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Early Settlers Page (Harrod and Biggs families)

Submitted by Joe Biggs


(Additions and corrections to the original manuscript were made using census records, civil war military records, cemetery and county death records, and published genealogies. All additions to the original manuscript of 1933 appear in italics - Joseph Biggs, 2001).

In the year 1902 the Harrod and Biggs families met a Lake Hiawitha Park and held their first reunion.

The organization appointed a committee of three in 1907 to write a history of the families. These three were: A. O. Harrod, Meeker Biggs, and Eli Biggs.

Samuel Harrod Biggs, son of John H. Biggs of Morrow County, wrote to a government authority in England about fifty years ago for information about the Harrod and Biggs families in that country, as both families came from that country.

He learned that about 1700 there were a great many Harrods in one shire and a great many Biggs in another shire, but at the time of writing they had all gone away. He learned, too, that the word Harrod meant a lover of the army, and the word Biggs meant a builder.

Meeker Biggs and Eli Biggs went to West Virginia and Pennsylvania to look over the history of the early settlers in those localities where the Harrods and Biggs used to live. The public library at Wheeling gave information aplenty about the Benjamin Biggs family (no relation to the Biggs family of Knox County, OH) and James Harrod. The records at the courthouse in Morgantown, county seat of Monongalia County, West Virginia, contained several records of Eleazer Biggs; and the records at Washington , County Seat of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and those at the County Seat of Greene County, Pennsylvania, contained a lot of information about Levi Harrod.

A lot of information is to be found at the Recorder's Office in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and the early marriage records are to be found in the Probate Court offices. A rather full history of the Joseph Biggs family is to be found in the Neff family history, written by Mrs. E. Clifford Neff, of Cleveland, Ohio.


A book called "The Border Warfare," in the public library at Wheeling, tells the life story of James Harrod, the first of the Harrod family we know anything about. James was born in the Shennandoah Valley in Virginia, and spent his boyhood days there with his parents.

When a young man he made trips into the Green River country, Kentucky, with Daniel Boone. On one trip, James stayed in Kentucky alone with Boone going back to his home. James made a dugout on the bank of the Green River and supported himself by hunting and fishing. One day, while fishing along the river, he saw an Indian lying on a log bathing a wound where someone had shot him. James made friends with him, carried him to his dugout and took care of him until he was able to go home. The Indian was a great friend to James so long as he lived, and James attributed his success in that wild country largely to the influence and help of that Indian.

James had three sons (Incorrect - James Harrod, Kentucky pioneer, had no sons. He had several brothers, including William and Levi, mentioned further on. The father of all three was John Harrod). James Jr. was an engineer and remodeled Harrodsburg and also Boonesborough. He went hunting one day with a friendly Indian, a chum of young James Harrod, and was never seen nor heard of after entering the woods. (Actually, the evidence suggests that James Harrod was murdered while on a hunting trip in Feb. 1792 by a white man named Bridges).

Another son (of John Harrod), William Harrod, was an officer in the army of George Rodgers Clark while he was driving the British out of the Old Northwest Territory, which consisted of what is now the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. William was a prominent man in the Green River section of Kentucky and represented his district several times in the Kentucky Legislature.

The third son of James Harrod (sic - John Harrod) was Levi. He is an ancestor from whom every member of the Harrod-Biggs Reunion Association has descended. He was born in the Shennandoah Valley (sic - Levi was born at Little Cove, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania) in the year 1750. He married Rachel Mills, who with her brother John left Wales to try their fortune in the new country.

They stopped in the Shennandoah Valley near the Harrods. When married they moved to Great Falls in eastern Pennsylvania, and from there they moved to the "Ten Mile" region in Greene County, Pennsylvania. John Mills also married and raised a daughter Elenor (Nellie) Mills, who later married a son of Levi and Rachel, whose name was Samuel.

Levi Harrod was a justice of the peace for many years in Greene County and in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and afterward he held office in Knox County, Ohio, in Harrison and Pleasant Townships. He was a sergeant in the Revolution (Levi Harrod held ranks from private to lieutenant in the Washington County Militia at various times). He was also a member of the "Border Rangers". He lived for a time on a farm known as the Levi Biggs farm and for the last 50 years known as the William Biggs farm. Levi Harrod deeded this farm to his son-in-law William Biggs in 1817.

Levi Harrod died in 1825 at his home on the farm now owned by Fred Vincent (1932), about midway between the Grove Church and Hopewell Church. He was the third person to be buried in the Grove Cemetery.

In this outline of the Harrod and Biggs families James Harrod is the first Harrod of which anything is known (The outline has been changed to place James and John Harrod in their proper order). He is in this outline reckoned as the first generation of the Harrods, and marked A. His children are marked B - other generations C,D,E.

In the outline of the Biggs family, Jeremiah and Abigail are reckoned as the first generation and marked A - others B,C,D,E.


A. John Harrod (Born about 1700, Hawbridge, Bedfordshire, England; married Sarah Moore about 1735, Cumberland County, PA; died 1754, Little Cove, Cumberland County, PA). Children:

1B. James Harrod (Born about 1742, died Feb. 1792, Kentucky)

2B. William Harrod (Born Dec. 9, 1737, Shenandoah Valley, VA; married Amelia Stephens Oct. 1, 1765, Bedford County, PA, died April 1, 1801, Bracken County, KY)

3B. Levi Harrod (Born Jan. 22, 1750, Little Cove, Cumberland County, PA; married Rachel Mills in June, 1769, Greene County, PA; died Oct. 2, 1825, Knox County, OH)

1C. John Harrod (John Harrod was born in 1770, Greene County, PA, married Mary Stockton about 1794, and died Aug. 12, 1814 in Knox County, OH). John was the second person buried in the Owl Creek Cemetery; he sat on the first grand jury in Knox County and his father (sic-brother), Levi Harrod, sat on the first petit jury. John Harrod was a soldier in the War of 1812 -he is listed as a private, Kratzer's Command, Ohio Militia and as a private, 6th Regiment, Ohio Militia.

1D. Rachael Harrod (born 1795, married David Curtis). Note inserted by hand: buried at Martinsville, IL - no record of children available. The children of Rachel and David Curtis, as listed in the 1850 census for Martinsville, Clark County, IL:

1E. Isaiah Crutis (born about 1820 in Ohio) is married to Mary and has children Malinda (age 4) and Charles (age 3).

2E. Levi Curtis (born about 1825 in Ohio) is married to Elizabeth and has one son, Meeker (age 6 months). Meeker is the first Curtis listed as born in Illinois.

3E. David Curtis, born about 1829

4E. Harriet Curtis, born about 1842

5E. Harrod Curtis was mustered into company F, 79th Illinois Volunteer Infantry on Aug. 28, 1862, mustered out as a sergeant June 12, 1865.

6E. Daniel Curtis was born about 1844

7E. Margaret Curtis was born about 1846

8E. Elizabeth Curtis was born about 1848

2D. Elizabeth Harrod (born 1796) married Harrod Biggs (born 1795) -for record of children, see Harrod Biggs.

3D. Mary Harrod (born 1798) married Daniel Ulery (note inserted by hand: Martinsville, IL, six children). A biography of eldest son Michael Ulery appears in the 1883"History of Crawford and Clark County, Illinois". It says Michael was born Jan. 29, 1830 in Harrison Township, Knox County, Ohio. His parents came to Clark County, Illinois in Oct. 1849, where Daniel Ulery died in July, 1859 at the age of 66 and Mary Harod Ulery died in Oct. 1862 at the age of 64. Michael Ulery married Susan Bean in 1852 in Parker Township, Clark County.

1E. Michael Ulery married Sarah Beam

2E. Harrod Ulery married Eliza Lybarger.

3E. John Ulery married Rebecca Greenwell. John Ulery was born about 1828.

4E. Levi Ulery married Clorinda Biggs.

5E. Anna Ulery married Joseph Harrod (of William).

6E. Mary Ulery married Edward Harrod (son of Elijah who was a son of John H. and Mary Harrod). Mary Ulery was born about 1836.

7E. Jane Ulery was born about 1833.

4D. John Harrod, Jr. (born 1800) married Margaret Conway (they were married Sept. 13, 1821 in Knox County.

5D. Levi Harrod (born 1804) married Dorcus Lefever (married on April 28, 1829).

1E. William, born about 1833.

2E. Mary, born about 1835.

3E. Emeline, born about 1837.

4E. Amanda, born about 1839.

5E. Allen, born about 1841.

6E. Ann, born about 1843.

7E. Riley, born about 1844.

8E. Samantha, born about 1846.

9E. Sarah E., born about 1849.

6D. Michael Harrod (born 1809) - no further record

7D. Elijah Harrod (born 1812) had a son Edward who married Mary Ulery his first cousin. Elijah Harrod (April 2, 1812 - April 18, 1897) married Elizabeth Stoughton on Jan. 8, 1832. He died in Martinsville, Clark County IL.

1E. Edward J. Harrod - Jan. 10, 1833 - March 10, 1863. Edward J. Harrod enlisted in company G, 123rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry on Aug. 14, 1863 and was mustered in on Sept. 6, 1862. He died March 31, 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN.

2E. John Harrod- June 26, 1834-March 6, 1894.

3E. Eil Harrod - Sept. 14, 1836 -April 12, 1905. Eli Harrod enlisted in company G, 123rd Illisois Volunteer Infantry. He married Mary Lawrence.

4E. Mary Lisa Harrod, born about 1838.

5E. Samuel Harrod, born Jan. 4, 1841.

6E. Mary J. Harrod - April 24, 1843-1921.

7E. Harriet Harrod, born Oct. 21, 1845.

