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I will be using this page until I have been able to get comfortable with the CC Helper type of query system. Thanks for your patience. Email Danice with your queries, placing Jefferson County Queries in the subject line.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 1 September 2002

I have been told that where the Seceder Cemetery is in Mt. Pleasant, my grandmother perhaps thrice removed dwelt in a little cabin with her husband who was a white man. She would not sit in chair or sleep in a bed, but sat on the floor in front of the fire. Now I wish I would have listened more attentively to my elders. I have been asking about, but the history of names etc. probably will remain a mystery.

Surnames: KARAFFA
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 26 August 2002

I am interested on any information on the Karaffa family of Empire, Ohio.

Surnames: HURFORD
Researcher: Bob Hurford
Date Posted: 26 August 2002

I'm researching the HURFORD Family who lived in Jefferson County near Long Run from the early 1800s to about 1900. Searching other surnames from Jefferson County, SHARON, DICKEY, HALL, PICKERING, GRIFFITH, WATERMAN, MATSON, RATCLIFF, and others. Thank you,

Researcher: Jean W. Moore
Date Posted: 19 August 2002

I have a photo of a little girl 4 1/2 years old She has dark eyes and long dark curls. On the back of the photo it says Roberta Elder 4 1/2 years old. The photo was taken at Nosset, Steubenville, Ohio and is in a cardbpard frame that may have been used in the 40 or 50's. What family does she belong to? Would like to contact her or her family and get them a copy of the photo.

Surnames: KANE/CAIN
Researcher: Jean Butler
Date Posted: 10 August 2002

I am looking for information about Edward KANE/CAIN> I don't know the Regiment he was in but have this information: Co.F WVa.Calv. Served from 1 Jan. 1861 to 30 June 1864. The paper I have says he was from Hazelton? His wife's name may have been Wallace. I know this is sparse information but appreciate any help.

Surnames: SPEEDY
Researcher: Kristen
Date Posted: 7 August 2002

Hi! My name is Kristen and I went to your website hoping to find information on Allen Speedy (or any od the Speedys) from 1760 through now. But I wasn't able to find anything on them, even though they are from Jefferson County. Can you help me out? Thanks!

Researcher: Lauren Kuntzman
Date Posted: 7 August 2002

Can anyone tell me if DORN CEMETERY (described on the Jefferson Co. Cemetery page as "near Pravo, east of Bergholz, east of TR54 and north of TR53) is the same as the PRAVO UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CEMETERY(described by Lelia Francy and Esther Powell as on Co. RD 53, of St. Rd. 164 at Bergholz and West of Pravo)? This would clear up a lot of confusion for me and be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

Researcher: Candice Becker
Date Posted: 26 June 2002

I have information that my ancestors are buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery, in the Brush Creek Township of Jefferson County. However, I am not seeing it listed on your pages. Does this cemetery exist or has it been lost? Thanks for your help.

Researcher: James Riley
Date Posted: 26 June 2002

I'm looking for information about the "Riley's massacre which took place near Brilliant,Ohio in the mid or late 1700's in the area now known as Riddle's Run. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thank You James Riley

Surnames: GRAY
Researcher: Heidi S. Pfaff
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

My Great Grandfather was born in Jefferson County; my guess is between 1785 to 1810. His name was Samuel Gray. He married Nancy Inollen of Dennison County. This is all I know at the moment. If this is put on your site, maybe someone will recognize the name and I will be able to find my relatives in Ohio. Thank you for your time.

Researcher: Susy Wetz
Date Posted: 26 June 2002

Looking for information on GEORGE HENRY THOMPSON b 1955, son of LUCINDA POTTS. He married MINERVA JEWELL. They lived in Toronto OH Jefferson Co. Will gladly share what I have on this family.

Surnames: STONE
Researcher: Judy Castello
Date Posted: 7 June 2002

My paternal grandfather was born in Steubenville on November 2,1880. His name was James Day Stone. He left as a young adult and eventually ended up in Medford, Oregon where he died in 1968. I know nothing about his family except that most stayed in Ohio. I would love to get a copy of his birth certificate to see his parents names can you help me with this? I recently retired and have more time but I got this idea after watching a show about Dean Martin the singer who I am sure you know was from Steubenville. He would hardly be a contemporary of my grandfathers but just looking at the pictures of the town made me think about him. I know very little about his family and would love to know more but I don't know where to start. Thanks for your time. Puyallup (near Seattle) Wa.

Surnames: TRAXLERS
Researcher: Nancy L. Rau
Date Posted: 7 June 2002

I am searching for any information on Traxlers in Jefferson County. My GGGandfather, William Traxler was born in Jefferson County, Ohio Abt. 1812. I know he left and went to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania where he later married Catherine ? He died in Defiance County, OH. on 31 May 1862 and is buried in Sherwood Cemetery in that county. Thank you in advance for any and all help in my research.

Researcher: Donna Huff
Date Posted: 7 June 2002

I also am looking for information on the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic Steubenville Mothers Martha Circle. My Gr. Grandmother Clara L. Simmons Bucy was a charter member and my Grandmother Anna Margaret Bucy Weaver was the Ohio State President of the Ladies of the GAR in 1951-1952. The meetings were held in a building North Street (possibly the War Memorial Building) next to the fire department. Our library has no information on the Ladies of the GAR in Steubenville and I could use some help. Thanks.

