I have decided to add this page to let you know what I have been doing. If you look here first, you will know what I have updated since your last visit.
03-30-08 Added many 1811; 1812; and 1813 Marriage Certificates.

04-27-08 Added many new links; Marriage certificates; Added an 1850 Name Index to the Steubenville Female Seminary in the new school directory; Added surnames for those wanting to get in contact with others in their lines; Added new library links, Added Martha Young Obituary

07-15-08 Added many surnames: Vesperman, Rische, Stephens, Stevens, Barnhouse and Boger to the Surnmae lists; There have also been added new websites for searching: Added announcement for the Family Reunion Page.

08-08-08 Added a new community announcement to the Family Reunion and Announcemt board

08-12-08 Added Brays Cemetery photos to the Jefferson County Cemeteries page

08-13-08 Added Old Schools in Ohio for Jefferson County, Ohio website. Thanks Aaron!!

10-05-08 Added website for 1877 maps of Counties in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Thanks Mr. Moyer!

12-06-08 Added new page of old schools in and around Jefferson County, Ohio; Added submitted photo for New Town School. Thank you Martha

15 Jul 2008