Descendants of Jonas Rex



Generation No. 1


1.  JONAS3 REX  (GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 04 February 1785 in Mifflin  Co, PA, and died 06 December 1841 in Jefferson Co., OH.  He married RHODA MILLIKEN 16 February 1808 in Jefferson Co, OH, daughter of JOHN MILLIKEN and PERMELA STYLES.  She was born 08 December 1788 in Juanita Co, Pennsylvania, and died 22 March 1870 in Wintersville, Jefferson Co, OH.


Notes for JONAS REX:

        Jonas Rex was the 6th child of George and Margaret (Keplar) Rex and was born in Jefferson Twp., Greene county, Pennsylvania. The lineage of George Rex is unknown but there are many traditions including the possibility that he might be the son of George III and a commoner, Hannah Lightfooot, however, the truth will probably never be proven.  Jonas had 11 brothers and sisters:  Mary (Polly) b. 1773, Elizabeth b. 1775, George II b. 1778, Martha b. 1780, Edward (Ned) b. 1782, Hannah b. 1787, Margaret b. 1789, Benjamin b. 1792, Catherine b. 1793, Sarah (Sally) b. ca. 1798, and Charles b. 1801. Most of them stayed in Greene County, Pennsylvania, however several moved over to Jefferson County, Ohio where thier familys lived for many years.

        Jonas met Rhoda Milliken in Greene County and they were married at the home of his sister, Martha Rex Winters in Island Creek Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio.  Thier first two children were born in Pennsylvania but they later moved to Jefferson County, Ohio, near his sister, and purchased the homestead of Isaiah Winters where his family lived until about 1900.

        The Jonas Rex family were some of the first members of the Two Ridge Presbyterian Church founded in Island Creek Township and he and his wife were later buried in the Two Ridge cemetery.


Excerpts from the book  "George Rex Geneology"  by Leda Ferrell Rex (1933)

     "Jonas Rex  b.2-4-1785 in Mifflin Co., Pa.  d. Richmond, Jefferson Co., O. 12-6-1841 where he had lived for 30 years.   J. Rex and Rhoda Milliken were married at the home of his sister Martha 2-16-1808....Buried at Two Ridge. 10 children.  The first two were b. in Pa.  In 1811, the family moved to Jefferson County, O. and in 1815 they bought a farm, as a homestead, of Isaac Winter, where seven of the children were b.  In 1842 after Jonas Rex  d. in 12-1841, the estate was partitioned and the farm went to William and John Stiles.  Wm. deeded his interest to John S. and the farm remained in his name until the year 1900."



More About JONAS REX:

Burial: December 1841, Two Ridge Cemetery, Wintersville, OH

Census: 1840, Registered on Ohio Census, Jefferson Co, Island Creed Twp, Pg 176

Membership: Was a member of the Two Ridge Presbyterian Church

Probate: 1841, Settlement of Estate, Chancery I, Pg 90

Property 1: 1815, Bought a farm -homestead of Isaiah Winter

Property 2: 15 January 1824, Purchased property from James Gladden

Records obtained: Marriage Certif./Estate Settlement/ Deeds





        RHODA MILLIKEN REX, after a period of almost forty-eight years by Edwin Rex, son of John Styles Rex and Rachel Scott Rex.

        My first aquaintance with my grandmother dates back to 1849, since I was born on February 17, 1849.  It would probably be more nearly correct to say that was about the time she became aquainted with me, as I was the first born in my father's family, and the first child born on the Rex homestead for many years.  It would seem quite natural that my grandmother should be interested in my welfare, and then it has been reported in my hearing that I was a very troublesome youngster, crying by night and yelling in the daytime, all of which tended to awaken my grandmother's sympathies and deepen her affection.  She had a great heart which responded to overflowing to the cry of all classes.

        Early in life I learned that in her arms wrapped under her apron close to her breast was a refuge of safety and solace from the ills incident to child life.  Many times have I fled to her outstreached arms when swift punishment was pursuing me for some violation of the home rule, many a large bowl of bread and coffee awaited my arrival in the morning after the breakfast hour had passed, and she never forgot to season well with sugar.

        Grandmother was short in stature and quite fleshy; she always enjoyed a joke, and I remember looking on with delight to see how her sides would shake when she indulged in  a hearty laugh, for which she was ready at any time that it was proper to do so.

        My grandmother had the happy faculty of adjusting herself to coanditions and keeping sweet.  When my mother, Rachel Scott, came into the home a young bride, the wife of John S. Rex, grandmother very gracefully stood aside and allowed the new matron to assume the responsibilites of the home, and they lives in peace and harmony to the end of grandmother's life.  On one occasion when two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Jane Rex Johnson and Mrs. Mary (Polly) Rex Gladden, both of whom lived near the Rex homestead were visiting at the Rex home, in a discussion over family affaire, grndmother said to ther daughters, "I tell you I think more of Rachel than I do of either one of you," which was said in such a sweet spirit that they were all loving and kind to each other to the end of their lives.

