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Our Patriot Ancestors

The following men are individuals who supported the cause of liberty more than 200 years ago that our chapters membership proudly calls their ancestors. Each member has at least one patriot ancestor who they have proven lineage to for membership, or proven as secondary supplemental applications in the case that a member has multiple ancestors who fought for our free and independant nation. Here is a brief biography of those men who make us "Sons of the American Revolution".

SAR John Hancock Chapter Members - Daniel J. Haas and James R. Haas

Patriot - Solomon Courtright 1752-1844

Solomon Courtright (Kortright,Cartwright) was born on July 8th, 1752 in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1749. He married Hannah Ayers around in 1774. He was a Sergent in the New Jersey Militia. He served under Ephraim Martin's regiment serving in engagements such as the Elizabethtown and the Battle of Long Island. He also fought in egangements against indians in Northern New York, and manned the Wantage, New Jersy blockhouse for the remainder of the war. Following the war, he resided in New York State until the death of his Wife, and then removed to Peru Township, Huron County, Ohio in the late 1830's living with his daughter until his death on May 27th, 1844. He was buried in Peru Center (or Old Schoolhouse Cemetery) in Peru Township, Huron County, Ohio. His grave now bares a new Revolutionary War headstone, applied for by SAR member James Haas.

The Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, John Hancock Chapter will be holding a formal grave marking ceremony for Solomon Courtright (1752 Wantage, Sussex County, NJ - 1844 Huron County, Ohio) on Sunday, May 15th, 2011 at Peru Center (Old Schoolhouse) Cemetery, south of Monroeville, Ohio. Solomon Courtright served in the New Jersey Militia during the revolutionary war and will be honored by this grave marking ceremony dedicating his recently set military headstone in May. All descendants and all interested in attending are cordially invited. Please Dan Haas of the John Hancock Chapter to register.

Solomon Courtright
Patriot - Peter VanSickle 1747-1843

Peter VanSickle was born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1747. He married Catharine Huffman in 1774 having 8 children to their union. He served in the 6th New York Militia as a private, under Colonel Pawlings and Captains John Roberson and Gaines. His service included actions at Peakskill, Murder's Creak, King's Bridge, Horseneck and White Plains. Following the war, he moved to Gallia, Ohio in 1817, and removed to Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio in 1823 until his death in 1843. He is buried in Stark Cemetery, Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio. His grave is currently unmarked.

Porter Stark Cemetery

SAR John Hancock Chapter Member - Craig Sampson

Patriot - Rev. John Wiseman 1760-1842

The Rev. John Wisemans was born on August 1th, 1760 in Berks County, PA. He married Sara Greene on May 18th, 1786 having 11 children. He served as a soldier in the American Revolution, including wintering at Valley Forge with Washington's troops. He served two tours in the Westmoreland County Militia, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. He died on January 20th, 1842 near Salem, Ohio and is buried in New Salem Cemetery. His grave is marked with a Revolutionary War Soldiers marker, placed by the Lancaster Chapter, D.A.R.

Rev. John Wiseman

SAR John Hancock Chapter Member - Alan Sandford

Patriot - Ezekiel Sandford IV 1754-1811

Ezekiel Sandford IV was born in Bridgehampton, Suffolk Co., L.I.,New York in on October 17th, 1754. He married Hannah Halsey in 1756. Listed in DAR Genealogy as Patriot. He was a signer of "The Association". When the British occupied Long Island, he and a son fled to Conn. where the family immigrants had settled. He died on August 28th 1811 and is buried in Mecox Cemetary, Bridgehampton. The homestead still stands today.

