Posted Queries for September 2000

WEIS posted by Paula Miller on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

I would like to see if anyone can find an old photo > of the Telegraph office > at the trainstation in 1911 in Empire Wellsville > ohio. My grandfather Lewis > J. WEIS was the telegraph operator then and I would > love a photo. > I will be glad to do some research in Florida in > trade for some help with > this project. > thanks

SCOTT posted by William Morris on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Do you know if there a chart of inscriptions or a location of the Old Holmes Church and Cem. available and if not is there someone working on it. Please, at least answer with a location of this Cem. that is in Jefferson County. There is reason for me to believe there is a William D. SCOTT buried there which may be my wife's GGGgrandfather.

KING posted by Pat Morehouse on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

KING, Stephen had land in Jefferson September 20, 1839, and he was in the 1840 Census index, I am looking for someone who has come across him in the census records or history records or who is searching him, don't know his wife's name it could be Mary or Hannah, will take anything on him.

ANDREWS, MULLINNEX, PARKER, PIERCE posted by Carolyn Cole on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

I am researching my father's side of the family (MULLINNEX). I just found out that my ggrandfather, Jason MULLINNEX, married a Harriet PIERCE from Jefferson county, Oh. on November 18, 1866 . They then went back to his home in Jackson county, WV. Would you happen to have any information on the PIERCE family? Harriet was supposed to be 20 years old at the time of the marriage. My father can remember visiting relatives in Wellsville and Mingo Junction in the 1930's. Their names were PARKER and ANDREWS. I don't know if these would have been relatives of Harriets or not. Any information you could give me would be appreciated.

HUTCHINSON posted by Nancy Kapperman on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

HUTCHINSON family - landowners in Jefferson County maybe earlier than 1807. Male children were George Paul Torrence Hutchinson, born 9 Dec 1807, John and William. Land was sold in New Baltimore in the 1860-70 range and proceeds sent to the above children following their mother's death, name unknown. Any information on Jefferson County Hutchinsons having the above given names in their line would be most appreciated.

PLETZ posted by thomas pletz on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

We are researching the surname PLETZ. We know that John(DOB:1863), Frank(DOB:1860),Mary and Emma, children of Carl Pletz and Barbara Babay, emigrated 1882-87 and came to Jefferson Co., Toronto, OH, in time for the 1900 census. Please register the surname PLETZ.

FRAYER posted by Michael R. Frayer on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

.My family name is FRAYER but has been spelled in all of the above ways. My branch of the family came out of Jefferson, Ohio to Cleveland at the early part of the 20th Century,,,,The Paternal Lineage is Earl (grandfather), Victor (great grandfather), Edward G. (Great Great) John, Simon, Abrahams (3 of them) to Hugo Frere, A french huguenot from New Paltz, New York. I had been in contact with A Hume Frayer who lived on Chestnut Street but he has passed on.....I am sure there are some other relations still there...Some other names associated are Wills, Coup, and Waterhouse....Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very willing to share any information with anyone else interested or doing research on the Frayer Lineage

HUNTER, RAWSON posted by Sue Rawson on Wednesday, September 13, 2000

I am trying to find the cemetery plats for Union Cemetery in Toronto Ohio. My husband's grandfather and his wife are buried there on his mother side and maybe even his great, great parents to. They are Vance HUNTER and wife. I have know idea of what year. (birth ir death) Also his father people, RAWSON , we know his grandmother Rawson, but have no idea where or if his father is buried there. Anyway I would thank you if you could help me out.

COLLINS posted by Elliott Public Library on Sunday, September 24, 2000

William COLLINS was born in 1849 in Pa. He is not in Pa. in 1850 census. So I am hoping that he moved over the line to Jefferson Co. Please help.

