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18 October 2017 - Newspapers - Indexes - Added index to Painesville Telegraph abstracts 1890-94 by Judy Stebbins. Thanks, Judy!

16 September 2017 - Military - War of 1812 veteran conventions in Painesville 1858 and 1859 and pension benefits for NY vets in 1860.

16 September 2017 - Various links added, links repaired, etc. to Cemeteries, Newspapers, Libraries, thanks to Bob Hietanen.

24 Aug 2017 - Newspapers - Indexes - Added link to R B Hayes Obit Index, thanks to Bob Hietanen.

26 June 2017 - Biographies - A bio of Dr. Loren Clark Stebbins is now available. Thanks, Judy.

20 June 2017 - Front page - update to resource sheet "Where to find records"

20 June 2017 - Vital Records - update for new Health Department address.

25 May 2017 - Newspapers - More Paineville Telegraph abstracts from Judy Stebbins 1890 - 1894 this time. Thanks, Judy!

13 April 2017 - Album photos - William McKinley School 7-8 grades photo, thanks to Irene Rakovan.

13 April 2017 - Newspapers - Abstracts of the Painesville Telegraph 1892-93 from Judy. Much thanks!

3 Mar 2017 - Newspapers - Abstracts of the Painesville Telegraph 1890 and 1891 from Judy Stebbins.

14 Jan 2017 - Newspapers - Indexes to Abstracts of the Painesville Telegraph 1876-1880 by Judy Stebbins. A true labor of love much appreciated!

28 December 2016 - Newspapers - Indexes - Abstracts of the Painesville Telegraph individually for 1871 through 1875 and an index, too, thanks to Judy Stebbins.

11 Sep 2016 - History - Added links for Willowick History by Gale Lippucci and Willoughby and Willowick Photo Galleries, and fixed and removed a few broken links.

10 Jan 2016 - Historical and Genealogical Societies - Added a link to the new Lake County Historical Society catalog.

20 Nov 2015 - Census - Index to Enumeration of Soldiers and Sailors -1895-Lake County, Ohio by Cynthia Turk from OHS holding.

14 Oct 2015 - Books - Sally Malone has provided us with an index to They Came for Coffee: a Story of Finnish Fortitude, Love, and Coffee Thank you, Sally.

6 Oct 2015 - Vital Records - Index to Deaths, Marriages and Divorces from Painesville Telegraph 1865-70 by Judy Stebbins. Thanks, again!

6 Oct 2015 - Newspapers - Indexes - Abstracts of the Painesville Telegraph individually for 1862 through 1870 with serious thanks to Judy Stebbins.

6 Oct 2015 - Newspapers - Index to Painesville Telegraph 1862-1870 by Judy Stebbins to go with the abstracts.

5 Sep 2015 - Bios - Links added to Lake County Genealogical Society site's History Hall of Lake County, Ohio Fairgrounds: A Biographical Anthology for Eugene Adams, Abner Allen, Sr., Joseph Austin, William Balch, George M. Barkalow, Aaron Bartholomew, Benjamin Bates Jr., Henry Curtis Beardslee, Robert Blair, George Blish, George I. Bliss, Alvah Brown, Hosea Brown, Oliver Brown, Harmon Carroll, Henry Carroll, Benjamin D. Chesney, Almon Church, William Clayton, Thomas Collister, John Corlett, Robert Corlett, Christopher Crary, Christopher G. Crary, Benjamin Crofoot, Dudley Emeron Crofoot, Gideon Crofoot, Joel R. Crofoot, Henry Howard Cumings, Nathan Daggett, Nathan Bailey Derrow, William Fobes, Daniel C. Foster, Jonathan Foster, Charles Hayes Frank, George Frank, Jonathan Goldsmith, H. C. Gray, Hiram P. Harmon, Hezekiah Harris, Thomas Harrison, Sr., Chester Hart, Moses C. Harvey, Moses S. Harvey, William J. Haskell, Charles Wallace Heard, Jedidiah Hills, Joel Holcomb, Daniel Hopkins, Eber Dudley Howe, Comfort Lewis Hoyt, Samuel Huntington, Scribner Huntoon, Benaiah Jones Jr., Charles Lace, Jacob LaMoreaux, Derrick J. Lansing, Edward Lapham, Cornelius Loveland, Benjamin Franklin Markell, James D. Markell, John Paine Markell, Peter Markell, Henry Martin, Robert Martin, Hiram Mason, Dean Colbert Mathews, John Henry Mathews, Martha Devotion Huntington Mathews, Henry Maunder, George Mitchell, Harry Lyman Mitchell, Robert N Moodey, Rowland Moseley, Ashbel Munson, John Hewitt Murray Jr., John Hewitt Murray Sr., Nelson Norton, David R. Paige, Hendrick Elsworth Paine, Isaac Palmer, Benjamin Barrett Park, Elisha James Patch, Joseph Pepoon, William F. Potts, Jacob Prouty, Edward V. Prouty, Joel Rexford, Truman H. Rust, Almon Sawyer, Seth H. Sawyer, Levi Shepard, W. H. Sherwood, N. Curtis Smith, Truman J. Smith, Chester O. Stocking, Mahlon F. Sweet, Jonathan and John Taylor, William Tear, Enos Tew, Moses Thompson, Jessie J. Thomson, Joseph Adams Tuttle, William H. Tuttle, Benajah S. Upham, Ashhel B. Webster, Newton Wells, Alpheus Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Almira M. Winchell, Simeon Winchell Sr., Warren Winchell, Jonathan Winchester, Benjamin H. Woodman, and William Wright