8E. George W. W. Harrod - Sept. 25, 1847 -1934.

2C. Levi Harrod (II) was born Jan. 30, 1777, in Greene County PA, married Rebecca Burgess Feb. 14, 1800 in Maryland, and died Dec. 14, 1862 in Knox County OH. Levi was a soldier in the War of 1812 -he is listed as a private, Kratzer's Command, Ohio Militia and as a private, 6th Regiment Ohio Militia.

1D. Miner Harrod1 married Juanna Campbell. (Minor S. Harrod enlisted Aug. 8, 1862, age 25, in Company D, 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Promoted to sergeant; discharged in March 1864 to accept commission in 1st U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery. Mustered out on March 31, 1866 as 1st Lieutenant).

2D. Jacob Harrod married Rachel Biggs -see Rachel Biggs

3D. James Harrod was a cripple and a tailor. James Harrod was born Sept. 3, 1808, Knox County, OH, married Isabella Hull July 19, 1828 and died 1889, McDonald Township, Hardin County, OH.

1E. John Harrod was born about 1830 and married Jane Lapert.

2E. Levi Harrod was born about 1832

3E. William Taylor Harrod was born about 1834

4E. Amanda Harrod was born about 1836

5E. Hamilton Harrod-enlisted Aug. 8, 1862, age 20, in company B, 188th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out June 5, 1865.

6E. Ferguson Harrod was twin to Hamilton.

7E. James B. Harrod - enlisted Aug. 8, 1862, age 18, in company B, 118th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; died Oct. 4, 1864, near Atlanta, Georgia.

8E. Bunyon Harrod was born about 1846.

9E. Harriet Harrod

4D. Elijah Harrod was a cripple. He was recorder of Knox County at one time, also a school examiner. (Obituary from the Dec. 3, 1871 Democratic Banner: Esq. Elijah Harrod died Nov. 10, 1871 age 57. He was born in Clay Township, was County Recorder for 15 years. He was a cripple, and leaves a wife, Eliza, and six children. He was the son of Levi and Rebecca Harrod, and was buried in Union Grove Cemetery.)

E. His children were Bell, Martha, Laura, Frank, Jennie, and Anna

5D. Levi Harrod (III) was born June 10, 1801 and married Martha Henry Sept. 27, 1821 in Knox County, Ohio. He died June 20, 1883 in Auglaize County, Ohio. Levi Harrod moved to Auglaize County about 1835.

1E. William Harrod (July 25, 1823 -Sept. 5, 1916) married Mary Focht.

2E. Levi Harrod (IV) was born Jan. 1825 and died Sept. 18, 1902 in Union Township, Auglazie County Ohio. He married Susannah Focht on Dec. 24, 1846.

3E. Jesse Harrod (about 1826 - about 1870)

4E. James Harrod (July 27, 1827 - April 6, 1923) married Sarah Jane Tannehill.

5E. Thomas Harrod (about 1828 - Jan. 1868) married Elizabeth Reese.

6E. John Harrod was born about 1833, and married 1st Anna Jacobs and 2nd Samantha Faler.

7E. Elizabeth Harrod was born about 1834 and married Tom Dudgeon.

8E. Rebecca Harrod was born about 1840 and married Arnold Rienhart.

9E. Hannah Harrod was born in 1842 and married James K. P. Schooler on April 7, 1864.

6D. Mary Harrod, born March 28, 1806, married a Mr. Holt.

7D. Jemima Harrod, born Oct. 1, 1810.

8D. John Harrod was born Feb. 3, 1813 and married Tabitha Pritchard on Sept. 30, 1831 in Coshocton County, Ohio. He moved to Auglaize Township, Allen County Ohio before 1850 and apparently died there in the 1860s.

1E. William Harrod was born in 1832 and married Phebe Jacobs about 1859.

2E. Miner Harrod was born about 1835 and married Phebe Ann Faulkner on Nov. 22, 1860.

3E. John Harrod was born about 1837 and married Danaris Focht.

4E. Levi Harrod was born about 1838.

5E. Elizabeth Harrod was born about 1840.

6E. Benton Harrod was born about 1842 and married Ellen Bitler on Dec. 24, 1868.

7E. Felix Harrod was born about 1845.

8E. Rebecca Harrod was born about 1847.

9E. Butler Harrod was born about 1851.

10E. Ferdinand Harrod was born about 1854.

9D. Elizabeth Harrod, born June 13, 1817.

10D. William Harrod was born Oct. 4, 1819 and married Mary Copeland about 1840 in Allen County, Ohio.

1E. James Harrod was born about 1842.

2E. Margaret Harrod was born about 1844.

3E. Albert M. Harrod was born about 1853.

4E. Laura A. Harrod was born about 1855.

5E. Louis Bunyon Harrod was born Oct. 1856.

6E. Eudora Harrod was born about 1863.

11D. Martha Harrod, born Oct. 3, 1824.

3C. Michael Harrod (Born March 16, 1781, Greene County, PA; married Agnes Ulery in 1807 in Knox County, OH; died March 30, 1853, Knox County, OH). Michael entered several sections of land in the southeastern part of Harrison Township. He owned 1700 acres at one time. 15 Children:

1D. Cinthia Harrod married Isaac Adrian- 9 children.

1E. Val Adrian married Miss Nicholls

2E. Loisa Adrian married Lewis Earlywine

3E. Alemda Adrian married George Miller, had Ada, who married Scott Brown and Edith who married Earl Bebout.

4E. Angie Adrian married Martin Burnett and had Fred who married Miss Allen and Della who married John McNabb.

5E. George Adrian married Retta Cliver and had Minnie who married George Richcreek.

6E. Laura Adrian never married.

7E. Emma Adrian married Benjamin Horn.

8E. John Adrian married Cyrena Miller.

9E. Harrod Adrian married Miss Parson.

2D. Mary Harrod married Mr. Henry. Jim, a son, lived at Centerburg. A granddaughter, Maggie Willy, still lives at Centerburg.

3D. Charlotte Harrod married Japhoth West. All are dead.

4D. Amy Harrod married Nelson Clausen. They lived at Rich Hill, but all are dead.

5D. Levi Harrod married Miss McGwin; Alle Bebout's mother was their child.

6D. David Harrod married a Rightmire. They lived in Allen County; many Harrods still live in Allen County, Ohio. A daughter, Mary Benz, lives at Lima, Ohio. David Harrod was born Dec. 3, 1812, Harrison Township, Knox County, Ohio, married Jane Rightmire in 1834 in Knox County, moved to Washington Township,Mercer County, Ohio in 1837, and died May 23, 1855 of cholera while on a steamboat travelling the Missouri.

1E. Mahala Harrod was born in 1835.

2E. Mary Harrod (July 28, 1836 - Jan. 15, 1905)

3E. Cynthia Harrod was born in 1838.

4E. Nancy Harrod (1841 - July 8, 1897).

5E. Amy (Hena) Harrod was born in 1843.

6E. James Harrod was born in 1845.

7E. Elizabeth Harrod was born in 1847.

8E. Abram Harrod2 Born April 27, 1850 in Mercer County, he married Harriet Smith on May 15, 1875. Had two sons, Bert G. and Robert L.

9E. Catherine Harrod (Feb. 18, 1852 -Sept. 3, 1893)

10E. Infant, name unknown, born 1854

7D. Perria Harrod married a Rinehart. They lived at Rich Hill -all are dead.

8D. James Harrod moved west early and all trace was lost.

9D. Beth Harrod married a Lahmon.

10D. Clarissa Harrod never married.

11D. John Harrod married Rachel Veach. John built the old stone house east of the Pumphrey place. All are dead. (Obituary from the Democratic Banner: John Harrod died May 28, 1879, age 73, at his residence in Clay Township of cancer. He was born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and came with his parents, Michael Harrod and Agnes Ulery, to Knox County 65 years ago. He was buried in Union Grove Cemetery).

1E. Daniel Harrod

12D. Enos Harrod was shot accidentally and killed by soldiers of his own side during the battle of Gettysburg while writing a letter to his wife. He left a son, Walter. (Military records actually show Enos Harrod enlisted in company C, 118th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on Aug. 20, 1862, at the age of 34. He was killed in action July 21, 1864, near Atlanta, Georgia).

13D. Susan Harrod married Aaron Melick -no children.

14D. Rachael Harrod married a Coffman and lived in Auglaize County, Ohio. Numerous descendents still live there.

15D. Jessie Harrod married Delila Horn, daughter of Peter Horn and lived at Sparta; eight children. 1E. Peter Harrod married Inis Sprague, and had 3 children; they lived near Thurston, Fairfield County, Ohio.

2E. Mitchel Harrod married Jennie Dill.

3E. Emmarilla Harrod married Burt Lewis; they had 6 children: Minnie, Walter, who married a Cuthery, Jessie, John, who married Blanch Burger, Delila, who married Will Burger, and Anna.

4E. Mary Harrod married Sam Lyons; they lived at Vannatta.

5E. Clem Harrod married Amy Stith; no children.

6E. Martha Harrod married John McKinstry-4 children

7E. George Harrod married Myrtle Slack - 2 children.

8E. Eli Harrod married Ida Pindar; they lived at Cardington, 2 children, both are dead.

4C. William Harrod (Born Aug. 13, 1785, Greene County, PA; married Rhoda Pipes 1809 in Knox County, OH; died Sept. 17, 1863, Knox County, OH). Soldier in the War of 1812 - listed as a private, Kratzer's command, Ohio Militia. Many of his children moved to Allen County, IN.