        My father's youngest brother James, known to friends as Jimmie, lived in the home many years, almost his entire life, never having married.  I remember with what consternation my grandmother was seized upon learning that Jimmie was threatening at one time in his early life with an attack of matrimonial fever, and as the malady seemed to grow more intense as the time passed bym she summoned her courage and with the assistance of other members o f the family, the continued and persistant effort at last succeded in subduing the emotions of the heart, it having been decreed the JImmie sheould never get married.  Later on, however, it developed much to the disgust and chagrin of Jimmie's friends that it was only a case of mutual admiration premeditated and planned for the amusement of the parties concerned.

        In the days of my boyhood, the common mode of travel was to ride horseback, and every farm house, was provided a block or platform from which to mount and dismount saddle horses.  My mother and grandmother were very much frightened one day because  of an accident thatoccured a the home.  Jimmie and my brother David J. and I were all three riding an old mare from the pasture to the barn, without either bridle or halter on the old mare, and in passing the mounting block the family dog not having been noticed before suddenly sprang upon the block, the horse whirled and threw us all in a pile on the ground; fortunatly no bones were broken and only a few bruises reminded us of our folly.

        It is with very tender emotions that I remember my grandmother.  She was so gentle and kind, her heart was filled to overflowing with Christian love and sympathy.  Her devotion to the Christ whom she loved and served has always been an inspiration to me and to those who knew her well.  It is my grief and sorrow that I should hace been the cause of her going so suddenly out of this life.

        When I arrived at my majority, I had an impelling ambition to follow Horace Greeley's advice to go West and grow up with the country, and as I was the oldest member of my father's family, it seemed proper that I should leave the home nest and make a place for myself and give my place to younger members of the home.  Accordingly, on the fourth day of March 1870, I emigrated to Storey County, Iowa, which has been my home from that day to this, February 1st, 1917.  My mother has told me many times that grandmother said as I passed out of her sight on my way to the train, "I'll never see him again."  Little did I think that such would be the case, as I expected to return in a few months but did not for sixteen years.  My mother said she never ceased to greave over my going, and prayed much for me.  On the twentieth of  the same month she was found in a room not much used, having fllen beside a chair where she seemed to have been kneeling, amd soon passed to her reward.  Her life was a sweet benediction.  Her children areis and call her blessed.

        Grandmother was ever solicitous cancerning the moral and spiritual welfare of the young people of her acquantance; she was watchful lest some evil might overtake them.  Grandmother was of a genial nature and was always ready to give good advice and to lend a helping hand and cheer the disheartened one.  I do not remember to have ever heard my grandmother speak an impatient word.  To know her was to love her.  Her price was far above rubies, and her memory is very dear to me.

                                Edwin Rex, 828 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa.




Burial: March 1870, Two Ridge Cemetery, Wintersville, OH

Membership: Member of Two Ridge Presbyterian Church


Children of JONAS REX and RHODA MILLIKEN are:

2.                 i.    GEORGE W.4 REX, b. 18 May 1809, Greene Co, PA; d. 07 April 1871.

3.                ii.    PAMELIA REX, b. 14 February 1811, Green Co, PA; d. 26 March 1844.

4.               iii.    WILLIAM REX, b. 11 July 1813, Jefferson Co, OH; d. 08 April 1886, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.

5.               iv.    MARY REX, b. 07 September 1815, Richmond, OH; d. 16 February 1893.

6.                v.    MARGARET JANE REX, b. 14 May 1818, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 12 April 1889.

7.               vi.    JOHN STYLES REX, b. 07 May 1821, Richmond, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 20 November 1898, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH.

8.              vii.    ELIZA REX, b. 06 September 1824, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 04 March 1856.

                viii.    MARTHA W. REX, b. 01 May 1827, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 08 March 1833, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.

                  ix.    JOSEPH BURSON REX, b. 20 October 1829, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 10 March 1833, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.

                   x.    JAMES REX, b. 05 April 1832, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 01 April 1895, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.



Generation No. 2


2.  GEORGE W.4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 18 May 1809 in Greene Co, PA, and died 07 April 1871.  He married RACHAEL COE 03 April 1838 in Jefferson Co., OH.  She was born c. 1809, and died 07 June 1884 in Ohio.


Children of GEORGE REX and RACHAEL COE are:

                    i.    GEORGE5 REX.


More About GEORGE REX:

Family Tradition: Disappeared in the West

Occupation: Was a Physician


                   ii.    JONAS REX, d. Bolling Green, OH; m. ETTA COCHRAN; d. Bolling Green, OH.

                  iii.    PAMELIA REX, d. 26 March 1844.

                  iv.    WILLIAM REX, d. 09 July 1864, Andersonville Prison.



Military service: 2nd Regiment O.V.I., Co. K, Jefferson co., OH (See Roster, Vol 2, p. 58)


                   v.    RHODA REX.


More About RHODA REX:

Cause of Death: drowned


                  vi.    BENJAMIN C. REX, b. 1839; d. 08 October 1863, Bacon Ridge, OH.