Researcher: Bill Starkey
Date Posted: 7 June 2002

I live in Washington State and don't get to Ohio very often anymore. In researching my family I have found that many of my ancestors are buried in the Hammondsville Cemetery. Is there a way to get a cemetery reading, I am looking for Starkey's and McCarty's primarily, but there are other names that would be of interest. Any help, or another contact you could send me would be appreciated. Thank You,

Surnames: BOI(y)CE
Researcher: Mizpah Sandi Bennett
Date Posted: 12 May 2002

I recently got a letter from a cousin that we 'may' have family buried at the Tent Cemetery. Is there any one anywhere near there that can look for a stone or information on a Francis Boi(y)ce & wife Catherine. Other names would be Steven or Sherman Boice. Francis died in the 1860's. Any information from any where - land, cemetery, court house would be most welcome as this is a whole new area to us. Last we knew they were in Noble Co.!!! Thanx for even the smallest crumb of help.

Researcher: Janet Sanders Reynolds
Date Posted: 4 May 2002

I have lots of information about the following Jefferson County families: SANDERS, SHANE, MORRISON, WINTERS, GEORGE, WELDAY, DETERS, RICKEY.

Would anyone trade some of this data for information about the Carr/Kerr family? My Great-Great-Grandfather, John C. Carr, married Nancy Glenn in 1834. I would like to know who John's parents were. According to my records, John and Nancy had one daughter, Jane Elizabeth Carr, born in 1836, married Thomas Scott Sanders.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Surnames: ZAMBON
Researcher: Rita
Date Posted: 29 April 2002

My grandfather (Luigi Zambon),great-grandfather (Antonio Zambon) and Antonio's brother (Giovanni Battista Zambonor John Battista Zambon) all worked as miners in the late 1800's/early 1900's. I'm trying to find out where they may have lived in Steubenville. Antonio bacame naturalized on Nov. 3,1894 by the Probate Court of Steubenville and I don't know if there is a way to get a copy of that certificate.

One other thing. Antonio and his son Luigi Zambon(my grandfather) also worked as miners in Piney Fork around 1913. Antonio listed his address as Box 81 in Piney Fork? Is that possible?

Surnames: MINGO
Researcher: Jeff
Date Posted: 29 April 2002

I am trying to find out when my Great Grandfather came to America. I had searched with no luck. I believe he may have worked in an iron mill in Mingo Junction. Here's what I know, Jan. 1915 he marry's my Great Grandmother in Beaver Pa. She had arrived in April 1914. On the license he put iron worker and I know that her brother lived in Mingo. I've done research in Beaver county and cannot find anything in the census or other records so I have no information prior to Jan 1915. I'm guessing that maybe since they got married so fast her brother introduced them? I do know that he worked for J&L so maybe they transfered him to Pa after they acquired the Mingo plant? So I guess what I am wondering is how can I see if he lived in Mingo and will I be able to narrow a date he arrived? Thanks for your help and time.

Researcher: Paul Goudy
Date Posted: 29 April 2002

I am hunting information on my family lines in Jefferson County. I would like to contact anyone researching the above names.

Surnames: BELL
Researcher: Patti
Date Posted: 29 April 2002

Smithfield Ohio Bell Family
Looking for Edna Lucille Bell B abt 1889 in Smithfield. Have only that she married Joseph Ellis Moore abt 1907/1908, had only 1 child Robert Wilson Moore on 12-28-1909 in Connorville Jefferson cty. Need to find out her parents, anything will help as right now I know only what is here. Thanks in advance.

Surnames: DZIEDZIC
Researcher: Mary Yonick
Date Posted: 29 April 2002

My grandmother Blanche( Bronislawa ) Dziedzic died on Jan 28, 1923 in Adena, Ohio. I would like to locate her death certificate. My grandfather had a certificate, which I now have, but it doesn't say where she was buried. I tried the data base for Ohio death records which is online. However, no luck in finding her. Also, the county listed on the certificate I have is Harrison not Jefferson. So I am confused!! Where should I write to get the information I want? I hope you can help. Thank you

Surnames: RUZANSKI
Researcher: Marilyn Deprest
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

My grandfather was a coal miner he lived first in Long Run then in Connerville, which isnt there anymore. Can you tell me what coal mines he may have worked in that were in Jefferson county. They lived mostly in Connerville. Left Ohio and came to Michigan about 1914 0r 1915. Thank you.

Surnames: RUZANSKI
Researcher: Marilyn Deprest
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I am submitting my grandparents and their children who lived in Long Run and Connerville in Jefferson County.Marian Ruzanski, married to Emelia nee Rostkowski . Arrived in Jefferson county as a family in 1892 or 1893.Marian was a coal minerr. They had 12 children, 10 of them living to adulthood.They came from Poland. Marian coming in 1890.The children in order of birth. Casimera(called Sadie), Stanislava(called Stella) Wilma who married William ashton and remained in Dillonvale until her death. She is buried in Mt. Pleasant. Edmund,Margaret , Bolek, (called Bob) Raymond,, Henry, Michalina(called Myrtle)and Isabel , Anyone knowing anything about any member of this family,please contact me. Most of the children were baptised at St. Adelberts in Dillonvale. a boy child and a girl child died in infancy and must be buried somewheres in this vicinity.

