Ahnentafel Chart for Charles Frederick Menzel Jr.

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1. Charles Frederick MENZEL Jr was born on 18 Apr 1962 Steubenville Oh.


2. Charles Frederick MENZEL was born on 4 May 1933 in the home. Mingo Jct, Ohio.
3. Frances Loretta HAMROCK was born on 27 Oct 1933 in Steubenville, Ohio. Died on 26 Nov 1980 in. Steubenville Oh.


4. Henry Friedrick MENZEL was born on 4 Apr 1907 in Mingo Junction, Ohio.
5. Minnie LATHEM, died in 1970.
6. Stephen James HAMROCK was born on 26 Jun 1901 in United, Pa. Died on 10 Oct 1983 in Mingo Jct, Ohio.
7. Anna TIMCHO was born in 1902. Died on 14 Jan 1960, Steubenville, Oh.


8. Ernest Wilhelm MENZEL was born on 4 Feb 1877 in Saxony, Germany. Died on 25 Nov 1958 in Steubenville, Ohio.
9. Clara PRIETZSCH was born in 1876 in Germany. Died in 1939 in Mingo Junction, Ohio.
10. Hoyt Alonzo LATHEM
11. Bertha LAUGHLIN
12. John Matthew HAMROCK was born in 1869. Died in 1926.
13. Mary SOFRANKO, died in 1903.
14. George TIMCHO
15. Barbara KMETZ


24. Unknown HAMROCK
25. Elena MARGDA (MAGDA) was born on 16 May 1870 in Klukonova, Ezecoslovikia, Presvo. Died on 7 Apr 1926.

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