Photo of Elizabeth Jane Parks Carman and John Carman her husband

The picture is one of a very few that have survived in my family.

My Aunt Jennie (Elizabeth Jane Parks Carman and John Carman her husband).

She was born in Wayne Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, on March 26, 1871, the daughter of John Parks and Eliza Margaret Scott Parks, and grand daughter of Robert Parks and Mary Hedges Parks She married John Carman son of Samuel Carman and Sarah Harris. He was born June 29, 1873, in Bloomingdale, Ohio.

Excerpts from a letter written to Dallas Kyle Scott of Eastland, Texas, from his cousin Jennie Wood Burris/1854, #106 (must be P.O.Box) Smithfield, Ohio, cir. August 17, 1932. (Copied as written).

"I see by the Herald, Steubenville daily paper, cousin Jennie Carman and her daughter Edna and son Clarence attending Chicago Fair or Century of Progress. Edna a teacher in School of Bethany College, W. Va., for some years. Parents still live on farm."

Referring to a car trip:

"Then in a car climed that hill you know we went up to see Jennie Carman. Found her at home all by herself a big baking of big loaves bread a neighbor had brought for her to bake while she went somewhere, a new idea I would not thought of that plan to help. We had an enjoyable short call Jennie looking fleshire & showed us her beautiful yard of all kinds of Daliahs gave us a big boqut, etc. etc." The letter goes on to describe other people.

Submitted by Joyce Parks Ebert
October 20, 2001
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