Military service: Bet. 14 August 1862 - 29 August 1863, Enlisted at Richmond, OH and served under Capt. Holmes, Co G., 52 Regiment OVI, mustered in 22 Aug 1862 at Camp Dennison, OH. Discharged at Nashville TN



3.  PAMELIA4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 14 February 1811 in Green Co, PA, and died 26 March 1844.  She married RASILLAS CASTNER 20 January 1834 in Jefferson Co, OH.  He was born c. 1806 in Ohio.



                    i.    MICHAEL5 CASTNER, b. 15 October 1835, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 23 May 1914, Jefferson Co., OH; m. SARAH SAMANTHA "KATE" ROSS, 01 October 1863; b. c. 1840; d. 29 November 1914.



Burial 1: Two Ridges, OH

Burial 2: Two Ridges Cemetery, Jefferson Co., OH

Military service: 02 May 1864, Member of 157 Reg National Guards (See Roster Vol. 9, p. 250)


                   ii.    RHODA CASTNER, b. 07 May 1838, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 26 December 1906, Jefferson Co., OH.

                  iii.    JOHN ADAMS CASTNER, b. 31 August 1840; d. 22 December 1863, Chatanooga, TN.



Military service: Company H-1st Infantry Regiment from Jefferson Co., OH / Wounded 25 Nov 1863 and later died from wounds.


                  iv.    EDWIN CASTNER, b. 01 January 1844; d. 04 February 1912; m. (1) MARY JOSEPHINE STONE, 20 February 1868; m. (2) DEMA HEBBELL, 04 November 1908.



Military service: Comp H-1st Infantry / Discharged 3-1-1864 (OH Roster Vol 2, p 24)



4.  WILLIAM4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 11 July 1813 in Jefferson Co, OH, and died 08 April 1886 in Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.  He married HARRIET BEIL JOHNSON 20 March 1846 in Jefferson Co., OH.  She died 21 December 1880 in Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.



                    i.    HOMER5 REX, b. 03 September 1847, Jefferson Co, OH; d. 27 September 1873; m. MARTHA SIMPSON, 27 September 1873.

                   ii.    JOSEPH BURSON REX, b. 03 July 1850; d. 16 September 1898, Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA; m. NETTIE C. CAMPBELL, 15 September 1876.



Occupation: Druggist in Philadelphia, PA


                  iii.    REZIN REX, b. 20 February 1853; m. ANNE REBECCA DONALDSON, 25 May 1876.


More About REZIN REX:

Occupation: Dentist


                  iv.    ORLANDO GLADDEN REX, b. 09 December 1853, Ohio; d. 17 September 1905; m. EMMA ELIZA COOPER, 01 October 1880; b. August 1862, Ohio.



Date born 2: 09 December 1857, Ohio

Census: 1900, Listed as head of household, Island Creek Twp., Jefferson Co., OH

Occupation: Had Livery business at Freeman's Landing across from Toronto, OH



5.  MARY4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 07 September 1815 in Richmond, OH, and died 16 February 1893.  She married AARON GLADDEN 24 December 1840. 


Children of MARY REX and AARON GLADDEN are:

                    i.    RHODA REX5 GLADDEN, b. 01 November 1841; d. 21 February 1910; m. WILLIAM BEEBOUT, 05 October 1871; b. February 1840, Ohio; d. 18 February 1910.



Date born 2: 01 November 1841, Ohio



Census: 1900, Listed as head of household in Richmond Villiage, Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., OH (with Rachel Rex in household)


                   ii.    PAMELIA GLADDEN, b. 31 December 1842; d. 10 July 1913.



Date born 2: 31 December 1842, Ohio

Census: 1900, Listed as head of household, next door to Wm. & Rhoda Beebout (her sister) in Richmond Villiage, Jefferson Co., OH



6.  MARGARET JANE4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 14 May 1818 in Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH, and died 12 April 1889.  She married DAVID JOHNSON 10 December 1841.  He was born 19 May 1813 in Washington, Washington Co, PA, and died 09 February 1883 in Steubenville, Jefferson Co, OH.



Religion: Was an elder at Two Ridge Church



                    i.    WALTER5 JOHNSON, b. February 1851, Ohio; m. JULIA BLINN, Steubenville, OH; b. April 1858, Ohio.



Name 2: Walter O. Johnson

Census: 1900, Listed as head of household, Jefferson Co., OH

Occupation: Banker


                   ii.    JOHN JOHNSON.



Occupation: Physician


                  iii.    MARY ALICE JOHNSON.

                  iv.    PAMELIA JOHNSON, b. 01 April 1847, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH; d. 04 April 1894, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH; m. DAVID MADISON WELDAY, 14 May 1868, Jefferson Co, OH; b. 1846, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH; d. 1910, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH.



