This page would not exist without the wonderful contributions from researchers in Jefferson County. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed so much to these pages. Your generousity makes it possible for these pages to continue to grow and provide family mementos that some of us wouldn't have without your time and thoughtfulness.  Please know that we who depend on pages like this say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of our "roots".

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(Warning: Some of these files are large and may take awhile to load!!)

Hannah Elizabeth Burdess - Contributed by Claudia

St. Andrew's Russian Orthodox Choir - 1934 - Contributed by Wally

Railroad Roundhouse - Contributed by Jeannie

Daisy Mae Ennis-MildnerAnyone know this store or where it was located? Contributed by Jeannie

Wells High School Football about 1919. Contributed by Jane

Rex Family Photos. Contributed by Sharen Williams

Barb B. has graciously contributed a picture thought to be the Mingo High Class of 1909. Check out the picture and see if you know anyone. We would love to identify everyone in the photo.  

Grave of Mary A. Boyles Cusick.

Grave of Josiah Cusick.

Photos of the Keeder/Kidder Knight, Wright, Martin family  

Photos from Hill School

Italian Marine Band Photos

Photo of a $3 note from the Jefferson Bank of New Salem

John & Nancy (Richardson) Kline

John Rinehart Kline, Jr. & wife Lavinia Sunderland Kline

Nancy Ella Kline Jarvis

Della Louise Kline Jarvis

OBITUARY and Photo DAVID G. MAXWELL  (Photo is also of his wife)

David Wakeman Maxwell (photo and obituary)

OLIVER E. MAXWELL  (Obituary and Photo)

Lavinia Sunderland

Maxwell Home, Cross Creek, Reeds Mills (abt. 200 years old)

Sunderland, Fisher, Clifton Photo


Misc. Citizens of Jefferson County (several pages and large photos)  Deceased Citizens of Steubenville & Vicinity prior to 1897. Photo's taken by Filson's & Sons. For the Steubenville Centennial.

Picture taken in 1928 of the veterans of the G.A.R.

Mt. Pleasant Basketball Team of 1930

1863 Orders for Capt. Lyman's Company

Earl L Price and Harry Earl Price also Mr. Harry Price

Lylah Lyman Late 1800's

Lylah Price 1925 & Lylah R. (Lyman) Price Wedding Picture .

Lylah Rodell (Lyman) Price at the piano

Maynard Price 1923 and article about him Mowing Grass '36-'37   and Maynard and Earl Price 

Price Home through the years and short history of the Price Family

Manley Paul Biddle's  service station, Toronto, Ohio  Plus Toronto Swimming Pool and Toronto Girl Scout Troop Photo

Roosevelt School Grade School Pictures  (Toronto) 1950-51

2 pictures of the home of John Q Biddle, Knoxville Rd, Toronto, Ohio

Tombstone of William Woods

Mt. Pleasant High School Band 1937

Photo of Emmett Mac Donald Erwin, Jr. called Mac.

James Erwin Photo and Short History

1921-22 Basketball Team

Ollen Wamsley & Friends

Interior of the Fairlawn Store, Main St. Bloomingdale, April 1940

Bloomingdale (Bloomfield) Town Hall assembly

Aerial Photo Jeff Co Fair-1940s

Photos of Old Steubenville

Picture of Walter Allan Rogers

Anna J. McClain and Benjamin Clifford McClain

Louis and Eva Fonow & children

Charles Clemmer McClain (1914-1999)

 Arthur L. McClain, holding a block of ice in front of a Steubenville Ice Co. wagon before 1920

Fred McClain in front of a Steubenville Ice Co. wagon

Arthur L. McClain, in uniform

 photo of Clifford Benjamin McClain and Charles Clemmer McClain

Grandfather McClain & his dog

Copy of a newspaper article which shows Archie L. Wardeska, The most senior postmaster recognized, and also the envelope  in which it was sent.

Raymond Lewis Rogers

Kathryn May Rogers Higgins

Earl Henry Rogers and Emma Jane Rogers Waterman 

Thomas Orlando Rogers (fixed!!)

Carrie Kathryn May Williams Rogers and William Joseph Rogers, Sr.

Rogers Family Photo

John McElroy- Contributed by Thomas Ray McElroy

Elizabeth & John Carman- Contributed by Joyce Parks Ebert

Della & Ella Jarvis- Contributed by Donna (Maxwell) Tivener

Class of 1879??- Contributed by Mike Bentley

Martha Smith as Miss Steubenville - Contributed by Debbie Moors

Bunny Bates Christmas Party for dance classes - Contributed by Wamsley Family

Haysler Family Photos - Contributed by Nancy Haysler Brown

Old Photos of Mingo Junction - Contributed by Julia Heaton Krutilla

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