Ezekiel Sanford IV

SAR John Hancock Chapter Member - Henry Stobbs

Patriot - Hugh Henry, Junior 1751 - 1834

Hugh Henry, Junior was born on 25 June, 1751 in Lunenburg (Pittsylvania) County, Virginia. He served the Revolution in 1777 as a lieutenant and sergeant in Captain John Donelson's Company of Colonel Evan Shelby's Virginia Regiment in the Continental Line of North Carolina, and participated in the Cherokee campaign. In 1778, he served as a private in Colonel George R. Clark's Illinois Regiment in the Kaskaskia campaign, along with his brothers David and Isaac. In 1779, the Henry family accompanied Colonel John Donelson aboard the flatboat "Adventure" on the arduous expedition led by Donelson and Captain James Robertson that would result in the settlement of French Lick, site of the present day city of Nashville, Tennessee. Hugh married Elizabeth Tamnasson on 17 December, 1800 and established residence in Robertson County, Tennessee, where in 1782 he, his father and brothers had been granted land for their military service. He was commissioned Justice of the Peace in 1796, became the first Sheriff of Robertson County in August of that year, and on July 30, 1800, was commissioned by Governor John Sevier as Second Major in the county militia. He applied for and was granted a Revolutionary War pension in 1832, and died on 17 April, 1834. The site of Hugh's grave, which is believed to have been destroyed in a calamitous flood, is unknown.

SAR John Hancock Chapter Member - John Wagoner, Jr

Patriot - John Waggoner, Sr 1758 - 1842

Born in Wasselone, Alsace, Lorraine, France (at the time part of Germany) on July 18, 1758. He was personally acquainted with lived in the same town as the great French General Lafayette. He came to the United States in 1772 at the age of 14 with his brother Jacob. John enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War as a private in Valentine Creager�s Company on October 3, 1776 at or near Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1777, he transferred to Captain Bartholemew Von Heer�s Troop of Horsemen and shortly after was appointed to General George Washington�s Personal Life Guard (Commander-in-Chief�s Guard) until the end of the war. He is said to have saved General Washington�s life on several occasions and was within 15 feet of Washington when General Cornwallis surrendered and was by his side at the formal surrender ceremony. Washington said of him that �this man was not afraid of a thousand devils�. After the close of the war, he married Elizabeth Leach on July 18, 1785 and resided in Hagerstown, Maryland. John and Betsy had 10 children. In 1797, they relocated to Bedford County, Pennsylvania. In 1803 he packed up the family and traveled with a friend named Poorman to help settle the new state of Ohio. They first settled in Perry County, Reading Township, Ohio. Around 1827, they relocated once again to Sandusky Township, Sandusky County, (then called Lower Sandusky, now Fremont), Ohio. Elizabeth Leach Waggoner died in 1830 and John Married Sarah Minic (Smith) on June 30, 1833. In private life, he engaged in farming and was a most exemplary citizen, beloved by all who knew him. He died on his farm on Thursday, December 15, 1842 at the age of 81. He was one of the last surviving Life Guards of General Washington. He was originally buried in Bowlus Cemetery, Section 2. In 1899, his remains as well as those of his wife Elizabeth were reburied with full military honors in Four Mile House Cemetery in Washington Township, Sandusky County, Fremont, Ohio.

John Wagner

SAR John Hancock Chapter Member - Charles E. Wilson

Patriot - Hezekiah Bloomfield Hubble 1755 - 1855

Hezekiah Hubbell served in New Jersey Line, Capt. Randalls Co. under Generals Morgan and Dayton. Served also under Adjutant Piatt. Wes in battles of Springfield, Monmouth, Brandywine and others. Served from 1775 to 1780. Was married to Nancy Drummon in New Jersey. He migrated to Hanover Twp., Luzerne County, PA about 1790. Came to Fairfield County, OH about 1807. He lived in Shelby and Putnam Countries, Ohio and Cass County, Indiana. Died at the home of his daughter, Sally Hubbell Vandermark, in Richland Twp., Allen County, Ohio. Buried in Hubbell Cemetery in Richland Twp., Allen County, Ohio. National Archives Pension Record #5317.

Hezekiah Hubble
Patriot - Underwood Guyton 1734 - 1824

Underwood Guyton was a Private in Charles Baker's Company No. 15 of the Harrford County Militia, Harford County, Maryland. Signed the Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to Maryland on 27 January 1776. Married Pricilla Jackson, 12, August 1762 in Baltimore, Maryland, Underwood died on 28 May 1824 and buried in Baltimore County, Maryland.

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