Researcher: Marian
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

Looking for someone that has worked on James TAYLOR d 1836 Jefferson Co, m 1814 Doretha/Dorothy KENNEDY 1794-1891. Have sons James H. 1819 and John b names for daughters. I follow James H. who moved to Washington Co, IA by 1860. Has been brick wall for years. Thanks

Researcher: Pat Mooney
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

Mary Katherine COFFLAND was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1835. She married William H. H. BEALL between 1860 and 1865 in Jefferson County. Her parents, Lancelot and Eliza (BECKETT) COFFLAND, moved about 1868 to Warren County, Illinois, with most of their children. Only Mary, her brother James W. COFFLAND (of Belmont and Harrison counties), and sister Sarah (COFFLAND) REED remained in Ohio.
In 1908, "Mrs. Mary Beall" was living in Rayland, Jefferson County, according to the obituary of her brother Erasmus Beckett Coffland in Illinois. She reportedly had a daughter named Lula. I am seeking Mary's and William's death dates and any info. about their descendants.

Researcher: Cindy
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I am looking for information on a Stephan G MORTON. On 26 Nov 1868 he married Deborah McGrew ENGLAND (b 3 Feb 1845 Cross Creek, d 14 Aug 1876) They had three sons, Harry, Frank and Oliver. Does anyone know anything about Stephan? Debbie died two weeks after delivering Oliver, maybe had complications to the delivery... On the 1880 census, Harry and Oliver are now living with Grandma and Grandpa ENGLAND. Where did Frank live? Did Stephan remarry? I am grateful for any information you can pass along. Thanx.

Surnames: Jefferson & Belmont county History
Researcher: Roxann Hoover
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I am writing in request of information on a book. History of Jefferson and Belmont Counties, Ohio--By: J.A. Caldwell. I have been searching and searching for a copy of this book. I actually did find one on the net, but the cost of it was $180.00 and I think that is a bit much to pay for a book. I was talking with a young lady and she said she found one at a GenExpo for $100.00 she said she considered herself lucky to find it. I really would like to have a copy of this book, because it contains information about my family.
Would you have any information on where I could get a copy or has the Jefferson County Genealogical Scoiety considered doing a reprint of this book.
I would really appreciate your help with this book.
Thank you for your time

Researcher: Judy McMichael
Date Posted: 10 April 2002

I'm looking for someone with knowledge of these people. Robert Graham 1809-c1864 married second 3 Jun 1856 in Belmont co, OH Amelia Ewing McConnell 1827-1900+. Amelia married second 10 Oct 1866 Thomas Hamilton who died before 1900 probably in Smithfield Twp, Jefferson, OH. Robert Graham and Amelia's children were Ida Ellen Graham born 1857 who married Addison C. Lewis 20 Oct 1885; Leonora E. Graham born 1859 unmarried; and MaryE. Graham born 1863 who married Silas Osborn Barkhurst.
Children of Addison C. Lewis and Ida Graham were Mildred Lewis born 1890, Robert O. Lewis born 1892 and Addison C. Lewis jr born 1894. Addison jr married Anna c1931. Ida died before 1900.
Children of Silas Osborn Barkhurst and Mary Graham were Marjorie Barkhurst born 1891, Leonora Barkhurst born 1896 and Miriam Barkhurst born 1898.
All three of these children lived in Steubenville and I've found them living there on the 1930 census and 1933 city directory. Any help in finding information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Jeannine Lemmon
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

Searching for information on William LISLE and his wife, Polly (Mary) LANCE. They lived in Jefferson County, Ohio. He as born in 1793 and died in 1840. Polly/Mary was born in 1798. They were married in Jefferson County on September 12, 1815. They had 8 children, two of whom died in infancy. The surviving children were: Christopher (b. 1816), Hannah (b. 1820, m. John Johnston), W.W. (b. 1825), John Jackson (b. 1828), Mary Elizabeth (b. 1831), and Thomas Benton (b. 1836). Any information on this family would be appreciated. Thank you!

Surnames: MOORE
Researcher: Patti
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

I need help! Looking for great grandparents Joseph E Moore who may go by Ellis Moore, he would have been B abt 1878. 1910 census shows Ellis Moore m to Edna Moore about 1908, she was B abt 1889. Edna Moore could well be Edna L Bell Moore. Census shows he was employed as a miner, 1920 census show Ellis & Edna to have a son Robert Moore B abt 1910, this could be Robert W Moore B 12-28-1909 in Connorville Jefferson county Ohio. Has anyone ran across these names in their research? If so let me know , Thanks

Surnames: Jane BRINDLEY
Researcher: Larry & Jan Creamer
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

Looking for any information concerning Jane Brindley. Born approximately 1828 in Jefferson County, Ohio to Isaac and Sarah Brindley. She is listed in the 1850 US Census with her family but not in any future ones. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Researcher: Deb
Date Posted: 16 March 2002

My Ggrandmother lived in Smithfield she died in the 1940's ,would you be able to tell me which cemeterys were for African Americans?

Researcher: Beth Blackburn Elifritz
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

My name is Beth Blackburn Elifritz. I am searching for information on my father Frederick K. Blackburn. He was a 1960 graduate of Wayne Local High School. He passed away this past December. I am trying to get in contact with someone that may have a school yearbook that he would have been in. Looking for information on his football number, he is listed on the roster during the 1958 - 1959 season (newspaper microfilm checked by Sandy Day). My son would like to have his grandpa's school number to wear this season when he plays. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank You,

Surnames: CABLE
Researcher: xxx
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

CABLE, George H. - Death: Jan. 21, 1928, Cuyahoga County - Married: Nancy Cable (nee Magill)
Am unable to locate birth record or marriage record. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: COPELAND
Researcher: Jerry Copeland
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

I am researching my line and believe I have traced it to Wayne township 1820 to 1840 Copelands. I am having some difficulty sorting out the bunch and was wondering if you have any suggestions.

