Edwards/Smith 1901 (contributed by Nancy Edwards)

The State of Ohio, Jefferson County,SS: I Hereby Certify That on the second day of November, 1901 Mr. William R. Edwards and Miss Ethel Smith were legally joined in Marriage by me, a Justice of the Peace, at Steubenville, County of Jefferson, State of Ohio. Given Under My Hand, this 2nd day of November, A.D. 1901. (and then a signature that looks like) Joseph B. Kithcart.

Photo of marriage license.

Contributed by Donna Tivener

Some misc. Jeff Co Oh marriages.

Rachel to George W. Rex, 3 Apr 1838

Ebenezer to Mary McEldery, 23 Sep 1819

William to Sarah Ann Large, 29 Nov 1836

Jane to Thomas Robinson, 23 Mar 1820

Moses to Elizabeth McEldery, 25 Mar 1823

Moses to Matilda Maxwell, 21 Dec 1835


John to Sarah Mitchiner, 1 Feb 1810 Bk 1 pg 163

Margaret to Oliver Ingram, 15 Jan 1801 Bk A pg 219

Polly to Robert Burk, 13 Apr 1809 Bk 1 pg 144

Rachel, to Joseph runyon, 5 Nov 1816 Bk 2 pg 83

Uriah to Nancy Pursley, 16 Jun 1814 Bk 2 pg 43


Jeremiah? [might be Jememia not Jeremiah] to to

George Halliweld 21 Aug 1817? Bk 2 pg 119

Levi to Peggy Henry, 27 Jan 1814 Bk 2 pg 39

William to Mary Pinnel, 25 Apr 1818 Bk 2 pg 132


Alsey to Richard Roby, 8 April 1828

Amy to Isaac Ricky, 29 Jan. 1820 by Wm. Ferguson

Amy to Henry Hest, 10 June 1824, by John Rea, V. D.W.

Ann to James Snodgrass, 1 Nov 1853, by H. G. Comingo

Archibald to Nancy Ramsey, 8 Feb. 1832

Alexander E. to Sarah A. Keepers, 12 Jan 1832 by Rev. John Moffit

Alexander to Elizabeth Plummer, 12 Oct 1839 by Aaron Conaway, J.P.

Benjmain to Sarah Wiles, 11 Dec. 1834

David to Sarah Ball, 6 Feb. 1834

David L. to Mary Ann Myers, 4 Apr. 1837

Frances to Eleanor Rush, 13 Nov 1823 by John Ward, J.P.

Francis to William Jones, 7 May 1824, by Thomas Hunt

Henry to Esther Orr, 30 Jan 1823 by William Taggart,V. D. M.

Haman to Nancy Johnson, 23 May 1833

Isabella to Samuel Hutton, 21 June 1832

Isabella to Andrew Carman, 10 July 1835

James to Mary Robison, 19 Nov 1846 by Rev. Thomas Hanna

James to Deborah Busby, 21 Mar 1850 by John Bryant J.P.

James to Jane Maxwell, 12 Aug 1824 by Thomas Hanna,V. D. M.

James to Mary Thorn, 4 Feb. 1813 by Richard Price

James to Hannah Poke, 9 July 1818

James to Rachel Collins, 25 Nov. 1830

James to Ruth Hays, 27 Dec. 1831

James to Maria Smith, 10 Mar. 1836

James to Sarah Dinsmore, 8 June 1837

Jane to William Davidson, 10 Nov. 1808

Jesse to Jane Nangle, 4 Jan. 1921, by George Day.J.P.

John to Jane Orr, 9 Feb 1826 by William Taggart V.D. M.

John to Margaret Lowther, 27 Oct 1853 by John K.Cunninghum.

M. G. Aug.31st. Benjamin Sharp vouches.

John to Mary Caughren, 11 Jan. 1825

Martha to James McClure, 1 July 1834

Mary to Finley Blackburn, 6 September 1827

Mary to Thomas Palmer, 12 Mar. 1833

Matilda to Moses Coe, 21 Dec. 1835

Polly to Jacob Cox, 13 Feb. 1830

Robert to Elizabeth Fisher, 21 Dec 1821 by William Anderson, J.P.

Robert to Jeminma Keepers, 20 Dec 1838 by William D. Mc Cartney, V.D.M.

Robert to Mary McGrew, 27 Nov. 1806

Robert to Lavinia Oxley, 9 Oct 1828

Robert to Sarah Riley, 1 Oct 1837

Robert to Mary Davis, 1 Nov. 1837

Robert to Rachel J. Thompson, 24 Mar 1847 by James Kerr, V.D.M.

Samuel to Mary Ann Howser, 11 Nov 1847 by James Kerr, V.D.M.

Samuel to Eliazabeth Hager, 11 Nov 1847 by James Kerr, V.D.M.

Susanna to Robert W. Smith, 3 Jan. 1823

Susanna to William Host, 10 Dec 1815

Thomas to Rachel Jones, 12 Nov. 1818

Thomas to Sarah Jane Miller, 6 Oct 1850 by Rev. James R. Leig

Walter to Hannah Hawthorn, 1 Apr 1830 by Rev. Joseph Clokey

William to Sarah McGaw (Or McGrew) 31 Dec 1840 by James Kerr, V.D.M.