1D. Elenor Harrod married 1st Israel Dillon, 2nd James Hayes - 3 children:

1E. Eli Dillon struck by lightning in the Army. Military records show Eli Dillin, age 24, enlisted in company E, 125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on Oct. 10, 1862. He was killed by lightning on March 9, 1863 while on picket duty near Franklin, Tennessee.

2E. Abraham Dillon died young.

3E. Dellia Dillon married Wright Robinson - 2 children:

Carrie married Lenander Hayes; William married Miss Bell.

2D. Eunice Harrod married 1st, William Stephens, and had a young daughter, 2nd, Ellis Veach, and 3rd, Rev. Jackson Dowling.

1E. Ellis Veach, Jr. married Sarah Morgan.

2E. Bryan Veach, died young

3E. Allie Dowling

4E. Douglas Dowling.

3D. Mary Harrod married Eli Todd. Mary Harrod was born Jan. 28, 1834 in Knox County, married Eli Todd on May 1, 1851, in Allen County, IN and died Jan. 20, 1922 in Allen County.

1E. William Joseph Todd (June 4, 1852 - Dec. 18, 1920)

2E. John Quincey Todd (July 7, 1854 - March 9, 1855)

3E. Robert Fremont Todd (June 27, 1856 - June 4, 1880)

4E. Clara Leona Todd (June 6, 1858 - June 2, 1929)

5E. Mills Harrod Todd (Jan. 3, 1861 - May 27, 1895)

6E. Philip Elsworth Todd, born Jan. 23, 1863

7E. Delilah May Todd, born Oct. 15, 1864

8E. Lucy Eleanor Todd, born Oct. 20, 1866

9E. Eli Marion Todd (July 3, 1868 - April 26, 1874)

10E. Mary Diana Todd (Sept. 1870 - Jan. 20, 1922)

11E. Sarah Elizabeth Todd (April 6, 1872 - July 15, 1872)

12E. Isaac Leo Todd (Sept. 8, 1873 - Aug. 1, 1874)

13E. Laura Jane Todd (Jan. 31, 1875 - Nov. 10, 1919)

4D. Mills Harrod married Mary Anderson -he was a minister. (Mills Harrod joined company C, 142nd Ohio Infantry, on May 2, 1864, at age 35, for 100 days service in garison duty at Washington, D.C. His rank was 1st Leiutenant.)

5D. John Harrod died in the Army. (John Harrod enlisted in company E, 13th Indiana Regement, and served with the Army of the Cumberland at the battles of Murfreesboro, Franklin, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. During Sheridan's expedition to Texas he was taken with rheumatism and six months after he returned home he died).

6D. Joseph Harrod married Anna Ulery. Joseph Harrod was born April 5, 1824, in Knox County, Ohio, married Anna Ulery on Sept. 15, 1849 in Knox County, and died May 8, 1907 in Allen County, IN.

1E. Ella Harrod was born about 1861.

2E. Emma Harrod was born about 1866.

3E. Enos Harrod was born about 1869.

4E. Mary Harrod was born about 1874.

7D. Eli Harrod married Lucinda Harrod. Eli Harrod was born April 23, 1813 in Knox County, Ohio, and married Lucinda Harrod about 1842 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

1E. Mary Harrod was born about 1843.

2E. Morgan Harrod was born about 1846.

3E. Lucinda Harrod was born about 1851.

4E. Hester Ann Harrod was born about 1856.

5E. Eunice Harrod was born about 1858.

6E. Seymour Harrod was born about 1863.

7E. Voorhees Harrod was twin to Seymour.

8E. George W. Harrod was born about 1866.

8D. Isaac Harrod married Susan Todd. Isaac Harrod settled in Marion Township, Allen County, IN in 1838. He died there on April 29, 1886, leaving 3 surviving daughters - Rhoda, Emily, and Eunice.

9D. Morgan Harrod3 married Malinda Beam -children in Oregon.

1E. Theron Harrod married Nellie Garder and lived in Michigan in 1890.

2E. Marion Harrod

3E. Charity Harrod married Paul Hooper.

4E. Clay Harrod

5E. Mills Harrod married Mary Lipes.

6E. John Harrod - a physician who lives in Payne, OH.

7E. Morse Harrod married Jessie Lipes.

8E. Sherman Harrod

9E. Clark Harrod

10E. Delilah E. Harrod

11E. Dessie B. Harrod.

10D. Jackson Harrod married Miss Knight; sons Joseph and Judson Harrod live in Wayne County, IN.

11D. Malinda Harrod married Benjamin Sweet. Malinda Harrod was born on April 7, 1818 in Knox County, Ohio, married on Aug. 19, 1837 in Licking County, Ohio, and died on Dec. 23, 1908 in Allen County, IN.

12D. Delila Harrod married John Lafever. Delila was born Nov. 5, 1808 in Knox County, Ohio and married on July 30, 1829 in Knox County.

5C. James Harrod (Born about 1786) married Rhoda Mills. Rhoda Mills was a daughter of John Mills from Wales. Rachel Mills married Levi Harrod. Eleanor Mills, a sister of Rhoda, married Samuel Harrod, brother of James Harrod. James Harrod was a soldier in the War of 1812 -he is listed as a private in Kratzer's Command, Ohio Militia, and as a private in the 1st Regiment, Ohio Militia.

6C. Samuel Harrod. (Born March 13, 1788, Greene County, PA; married Eleanor Mills 1810, Knox County, OH; died Aug. 1863, Knox County, OH). Samuel Harrod married Elenor Mills. They moved to Ohio and settled on the old Cook farm about a mile east of Martinsburg. There was only a small space cleared about the house at that time. When Mrs. Harrod was hanging out the cloths to dry, she heard someone running through the yard just back of her. She turned around and there was a negro. He stopped suddenly and cried out "Good Lord, Nelly Mills." Mrs. Harrod recognized him as one of her father's slaves back in Virginia. As the bloodhounds could be clearly heard, he dashed into the woods and said no more. He was caught and taken back. Samuel and Elenor Harrod had ten children. Samuel Harrod was an officer in the War of 1812 - listed as Captain, Samuel Herrod's Company, Mounted Riflemen, Ohio Militia (1812), Captain, Samuel Herrod's Company, Ohio Volunteers (1813), Captain, 1st Regiment, (4th Brigade, 1st Division) Ohio Militia.

1D. Charity Harrod (born Sept. 7, 1817) married John H. Biggs, son of Harrod and Elizabeth Biggs, moved to Morrow County, OH and had 6 children. 1E. Samuel Harrod Biggs married Francis Beam; he was for many years a Universalist Minister, and lived the latter part of his life in Massachusetts.

2E. Amelia Ann Biggs married William Meredith.

3E. Meeker J. Biggs married Mary E. Burke; daughter Lulu married Charles Jones.

4E. Thankful Biggs married Miller Burk, and had a daughter, Nora.

2D. Mary (Polly) Harrod (born Sept. 24, 1819) married George Elliott - 2 children:

1E. Miller Elliott - unmarried.

2E. Jane Elliott married George Wintermute.

3D. Elizabeth (Betsy) Harrod (born July 6, 1827) married Albert Kearns. 1E. John Kearns married Jane Lovell, and had 7 children: Dora married John McKinstry, Wallace married Elsie While, Lafe married Daisy Bricker, Ed married Alice Brown, Lizzie married James Alberts, Ella married Charley Hunt, and Albert Kearns, Jr. was unmarried.

2E. Samuel Kearns married Jane Taylor - one son and 2 daughters. Son Frank lives in Martinsburg.

3E. Charity Kearns married William Lovell - several children lived for a long at Croton, Licking County, OH.

4E. Rachel Kearns married Alex Keating.

5E. Mary Jane Kearns married Roy Earlywine, moved to Texas.

6E. Ola Kearns married Charles Busby, moved to Texas.

7E. Adaline Kearns married Laft Burke, and had 5 children: Frank, Ralph, Jessie, Carrie, and Mable.

8E. Lewis Kearns married Miss Vinning, and had 2 daughters.

4D. Levi Harrod (May 18, 1813 - May 19, 1876) married Eliza Casto, and had 5 children:

1E. Naomi Harrod married George Prince, and had 7 children: Harry, Fred, Alfred, Louise, Lily, Ida,, and Alice. All moved to California in 1890.

2E. Martha Ellen Harrod married William Biggs and had sons Eli, Marvin, Alvin, and Andrew.

3E. Andrew Casto Harrod married 1st Ida Strong of Indiana, 2nd Mrs. Allie Purdue of Newark, Ohio - no children.

4E. Mary Jane Harrod never married.

5E. Sylvester Harrod died young.

5D. Joseph Harrod (born Sept. 27, 1823) married Margaret Elbert and had 6 children:

1E. Bradford Harrod married Josie Hook, and had sons Tom, Stanley, and Joe.

2E. Ella Harrod married a Mr. Bates.

3E. Lizzie Harrod married Nate Butcher.

4E. Emma Harrod married a Mr. Thompson.

5E. Sanford Harrod moved west and married.

6E. A daughter, name unknown, moved west.

6D. Samuel Harrod (born Nov. 11, 1833) married Hannah Melick, and had 4 children:

1E. James Harrod married Ollie Gamble and lived for many years near Manhatten, Kansas. He was a travelling salesman, and had a son, James Jr.

2E. Charles Harrod married Evalyn Webster. He was a physician and practised many years in Columbus, OH. He had children Lewis and Kathlene.

3E. Anna Harrod married John Heidy.

4E. David Harrod died unmarried.

7D. Rachel Harrod (April 6, 1811 - March 23, 1875) died unmarried.

8D. Sarah (Sally) Harrod (born July 28, 1815) died unmarried.

9D. Jemima Harrod (born Jan. 14, 1825) died unmarried.