Researcher: Michael R. Newmann
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

Where is this Cemetery? One of my ancestor's is buried there. I would like to find a Christian Schneider. Christian Schneider was a town treasurer of Tiltonsville, Ohio. And yet I can find no information on him.
Thank you very much for your help.

Researcher: Patti
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

Hi really need some help here, I'm in Texas looking for a town in Jefferson county that may not be around anymore. I am looking for the town/township of Connorsville that would be/was in Jefferson county in 1909. My grandfather was born their and I'm trying to do the family genealogy. Can anyone help.

Researcher: Gerry
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

Looking for family of Joseph Forquer/Forker/Farquar etc. Born 1812 OH & Married Ann Chaddock/Chadduck. By 1835 they moved to Jefferson Co. OH & their children were born there. Wm 1835, John O. 1836, Charles 1839, Thomas J 1840, Sarah A 1842, Mary E 1843, Eliza J 1844, James M 1848, Albert 1851. NO parents for either Joseph or wife Ann. Did this family stay in Jefferson Co.??

I am always interested in sharing any family Genealogy! I now have a webpage where you can view my current list of Missing Ancestors--------

Surnames: CREAMER
Researcher: Larry & Jan Creamer
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

I'm searching for information concerning the Creamer family in the Hopewell area and Hopewell Cemetary. This would center around Jacob and Elizabeth Creamer. Their parents and children. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Researcher: Jerry Hobart
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

I am researching my great-great grandmother, Eliza FUGITT (Abt 1819, Ohio, - Abt 1860, Steubenville). The name is sometime spelled FUGATE of FUGETT. She married Thomas GORSUCH (1817, Maryland - 1902, Jefferson County, OH). I believe she may have had a sister named Margaret. I would be interested in information on any Jefferson County FUGITT's of that era. Jerry Hobart - Albuquerque, NM

Surnames: JOINER
Researcher: Richard Minick
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

I am researching the Joiner family of Brilliant , OH. Ray William Joiner was born 28 Mar 1902 in Middlefield, Geauga, OH, and died 15 Jan 1968 in Steubenville. His Wife Dorothy (Rex) Joiner was born 14 Jan 1902 in Ashtabula Co. OH and died Dec 1986 in Steubenville. Where can I get obits of these people and a list of their children?

Researcher: Roger Wilcox
Date Posted: 22 February 2002


Surnames: JOHNSON
Researcher: Tom Johnson
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

I am searching for any information on my gr. gr grandfather John W Johnson who was born in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1820. Later went to Stark County and then on to Wayne County Ohio till manhood and married there to Christina France in 1846. Then moving on to Whitley County, Indiana. Any information would be helpful . On getting his parents names.

Surnames: ELLIOTT
Researcher: Jeff Copeland
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

I am interested in any information on my great, great,great uncle George Elliott. He enlisted in the 98th OVI in the first days of the civil war,he was captured in Sept. 1863 after the battle of Chickamauga. He was imprisoned in Richmond Virginia where he died in December of the same year. George Elliott was born in Brooke County W.Va., but he enlisted in Steubenville. I believe also that at about the time of his enlistment, that his family relocated to Jefferson County Ohio.I would be very greatful for any information on George Elliott that anyone could share. Thank you,

Surnames: SHANTON
Researcher: James Hartline
Date Posted: 18 February 2002

I am searching for any record of 'R C Shanton' who was in the Army with my father in France in World War I. His nice letter to my father, Walter Hartline of June 20, 1921 says his address is Box 196 Steubenville, Ohio and indicates Mr Shanton is an employee of W G Spies Company, Jewelers and Silversmiths of Steubenville, Ohio. Thank you, Jim Hartline, Sterling Heights, Michigan

Researcher: Mary Flegel
Date Posted: 17 February 2002

Martin Luther Hall was born about 1818 in Ohio. On 20 March 1845 he married Margaret Harris in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio. She was born November 1820. Children Eli, Oscar, Madaline, Albert, and Ernest were born in Jefferson County. The family then moved to Washington County, Ohio where Lycurgus, Aristotle, Cora, Eva, and Elmore were born. I would like to find birth and parent information for Martin and Margaret. I am anxious to find some cousins and share information.

Surnames: FOGLE/McGREW
Researcher: Eugene Watson
Date Posted: 4 February 2002

In December 1878 there were two men named I. M. Fogle and Anderson McGrew in Mount Pleasant. I need to know what their occupations were. I think they may have been lawmen of some kind. Also the County Sheriff at the time was named Smith, I need to learn his first name. I will greatly appreciate it if you can find this out for me. If you can learn what Mr. Fogle first name is, that would be great too. Thank you. Thank you.

Surnames: BABB
Researcher: Jean E. Butler
Date Posted: 1 February 2002

The CD I have lists a Peter Babb in Warren twp., 1840. However,I can't seem to be able to locate him in the 1840 census that Jefferson Co. has listed on line. Any clues to this would help as I am trying to construct the PETER BABB family. Thanks!!