BAKE, LARGE, MCCLURE, MILLER posted by Earl Bake on Sunday, September 24, 2000

I am seeking information on other descendants of my great-grandfather, William BAKE (1804-1878), who had a large farm in Warren Township, Jefferson County. He and my grandfather, William A. BAKE (1844-1896) are buried in Hopewell Cemetery. My father, Earl A. BAKE (1895-1965) was born near Rayland; his mother Sarah MILLER (?-1919) was the second wife of William A. BAKE Dad knew little of his ancestry because his father had died when Dad was n infant..Dad later left the area and lived in Wellsville, Columbiana County, for most of his life. I have no information on the ancestry or relatives of my grandmother, Sarah MILLER. She is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, although William A. BAKE was buried beside his first wife. An old map of Warren Township shows a large MILLER farm. Was there a connection? One daughter of William BAKE, Ellen BAKE (1836-1910) married George MCCLURE. Dad was raised by MC CLURES after his father died, and I would like to know more about them. They had at least five children including Frank and Lulu, whom I Knew; they were unmarried and lived near Rayland when I visited with Dad George, Ellen, and some of their children are buried at Hopewell Cemetery. I was a pall bearer for Frank about 50 years go, but I have no dates on this family. Were there any children? Any surviving descendants? Another daughter was Angelina BAKE (b: abt. 1854) who married Robert LARGE. I knew an Anna LARGE who may have been a daughter. Were there others? ...any survivors. There is a LARGE burial plot in Hopewall Cemetery. I am unable to get back to that area now to do further research, but I am trying to get as much information as possible. Help will be appreciated.

GOODENOW posted by Kelly Simpson on Sunday, September 24, 2000

I am assisting in seeking information on john milton GOODENOW. He was active in Masonic affairs in Steubenville circa 1820 to 1860. He was Grand Master of Masons in Ohio in 1827.The first from this part of Ohio.

BRUCE, DOWNARD posted by Jean Asher on Sunday, September 24, 2000

James DOWNARD and Mary BRUCE Looking for information on James DOWNARD, I believe James lived and purchashed govermant land in Jefferson county. Brother was Joshua DOWNARD Wife was Mary BRUCE. Children: Samuel B. (b 1819) Rebecca (b 1815 - d aft 1845) William (b 1816) Elizabeth (b 1821) Agnes (b 1823) Stephen (b 1828) Joshua ( b 1832 - d 1893) Believe he was living in Limerick Ohio Jackson County at the time of his death. Any help would be appreciated. Need dates, locations, parent names, pretty much everything.

HUTCHISON, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, ROSE posted by Ted R. Powers, Jr. on Sunday, September 24, 2000

Looking for parents and families of Sarah Jane ROSE and Samuel B(?) JOHNSTON/JOHNSON, married abt 5 Sep 1850. Living together in Salem Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1850 Census, dated 20 Sep 1850. Appear in Trimble Township, Athens County, Ohio, in 1860 and 1870 Census. She goes by name of Rosanna in last two Census listings. Children include: William (born abt 1858), Ida M (born Mar/Apr 1860), and Lucy (born abt 1866). Ida M. JOHNSTON, later marries Andrew J. HUTCHISON, on 4 Sep 1884 in Hancock County, WV. Andrew born abt 1856.

HEWITT posted by Warren Hewitt on Sunday, September 24, 2000

HEWITT. My gr grandparents arrived in Steubenville in 1832 or 1833. They were married in Ulster, Northern Ireland in 1832 and immigrated in'32 OR'33.They brought up 8 children while living in Steubenville.In1851 the family departed Steubenville for California. Iknow that while living there Samuel owned a business. I would like to know more about their lives while living in Steubenville.

RELOTTO, RILATI posted by Bernice Casarcia on Sunday, September 24, 2000

Since posting my query i have since found out the spelling of RELOTTO may be RILATI. So thus i'am looking for information on frank rilati who was shot and killed in mingo junction area in 1918-1920?

ARMSTRONG posted by Patrick Kenney on Sunday, September 24, 2000

ARMSTRONG Does anybody know of a way to lookup a undertaker by his license # ? like maybe what cemetery he worked at or owned? mine was a undertaker in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio in 1923 and his name looks to be: Chas W. Van Nuys/Huys license # 2199-a I am looking for the burial location for my Charles Edward ARMSTRONG who was according to his death certificate was buried in a individual grave by the aforementioned undertaker in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio on December 15th 1923 any help would be most appreciated...

CARTWRIGHT posted by Patty Cartwright on Sunday, September 24, 2000

Researching on CARTWRIGHT in Jefferson Co. Ohio.. James Cartwright may of been listed on the 1850-1860 Jefferson Co. Ohio. In his obit. in Mahoning Co. Youngstown Ohio shows he lived in Jefferson Co. Ohio and ran a Rolling Mill. If anyone can help me.. I really do appreciate the help.

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