5 Sep 2015 - Bios - Links added to Ohio Genealogy Express for Amassa Allen, John H. Andrews, David L Bailey, Ira Bates, Robert Blair, Orlando F. Bunnell, Benjamin Carpenter, John S. Casement, Asa Child, E. R. Cleveland, James H. Cook, Warren Corning, Selah Daniels, E. F. Ensign, Jeremiah Evans, Arthur E. Fenton, Raymond Freeman, Emory G. Hardy, Augustus Harrington, D. B. Hart, George A. Houghton, Jahial Hurlburt, Marshall B. Isham, Lucius E. Judson, Thomas Kelly, Charles H. King, David Law, Alanson Loveland, Correll Merrell, Isaac Moore, R. M. Murray, C. W. Osborne, James L. Parmly, John Pelton, Samuel Ward Phelps, David Quincy, Henry C. Rand, William Rice, Joseph Sedgebeer, Asa K. Smith, Danford Smith, James E. Stephenson, Elias Strong, Martin Adams Tuttle, Jacob V. Viall, Eugene N. Warner, William W. West, Alvin C. White, Austin Wilson, and Elisha Wood.

5 Sep 2015 - History - Added link to "Kirtland," a history at Ohio Genealogy Express.

28 Aug 2015 - Cemeteries - Added links to burial records for Painesville Evergreen and Perry Township cemeteries and maps for Painesville City and Perry cemeteries.

10 Aug 2015 - Photos - Photo of Kirtland Hotel with possible wedding party. Undocumetned, submitted by Mark Lozer. Can you identify?

19 Jul 2015 - Bios - Griffith families, Clemson, Eli, Phillip, Samuel, and Thomas, Thanks to Judy Stebbins for sharing this research done to find Samuel information.

17 July 2015 - History - lots of links fixed, a bit of rearrangement

17 July 2015 - History - Great Lakes Shipping History for and Captains for John A. Green. This is research done and submitted by Marcia Green. Link to Maritime database.

9 Jul 2015 - Bios - James S. Lockwood by Marcia Green. Thanks, Marcia!

21 Jun 2015 - Vital Records - Index to Deaths, Marriages and Divorces from Willoughby Independent 1885-88 by Judy Stebbins. Thanks, again!

14 Jun 2015 - Maps - Found a wonderful copy of the 1859 map at Library of Congress, and link shared here.

14 Jun 2015 - Newspapers - Index to Willoughby Independent 1885-1888 and abstracts for same. Another Judy Stebbins offering.

22 April 2015 - Societies - New index to genealogy files, vertical files, and family boxes at Lake County Historical Society by Marianne Wiley. We appreciate their sharing.

16 April 2015 - Vital Records - Index to Deaths, Marriages and Divorces from Willoughby Independent 1879-1884 by Judy Stebbins. Thanks, Judy!

10 Jun 2015 - Bios - Eleazer Paine, Martin Wirt, and Silas Pepoon transcribed by C. Turk.

7 Nov 2014 - Military - New link from Jeremy Benno - American Civil War Resources. Also last month another Civil War link was broken and fixed.