Researcher: Debra Blume
Date Posted: 27 January 2002

My 4-greats grandfather was JOHN KEEVER, who came to Jefferson County, Ohio, about 1801. Am seeking the name and death date and burial location of his first wife, who bore him five children--MARY, SUSANA, JACOB, WILLIAM, ELIZABETH. She must have died between 1807 when Elizabeth was born and Sept.1813 when he married MARY (nickname Polly) ROBY. Mary Roby bore him 4 more children in Jefferson County--JOSEPH, CATHARINE, MARTHA M., SARAH--before they moved to Morgan County, Ohio, in 1836. They lived in northern Warren Twp., which later became Wells Twp. Lived near Flemings and Medills (and sold their land to them when they left). An 1870s Jefferson County plat map still listed their former land as Keever Hill Farm.

John's family by his first wife married into the following other Jefferson Co. families: WATSON, HOAGLAND, KING, SMITH.

Hi to Bridget Osz who was such wonderful help when I visited Steubenville in the spring of 2001! She's a sweetheart!


Surnames: WILLIAMS
Researcher: Christy Baker
Date Posted: 23 January 2002

WILLIAMS. Edward b. 1878, Wales, D. 3/17/1959, Wellsville, OH. Wife, Kathryn (LAY) Williams, b. 1882, Dover, OH, D. 12/07/1971, Wellsville, OH. Three Children, Morgan, Mildred, William. Lived in Irondale/Cream City area, JEFFERSON CO. until early 1900's. Looking for information on Kathryn's mother, Anne (MORGAN) Lay who is beleived to have lived nearby them in Irondale/Cream City area. I have some information on Kathryn's siblings and their children. Will be willing to share.

Surnames: DUVALL
Researcher: Marjorie Driver Matzen
Date Posted: 21 January 2002

I am seeking information on Leah Duvall, b. 1796 in Pa., m. Gideon Driver abt. 1820. They lived in Belmont Co., until 1842after which they moved to Marshall Co Va. I have been unable to find her parents. I believe she and Gideon married in Ohio, maybe in Belmont or Jefferson Co.I am posting here because I have seen the Duvall name show up frequently in Jefferson Co. The only clues I have is that she named her oldest sons Lemuel Miller and Emmanuel H. I would be interested in any Lemuel Duvall or Emmanuel Duvall. Could her Mother's maiden name be Miller? Thank you.

Surnames: McKEE
Researcher: Ronald Broyles
Date Posted: 18 January 2002

I am looking for the parents of Alfred McKee born in Jefferson Co. 1828 Schould have a older brother Father schould be Wm Mckee and unknown Mother . 1830 census. Note: by 1849 Alfred McKee is Married to Nancy Ann Swaney. And Lives in Leo, Jackson Co. Ohio died in 1888. I need some kind of documatation that Wm is the father of Alfred and his Mothers and Brothers Name. I live in Yale Oklahoma . Think I might need someone that knows there way around the Court House. To see if they can find some kind of Paper trail that conects this Wm & Alfred together. Are if there is anyone that can help I sure need it. Thank You!!!

Researcher: Daniel Belu
Date Posted: 11 January 2002

I am attempting to put together a comprehensive family tree as a birthday gift to my mother. I have very limited resources to work with as I currently live in North Carolina. As a result, I was wondering if you or any of your colleagues performs research for a fee. I am most interested in working back "vertically" as opposed to "horizontal" relationships and, of course, would forward all information that I currently have.

My grandmother was born in Clinton, OH (Summit County) and my grandfather was born in Dillonvale, OH (Jefferson County). My grandmother's parents were from Comet, OH and Crystal Springs, OH which I have not been able to find on the map. My guess is that they are old communities which were merged into present day towns. My grandfather's parents were immigrants who to the best of my knowledge lived in the Dillonvale, OH area. I hope this helps.

Researcher: Kent Elam
Date Posted: 5 January 2002

My great grandfather's death certificate says that he was born in Mingo Junction, Ohio. His parents immigrated to the US in 1893 from Hungary (their ethnicity was slovak). They later settled in Guernsey County where his father was a coal miner. First, was there any coal mines in the area at this time period? Second, they were devote Lutherans so I was wondering if your could tell me if their are any Lutheran churches in the area that might contain birth records. I know that the church played an important role in their lives.

Thank you for your help.

Researcher: Mary Adams
Date Posted: 8 December 2001

Looking for information on Ebenezer Donaldson, his parents, or siblings. He lived in Cadiz Township, Jefferson County in 1810.

Researcher: .
Date Posted: 27 November 2001

Looking for information on Thomas Fleming Cawthon b 1833 Wheeling WV married Susan Risdon Jefferson Co Ohio 1853.

Surnames: JOHNSON
Researcher: Eva Murphy
Date Posted: 27 November 2001

I am searching for information about Stebbins JOHNSON and his 2d wife Jerusha Mellen JOHNSON. We've read that they married in Jefferson County in the mid-1820s, and their first children were born in that area. I want to find where these details can be documented, if possible. Stebbins came from Connecticut and Jerusha, possibly from Massachusetts (as yet to be confirmed). Any research tips appreciated.

Researcher: Phyllis Frameli
Date Posted: 27 November 2001

Can you tell me anything about Robyville? The parish records show it as the Broggini's & Mancuzzo's address.

Would appreciate any suggestions you could give me for other resources in the area for RC, Italian families. Thanks again.

