Contributed by Jane

The players that I can identify in the standing lineup. Back row (standing) left Frank "Doc" Dornbusch, next to him, my Dad, Charles Baird Myers, Middle row in the crouch position middle person, Fritz Risdon The seated team First row second in from the left Fritz Risdon, First row second in from the right My Dad Charles B. Myers, Second row third in from the right Frank "Doc" Dornbusch.

The H.S. now is called Steubenville, but in earlier times it was Wells High School. I don't know what year it changed names, but when I was in Wintersville High School about seven miles west of Steub. in the late 40's and early 50's it was Steubenville "Big Red" H.S. My dad's 1920 yearbook , "The Bulletin", has the photo of Wells H.S.

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