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Manual Drill DVD

Train Your Color Guard at Home!

The John Hancock Chapter, Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution proudly presents “The Manual Drill and Movements for SAR Color Guard”. Directed and produced by Ohio Society Adjutant Color Guard Commander Daniel Haas; this DVD video is based on VonSteuben’s “Regulations for Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States”. It will take the viewer step-by-step through the manual drill for firelock, marching and many of the common movement commands such as wheeling and formation of lines and columns. This video walks you through the VonSteuben text, while demonstrating the motions and movements. Help your color guard train in the comfort of their own homes… which will help make our SAR Color Guards a centerpiece for celebrating our proud revolutionary heritage!

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Manual Drill DVDManual Drill DVDManual Drill DVD

updated 3/18/13
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