Surnames: PETERSON
Researcher: Lynn Peterson
Date Posted: 19 November 2001

I am married to David PETERSON, we live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. David's father was William Edward PETERSON, born in Empire, Jefferson County Ohio, on May 14, 1920. I am interested in finding any information on his father, Harry Frank PETERSON, born, June 18, 1901, Empire, Jefferson County, Ohio. Harry PETERSON was married to Vera Eudora BRAY, born, January 4, 1903 in Warren, PA. If you could help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it, I would love to give my seven year old son some PETERSON heritage!

Surnames: HATTON
Researcher: Gordy Morgan
Date Posted: 17 November 2001

Recently at a meeting of the Mahoning Valley Civil War Round Table here in Youngstown our speaker mentioned an individual from Ohio who went south and eventually became a Confederate General. He said the man was born here, but when I looked on the web the site said it was really Steubenville.

The name is Robert Hopkins Hatton and he was born Nov 2, 1826. Have you any knowledge of him? He supposedly moved to Tennessee with his family before the war and eventually became Colonel of the 7th Tennessee regiment. He became a Brigadier General in May of 1862 but was killed 8 days later at the Battle of Seven Pines.

Any information will be helpful.
Thank you

Surnames: LAYNE
Researcher: Jenn
Date Posted: 12 November 2001

I am looking for info pertaining to the surname LAYNE that resided in Jefferson Co. in 1969. If anyone has any info on this, please email me.

Researcher: John McDonald
Date Posted: 12 November 2001

VINCENT DAILEY. Am looking for information related to Vincent Dailey (c. 1765, Green Co, PA area - d. 1812 in Jefferson Co, OH). Married ANNA HART (1764, Wash Co, Pa - aft 1853 Lawrence Co, OH) on June 5, 1791 in PA. Children were (at least): Margaret, Mary, John, Ellender, James.
Glad to share information.
John McDonald, Murray, KY.

Surnames: BOWE/GOSS
Researcher: John & Carolyn Holt
Date Posted: 8 November 2001

Seeking information on Joseph and Jason Grable listed in the 1840 census as residing in Springfield Twp. Joseph is also listed as a resident of Springfield Twp. in the 1830 census

Surnames: BOWE/GOSS
Researcher: Jon Wray
Date Posted: 30 October 2001

Searching for any information on Bela/Baley BOWE, b 11 Dec 1776 in Rutland Co, VT, d 4 Jan 1858 in Dickson Co, TN. Also, his wife Maria GOSS, b Cir 1782, Germany, d 19 Jul 1863 in Dickson Co, Tn. I am told by another BOWE researcher that they were married on 11 Jun 1807 in Jefferson Co, OH. Their first child was born on 21 Mar 1808. I do not know if they were both just passing through Jefferson Co or if one or the other families lived there. By 1820 they were in Montgomery Co, TN with 6 children. Any help on their marriage record (Is it true?) and on either family will be appreciated.

Researcher: Anthony Deen
Date Posted: 30 October 2001

Looking for information on Samuel Deen/ Dean who married Mary McCurdy in 1814, they had a daughter Mary in 1818 and several more children over the next 12 years. They lived in Cross Creek township.

Will trade information on other Deen family in eastern Ohio.

Researcher: C. Thompson
Date Posted: 30 October 2001

Seeking information on George COULTER, probably born in Jefferson Co. 1850-1860 and his wife Elizabeth BARTON, probably also born in Jefferson Co. Their son Richard COULTER was born there also c. 1880. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Patti
Date Posted: 28 October 2001

I am trying to find my grandparents . Robert W Moore B 12-28-1909 D 9-29-2001 . Married Beatrice Burkhead 1935 ? B 5-26-1912 D 9-29-1989 . Lived in Mt. Pleasent Jefferson County. Buried at Hopewell cemetary Smithsville Ohio. Any information will help as I am just starting.
Thank You

Surnames: KNOX
Researcher: Neli Moody
Date Posted: 24 October 2001

Does you have information on my great great great grandfather William Knox, born in Ireland around 1780? He married a Mary from VA who was born around 1790. Their children are Samuel, Thomas and John who had their own households by 1840 in Springfield Township, Jefferson County Ohio. The 1850 census shows William at 70 and Mary at 62 with Thomas, VA, 30;Daniel VA, 22; Hamson, OH, 18;John, OH,24; Robert OH, 25;Lucy, OH, 25 and John, 9 mo. Ebernine Iseanagill was also living with them and had several young children. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

Researcher: Elizabeth A. Roe-Hunt
Date Posted: 28 September 2001

I am trying to locate more information about Susan CREAMER of Portland, Jefferson Co, Ohio. Susan's mother and father were early settlers of the area. Susan gave birth to Annie May Creamer at the Jefferson Co. infirmiry 18 Feb 1892. The baby was born out of wedlock, the father, George MARTIN, also of Jefferson Co. Susan became an inmate of the infirmiry, and the baby girl was sent to Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum in Cleveland Sept 1894. According to the information acquired recently, Susan was disowned by her family. Any information on either the Creamer family or the Martin family of Jefferson Co. would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: McCONNELL
Researcher: .
Date Posted: 12 September 2001

Please check your resources for John MCCONNELL? Below is information about his immediate family. He was living in a part of Jefferson County that became Lee Township, Carroll County in 1832. I found a listing on the Jefferson County 1930 Census index. The reference is: M225 MC CONNEL, JOHN SPRINGFIELD TWP 65

