I cleaned the pic up I couldn't make out anything other than shadows. After cleaning it up, I noticed the reflections in the store windows and the messenger boy! I'm fairly sure the store was in downtown Steubenville since that's where they supposedly met. My grandmother lived on Premars Way/Run/Road until her marriage; Henry probably lived with his family on their farm which was located where the Steubenville Mall is now.

I'll have to check out the 1900-1905 City Directories to see if she's listed as an employee so I can find out the name of the store. It would be fun to find out who the other women are--perhaps one is Clara Pfaffenbach!

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