10D. Martha Harrod (born Aug. 15, 1830) died unmarried.

7C. Susan (sic -Sarah) Harrod married Benjamin Dunn; no further information. Sarah and Benjamin Dunn moved to Harrison County, KY.

1E. Elizabeth Dunn was born Oct. 18, 1793, married John Swinford Feb. 2, 1815 and died April 26, 1880 in Nodaway County, Missouri.

2E. Rachael Dunn married William Price on Feb. 19, 1818.

3E. Benjamin Dunn, Jr. married Susannah Harris on Feb. 19, 1818.

4E. Zepheniah Dunn married Lavina Brownfield on Nov. 3, 1823.

5E. Abijah Dunn

6E. Massy Dunn married George Wolf on Sept. 2, 1823.

7E. Levi Dunn married Sarah Hinton on Oct. 31, 1804.

8E. Sarah Dunn married Samuel 'Smith on March 8, 1828.

9E. John Dunn

10E. James Dunn

8C. Mary Harrod married Daniel Johnson; no further information.

9C. Rachael Harrod married William Biggs.

10C. Jemima Harrod married Jeremiah Biggs.

11C. Elizabeth Harrod married Isaac Bell, and lived in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Harrod was born in 1785 and died Dec. 1861 in Greene County, PA.

1E. Levi Harrod Bell, born March 12, 1807, married Sarah Fulton.

2E. James Bell (1809-1897) married Elizabeth Swan.

3E. David Bell (1814-July 18, 1871) married Lettice Adamson.

4E. Isaac Bell

5E. Rachael Bell (1812-July 12, 1863) never married.

6E. Mary Bell (May 26, 1816 - Sept. 16, 1899) married Stephen Crayne.

7E. John Bell (1825-Oct. 15, 1866) married Sarah Whitlach.

8E. Catherine Bell died in infancy.

12C. Thomas Harrod died single.


Joseph, Benjamin, and Jeremiah Biggs came from England to New York City about 1760. They passed the winter in that city. The next spring Joseph went west to near where Rochester, New York now stands. There he married and raised a large family of children most of whom settled in south-western Ohio.

The other two, Benjamin and Jeremiah, went to Philadelphia. There they separated. Benjamin went west and settled where Wheeling, West Virginia now stands. Here he raised several boys, all of whom were Indian fighters and government scouts. One of the boys under the U.S. Geographer, Mr. Hutchins, made the first government survey in Ohio. He surveyed the old Seven Ranges. Another boy was acting as scout for Col. Crawford on his expedition against the Indians on the Sandusky plains and lost his life at that time.

The other brother, Jeremiah, went south from Philadelphia and settled on the east bank of the Delaware in New Jersey.

After Jeremiah Jr. and William married the Harrod girls and moved to Ohio, several of their brothers and two sisters followed them to Ohio. We have no records to show whether the parents were living at that time, or whether all the children came. The mother of the children was Abigail. We do not know the maiden names of all the wives of the Biggs boys. We get their first names from deeds and other papers which they signed after they married.

The preceding introduction has confused three separate Biggs families that have no known relationship with each other. The Benjamin Biggs mentioned was born in Ulster County, NY and moved first to Frederick County, Maryland, and finally to Wheeling, West Virginia. His sons included Zacheus, the Ohio Surveyor, Capt. John Biggs, killed on Col. Crawford's Sandusky Expedition, and Benjamin Biggs, a Captain in the Continental Army and a General of Militia. Benjamin Biggs, Sr. was no relation to Jeremiah Biggs of Cumberland County, New Jersey. The brothers of Jeremiah Biggs were actually named William, Daniel, and John. These four brothers appear in the records of Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey from 1754 to 1798.


A. Jermiah Biggs (Born in the early 1700's; married Abigail Smith about 1760; died about 1785 in Cumberland County, New Jersey) and Abigail Biggs had 9 (sic-8) known children.

1B. Ephraim Biggs (Born about 1779 in Cumberland County, NJ; died after 1850, Morrow County, OH) and Elizabeth Biggs entered the farm south of where the Grove School house now stands, where Jacob Wolfe, Billy Hildebrand, and Burch Hauger afterwards lived. They sold the farm to George Lawrence in 1831. They had one son, John. John had a granddaughter living in Mt. Gilead in 1925. (Ephraim Biggs is listed in the 1799 Tax List and 1810 census for Monongalia County, West Virginia. He appears in the Ohio Federal Land Entry Index as purchaser of land in Knox County, Ohio on Nov. 2, 1814.)

2B. Noah Biggs (Born about 1765 in Cumberland County, NJ; died 1833 in Knox County, OH) and Mary Biggs entered a tract of land south of the Harrod Biggs home. They had seven children, all boys. The family sold the farm after his death in 1833. (Noah Biggs is listed in 1791-1794 Tax Lists for Washington County, PA, in a 1794 Tax List and the 1810 census for Monongalia County, West Virginia, and is listed in the Ohio Federal Land Entry Index as a purchaser of land in Knox County, Ohio on Oct. 28, 1814).

1C. Ephraim Biggs (Born Dec. 13, 1804, Monongalia County, VA; married Sarah George May 19, 1842, Delaware County, OH; died March 10, 1884, Chatfield Township, Crawford County, OH).

1D. Sarah Biggs, born about 1843.

2D. Mary Biggs, born about 1844

3D. Margaret Biggs, born about 1849

4D. Martha Biggs, born about 1853

5D. Joseph Biggs, born about 1854

6D. Noah Biggs, born about 1856

7D. Samantha Biggs, died May 8, 1865 aged 5 years, 5 months.

2C. Elezaer Biggs (Born Oct. 24, 1801, Monongalia county, VA; married Elizabeth Core Dec. 23, 1852, Crawford County, OH; died June 11, 1866, Chatfield Township, Crawford County, OH. One stepson, Horatio.)

3C. Jeremiah Biggs - No further information

4C. Rezin (Reason) Biggs Reason Biggs was born 1812, Monongalia County, VA, married Rebecca Davis March 7, 1841, Knox County, OH and died after 1870, Allen County, IN.

1D. Mary Biggs, born about 1843

2D. Elizabeth Biggs, born about 1844

3D. Theophilus Biggs born about 1846

4D. Jackson Biggs, born about 1849

5D. Joseph Biggs, born about 1853

6D. Eleazer Biggs, born about 1857

7D. Martha Biggs, born about 1861

8D. Reason Biggs, born about 1869

5C. Davis Biggs (married Sarah Casto/Castor Jan. 14, 1819, Knox County OH)

1D. Eleazer Biggs was born about 1826

2D. Reason Biggs (Born July 19, 1840, Morrow County, OH; married Caroline Terrell Nov. 20, 1866, Shelby County, IN; died after 1880, Hendricks County, IN). Enlisted Feb. 19, 1864, age 24, in company G, 54th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out on Aug. 15, 1865, at Little Rock, AR. Participated in Gen. Sherman's capture of Atlanta and march to the sea.

1E. Ida Biggs, born Nov. 11, 1868.

2E. Charles Biggs, born March 6, 1872.

3E. Ilene Biggs, born Jan. 28, 1877.

6C. Joseph Biggs Joseph was born 1817 in Knox County, Ohio, married Margaret George on April 23, 1841 in Delaware County, Ohio, and died in the 1860's, Allen County, IN.

1D. Sarah Biggs, born about 1842.

2D. Mary Biggs, born about 1844.

3D. Lavinia Biggs, born about 1846.

4D. Julia Biggs, born about 1849.

5D. Rebecca Biggs, born about 1851.

6D. Margaret Biggs, born about 1854.

7D. Samantha Biggs, born about 1856.

8D. Richard Biggs, born about 1859.

9D. Joseph Biggs, born about 1863.

7C. Noah Biggs, Jr. Noah was born Feb. 22, 1808 Monongalia County, VA and died Oct. 19, 1873, Chatfield Township, Crawford County, OH. He never married.

3B. Aaron Biggs and Esther Biggs lived where Moses Dudgeon afterward lived. Aaron sold out to his brother -in -law Andrew Casto in 1831. Aaron moved to a farm north of Hillear Township, now part of Morrow County. Mr. Casto latersold the farm to Simon Dudgeon. (Aaron Biggs was baptized on Oct. 22, 1773 at Deerfield Presbyterian Church, Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ. He appears in the 1807 Tax List for Milford Township, Butler County, OH, and in the 1820, 1830, and 1850 censuses for Milford Township. The Aaron Biggs mentioned above as living in Knox County is a younger member of the family, who was born about 1804).

4B. John Biggs bought a lot in Mt. Vernon in 1807 from Ben Butler. No further record found. (This person is unrelated to the Biggs family from Cumberland County, NJ).

5B. Eleazer Biggs went out to what is now West Virginia and settled on Dunkard Creek in Monongalia County. It was not more than five years from the time he bought his first piece of land there until he sold his last. Within three years after he sold the last tract there he entered land in Knox County. His farm was on the narrow valley of Dunkard Creek. He would split rails on the mountainside and carry them down to fence his patches on the creek bottom.

Tradition says he wore his hair very long and that when engaged in carrying the rails down he would bunch his hair on his shoulder as a cushion on which he laid the rails.

Eleazer Biggs and his wife Sarah entered the farm afterward know as the Jimmy Hays farm and later as the Sam Nichols farm. Sarah died in 1823 and was the first person buried in Union Grove Cemetery. Elezaer soon married Sarah Martin, widow of George Martin, of Mt. Vernon.

Elezaer Biggs was born about 1765 in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ. He is listed as an unmarried male in Washington County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists from 1789 - 1794. He is listed in the 1799 Tax List for Monongalia County, VA and deeds show he purchased land on Dunkard Creek in 1802 and sold it in 1807. He appears in the Ohio Federal Land Entry Index as a purchaser of land in Knox County, OH on March 23, 1808. He died in Knox County in 1835.