Burial: April 1894, Union Cemetery, Steubenville, OH

Census: 1870, Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH, listed under David Welday

Religion: Member of Two Ridge Presbyterian Church



 David was born 1846, in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.  David was the son of Alexander S. Welday and Hannah Gladden.  He married Lilliam H. Hale Scott.   David died 1910 in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.  He was buried in Steubenville, Ohio, Union Cemetery.  David was a member of Methodist Episcopal Church in Wintersville, Ohio.  David was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.  David was employed 1896, in Ohio.  From Representative Men of Ohio 1896-97 by James K. Mercer and C. N. Vallandigham. Columbus, Ohio 1896. Photo.

       ... received his earlier education in the public schools of his native locality, and completed his education in the scientific department of Washington and Jefferson college at Washington, Pennsylvania. Except while absent attending college, Mr. Welday has always lived upon the home farm. He has been successful in business, and among other interests is director in the National Exchange bank of Steubenville. Mr. Welday is a life lone republican, and has taken much interest in public affairs, although he had held no office other than township trustee previous to 1895, when he was elected to represent the Twentieth-Twenty-second joint senatorial district in the seventy-second general assembly by a majority of 8,804. In this body he was regarded as one of the most capable and influential members. He served as chairman of the committee on agriculture and as a member of the committee on taxation, and also the county affairs, common schools, benevolent institutions, mines and mining, fees and salaries, and geological committees. ...

       In 1910 David was a resident in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.   Picture is in Centennial Souvenir of Steubenville and Jefferson County 1797-1897. He was on the Island Creek School Board. Pamelia was first buried on her father David Johnson's Union Cemetery lot - later moved to a lot purchased by David.  His second wife was the widow of Dr. J.F. Scott.

       He was one of Island Creek Township's best known citizens and he has long been Prominent in public life, serving not only in many township offices with efficiency, but also in the Ohio State Senate.




Burial: 1910, Union Cemetery, Steubenville, OH

Census: 1870, Listed in Jefferson Co, OH, Island Creek Twp

Education: Attended Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA

Elected: 1895, Represented the 22 Joint Senatorial district in the 72nd general assembly

Occupation: 1896, Employed in Ohio  - Ref from Representative Men of Ohio 1896-97 by J K Mercer & C N Vallandgham, Columbus OH

Religion: Member of the Methodist Episcoal Church in Wintersville, OH



7.  JOHN STYLES4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 07 May 1821 in Richmond, Jefferson Co., OH, and died 20 November 1898 in Island Creek Twp, Jefferson Co, OH.  He married RACHEL SCOTT 23 March 1848 in Jefferson County, Ohio, daughter of JOHN SCOTT and ELIZA SKELLY.  She was born 07 November 1826 in Ross Twp., Jefferson Co., OH, and died 31 October 1918 in Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH.



   "Probably the most marked characteristics of my father, John Styles Rex, were his unceasing industry and his strong religious convictions. He was especially  strict in his ideas of Sabbath observance.  This is illustrated quite well by an incident which occured shortly after the writer, his youngest son of 21 years of age, had taken over the management of the home farm.  That spring I decided to tap a few maple trees that were on the farm and connected some pans with an old fashioned fireplace in the basement of the house where the sap was boiled into syrup.  The sap as gathered was stored in barrels outside and was run from there into the basement as fast as it could be boiled down.  It so happened that on Saturday we had an immense run of sap.  Father told me at noon it would bew usless for me to gather more sap than could be boiled before midnight because there could be no Sunday boiling on his premises.  Nevertheless, I gathered and stored all the sap that flowed and at midnight was boiling away at full speed.  a few minuets after the clock struck twelve, I was not greatly surprised to see father's tall form come slowly down the inside cellar stairs clad only in the scanty garments of slumber hours.  Without pause he passed across a corner of the basement to the outside cellr way and disappeared into darkness.  He made no comment other than to ask me rather sternly as he passed if I did not know it was the Sabbath.  Only a few seconds after his didappearance into the night, I heard the sound of wood striking wood,  followed quickly by the merry girgle and swish of sap released fro the confines of the barrels.  One after another as all my raw material was on its way to Cross Creek and the Ohio River,  there was absolutly nothing for me to do but shut down and go to bed."              - Albert Rex

(quotation from the book "GEORGE REX GENEALOGY"  by Leda Ferrell Rex 1933)


   "John Rex was b. May 7,1821 on the farm where he died November 20,1898.  for forty years Mr. Rex was a consecrated follower of the Master.  He was in every sense of the word a good man.  He was quiet and reserved.  A former pastor who knew him well says of him: 'My recollections of Mr. Rex are very pleasant.  As a citizen, he had positive views on things political, but not abusive of those who differed with him.  As a neighbor he was ever ready to lend a helping hand.  As a husband and father of a large family, he was ever kind and loving.  But I knew him best as an Elder.  He was noted for his strong convictions of right and duty, from which he could not easily be turned aside.  He was a champion for the religion of his ancestry, which was strictly Pauline. To me he was a man of power in prayer,  but the closing years of his life were clouded by physical infirmities,  brought about by numerous light paralytic strokes...He was elected and installed as Elder of Two ridge Church, April 24, 1864 and remained as such until the day of his death as recorded above."