7 Oct 2014 - Societies - Updated web links.

6 Sep 2014 - Naturalizations- update, link to Probate images on FamilySearch.

6 Sep 2014 - Newspapers - 1879-1884 Willoughby Independent Abstracts refreshed. New Index to same now including relationships. Big thanks again to Judy Stebbins.

3 Sep 2014 - Vital Records - Health Department fire update for certificates, location.

20 May 2014 - Newspapers - 1884 Abstracts from the Willoughby Independent, another terrific offering from Judy Stebbins. Thanks!

19 Mar 2014 - Newspapers - 1883 Abstracts from the Willoughby Independent by Judy Stebbins. Such juicy tidbits! Thanks so much, Judy!!

2 Feb 2014 - Newspapers - 1882 Abstracts from the Willoughby Independent by Judy Stebbins has been added. This is very late with my apologies. 1881 was also added back in July. What a wonderful labor of love. Hard to stop reading it!

17 Sep 2013 - Government - Concord Records - Locations of some records for the township, whilc trying to locate the early township minutes.

6 Sep 2013 - Photo Album - some wonderful Perry pictures submitted by Dennis Lawrence. Street views, Perry Fire Department, Binnig Home, Perry Basketball Champs, Storrs & Harrison, Lawrence photos, etc. So much thanks for submitting and two years of patience to get them posted!

6 Sep 2013 - Index page - added link for Envision the Past - Links to online Ohio resources.

21 Aug 2013 - Index page - added link for Great Lake Maritime History of the Great Lakes for Shiop owners, Captains and Shipwrights.

13 Jul 2013 - Maps - added link for 1826 Western Reserve Map.

10 Jul 2013 - History - added essay on the history of the townships of Lake and Geauga Counties by Herb turk

10 Jul 2013 - History - added article about Girdled Road by C.C. Bronson; fixed a lot of broken links.

10 July 2013 - Books - added general resource list of books for Lake Co. and general genealogy.

7 July 2013 - Maps- updated Painesville Key to the map of research sites and restaurants.

7 July 2013 - Visitor - updated information.

7 July 2013 - Pioneer Registry - apparently the form has not been working for several months. Sorry about that. I think it is finally fixed.

6 July 2013 - Newspapers - added links for Genealogy Bank and Google books for the elegraph.

6 July 2013 - Cemeteries - where to find the records - added links to Perry and Mentor cemetery records.

18 Apr 2013 - History - Repaired lots of broken links, added a few city histories that were lacking.

14 Mar 2013 - Newspapers - Indexes - Another wonderful offering from Judy Stebbins. Abstracts for the Willoughby Independent for 1881 are here! A huge amount of time goes into this work and is much appreciated. It's a good read, too.

3 Mar 2013 - Pioneer Registry - It has been a long time since this has gotten uploaded to the regular pages. Sorry for the delay. So - we thank all those who submitted to the Registry. We welcome additions for surnames Chappell, Cook, Delahaye, Eddy, King, Leonard, Losey, Miller, Morgan, Murphy, Riley, Rogers, Rowland, Stanley, Sutherland, Webster, Wood, and Young.

31 Dec 2012> - Government - 1907 Courthouse Capsule Miscellaneous Items indexed by Marianne Wiley. Now this is the last of the capsule indices. Hopefully this will provide a lot of ancestral history, and stories will be written this year. A huge thank you to Marianne Wiley who spent four years indexing all these materials and the ones following. And thanks to the Lake County Historical Society for allowing access for this long process and making the items available.

31 Dec 2012 - Directories - 1906 Painesville elephone Company Directory - four pages of numbers! Again, from the Courthouse Capsule and abstracted by Marianne Wiley. Kudos!

31 Dec 2012 - Directories - 1906-1907 Painesville City Directory, Persons and Businesses, abstracted by Marianne Wiley. A huge one! Many thanks!

30 Dec 2012 - Government - Purchases of land in Connecticut Western Reserve on September 2, 1795 [61 entries] Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

30 Dec 2012 - Government - Trial List, Court of Common Pleas, May Term 1907, from the Courthouse Capsule, abstracted by Marianne Wiley.

30 Dec 2012 - Organizations - Painesville Hospital Association 1907 from Courthouse Capsule, indexed by Marianne Wiley. So much thanks due her!

30 Dec 2012 - Organizations - Women's Christian Temperance Union Documents from Courthouse Capsule indexed by Marianne Wiley.

30 Dec 2012 - Schools - Painesville Public Schools-Courses of Study Rules and Regulations and Report for 1904-05. 813 entries by Marianne Wiley.