Eleazer Biggs had two children: Jeremiah and his half-sister, Clorinda.

1C. Jeremiah Biggs Jeremiah built the brick house on the home place, now (1932) owned by Charles Shrontz Jeremiah Biggs married Jemima Stockton before 1815; he died in 1830. He is listed in the 1820 census for Knox County as Jeremiah Biggs, Jr.

1D. Silas Biggs (Born about 1817, Knox County, OH; married Malinda Biggs Sept. 29, 1836, Knox County, OH; died after 1870, MI).

1E. Emmanuel Biggs enlisted Sept. 10, 1864, age 23, in company B, 28th Michigan Volunteer Infantry at Maple Grove, Barry County, MI. He died of disease on Jan. 14, 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee. He was buried in Nashville National Cemetery.

2E. William Biggs enlisted Sept. 13, 1864, age 20, in company B, 28th Michigan Volunteer Infantry at Maple Grove, MI. Participated in the battles of Nashville and Wise's Forks, NC. He was transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps on May 2, 1865.

3E. Levi Biggs enlisted Sept. 3, 1864, age 18, in company B, 28th Michigan Volunteer Infanrty, at Maple Grove. He died of disease at Camp Nelson, KY on Nov. 12, 1864.

4E. Harrod Biggs was born May 7, 1851Knox County, OH; died Dec. 7, 1878, Maple Grove, Barry County, MI.

5E. Timothy Biggs (1857-1886).

6E. Louisa Biggs married John Goodrich.

7E. Martha Biggs

2D. Simeon Biggs Simeon was born about 1815, Knox County,OH, married Maria McMahon March 11, 1835 in Knox County and died after 1870, Newton County, IN. He was a County Commissioner of Allen County Indiana during the early 1850's.

1E. Laura Biggs was born about 1836.

2E. Jeremiah Biggs was born about 1837 in Allen County, IN. He enlisted on March 9, 1864, in the 13th Indiana Cavalry, and served as commissary sergeant of company G. He participated in battles at Huntsville, AL, Nashville, TN, Mobile, AL, and Grierson's raid. He was mustered out on Nov. 18, 1865.

3E. Orlando Biggs was born about 1839.

4E. Sarah Jane Biggs was born about 1844.

5E. Maria Biggs was born about 1846.

3D. Phineas Biggs - no further information

4D. Eleazer Biggs (Born about 1822 in Knox County, OH; married Martha, date unknown; died after 1870 in Newton County, IN).

1E. Benjamin Biggs was born about 1858.

2E. Sarah Biggs was born about 1861.

5D. Timothy Biggs (Born about 1820 in Knox County, OH)

1E. Eleazer Biggs- (1846-1934) Eleazer enlisted in company F, 142nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry on Oct. 12, 1864. He participated in the battle of Nashville, and was mustered out on July 14, 1865.

2E. Sarah Biggs was born about 1847.

3E. Timothy Biggs was born about 1852.

4E. John Biggs was born about 1854.

5E. Simeon Biggs was born about 1861.

6E. Mary J. Biggs was born about 1867.

7E. Jeremiah Biggs was born about 1869.

2C. Clorinda Biggs married Levi Ulery and moved to Indiana. Timothy, Simeon, Eleazer, and Phineas soon followed to Indiana.

6B. Rachael Biggs married Andrew Casto. Mr. Casto bought the farm owned by his brother-in-law Aaron Biggs. The Castos were of Spanish descent (unlikely) and were engaged in driving wagons, hauling goods across the mountains from the old settlements in the east to the newer settlements in the west. After marrying they became farmers (Rachael Biggs was born May 20, 1763, in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ; married Andrew Casto about 1783, and died on May 4, 1824, in Knox County, OH).

Andrew and Rachael raised a boy named Andrew Jr. and a girl named Eliza; she married Levi Harrod, son of Samuel Harrod, who lived east of Martinsburg.

7B. Hannah (actually Ami) Biggs married David Casto. They lived for some time a few rods north of where the grocery at Pipesville now stands. They raised a number of children, one of whom was Phobe. Phobe seems to have been the most prominent one of the family as she is mentioned most often in early records (Ami Biggs was born about 1767 in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ; married David Casto on March 16, 1785, at the Greenwich Presbyterian Church in Cumberland County; she died sometime before 1806).

8B, 9B. We are giving a short account of the two other children together, because they were associated in an event important to every descendant of either of these boys.

While Eleazer was living in what is now West Virginia, Jeremiah and William decided to ride over on horseback and visit him. On their way over they would stay overnight at some farm. Levi Harrod was living at that time in Greene County, Pennsylvania. One evening the two Biggs boys stopped at his home and asked to stay overnight; they were made welcome. The Biggs boys had probably never known anyone by the name of Harrod before. They stayed with the Harrod family for several days. After visiting their brother Eleazer, they stopped at the Harrod home again. Before they left this time they became engaged to two of the Harrod girls, Jeremiah to Jemima, and William to Rachael. The two boys returned to their home in New Jersey and made plans for moving to Ohio, which they did soon afterward (Facts suggest that this story is more imagination than truth).

Jeremiah bought land from the government lying just west of where the Grove Church now stands. There Jeremiah built his log cabin by the spring probably in the year 1793 or 1794. It has been handed down by tradition that Jeremiah brought his son, Harrod, with him when he and his brother William came over to pick out places for their homes (Jeremiah Biggs is listed in Washington County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists for 1791-1794 and in the 1799 Tax List for Monongalia County, VA. He appears in the Ohio Federal Land Entry Index as a purchaser of land in Knox County, Ohio on March 23, 1808). After building their cabins they went back and brought their wives over. Jeremiah did not get his land from the government until 1818 (his deed was not registered in Knox County until 1818). Mrs. James Laughrey of Howard has a tax receipt showing that her grandfather paid tax at Mt. Vernon several years before 1818. No tax was paid at Mt. Vernon until 1808, because until that date this section was a part of Fairfield County. So it is not known for certain just when Jeremiah and William first came to Ohio, or whether Jeremiah's first child, Harrod, was born here or in Pennsylvania (Harrod was born on Feb. 5, 1795 in Greene County, PA). The date of his birth on his monument in the Union Grove Cemetery is 1795.

William Biggs built his cabin on land just south of the Hugh Green farm. It lies just south of the Bladensburg road.

At the time Jeremiah and William came here, Indians were plentiful. They were friendly and Jeremiah especially used to have lots of fun with them. He used to spend quite a little time with them hunting, running, jumping, and shooting at the mark. The Indians came down from the Sandusky Plains once a year and camped for a few weeks near the Big Run.

There were no fences in those days. Jeremiah's old sow wandered down to the Indian camp one day. An Indian mother had laid her papoose in the shade of a tree with a shawl around it. The sow had just found it and was smelling of it when the Indians saw her. The Indians gave the war whoop and ran toward her. She picked up the papoose and started for a quieter place to complete her investigation. However, she soon dropped the child unhurt. They soon caught her and in spite of all Jeremiah could do, they slowly tortured her to death.

Mrs. James Laughrey has a letter received by Jeremiah from his relations back in Pennsylvania. It was addressed this way: "Jeremy Big, Owl Crick, Ohio". The Indians who came down from the Sandusky Plains were related to a tribe in Pennsylvania with whom Jeremiah's folks were acquainted. They carried the letter to the Sandusky Plains when they visited there, and those Indians carried it to Jeremiah when they came on their annual camp.

Jeremiah Biggs and Jemima H. Biggs had eleven children. Jeremiah Biggs was born Dec. 27, 1769, in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ; he married Jemima Harrod about 1794 in Greene County, PA; he died on Aug, 13, 1844, in Harrison Township, Knox County, OH. His wife, Jemima Harrod, was born Sept. 7, 1775, at Ten Mile Creek, Greene County, PA and died on Aug. 8, 1833, in Knox County, OH.

1C. Harrod Biggs married Elizabeth Harrod and had nine children. Harrod Biggs was born on Feb. 6, 1795, in Greene County, PA, married Elizabeth Harrod on Oct. 16, 1816 in Knox County, OH and died Dec. 1, 1870 in Knox County.

1D. John H. Biggs married Charity Harrod - five children John H. Biggs was born on Sept. 28, 1817, married Charity Harrod on Sept. 11, 1846, and died on April 28, 1891.

1E. Samuel Harrod Biggs (born about 1848) married Francis Beam.

2E. Meeker J. Biggs (born about 1849) married Mary E. Burke. The marriage occurred Sept. 13, 1871 in Morrow County, Ohio.

3E. Thankful Biggs married 1st Miller Burke and 2nd William George. The marriage to Miller Burke occurred Dec. 19, 1875 in Morrow County.

4E. Elizabeth Ellen Biggs died young.

5E. Amelia Ann Biggs (born about 1851) married 1st William Meredith and 2nd John Showalter. The marriage to William Meredith occurred Dec. 15, 1878 in Morrow County.

6E. Charity Biggs, born about 1855.

2D. Thankful Biggs (born about 1833) married William Hyatt-3 children.

1E. Elsworth Hyatt married Lettie Condit.

2E. John Hyatt married Miss. Cadwalender.

3E. Cora Hyatt married Mr. Day.

3D. Harrod Biggs, Jr. (born about 1835) married Lois Harris (date of marriage - April 26, 1860)-two children.

1E. Charles Biggs married Mame Noffsinger. The marriage occurred in 1892 in Knox County.

2E. Ross Biggs married Mrs. Mary Royer.