          - from the book "HISTORY OF TWO RIDGE CHURCH"






Burial: November 1898, Two Ridges Cemetery, Wintersville, Jefferson Co., OH

Medical Information: Had several light paralytic strokes which led up to his death.

Membership: 24 April 1864, Became Elder in Two Ridge Church

Property 1: 1842, At fathers death farm went to John & William

Property 2: 1843, William deeded his  1/2 of the farm to John-remained in family until 1900



    "Rachel Scott was born in a log cabin in Ross Township, Jefferson County, Ohio on Nov. 7th, 1826.  She died Oct. 31st, 1918 thus lacking only seven days of reaching her ninety-second birthday.  She outlived all the playmates of her childhood and the vast majority of those who were her companions during the active years of her life.  In her death one of the last fragile threads that binds a former generation to the present has been severed.

     She was the daughter of John Scott, who, during the years of Rachel's childhood and youth, owned and operated a primitive cloth factory on Big Yellow Creek.  Rachel's girlhood days were divided among the duties of the farm, the cloth mill, and such schools as the early days provided.  Her father was a man, ambitious for the education and advancement of his children, eight in number.  At the proper age Rachel was sent to a select school in Steubenville taught by James Snowden and later she attended the Female Seminary under the late Dr. C. C. Beaty. She then taught school for a time.

     On March 23rd, 1848 she was married to John Rex.  They settled on the Rex farm near Richmond in Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio. Here she spent more than fifty active and fruitful years.  Here she gave birth to eight children, one died upon it's birthday.  The others are Edwin of Ames, Iowa, David J. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, frank who dided Dec. 18th, 1856, Rhoda who died February. 25th, 1859, John C., Los Angeles, California, Scott of Stocton, California and Albert if Medina, Ohio. Five children survive her.  Her husband died Nov. 20th, 1898.

     Mrs. Rex in her prime was a most capable and efficient woman, of a strong mind and sterling character.  She exemplified the best in the Scotch-Irish race from which she sprang.  She had the high ideals and unswerving devotion to lofty principles of the Scotch-Irish and their stern resolution to follow the path of duty under all circumstances.  As a wife and mother she cheerfully bore her full share of the responsibilities and burdens of paying for a farm, establishing a home, and rearing a family.  The struggles of pioneer life had early taught her to be frugal and industrious.

     Nor were her activities confined to her own household.  She was equally active in every good work in the community, especially so in the work of the church of which she was a life long and devoted member.  For many years she taught a Sunday School class in the Two Ridges Church. She was a diligent student of the Bible.  Few excelled her in the ability to quote correctly and locate passages of scripture.  In her religious views she was a strong adherent of the Presbyterian faith, tho tolerant of all who differed from her.  Her sympathetic nature and sound judgement won her the confidence of a wide circle of friends who found her a wise counselor and to whom she was familiarly known as Aunt Rachel.

     She was a believer in plain living and high thinking.  In the latter years of her life she devoted much time to reading and was an intelligent follower of all political, social, and moral movements of her time. Notably she was a pioneer advocate of prohibition and an ardent woman suffragist.

     The late years of her life were clouded by the infirmities of old age.  Life became especially burdensome to her for the six months preceding her death because of accidentally falling from a chair and breaking her hip.  During the months of her affliction she received all the tender care a daughter could have given her in the home of Miss Ella McMaster of W. Market St., Steubenville, Ohio."


                         Written by Albert Rex - 1933




Advocate: Became a pioneer advocate of prohibition & ardent women's suffragate

Burial: November 1918, Two Ridges Cemetery, Wintersville, Jefferson Co., OH

Cause of Death: Injury from Broken hip caused by accidental fall

Census 1: 1900, Listed as living in the home of John C. Rex, Storey Twp., IA, her son on June 6th

Census 2: 1900, Listed as boarder in the home of William & Rhoda Beebout, her niece, Salem Twp., Richmond Villiage, Jefferson Co., OH on June 19th

Education: Went to select school in Steubenville-later a student of Beatty's Seminary

Hobby 1: Could quote correctly & locate passages of scripture

Hobby 2: Was a follower of all political, social, & moral movements of her time

Occupation: Taught school for a time before she was married

Religion: Member of Two Ridge Church


Children of JOHN REX and RACHEL SCOTT are:

                    i.    EDWIN5 REX, b. 17 February 1849, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 03 November 1931, Ames, Story Co.,  Iowa; m. CAROLINE MATILDA HEIZER, 25 January 1872, Kossuth, Des Moines Co, Iowa; b. 1844; d. 05 October 1928, Ames, Iowa.


More About EDWIN REX:

Appointed: County Board of Supervisors

Burial: Aft. 03 November 1931, Ames Cemetery, Iowa

Census: 1870, Listed as head of household, Nevada Twp., Story Co, IA

Occupation: Farmer



Burial: October 1928, Ames Cemetery, Iowa


                   ii.    DAVID JOHNSON REX, b. 07 January 1851, Wintersville, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 06 September 1946, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA; m. HARRIET ELIZABETH REED, 06 January 1876, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA; b. 27 April 1853, New Alexandria,  Westmoreland Co, PA; d. 28 February 1924, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.