30 Dec 2012 - Schools - Rules and Regulations-Courses of Study and Organization of the Painesville Township Schools, 1906. Index by Marianne Wiley.

30 Dec 2012 - Organizations - Index to Masonic Directory Painesville, Ohio 1907 from Courthouse Capsule, indexed and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

29 Dec 2012 - Schools - 4 Indices for Lake Erie College - Lake Erie Female Seminary, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary 1859-1884; Alumni Association Report 1905-06; Catalog of Conservatory of Music 1905-6; Lake Erie College Catalog 1906-07. Another great offering from the Courthouse Capsule by Marianne Wiley. So much thanks!

28 Dec 2012 - Newspapers & Obituaries - Indices to 7 newspapers put in the 1907 Courthouse Time Capsule. Thanks again to Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Military - Index to History of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Volunteers from Lake County Courthouse time capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Military- Index to Grand Army of the Republic, Dyer Post No. 17 list of members and their positions, included in the Lake County Courthouse time capsule and opened in 2007. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to 1905 Directory of Painesville Methodist Episcopal Church. This was found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to 1899 History of Painesville Methodist Episcopal Church. This was found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to 1904 Directory of First Church, Congregational, Painesville, 1907. This was found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to Woman's Missionary Society of First Church, Congregational, Painesville, 1907. These were found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to handwritten document of history of First Church, Congregational, Painesville, 1907. These were found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to two bulletins of First Church, Congregational, Painesville, 1907. These were found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Churches - Index to Historical Sketch of First Baptist Church, Painesville, 1907. This sketch written in 1907 was found in the the Courthouse Time Capsule. Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

27 Dec 2012 - Organizations - DAR Documents from Courthouse Capsule indexed by Marianne Wiley.

26 Dec 2012 - Government- Index to Courthouse Commission list of stonecutters (from courthouse Capsule) indexed by Marianne Wiley.

26 Dec 2012 - Churches- Index to Church of Christ Bulletin, "The Index" 1907 (from Courthouse Capsule) indexed by Marianne Wiley.

26 Dec 2012 - Organizations - Index to B. P. O. Elks-Painesville Lodge No. 549 Roster 1907 (from 1907 Courthouse Time Capsule) Indexed by Marianne Wiley.

26 Dec 2012 - New catagory - Organizations

26 Dec 2012 - History - Courthouse Capsule - 1898 Lake County Atlas Index to Businesses in intro materials by Marianne Wiley.

26 Dec 2012 - History - Courthouse Capsule - 1898 Lake County Atlas Index to People in intro materials by Marianne Wiley.

22 Dec 2012 - Newspapers and Obituaries - Indexes - Willoughby Independent 1880. Much thanks to Judy Stebbins for this continuing contribution. Fascinating reading!

11 Sep 2012 - Long-time Lookup Volunteer, Ruth Sprowls is moving, and leaving our service. Thank you so much to her and the other volunteers on our list.

11 Aug 2012 - Newspapers and obituaries - Indexes- Willoughby Independent 1879 Abstracts. Another new work by Judy Stebbins. The stuff family history is made of. Thanks, Judy!

8 May 2012- Newspapers and Obituaries - Indexes- A terrific new offering submitted by Judy J. Stebbins entitled Painesville Telegraph Microfilm Notice Selections Chronological Order 1830-1861. This book has abstracts of the articles of interest from the newspaper. It is a digital sequel to her earlier Guide to the Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph 1822-1829 in print format only. A huge thank you for this terrific labor of love.

8 May 2012- Newspapers and Obituaries - Indexes- The index to the above Telegraph Abstract book. Entitled Painesville Telegraph Microfilm Stebbins Index 1830-1861 A - Z by Judy J. Stebbins, this book, presented in its entirety, gives name, type of article and newspaper citation. Then look at the abstract in the book above. Excellent source of great genealogical data. Thank you, Judy!

26 Dec 2011- Biographies- added bio of Preserved Sweet by James L. Sweet with much thanks.

26 Dec 2011- Vital Records- added links to FamilySearch for Marriage records/images for Lake Co. area 1806-1923.

25 Dec 2011- History- A new index to The Centennial of Painesville O.; Commemorative newspaper issued on July 4, 1900 “by the New Connecticut Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. Index submitted by Marianne Wiley. Thanks!