Walter C. to Mariah Shipton, 19 Aug 1841 by W. D. Mc Cartney, V.D.M.


Alexander to Nancy Grim, 26 June 1837

Ann to George W. Dungan, 18 July 1837

Catherine to Hugh Shever, 6 Jan 1831

Elizabeth to John Couthers, 10 Oct 1811

James to Elizabeth Ann Bates, 16 Apr 1835

Margaret Ann to James simpson, 5 Sep 1837

Martha to John Oliver, 18 Apr 1833

Mary to Robert C. Davidson, 4 Oct 1814

Nancy to John Jackman, 30 Jul 1818

Susannah to Samuel Davis, 31 Mar 1836

Thomas to Nancy Akins, 18 May 1816


Alexander to Elizabeth Harding, 8 Feb 1821 by Rev. George Buchanan

Alexander to Jane Mccune, 21 Apr 1825

Annie to Gate Dudgeon, 10 Oct 1822 by John Jackman, J.P.

Arminetta to John Shiles, 12 Sep 1822 by Isaac Shane, J. P.

Charles to Nancy Tigret, 8 Aug 1825

Dorothy to John Long, 22 Mar 1807

Ball Marriages  

Contributed by Donna Tivener

Vol. ! Pg. 191 Jefferson County Oh. Court records:

This is to certify that I soleminzied the marriage contract according to law, between Farling Ball and Elizabeth Moors, on May the 16th. 1811, signed by Joseph Hall. Received and recorded the 12th., 1811 by Thomas Patton. [Eliabeth d/o James & Elizabeth Wakeman Moores]

Farlin Ball son of James Ball b: Abt. 1750 in Loudoun Co. Va. d: Aug 1824 in Jeff Co Oh. married Ruth Woods b: 18 Jul 1765 d: 5 Oct 1821 in Va. Or Ohio m: 26 Apr 1786 in Virignia. James Ball was a member of the Quaker Society of Friends.

Contributed by Larry Gish

Sources Probate Court Records of Jefferson Co. Early Marriages


Andrew Elizabeth Hervey Aug. 1, 1820 Book 2, page 200

Annie William Henderson Sept. 2,1813 Book 2, page 31

Besty Joseph Shepard Nov..4, 1813 Book 2, page 35

Elizabeth William Woods Aug. 24,1820 Book 2, page 208

James Margaret Gibbs Jan. 29,1805 Book 1, page 35

Margaret Nathan McKinnie Nov. 18,1808 Book1, page 129

Thomas Tenneah Cook Nov. 2,1802 Book A page 299

Marriages of Charles and Susannah Armstrong children:

Margaret Armstrong and John Marsteller, June 7, 1821, Jefferson Co. John, son of Benjamin Marsteller or Marstellar.

Robert Armstrong and Ann Ekey, July 14, 1842 ,Jefferson Co. Ann Ekey, dau. of John Ekey Jr.

George Armstrong and Mary Ann Swickhart, Nov. 14, 1833 , Jefferson Co.. Mary Ann Swickhart, dau. of Martin Swickhart.

Contributed by Linda Morgan

The State of Ohio, Jefferson County

I hereby certify, that on the 6th day of February A. D. 1883 Mr. Albert Devore and Miss Lizzie Hankey joined in marriage by me, a minister of the gospel. Given under my hand, this 6th day of February A.D. 1883. 17522 James H. Hollingshead

Personally appeared before me Alfred I. Wilson who, after being duly sworn, deposes and says, that Miss Minnie C. DeVore is an unmarried female, whose age is 16 years (May 1st 1899), place of residence is Steubenville in this county, place of birth is Steubenville in Jefferson County, and State of Ohio, Occupation is _______ father's name Albert Devore mother's maiden name was Lizzie Hende; that he is an unmarried man whose age is 21 years (March 1899) place of residence is Columbus in Franklin County, and State of Ohio place of birth is Columbus in Franklin County, and State of Ohio, occupation upholster father's name is Charles Wilson mother's maiden name was Laura McCleary; that said parties never married; that they are not nearer of kin than second cousins; that Rev. Dr. Reagen is expected to solemnize their marriage and that there is no legal impediment to said marriage. I am father of Minnie Devore and consent this June 19th 1899 signed Albert Devore....Alfred Wilson. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19 day of June A.D. 1899

No 24206

Contributed by Ronald Osburn

The State of Ohio, Jefferson Co,ss: I Hereby Certify, that on the 19th day of March A.D., 1854. Mr. Walter Brownlee and Miss Ann Eliza Murphy were legally joined in marriage by me, a Minister of the Gospel given under my hand, this 24th day of May A.D., 1854. Wm. Collier.....License number 8946
The minister's signature is hard to read, it could also be Wm. Collin
Ann Eliza Murphy's maiden name was Roles
I got a copy of this marriage at the Jefferson Co Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, 301 Market St, P.O.Box 549, Steubenville, Ohio 43952
It looks like the Minister had it recorded 2 months later

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