  David J. Rex was born near Island Creek in Jefferson County, Ohio, the son of John Styles Rex and Rachel Scott Rex.  He grew up on the Rex homestead in Jefferson Co, OH, one of seven children.

   D.J. Rex graduated from Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio in 1870, part of the first graduating class.  At the age of twenty, about 1872,  he moved from his family's home in Jefferson Co., Ohio to Ingram, Allegheny County, PA.  In 1876 he married Harriet Reed of Pittsburgh, PA. 

   David played a big part in the history of the borough of Ingram.  In 1902 a committee in Ingram made a formal petition to the Allegheny Court for a separate borough and in August the court granted the petition .  In September an election was held and David Rex  became the very first Burgess of Ingram, PA.

   David Rex was an astute business man.  He founded  D.J. Rex and Company in 1973, manufacturers of paper boxes, which at one time supplied most of the boxes for the major department stores in the Pittsburgh. The business was located at 1006 and 1008 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA.   He also founded the Crafton Lumber and Supply Company in 1914.  David was also a director of the old First National Bank of Crafton and the Crafton National Bank.

   Mr. Rex was an active member of the First Presbyterian Church of Crafton and for a time sang in its choir.  Later he transferred his membership to the Ingram Church where he took charge of the Christmas Cantatas and became a trustee there for more than a quarter of a century.

    At the age of 15 he learned to play croquet, and later became an expert at the sport.  An incident was reported in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette of Saturday July 19, 1941 under the headline, "Ingram Man, 90, Heads Strategists of Croquet",  which shows his skill at the game.  Two newspapermen came to interview Mr. Rex and he invited them to play a game of croquet with him and a Mr. Krebs.  The challenge was "age" vs. "youth" (David Rex was 90 at the time).  Let me relate the incident as it was written in the paper:


       "Gradually, by virtue of expert 'position play, the Rex-Krebs team picked up ground on

       the reporter-photographer team,  which played for the arches in reckless disregard of the

        extra shots to be obtained through 'hit the other man's ball technique.

       Then suddenly, with the game nip-and-tuck, youth suddenly had a streak of luck and shot

       to within one stroke of victory - but missed this one stroke.  By now Mr. Krebs was a 'rover',

       and taking excellent advantage of this fact, Mr. Rex went to work.  One arch after another

       he conquered and then, with two successive shots, he delivered the 'coup de grace' by

       knocking both his partner's andhis own ball 'out' on the end stake.

       When it was all over, Mr. Rex, his wrinkled brow sweat-covered under the brim of his

       battered felt hat, looked up at thevanquished with a broad smile spread across his face.

       'You young fellows,' he said, 'just aren't any good at this game.'"


    David Rex also enjoyed pitching quoits and playing euchre.  He loved to walk, often walking between Ingram and Crafton, and enjoyed working in the garden.

    Mr. Rex remained involved as a prominent member of the community of Ingram all his life.   In 1932 it was reported in the newspaper that he took a leading part in Ingram's 30th Anniversary celebration.

    David Rex died on September 6, 1946 at his home at 24 Maingate, in Ingram after an illness of five weeks. He was buried in Chartiers Cemetery.



                                                                       LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT


                                                                         In the Name of God, Amen


I, David J. Rex, of the Borough of Ingram, County of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, hereby revoking and making void any Will or Wills heretofore made by me:


       First.  I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conveniently my be done, after my decease.


       Second.  I give and devise to my daughter, Laura M. Rex, absolutely the lot and house situate at No. 87 Berry Street, Borough of Ingram, Allegheny County, Pa., the Deed to me being recorded in Deed Book Vol. 2532, page 229.


       Third.  I give and devise to my daughter, Laura M. Rex, absolutely the lot and house situate at No. 87 Berry Street, Borough of Ingram, Allegheny County, Pa., the Deed to me being recorded in Deed Book, Vol.    , page


       Fourth.  To my two daughters, Eleanor Rex and Laura M. Rex, absolutely each one to have the undivided one-half interest therein, I give and devise the lot and dwelling at the corner of Windgap Road and Mainsgate Street,  Borough of Ingram, Allegheny County, Pa., known as the home property, fronting 108 feet on Mainsgate Street, having thereon erected a frame dwelling house.  I also give an bequeath all the household goods and furnishings in said house to the said Eleanor Rex and Laura M. Rex, each one to have the one-half interest therein.  I also give and bequeath to my daughter Eleanor Rex, the sum of Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000.); and I also give and bequeath to my said daughter Laura M. Rex, the sum of Thirteen Thousand Dollars ($13,000.).


       Fifth.  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rachel Rex Rumbaugh, the sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.).


       Sixth.  I give and devise to my daughter, Elizabeth Rex Aull, the property known as the Rex Apartments, situate at Nos. 12 and 14 West Prospect Ave, Borough of Ingram,  Allegheny County, Pa.  I also give and bequeath to my said daughter, Elizabeth Rex Aull,  the sum of Thirteen Thousand Dollars.