22 Nov 2011- Pioneer Registry- new surnames added - Ahern, Cummings, Fitzgerald, McEuen, Ostrander, Rooney, and Squires. New Johnson families were also added. Thanks to those who submitted.

15 Nov 2011- Newspapers- added Index to Geauga Gazette 1828-1832 (not inclusive) by Kelley Nolan with forward by Sally Malone.

19 Sep 2011- Societies - updated info here and Specialty societies. Added the new Eastlake Historical Society and the Finnish Historical Museum.

9 sep 2011- Front page - Added photos for first time. Thanks to Sue Banfield for the great pics!

7 Sep 2011- Updated Visitor Page - 7 B&Bs in the county now!

7 Aug 2011- Photo Album- Fixed some broken links.

22 Jul 2011-History- Link to "Local Lore" blog by Max.

19 Jul 2011- Census- 1850 Products of Industry Non-Population Schedule Listing. By Cynthia Turk and Marianne Wiley.

16 Jul 2011-Books -Index to The Story of Fairport, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Sesqui-Centennial - July 1946. Indexed by Phyllis Williams. Intro and submission by Sally Malone.

2 Jul 2011- Pioneer Registry- New surname additions: Byrns, Flood, French, Gaffney, Holly, Johnson, King, Kirby, Magee, Magoon, Mosher, Pruyn, Usher, Wedge, Worthington, Wortman. We thank Mary Jackson, Andrew Pratt, Frank Byrns, Debbie Biggs, and Carolyn Landrum for these submissions.

6 Jun 2011 - Directories - The Painesville Republican Daily and Weekly - Industry & Trade Edition 5 June 1902 Index by Marianne Wiley.

12 Mar 2011 - History - Rider Tavern, Painesville with story of Rider family migration to Painesville.

12 Mar 2011 - History - Chagrin--Willoughby about the renaming of the medical school and town.

22 Jan 2011 - Government - Kirtland Township Warnings Out - added some from another transcription.

30 Dec 2010 - Books- Index to Historical Willoughby Centennial Celebration 1953 in memory of Sara Evans by Cynthia Turk.

28 Dec 2010 - Books -Index for "History of Mentor Headlands and Vicinity, Lake County, Ohio," indexed and submitted by Sally Malone.

28 Dec 2010 - New - a Books Section!

6 Oct 2010- Institutions- Madison State Home Article from 1905 transcribed by C. Turk.

27 Aug 2010-Military- "List of Pensioners on the Rolls . . . 1883" for Civil War and War of 1812 on GoogleBooks, mentioned by Ruth Sprowls.

11 Aug 2010-Directories- Postmasters of Lake County 1832 - 1971, Transcribed by Marianne Wiley, reprinted from "LakeLines."

7 July 2010-Church and Bible Records- Cook family Bible, Burnett family Bible from LakeLines, transcribed again by Cathi Salmi.

7 July 2010- Probate- Two Abstracts of Wills 1852-53 for Munn and Barte from LakeLines transcribed by Cathi Salmi. Thanks again, Cathi!

7 July 2010- Census- Enumeration of Youth- Painesville Twp., District 3 1842 transcribed by Cathi Salmi from "LakeLines."

6 July 2010- Maps- Leroy Twp. Comprehensive Plan link - terrific map collection, historic, population, etc.

6 July 2010-History- List of Early Settlers of Mentor by Calvin Ingersoll, transcribed by Cathi Salmi. Thanks Cathi. More to come!

6 July 2010-Church and Bible Records- Burr family Bible, Church family Bible from LakeLines, transcribed again by Cathi Salmi.

6 July 2010-Bios - Anna Churchill Hopkins, Erastus Root, Benjamin Nye, Robert Breck Parkman, Eleazar Hickox. Thanks to The Telegraph, LakeLines, and Cathi Salmi.

28 June 2010-Newspapers & Obituaries- Obituary Index from Guide to the Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph 1822-1829 by Judy J. Stebbins   indexed for obituaries by Cynthia Turk

27 June 2010-Government- Kirtland Apprentice Indentures 1817-1846 abstracted by Cynthia Turk.

27 June 2010-Government- Kirtland Warnings Out 1817-1846 abstracted by Cynthia Turk.

17 June 2010-Military- Link to The American Civil War Homepage with listings of volunteers to help with CW Unit research. Thanks to Carla Cegielski for suggesting this link.