4D. Mary Biggs married Ben Hays-two children. Mary Biggs was born March 8, 1819 in Knox County and married there on Dec. 10, 1836.

1E. Elizabeth Hays married James McCune.

2E. Harrod Hays -no further record.

5D. Meeker Biggs married Mary Bears - lived in Iowa - several children. Meeker Biggs was born Jan. 6, 1828; he married Mary Bears on May 3, 1852, moved toMahaska County, Iowa in 1853, and died on Aug. 11, 1902. He had one daugher, Iowa Biggs, who died at the age of 22.

6D. Elizabeth Biggs -no further record (Elizabeth died Feb. 10, 1893, aged 46 years, 1 month, 4 days).

7D. Amelia Ann Biggs died young.

8D. Jeremiah Biggs died young.

9D. Catherine Biggs died young.

2C. William Biggs married Clarinda Dillon. William Biggs was born March 17, 1796, in Monongalia County, VA, married Clarinda Dillon on July 23, 1823, in Knox County, OH, and died on June 6, 1882 in Morrow County, OH. His wife, Clarinda Dillon, was the daughter of Thomas Dillon and Hannah Louisa Mix; she was born on Jan. 26, 1806, in Greene County, PA and died on Oct. 6, 1889, in Morrow County, OH.

1D. Ellen Biggs (Sept. 24, 1824 - March 11, 1865) married Samuel Burke on Nov. 8, 1848.

1E. Mary E. Burke married Meeker J. Biggs

2E. Miller Burke married Thankful Biggs

3E. Lafe Burke married Adaline Kearns.

2D. Hannah Biggs (April 23, 1828 - May 26, 1890) married Edward Healea on Dec. 18, 1845.

1E. Harrod Healea married Parilla Markham.

2E. Jane Healea married Marion Hathaway.

3E. Lewis Healea (1861 - 1887) married Teana Ulery.

4E. Linza Healea married Malissa Clark.

5E. William Healea died young.

6E. John Healea died young (1848-1867).

7E. Morgan Healea died young (1853 - 1869).

8E. Meeker Healea died young (died Aug. 21, 1869, age 7 months, 25 days).

9E. James Healea died young.

10E. Sarah Isabell Healea died young (1858-1861).

3D. Alexander Biggs (born about 1840) married Jane McQueen (on Feb. 6, 1862 in Morrow County, OH).

1E. Albert Biggs

4D. Harrod Biggs married Bell Hill. Harrod Biggs was born about 1826 and married Isabella Hill on Nov. 18, 1852. In 1862 he was drafted for 9 months service, and arrived in Chattanooga, TN on Oct. 11, 1863 to join company C, 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He participated in the battles of Brown's Ferry, Orchard Knob, and Missionary Ridge. He was sent into hospital on Nov. 28, 1863, and died of pneumonia in the hospital at Nashville, TN on April 5, 1864. He is buried in Nashville National Cemetery.

1E. Clara Biggs (born about 1854) married W. M. Williams.

2E. William Biggs (1857 - 1878) died single.

5D. Lewis Biggs married Lizzie Eley. Lewis Biggs was born Feb. 27, 1830, in Knox County, OH; married Elizabeth Ann Ely on Sept. 13, 1857 in Morrow County, OH, and died on March 30, 1904 in Triplett, Chariton County, Missouri. His wife, the daughter of Jacob Ely and Maria Struble, was born on Sept. 2, 1836 in Knox County, OH, and died on June 18, 1886 in Triplett, Chariton County, MO. He moved to Chariton County just before 1880.

1E. Ella Biggs was born about 1858 in Maple Grove Township, Barry County, Michigan, and married a Mr. Rice.

2E. Mary Emma Biggs was born about 1862 in Maple Grove, and married George Gallatin about 1887 in Chariton County, MO.

3E. Marion Biggs died young (1863 -1867).

4E. Weller Biggs was born about 1864 in Maple Grove, and worked as a miner in Silverbell, Arizona in the early 1900s.

5E. Benjamin F. (Frank) Biggs was born on Oct. 12, 1867 in Maple Grove, married Maude Maddox about 1902 in Chariton County, MO, and died on March 4, 1942 in Chariton County.

6E. Jennie Biggs died young (1869 - 1883).

7E. Nora Biggs died young (1870 -1872).

8E. William Biggs was born on Jan. 21, 1872, in Maple Grove, married Lillie Rickman in Keytesville, Chariton County, MO on Dec. 11, 1906, and died on July 19, 1955 in Chula Vista, California.

9E. Lloyd Biggs died young (Aug. 1877 - Sept. 1877).

6D. John Biggs married Jane West. John Biggs was born about 1832 in Knox County, OH, married Jane West on Oct. 10, 1858, in Morrow County, OH, and died before 1870 in Morrow County.

1E. Davis Biggs, born about 1859.

7D. Sarah Biggs married Robert Ralston. Sarah Biggs was born about 1835 in Knox County, OH, married Robert Ralston on Dec. 23, 1852 in Morrow County, OH, and died after 1872 in Milton Township, Wood County, OH.

1E. James Ralston married Cora Wood.

2E. Linza Ralston - no further record.

8D. Amos Biggs married Violetta Wheeler. Amos Biggs was born about 1842 in Morrow County, OH, married Violetta Wheeler on July 1, 1866 in Morrow County, and died in the 1870s in Morrow County. Amos enlisted in company B, 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on Sept. 14, 1861. He was discharged sick at Camp Chase, OH in Feb. 1862.

1E. Monroe Biggs married Clara Davenport.

2E. Edward Biggs lives in Michigan.

9D. Rhoda Biggs married Ed. Maine. Rhoda Biggs was born on Feb. 15, 1846 in Morrow County, OH, married Edward Maine on Nov. 1, 1865, and died on May 7, 1925 in Morrow County.

3C. John Biggs married Mary Kearns. John Biggs was born on Dec. 11, 1811 in Knox County, OH, married Mary Kearns about 1835, and died on Feb. 9, 1891 in Knox County.

1D. James Biggs married Susan Lauderbaugh. James Biggs was born about 1837 and married on Nov. 19, 1859 in Knox County.

1E. George Biggs married Viola Clark and had James, Clyde, Luke, Clark, Susie, Leah, and Inez.

2E. Walter Biggs married Virtie Horn and had Helen, Marie, Myrtle, Dorothy, Dorma, and Bernice.

3E. John Biggs married Gladys Amsbaugh.

4E. Lloyd Biggs never married.

2D. Albert Biggs married 1st Malinda Lauderbaugh (married Oct. 10, 1865) and 2nd Minnie Green. Albert was born in July 1843 and died on Feb.25, 1894 in Knox County.

1E. Noah Biggs died unmarried.

2E. Royal Biggs died unmarried.

3E. Halley Biggs.

3D. Lewis Biggs (born about 1841) married Eliza Ann Bolton.

1E. Manford Biggs lives in Iowa.

2E. Jennie Biggs lives in Iowa.

3E. Lulu Biggs died young.

4D. Millie Ann Biggs (born about 1845) married Simon Dudgeon.

1E. John Dudgeon

2E. Manford Dudgeon

3E. Ola Dudgeon

4E. Clyde Dudgeon

5E. Eva Dudgeon

5D. Mary Jane Biggs married James Laughrey.

1E. Elsworth Laughrey married Georgia Wade.

6D. Sophia Biggs married Frank Lahman.

4C. Lydia Biggs married Enos Ashburn. Lydia Biggs was born on Oct. 3, 1817 in Knox County, married Enos Ashburn on Sept. 28, 1838, and died April 10, 1905 in Knox County.

1D. William Ashburn married Loisa Lauderbaugh. William Ashburn was born April 17, 1841, married Jan. 4, 1866 and died June 25, 1911 in Knox County.

1E. Dora Ashburn married John Bebout.

2E. Fannie Ashburn married Cassie Breece

3E. Lee Ashburn married Effie Lampson.

4E. Lesta Ashburn married John Wolfe.

5E. Angie Ashburn married Leander Breece.

2D. Elizabeth Ashburn married Jessie Chambers.

3D. Elias Ashburn married Comfort Flock. Elias Ashburn enlisted in company B, 43rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on Sept. 14, 1861 at age 19. He was mustered out on Dec. 19, 1864.

4D. John Ashburn died in the army. John Ashburn enlisted in company C, 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was killed in action on Sept. 19, 1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga.

5D. Madison Ashburn died young.

5C. Elizabeth Biggs married Isaac Pipes. Elizabeth Biggs was born about 1810, Knox County, married Isaac Pipes on March 20, 1830, and died in Morrow County on Jan. 5, 1853.

1D. John Pipes married Margaret Lloyd. John Pipes was born about 1830, married Nov. 20, 1854, and died 1901 in Morrow County.

2D. Malinda Pipes married David Bebout. The marriage occurred on Jan. 19, 1860 in Morrow County.

1E. William Bebout married Jenny Parrish.

2E. Bert Bebout married Maud Lafever.

3E. Eva May Bebout married Will Parrish.

3D.Harrod Pipes married Jane Sellers. Harrod Pipes was born Sept. 6, 1834, married Sept. 1, 1858, and died June 20, 1903 in Morrow County.

1E. Alpha Pipes married Ona Graham, now dead.

2E. James Pipes

3E. Joseph Pipes married Miss Knowlton.

4E. Allie Pipes married 1st Mr. Potts and 2nd Ed Vance.

5E. Cora Pipes married Mr. Hildebrand.

6E. Myrtle Pipes married Lyman Ulery and had Kermit and Delphos.

4D. Mary Pipes married Isaac Bennet. Mary Pipes was born March 14, 1838, married April 11, 1861, and died Aug. 2, 1924 in Morrow County.