       Seventh.  I give and bequeath to my son, John S. Rex,  the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.)


       Eighth.  I give, devise and bequeath to my four sons, Frank C. Rex, Edward G. Rex, Samuel M. Rex and David J. Rex, Jr., after all taxes, debts and expenses are paid, all the residue and remainder of my property real, personal, and mixed, to be distributed among them by mutual agreement between themselves if they can agree, but if not then I authorize my Executors to sell any part or all of the remaining real and personal property and distribute the proceeds as follows:  To Frank C. Rex, thirty-four percent; to Edward G. Rex, eight per cent; to Samuel M. Rex, twenty-nine percent and to David J. Rex, Jr. twenty-nine percent.


       Ninth.  I direct that none of the legacies bequeathed in this Will shall be liens on the real estate or any part thereof, of which I die seized or possessed.


       Tenth. I direct that any money or other property which I have heretofore loaned or given, and which I have kept an account, together with interest thereon shall be held as an advancement, and shall be charged against the several devises and bequests in the Will made, except this provision shall not apply to the bequest to my son, John S. Rex, made in the Seventh Paragraph of this Will.


       Eleventh.  If my estate is not settled within one year after the date of my death, each of my four daughters above named Eleanor, Laura M., Elizabeth and Rachel, shall be paid out of the estate One hundred Dollars per month until the date of the settlement, such payments to begin one year after my death.


       Twelfth.  Should any three of my Executors determine that it would be advisable and necessary to sell real estate to carry out the provisions of this Will, then I authorize and empower any three of them to sell such real estate available by the Eighth Paragraph at public or private sale at such price and upon such terms as to them may seem best, and to execute and deliver such Deed or Deeds necessary to convey title in fee simple to any purchaser thereof.


       Thirteenth.  I hereby nominate and appoint my sons, Frank G. Rex and Samuel M. Rex, my daughter Eleanor Rex and my son-in law, William F. Aull to be Executors, without bond, of this my Last Will and Testament.


       Fourteenth.  In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of February, 1937.


                                                                       David J. Rex (Seal)


Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named David J. Rex, as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names at this request as witnesses thereto in the presence of said Testor and of each other.


                                                                       John Rebruar Jr.

                                                                       Elizabeth Readling



       Codicil to my will made Feb. 13, 1937   Affecting paragraph (4) Four With reference to the property at windgap Road and Mainsgate Street, also furnishings of house at same address; I wish to make this change; property including house and household goods to be given to my daughter Eleanor Rex, she to pay Laura Rex the sum of $3000.00 upon the sale of above mentioned property and household goods.

       In witness whereof, I have suto set my hand and seal this 28th day of December 1945.

                                                                       D.J. Rex (seal)


Thomas M. Shane - Witness

James W. Shane  - Witness


                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Pittsburgh Press page 10,  Saturday, 7 September 1946

REX, at his home, 24 Mainsgate St, Ingram, David J in his 96th year. Husband of the late Harriet Reed Rex; father of John S, Eleanor R, Frank C, Edward G, Mrs Guy N Rumbaugh, Samuel M, Mrs William F Aull, Laura M, and David J Rex Jr; brother of Scott Rex of CA and Albert Rex of Medina OH. Services Sunday at J Herbert Hershberger and Sons Funeral Home, 57 Station St, Crafton. First Burgess of Ingram, box manufacturer, founded company. Native of Jefferson Co OH, came to Pittsburgh in 1872. Member of First Presbyterian Church, Ingram. Burial in Chartiers Cemetery.

              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Industries & Wealth of Pittsburgh and Environs (No. 102 Chambers St., New York: American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890), 179.


"D.J. Rex & Co., Iron City Steam Paper Box Factory, No. 967 Liberty Street. - This prosperous enterprise was founded seventeen years ago by the present proprietor, Mr. D. J. Rex, and has been conducted with the most flattering success from the outset.  The factory is comprised in five spacious floors, covering 10,000 square feet in area, and the place is equipped with first class steam working machinery, and all appliances adaptable to the industry.  Employment is furnished fifty operatives.  The output is a comprehensive one, and embraces every description of paper boxes, also tea caddies, and cigar boxes of all styles and sizes.  An immense stock is carried, and the trade supplied extends through western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, while it is particularly large in this vicinity."





Burial: 08 September 1946, Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny Co., PA

Census 1: 1900, Listed as head of household

Census 2: 1910, Listed as head of household living in Ingram Borough, PA

Degree: 1870, Graduated from Wooster College, Wooster, OH-1st graduating class

Elected: 1902, 1st Burgess of Ingram

Founded: 1873, Founded D.J. Rex & Co.- Manufacturer of paper boxes

Hobby: Played croquet from the age of 15 until in his 90's

Membership 1: 07 October 1892, Became member of Ingram 1st Presbyterian Church

Membership 2: Was a trustee fo the First Presbyterian Church of Ingram

Occupation 1: Director of the old First National Bank of Crafton & Crafton National Bank