17 June 2010-Cemeteries- Link to Beth Santore's Gravestone Symbolism. Thanks for pointing it out, Clarence Boweres.

17 June 2010-Military- Link to Ohio Soldiers & Sailors Orphans Home / Children's Home thanks to Greene Co. Public Library.

17 June 2010-Military and Cemetery link to Ohio Veterans Home Cemetery is broken.

11 June 2010-Government- Painesville Apprentice Runaways from the Telegraph abstracted by Cynthia Turk.

11 June 2010-Government- Mentor Apprentice Indentures 1824-1842 abstracted by Cynthia Turk.

11 June 2010-Government- Mentor Warnings Out 1824-1842 abstracted by Cynthia Turk.

3 June 2010- History- Concord 1908 reminiscences of A. G. Smith, "Power Hammers Once Clanged on the Banks of Big Creek." Transcribed from The Telegraph Republican and two partial transcriptions by Cynthia Turk.

12 Apr 2010- Vital Records- Early Mormon Vital Records from publications of the day 1833 - 1841. Abstracted by Cynthia Turk from "Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine," 1936. Link uploaded 16 May 2010.

27 Mar 2010- Bios- Edgar W. Viall of Oshkosh, b. Willoughby, Lake, OH.

29 Dec 2009- Bios- Eber Dudley Howe written by Suzanne Walker. Thanks so much, Suz!

29 Dec 2009- Census- Enumeration of Youth- Index to Painesville Twp. Districts 4, 5, and 6 1842-1865. Thanks so much to Cathi Salmi who transcribed this index.

29 Dec 2009- Vital Records- Divorces - Common Pleas Court Vol. J (1878- Feb 1881) abstracted by Cynthia Turk

12 Nov 2009- Government-Geauga County Aprenticeship Indentures. Eight indentured servants from or to Lake County. Thanks to Sharon Gingerich, Geauga County Recorder, who transcribed and submitted.

31 Oct 2009- Schools- 1923-24 Teacher Directory for Lake County. Thanks to Marianne Wiley.

31 Oct 2009- Schools- Teaching in 1923 in Lake County, Ohio by Marianne Wiley.

3 Oct 2009- Census-Enumeration of Youth- Painesville Twp. District No. 1 1842-1865 (incomplete), an index of parents and children retyped by Curtis Garner. Thanks, Curtis!

12 July 2009- History- Link to Scott Nixon's FP&E Railroad/Railway site.

17 June 2009- Government- Painesville Twp. Records - added City Warehouse record holdings.

3 June 2009- History- Historic Markers- update with many additions and a great link with photos.

1 June 2009- Government- LeRoy Warnings Out 1820-1841 abstracted by Cynthia Turk

1 June 2009- Government- LeRoy Apprentice Indentures 1820-1841 abstracted by Cynthia Turk

1 June 2009- Directories- Painesville Awakening Telegraph insert 1919, indexed and described by Marianne Wiley.

29 May 2009- Government- Chagrin/Willoughby Indentures 1815-1846 abstracted by Cynthia Turk

28 May 2009- Government- Chagrin/Willoughby Warnings Out 1815-1846 abstracted by Cynthia Turk

21 May 2009- Military- World War I 1917 Draft Lottery, information and listing of over 2200 men drafted in the first lottery. Thanks to Nancy Frederick, Les Snyder, Sally Malone, Cynthia Turk, Herb Turk, and Marianne Wiley.

6 May 2009- Institutions- 1902 article on Madison Home from the Telegraph.

6 May 2009- Churches- Girls' Friendly Society, Holiday house, Salida Beach, O. Thanks to Don Shepard for sharing this article.

11 Apr 2009- History- Lake Co. "A Vision Divided" by Dr. Bari Oyler Stith (off site)

29 Mar 2009- History- Painesville Twp.- Pleasant Gathering - of elderly pioneers from Telegraph 1872.

1 Mar 2009- Government- Painesville Twp. Records

23 Feb 2009- Maps- 1914 Lake/Geauga Map link

14 Jan 2009- Institutions- 1904 article on Madison Home. Typed by Cynthia Turk from the Telegraph.

4 Jan 2009- Madison History and Pioneer Sketches from Geneva Times 1878. Digitized by Cynthia Turk.

4 Jan 2009- History- Some of the Farms that Made Lake County Famous, An Index- includes lots of names. From 1915 Atlas of Lake County, Ohio.