1E. Ida Bennet

2E. Verta Bennet

3E. Minnie Bennet

4E. Eva Bennet

5D. Samantha Pipes married 1st William Horn and 2nd Jacob Horn, and had one child who died young. Samantha was born about 1845 and married John Williams on Nov. 20, 1862.

6D. Rhoda Pipes married John McCalla.

1E. Hurd McCalla married Blanche Gorsuch.

2E. Clifford McCalla married Maud Steel.

7D. Sarah Jane Pipes married John Rose.

8D. Milly Ann Pipes (1837 - 1851) never married.

9D. Morgan Pipes (1836 - 1845) never married.

10D. Jeremiah Pipes never married.

11D. Susan Pipes (Dec. 1838 - Sept. 1839)

6C. Rhoda Biggs married Morris Baker. Rhoda Biggs was born about 1807 in Monongalia County, VA, married Morris Baker on Nov. 20, 1825 in Knox County, and died on Feb. 16, 1856 in Morrow County.

1D. Isaac Baker4 married Margaret Jones.

2D. Mary Baker married Gilruth Foss. Mary Baker, born about 1830, married James Gilbraith Foss on March 21, 1849, Morrow County.

1E. Jerry Foss married Emma Wolf.

3D. Jeremiah Baker married Rachael Kearns (the marriage occurred on Dec. 21, 1848 in Morrow County).

4D. Esais Baker

5D. John Baker (born about 1840).

6D. Lydia Baker (born about 1838).

7D. Susan Baker

8D. Frances Baker - Francis M. Baker, age 19, enlisted on Nov. 13, 1861, in company C, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out on July 24, 1865.

9D. Morris Baker - Morris Baker, age 20, enlisted on Nov. 20,1861 in company C, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863, and was mustered out on July 24, 1865.

7C. Mary Biggs married Isaac Baker. Mary Biggs was born about 1803 in Monongalia County, VA, married Isaac Baker on May 31, 1821 in Knox County, and died about 1855.

1D. William Baker married Nancy Kearns (the marriage occurred on Feb. 17, 1853 in Morrow County).

2D. Mary Baker - no further record

3D. John Baker - no further record

8C. Rachael Biggs married Jacob Harrod. Rachael Biggs was born Nov. 16, 1798 in Monongalia County, VA, married Jacob Harrod on Jan. 29, 1823 in Knox County, and died before 1834.

1D. John Harrod (born about 1833) married Almira Adams.

1E. Belle Harrod married Mr. Chance.

2E. Rosa Harrod married Elmer Pryor.

3E. Edna Harrod married Charles Bebout.

2D. Samuel Harrod married Miss Copeland. Samuel Harrod married Eliza Copeland on Oct. 17, 1851 in Auglaize County, Ohio.

1E. Morgan Harrod was born about 1854.

2E. Asa Harrod was born about 1864.

3D. Lydia Harrod (born about 1834) married Morgan Pipes.

1E. Blanche Pipes married Mr. Hoffman.

2E. Mary Pipes

3E. Adaline Pipes

4E. Laura Pipes

4D. James Harrod (born about 1831) married Mary Conner March 31, 1861 in Allen County, Ohio.

1E. Ida Harrod was born about 1862.

2E. Josiah Harrod was born in 1865 and married Sadie Plough.

5D Alexander Harrod - Alexander Harrod was born Oct. 27, 1824 in Knox County. He moved to Augalize County Ohio in 1845 and married Elizabeth Nauss on March 21, 1858. He died Aug. 1, 1887 in Union Township, Auglaize County.

1E. Homer Harrod (born Dec. 17, 1858)

2E. Alexander Harrod was born about 1864.

6D. Jacob Harrod, Jr. Jacob Harrod married Judith Brentlinger on Sept. 14, 1847 in Allen County. He apparently died before 1860.

7D. Perry Harrod - Perry Harrod was born about 1830 in Knox County and married Louisa Copeland on Dec. 23, 1855 in Auglaize County.

1E.Frank Harrod was born about 1863.

8D. Levi Harrod (born about 1836)

9C. Jemima Biggs married James Hayes. Jemima Biggs was born Dec. 31, 1802, in Monongalia County, VA. She married James Hayes on Jan. 15, 1825, in Knox County, and died on Jan. 13, 1857 in Knox County.

1D. William Hayes married Rebecca Pipes (the marriage occurred on Aug. 29, 1864 in Knox County).

1E. Eva Hayes married Ellis Johnson.

2E. Della Hayes married Mr. Boling.

3E. Rena Hayes married Mordicia McCamment.

2D. Linza Hayes married Delila Eley (the marriage occurred on March 30, 1870 in Knox County).

1E. George Hayes married Bertie McCamment.

2E. Minnie Hayes never married.

3D. Millie Hayes married Charles Logsdon (Amelia Hayes married Charles Logsdon on Oct. 18, 1868 in Knox County).

1E. Carry Logsdon married Bertha Searl.

2E. Clementine Logsdon never married.

4D. Elizabeth Hayes married Samuel Nicholls (the marriage occurred on Nov. 17, 1875 in Knox County).

5D. Mary Hayes never married.

6D. Canada Hayes died young.

7D. Jacob Hayes married Matilda Lauderbaugh. Jacob Hayes was born about 1832, married April 19, 1854, and died June 28, 1916 in Knox County.

1E. Francis Hayes married John H. Wolfe.

2E. Ida Hayes married Charles Brown.

3E. Millie Hayes married George Martin.

4E. Tillie Hayes married Charles Clutter.

5E. Aus Hayes married Minnie Arington.

6E. Clem Hayes married Adda Haynes.

7E. Charles Hayes married 1st Hattie Squires and 2nd Lora McPeek.

8E. Edward Hayes married Edith Farmer.

9E. Quinby Hayes never married.

10E. John Hayes died young.

11E. Meeker Hayes died young.

10C. Jane Biggs married Peter Wolfe - moved west. Jane Biggs was born about 1812 in Knox County, and married Peter Wolfe about 1834. She and her husband are listed in the 1850 and 1860 censuses as living in Kewanee Township, Henry County, Illinois.

1D. Elizabeth Wolf was born about 1835 in Ohio.

2D. Mary Ann Wolf was born about 1837 in Ohio.

3D. Lavinia Wolf was born about 1838 in Ohio.

4D. Sarah Wolf was born about 1839 in Illinois.

5D. James Wolf was born about 1841 in Illinois.

6D. George Wolf was born about 1843 in Illinois.

7D. John Wolf was born about 1844 in Illinois.

8D. Jane Wolf was born about 1848 - died young.

9D. Meeker Wolf was born about 1850 in Illinois.

10D. Charles Wolf was born about 1852 in Illinois.

11D. Almira wolf was born about 1854 in Illinois.

11C. Sarah Biggs married Daniel Baxter - several children. Sarah Biggs was born Feb. 27, 1805, in Monongalia County, VA, and died on Oct. 14, 1892 in Delaware County, OH.

1D. Dennis Baxter died in Andersonville prison. Phillip D. Baxter enlisted on Aug. 13, 1862 in company D, 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, at the age of 26. He was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga on Sept. 19, 1863, and died in Andersonville.

2D. Harrod Baxter died a bachelor. Harrod Baxter (age 26) enlisted on June 13, 1861, in company C, 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged as disabled on Sept. 30, 1862.

3D. William Baxter (age 35) enlisted on Aug. 13, 1862 in company D, 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga.

4D. Susan Baxter was born about 1829.

5D. Jeremiah Baxter was born about 1831.

6D. John Baxter was born about 1833.

7D. Mary J. Baxter was born about 1838.

8D. Martha A. Baxter was born about 1841.

9D. Millie Baxter was born about 1843.

9B. William Biggs married Rachel Harrod. William Biggs was baptized on Dec. 1, 1771, at the Deerfield Presbyterian Church in Cumberland County, New Jersey. He married Rachel Harrod about 1795 in Greene County, PA, and died in the 1840's in Knox County, Ohio. He is listed in the 1798 Tax List and 1800 Census for Whitely Township, Greene County, PA. He is listed as a juror in the 2nd trail held in Knox County (1808) in Norton's "History of Knox County" published in 1862. His wife, Rachel Harrod, was born Feb. 14, 1779 in Greene County, PA and died after 1850 in Knox County.

1C. Levi Biggs married Eliza Moore. Levi Biggs was born March 6, 1808 and died March 2, 1875 in Knox County. He married Eliza Moore on Oct. 16, 1830.

1D. William Biggs (born about 1836) married Martha Harrod (daughter of Levi, granddaughter of Samuel)

1E. Eli Biggs married Cora Black.

2E. Marvin Biggs 1st married Florence Shartle and 2nd Agnes Archer.

3E. Andrew C. Biggs married Ambra Black.

4E. Alvin Biggs died in infancy.

2D. Elizabeth Biggs married Adam Breece (Elizabeth was born about 1836 and married in 1859).

1E. Rosetta Breece married Dan Smith.

2E. Almeda Breece married Worth Henry.

3E. Joseph S. Breece married Minnie Gorsuch.

4E. Newton L. Breece married Anna Shaffer.

5E. Cassie Breece married Fannie Ashburn.

6E. Leander Breece married Angie Ashburn.

7E. Leora Breece died unmarried.

2C. Abbie Biggs married David Arbuckle(on July 4, 1822, Knox County).

1D. Perry Arbuckle married a Miss Swathwood.

2D. Levi Arbuckle married Jenny Morrison, moved to Illinois.

3D. David Arbuckle, single, went to Illinois.

4D. Rachael Arbuckle, single, went to IL.