Descendants of John MCCONNELL - Sep 6 2001
John MCCONNELL was born in 1792 in Ireland.1 He was living in 1840 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio.1 He was a Farmer.
John MCCONNELL was married to Jane MCCONNELL in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Jane MCCONNELL was born in 1805 in Ireland. John MCCONNELL and Jane MCCONNELL had the following children:
I. Josiah MCCONNELL was born on Oct 1 1819 in Jefferson Co., Ohio.1 He was a Farmer in 1850 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio.1 He appeared on the census in 1900 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio. He died on Jul 29 1903 in Carroll Co., Ohio.1 He was buried in Louden Twsp., Carroll Co., Oh.1
II. Alexander MCCONNELL was born in 1822 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio.
III. Catharine MCCONNELL was baptized in Aug 1824 in St. James Church, Jefferson Co., Oh.1 She was born on Aug 27 1824 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio.1 She was living in 1840 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio.1 She died on Sep 2 1915 in Jackson Co., WV.1
IV. Female MCCONNELL was born about 1826.1
V. John MCCONNELL was born in 1830 in Lee Twsp, Carroll Co., Ohio. He was living in 1850 in Wayne Twsp., Monroe Co., Ohio.1
VI. James Porter MCCONNELL was born on Nov 2 1834 in Carroll Co., Ohio.2,3 He was living in 1844 in Monroe Co., Ohio.3 He was living in 1887 in Fulton County., Ohio. He was a Retired farmer in 1917 in Fulton County, Pike Twp., Ohio.3 He died on Apr 16 1917 in Delta, Ohio.2,3 He was buried on Apr 19 1917 in Wauseon Union Cemetery, Row 8H.2,3

1. Misc.
2. Fulton Co. Chapter, Ohio Genealogy Society. Tombstone Inscriptions; Fulton County, Ohio, Vol. I.
3. Death Certificate.

I am descended from James Porter McConnell who married Margaret ODEN. Thanks very much for your time. I've been trying to find information about the family before some of them moved to Fulton County, Ohio. Charles Paul KELLER

Researcher: Sarah Robinson
Date Posted: 2 September 2001

I'm looking for any information on James William DALRYMPLE. He married Anna Laura MUSHRUSH. They had five children, Mary Kathryn, Helen Marie, Hazel Mae, James Arthur, Harold Everett. Mary Kathryn was the oldest of the children and was born in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio on June 3, 1905.

I have no other information for their father James. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You!

Researcher: ...
Date Posted: 2 September 2001

Researching Benjamin MAPLE b. 1802 PA. d. May 1874 Decatur CO IN. m.June 1827 i Jefferson Co OH. Rhoda REED b. Aug 1810 d. Oct 1882 Decatur CO IN. David MAPLE b. ca 1800 d ? m. Sept 1827 Hannah MAHAN b. ca 1812 d. ? DAvid's son Thomas MAPLE b. ca 1830 m. Matilda WILDEN in Coshocton CO OH in 1850.THis family moved to Ky and Decatur CO IN. where Thomas and son of his brothers settled. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Surnames: JONES
Researcher: Donna
Date Posted: 1 September 2001

I'm looking for information on the William Benton Jones family. William was the son of Samuel and Cisner (Hamilton) Jones. the youngest of their 10 children, of Monroe Co., OH. After service in the civil war, William moved to Jefferson Co, and in 1870, married Jane Horner, daughter of Elijah Horner. They had four children, William, Elizabeth, Euphemia and Lillie. I would like to know when William died (It was after 1890 and before September 24, 1924, when Wm. Jr. died). I would be happy to share my Jones info.

Surnames: FINNEY
Researcher: Gerald Finney
Date Posted: 1 September 2001

Looking for information on a Josephus FINNEY(Joe Finney) who was living in Stuebenville Ohio in 1906. Looking for descendents of this man. Thank you.

Surnames: McGREW, FOWLER
Researcher: Darci
Date Posted: 1 September 2001

I'm looking for an information on McGREW, Findley, b. near Smithfield, Jeff. Co., OH or Brooke Co., WV Apr 1, 1821, m. FOWLER, Mariah "Jemima" June 4, 1840 in Tuscarawas Co., OH, d. Sept. 6, 1875 Appanoose Co., Iowa.

Our family history states that his father was killed by Indians, and that he was raised by Col. John Brady. We can not locate any information re: Findley's parents. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Researcher: Thomas Ray McElroy
Date Posted: 30 August 2001