Occupation 2: 1914, Founder of the Crafton Lumber & Supply

Participation: 1932, Took part in Ingrams 30th Anniversary

Possession: Had the original Jonas Rex bible

Records obtained: Marriage Return/ Death Certif./Obits/News Articals

Residence: 1871, Moved to Pittsburgh, PA



29 February 1924, Friday, Pittsburgh Post page 21

Harriett Reed Rex at her residence, 24 McKee St, Ingram on Thursday, February 28, 1924, wife of David J Rex in her 71st year


1 March 1924 Saturday, Pittsburgh Post page 9

Mrs. David J (Harriet Reed) Rex Sr 70 years, died Thursday in her home, 24 McKee St, Ingram. Member of First Presbyterian Church of Ingram, Crafton Chapter #79 Order of Eastern Star. Survived by her husband and four daughters, Mrs. G. N.  Rumbaugh, Mrs. W S Aull, Miss Eleanor R and Miss Laura M Rex; five sons, John S, Frank C, Edward G, Samuel M, David J Jr.; three sisters. Funeral Saturday, March 1 at 2:00. Private Interment.




Date born 2: 27 April 1853, New Alexandria,  Westmoreland Co., PA

Burial: March 1924, Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny Co., PA

Cause of Death: Carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Census 1: 1900, Listed as wife of David

Census 2: 1910, Listed as wife of David

Membership: c. 1893, Became member of Ingram 1st Presbyterian church

Records obtained: Marriage Return/Death certif/ Obit


                  iii.    FRANK REX, b. 15 June 1853, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 18 December 1856, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH.

                  iv.    RHODA REX, b. 24 December 1859, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. c. 1862, Richmond,  Jeff. Co, OH.

                   v.    JOHN C. REX, b. 01 September 1860, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. Storey Co., Iowa; m. LOUELLA WINTER, 19 September 1882, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH; b. August 1861, Ohio.



Name 2: Louella B. Winter


                  vi.    SCOTT REX, b. 10 September 1865, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 02 April 1953, Stockton, CA; m. (1) VIOLET CASSIDY; m. (2) AGNES MAY CRISMORE, 09 August 1887, Wooster, OH; b. 22 January 1868, Wooster, Wayne Co., OH; d. 08 April 1957, Seattle, WA.


Notes for SCOTT REX:

"Scott Rex was born September 10th 1865, and married Agnes M. Crismore of Wooster, Ohio, August 9th, 1887...

     Scott Rex is an attorney, lives in Duluth, Minn., (office, 102 Torrey Building,) was educated at the Ohio University, standing high in his class; was official court reporter of Wayne County, Ohio, while a student; came to St. Paul in 1887; located as at present in 1890; and enjoys the labors and results of his law practice."

          -from "Hugh Scott, an Imigrant of 1670 and his Decendants" by John Scott  pg 95



More About SCOTT REX:

Education: Studied law at Ohio University

Occupation: Attorney in Duluth, MN (102 Torrey Bldg.)



Occupation: Stenographer to Scott Rex



Burial: 1957, Old Tacoma Cemetery, Tacoma, WA (Sect. 7, Lot B19)

Education 1: c. 1922, Both undergraduate studies and Law degree wer obtained from University of North Dakota

Education 2: c. 1950, Took art course at North Dakota School of Mines (the family has some pottery, as well as her hand-painted china)

Occupation: c. 1930, Juvinile Court Judge in Grand Forks ND


                 vii.    ALBERT REX, b. 24 December 1871, Richmond,  Jefferson Co., OH; d. 19 October 1963, Medina, Medina Co., Ohio; m. JENNIE REED, 25 December 1895, Reeds Mills, Jefferson Co, OH; b. 15 June 1871, Bloomfield, Jefferson Co, OH; d. 17 January 1922, Medina, Medina Co, OH.


More About ALBERT REX:

Burial: 22 October 1963, Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina, OH (Row 7)

Occupation: Teacher



Burial: 1922, Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina, OH (Row 7)



8.  ELIZA4 REX (JONAS3, GEORGE2, III (?)1 GEORGE) was born 06 September 1824 in Jefferson Co., OH, and died 04 March 1856.  She married JAMES F. SNOWDEN 03 March 1840.  He was born 23 March 1818, and died 05 January 1896 in Cornwall, MO.


Children of ELIZA REX and JAMES SNOWDEN are:

                    i.    JOHN5 SNOWDEN, b. c. 1843.

                   ii.    LUCY SNOWDEN, b. c. 1854; d. Chestnutfield, OH; m. EDWIN P. WORRALL, 1874; b. c. 1846.

                  iii.    MARTHA EUDORA SNOWDEN, b. 17 June 1841, Knoxville, Jefferson Co., OH; d. 12 June 1916, Mariatta, Washington Co., OH; m. BERNARD MASTERSON, 21 November 1861; d. 12 April 1893.

                  iv.    WILLIAM EDWIN SNOWDEN, b. 19 February 1849; d. 15 May 1919, Mckees Rocks, Allegheny Co., PA; m. SARAH KEIPS, 04 July 1897.