5D. Becky Arbuckle, single, went to IL.

6D. Sarah Ann Arbuckle, single, went to IL.

7D. Jim Arbuckle married and lived south of Martinsburg.

3C. Sarah Biggs married Sam Morrison.

1D. Jennie Morrison married Levi Arbuckle.

2D. Rachel Morrison, single, went to Illinois.

3D. Abbie Morrison, single, went to IL.

4C. Rachael Biggs married William Dowling.

5C. Elizabeth Biggs married Jackson Dowling. 1D. William Dowling published a religious paper in St. Louis, MO, and preached a few times at Grove Church in Knox County.

6C. Rebecca Biggs married Peter Dillon.

7C. Martha Biggs married William Baker (on Oct. 10, 1830, Knox County).

8C. Malinda Biggs married Silas Biggs - six children. 1D. Louisa Biggs married John Goodrich, moved to Michigan. 2D,3D,4D, 5D: Levi, Martha, William, Emmanuel, and Harrod soon followed Louisa to Michigan.


1. Biography from "The History of Morrow County, Ohio", published 1880.

MINAR HARROD, farmer and stockraiser; P. O. Mt. Gilead; was born in Knox Co., Ohio, on his father's farm, located eleven miles southeast of Mt. Vernon, March 27, 1827, and lived there most of the time until he was 30 years of age; he attended school and worked on the farm until he was 21 years of age; he then farmed a rented place in Coshocton Co. for one year, and then rented in Knox Co. for four years; he then bought a small piece, and has farmed his own land ever since. In 1858, he sold the home farm which he had previously bought, and came to Morrow Co., buying a place one mile south of West Gilead, and farmed same for eight years, when he bought and moved to his present place, and located on the Pike, one and one half miles west of Mt. Gilead. Sept. 13,1847, he married Miss Juannah Campbelle; she was born in Knox Co., Ohio; of their six children three are living, viz.-Amanda E., now Mrs. Masters, of Morrow Co., Ohio; Ada A., now Mrs. J. Fish, of Morrow Co., Ohio; Dora D., at home. Mr. Harrod gives an example of what can he accomplished by good, honest effort and industry; starting as he did without any capital, he has, out of his own individual efforts, been successful, and now owns 330 acres of land in this county, all well-improved and conveniently located to the county seat; he also owns farm lands in Wisconsin. Though not an office-seeker, he has taken an active interest in, and has held the offices connected with the schools and roads; he has also been a member of the Morrow Co. Agricultural Society, since 1858, and during the past three years has been President of the same. He and wife have been members of the Baptist Church, for upwards of twenty-five years, and have so lived as not only to win, but to deserve the respect of all who know them. His parents, Levi and Rebecca Burgess Harrod, were natives of Pennsylvania and Maryland. They married in Pennsylvania, and moved to Knox Co., Ohio, in 1804, and lived there until their deaths in 1861 and 1865, respectively. He served under General Harrison during the war of 1812.

2. From the History of Allen County, Ohio, published 1906, by C. C. Miller.

Biography of Abram Harrod. He was born April 27, 1850 in Mercer County, Ohio, son of David and Jane Rickmire Harrod. David Harrod was born in 1792 in Knox County, Ohio(sic), and moved to Mercer County in 1837. He lived there until 1852, when he went west on a prospecting tour. David Harrod died of cholera on a steamboat on the Missouri River. Abram Harrod lived in Mercer County until 1875, then spent one year in California, followed by 7 years in Geneva, IN, where he had a furniture and undertaking business. This was followed by 4 years in Portland, IN in the implement business. Abram came to Lima, Ohio in 1886 as a traveling salesman for Henry Parham inplements. After 7 years, he became county recorder (Allen County, Ohio) elected on the Democratic ticket, and served 6 years 8 months. He was afterwards appointed market master by the Board of Public Service in Lima. On May 15, 1875, he married Harriet Smith, of Van Wert County, Ohio, daughter of David and Jane Hartzog Smith. Son Burt G. Harrod works for the Lima Locomotive Works. Son Robert L. Harrod is a graduate of the law department of the University of Michigan, but due to a hearing problem works as a traveling salesman.

3. From "The Valley of the Upper Maumee River" published 1889 by Brant and Fuller. Vol. 1, pg. 436-437.

Levi Harrod was the grandfather of the family of Harrods of Allen County Indiana. There were in his family six sons: Michael, John, Levi, William, Samuel, and James, all of whom raised large families and were very successful in life. William, the only one of this family to come to Indiana (sic), was a soldier in the War of 1812, and a farmer by occupation. He was born in Greene County Pennsylvania, but removed with his father's family to Ohio in 1809, and remained there 40 years. He was married while in Pennsylvania to Rhoda Pipes, by whom he had seven sons and seven daughters, 10 of whom are living: Delilah, Elinor, Isaac, Eli, Rachel, Elizabeth, Melinda, William, Joseph, Morgan, Mills, John, Mary, and Eunice. Delilah, now about 81 years old, is the widow of John LeFevre, of Knox County, Ohio, by whom she had seven children. Elinor is the widow of Isaac Dillon, of Knox County, Ohio. Isaac Harrod, the oldest son of the family, was married in Ohio, to Susan Todd, and came to Indiana in 1838, and settled in section 24, Marion Township, in the forest. He was a typical pioneer, hardy, industrious, and a great hunter, having killed more deer than any other man in the township. He had eight daughters, of whom three survive: Rhoda, Emily, and Eunice. He died on April 29th, 1886. Eli Harrod settled on section 27 about 1844. He bought 40 acres of land and laid it out in town lots, founding what was once the flourishing village of Middleton, only a remnant of which remains. He was married to Lucinda Harrod, of Hamilton County, Ohio, and had 14 children, ten of whom are living. Rachel (daughter of William Harrod) died in infancy; (sister) Elizabeth died at the age of 22 years. Melinda was married to Benjamin Sweet, of Licking County, Ohio, removed to Marion Township, and has had six children: William, Charles, Martha, Warren, Winfield Scott, and Louisa. William and Charles enlisted at the breaking out of the rebellion in the 88th Indiana Regiment. Charles served until the close of the war and was wounded. William was discharge on account of disabilites. Warren is a merchant of Ft. Wayne; Winfield Scott is a manufacturer of brick and tile at Monroeville; Louisa died in youth; Martha is married to E. C. Smitley. William (son of William Harrod) died at about 18.

Joseph Harrod came to Allen County in 1850. He was married in Knox County to Anna Ulery.

Morgan Harrod came to Indiana when about 18, in 1844. Here the people of his township elected him to the office of assessor, which he held for 6 years, after which he was clerk for 3 years. In 1863, he was elected trustee and served 12 consecutive years. He was married to Belinda, daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth Beam, and they have 11 children. Theron was married to Nellie Garder, and resides in Michigan. Marion studied at the Methodist Episcopal College and the conservatory of music, and is engaged in musical merchandise. Charity, a teacher, married Paul Hooper, of Decatur, Indiana. Clay was a student of the Methodist Episcopal College, graduated in penmanship form the normal school at Valparaiso, and is engaged in teaching. Mills was married to Mary Lipes, and resides at Williamsport. John studied at the Methodist Episcopal College, is a graduate of the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, and is practiscing at Payne, Ohio. Morse was married to Jessie Lipes and resides in Marion Township. Sherman, Clark, Delilah E., and Dessie B. are at home with their parents, all but the last have been students at the Methodist Episcopal College. Mills Harrod graduated from the college at Mt. Vernon, Ohio and was given a professorship there some time; after about 12 years as a teacher, he entered the ministry of the Christian Church and was for a number of years engaged in pastoral work. He is now the business manager of the publishing house of his church, located at Dayton, Ohio. He has 4 children, 2 of whom are dead. He was in the service during the rebellion, with the rank of Leutenant. John Harrod removed in 1849 to Marion Township. At the breaking out of the rebellion he enlisted in company E, 13th Indiana Regement, and served with the Army of the Cumberland at the battles of Murfreesboro, Franklin, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. He served 4 years and 3 months without a scar, but during Sheridan's expedition to Texas he was taken with rheumatism and six months after he returned home he died. Mary Harrod came to this county in 1849, and subsequently married Eli Todd, of Madison Township. Eunice is a resident of Ohio.

4. From "The History of Morrow County" published in 1880. Chester Township biographies.

Isaac Baker, farmer, P. O. Chesterville; this well-to-do farmer was born Feb. 20, 1830, in Knox Co.; his father, Morris, was born in Coshocton Co., Ohio in 1795, and his mother, Phoebe Biggs, was born in Knox, in 1797, in the same county. They were married in 1824, and sometime afterward settled in Harmony Township. There his mother died in 1835, leaving Jerry, Mary, Isaac, Ezaon, Harod, Susan, Lydia, John, Morris, and Francis. The father was again married to Sarah Purvis. The father died in 1863, and was a Univeralist. Isaac attended school in the pioneer school house, and endured the hardships of pioneer life. At the age of twenty-one he began carpentering with Lewis Biggs, and in three years he formed a partnership with him which continued eight years, in which they were successful; he was married in 1859 to Margaret, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Rees) Jones, natives of Wales, Find came to Ohio in 1843; both are deceased. They had seven children; two survive: Evan and Margaret; they were Presbyterians. He bought the present farm of ninety-eight acres in 1874, of Levi Powell; he also owns fifty acres in Harmony Township, all well improved, and procured by hard labor. He and his wife are members of the old school Baptist Church; he votes the Democratic ticket; they have two children: Thomas and William. His three brothers, Moses, Francis, and John, were in the war of the rebellion, the two enlisting in the O.V.I. and the latter in the I.V.I. John had one finger shot off.