Locating the graves of Revolutionary soldiers John McElroy and John Humphrey is by far the most important thing to me at this point Can you Help me
John McElroy settled at the mouth of Short Creek in 1786 Surnames Looking for (McElroy Humphrey) Hughes Slade Taylor McClelland Patterson Chapman McKeever McKee
A lady who lives near the Warrenton Jefferson County Ohio Cemetery She told Charles Green that there was an old family cemetery up on top of the hill above Warrenton but you need a four wheel drive vehicle to get to it. Do you Have any info
The book, " Pioneer Days," Notes that the graves of Revolutionary soldiers John McElroy and John Humphrey are located somewhere in Jefferson County but it is not known where they are buried. The Family is Sure it is Warrenton Cemetery
I have been working with Charles Green Jefferson County Historical Association and he has went out of his way for us. The Work Charles is doing Ohio is priceless!!!
However Charles went down to the Warrenton Cemetery on Aug 29 2001 and he did not find any McElroy tombstones. The cemetery is not in too bad of shape but it does need a good cleaning. Charles talked a lady who lives near the Warrenton Jefferson County Ohio Cemetery and she told him that there was an old family cemetery up on top of the hill above Warrenton but you need a four wheel drive vehicle to get to it. She didn't know how many graves were in it nor did she know the names and she said some logging operations had damaged it seems they cut the trees down and then drag them out with tractors. They just pulled the trees through the burial site and ran over the stones. of my G-G-G-G-Grandfather's they settled there in 1786 Ohio Pioneer's Revolutionary Soldier's Fife major John McElroy and Caption John Humphrey and John McElroy served as Caption 89 Company F Ohio in War 1812
This is Old Scottish Irish Highlands Tradition family cemetery up on top Highlands over looking the River valley's where they lived in This Case the Highland above Warrenton Jefferson County over looking Ohio River valley
The book, " Pioneer Days," Notes that the graves of Revolutionary Soldier's John McElroy and John Humphrey are located somewhere in Jefferson County but it is not known where they are buried.
@@@@I just wanted to advise everyone that the Grave Dedication date has been set for Saturday, June 7, 2003 at 1:00 P.M. At the Warrenton Township Cemetery. Jefferson County Ohio The dedication will include Patriots John McElroy, John Humphrey, and Moses Kimball.@@@@

Researcher: Lorie Beck
Date Posted: 30 August 2001

Looking for someone to do a lookup of a birth record. Alice Ann Durbin/Durban born November 2, 1885 in Jefferson county. I was told she grew up in Quaker City but I dont know where that is located. She might have been born in Belmont county instead of Jefferson county but since they are neighbors, I want to cover both. Her father may be Jacob R. Durban/Durbin or Thomas W. Durban/Durbin. Her mother is Ida Ann Porter or Holland or Fitch. If anyone could help me out ,,I would greatly appreciate it.....thanks so much----

Surnames: WILGUS
Researcher: Mildred Prather-Garner
Date Posted: 29 August 2001

Seeking information on parents, siblings and descendants of William WILGUS, born May 30, 1833 in Jefferson Co., OH.

As a young man, he moved to Brown Co., IL where he married Jane or Lizzie (or perhaps Elizabeth Jane). They had three children, only two of whose names are known -- Lizzie Ann m. James W. Davis, and George F. m. Cynthia LAUDERBACK. About 1857 the family moved to Johnston Township, Macon Co., MO where the mother soon died. Then in 1859 William married Susan WILSON Pope and they had 5 more children -- John S., died at age 15; William Brown, m. Safronia LAUDERBACK; Francis "Frank" Sherman, m. Jessie BOND; twins, Samuel Ray, m. Inez Malone; and Susan Rachel, m. Robert M. BROWNING.

Surnames: DeGEAR
Researcher: Marge DeGear
Date Posted: 29 August 2001

My name is Marge DeGear and we are looking for Conrad DeGear believed to be in Jefferson Co. in @1812.

Researcher: Marge Gish
Date Posted: 29 August 2001

I am looking for a John Marsteller of Jefferson Co. who married Margaret Armstrong, June 7, 1821 by James McNary J.P. Charles Armstrong of Island Creek twp had a daughter Margaret . Have deed where Charles son ,Robert, paid $300.00 to John and Margaret Marsteller after Charles death.

Have no other information on this Margaret and John Marsteller. Any help would be appreciated. And would be happy to share Armstrong information.

Sept. 1851. from John Marsteller, dated 17 June 1852

Surnames: CARREL
Researcher: Eric Olson
Date Posted: 29 August 2001

Philip and Mary CARREL arrived in Jefferson County, Ohio from western Pennsylvania sometime between 1806 and 1812. By 1813 they had nine children who were John (born 1798), Mary (1801), Margaret (1802), Joseph (1804), Anthony Wayne (1806), Catherine (1807), Henry (1809), Jane (1811) and Philip Jr. (1813). Philip Carrel was killed on December 10, 1813 while in the Service of the United States (War of 1812). He died intestate and left no Will, and in 1814 his widow Mary relinquished her right to be Administrator of his Estate, whereupon the Court of Common Pleas appointed Ephraim Cellars as Administrator and John Wolf and several others as Appraisers.

When Philip died in 1813 one of his sons, Anthony Wayne Carrel, who was 7-years old, was "bound out" to a tradesman and taken out of the county, probably to Licking County, Ohio where he was raised and later married Miss Balinda Root in 1826. The other eight children apparently remained with their mother until her death in 1818, since the court appointed James Terrence as guardian for the five oldest Carrel children in 1818 and 1819.

The five were John, Mary, Margaret, Joseph and Catherine. Whatever happened to the three youngest children who were Henry, Jane and Philip Jr. is not known.

Anthony Wayne Carrel and Balinda Root raised eight children of their own in Licking County, and they are my ancestors. After the 7-year old Anthony was separated from his brothers and sisters in 1813/1814 and taken out of the county, there was apparently never any further contact between them, as Anthony never spoke of his brothers and sisters, nor even apparently knew their names. He did remember his parent's names however and named his first daughter Mary and his first son Philip, and he remembered that he was born February 20, 1806 in western Pennsylvania. It may also be that his eight brothers and sisters never remembered or knew his name.

The above information concerning siblings was unearthed in May, 2001 from documents found at the Courthouse in Steubenville. I am seeking any information about the children of Philip and Mary Carrel who may have remained and been raised in Jefferson County, Ohio and who are the lost brothers and sisters of Anthony Wayne Carrel. Thank you!

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