4 Jan 2009- Biographies- Capt. Joseph C. Babcock from The Telegraph, and Cynthia Turk.

4 Jan 2009- Directories- Ohio Sesquicentennial Handbook, 1953, An Index - A booklet full of ads and community information, indexed by Rachel Wilson and Sally Malone.

28 Dec 2008- Biographies- James Walker, Civil War Veteran, thanks to Michelle Gatz.

20 Dec 2008- Census- Eumerations of Youth- Painesville Twp. District No. 8 1844-1865, thanks to teen volunteer Kelsey Spikes, and Sally Malone.

29 Nov 2008-Government- Perry Warnings Out- over 180 entries of families asked to leave the township.

28 Nov 2008-Biographies- New one on J. C. Babcock by C. Turk.

28 Nov 2008- History- Historical Markers- an update of some locations, and a couple of new ones we missed.

29 Sept 2008- Census- link for 1830 census index for Geauga Co.

September 2008- Entire site upgraded to Style Sheet format thanks to Herb Turk!!!

2 Aug 2008- Census- Eunumeration of Youth- 1846-1847 Painesville Township District 10 Index thanks to Cari Welk.

2 Aug 2008- Census- Eunumeration of Youth- 1845-1846 Painesville Township District 11 and 1852-1853 District 12 Index. Thanks to Cari Welk and Kelsey Spikes for indexing.

27 July 2008- Schools- Perry School District #1 Minutes 1831-1895. Abstracted by Mary Priola, submitted by Marianne Wiley.

23 June 2008- Census- Enumeration of Youth- Index to Painesville Twp. District No. 9, 1844-1848 thanks to Cari, submitted by Sally Malone.

18 May 2008- Many broken links fixed or deleted. This was partly a result of some site exodus from Rootsweb.

11 May 2008- Government- Willoughby Township Records - This is a listing of the records available at Willoughby Hills City Hall, and area historical societies.

5 May 2008- Census- Willoughby Pioneer Women 1801-1850 from the Willoughby Inependent. Transcribed by Cynthia Turk.

5 May 2008- Biographies- Simeon C. Hickok from the Willoughby Independent.

1 May 2008 Vital Records- Lake County Marriage Index 1840-1915. Over 30,000 entries from Vol. A-15. A labor of love from many volunteers.

29 Apr 2008- Vital Recs- Index to Divorces in Painesville Telegraph 1822-1898 from Lake County Historical Society, retyped by Cynthia Turk.

4 Mar 2008- Photos- Links to Lincoln School Willoughby 1931-34 and Martin Family in Kirtland 1898 submitted by Kim Stewart.

3 Mar 2008- Societies- update on Madison Historical Society address and e-mail.

25 Feb 2008- Schools- 127 teachers extracted from the Pupil's Home Record 1916-1922. Thanks to Ruth Hyslop and Lake Co. Genealogical Society.

23 Feb 2008- Census- 1880 Defective, Dependent, Delinquent Classes, transcribed and submitted by Marianne Wiley, proofed by Roy Zerman.

17 Feb 2008- Pioneers- New surnames: Merrill, Hunt, Parrish, Gaylord, Tyler, and updates for Rogers, Chappell. Thanks to those who submitted.

3 Feb 2008- Bios- Ansel E. Stevens 1812-1888. Link thanks to Linda Trent.

18 Jan 2008- Photos- added link to Fairport Virtual Tour

18 Jan 2008- History- added link to NEOhioGenealogy Blog

4 Nov 2007- Bios- Dr. Perry BURGESS thanks to John Meekins.

27 Oct 2007- Vital Records- Mortuary Report from Willoughby Township during 1897. From The Willoughby Independent.

27 Oct 2007- Census- Willoughby Householders in 1826. From Willoughby Independent 1896.

27 Oct 2007- Biographies- Lucy Ann Carroll Ward and Samuel Miller both of Willoughby.

24 Oct 2007- Pioneer Registry- new or updated surnames: BRAINARD, CARPENTER, CURTISS, GRANGER, HEINBAUGH, HINES, JENNE, MARTIN, PARRISH, SWEET, TOWER, TURNER, VROOMAN, WHITNEY. Thanks to all who submitted.

20 Oct 2007- Funeral Homes- Davis Funeral Home History

20 Oct 2007- Funeral Homes- Other Willoughby Funeral Homes

8 Sep 2007- Vital Records- Marriage Index link for Probate Court Marriages 1986-current.

4 July 2007- Societies- OGS- First Families of Ohio updated through 2006 inductees from OGS News.

2 July 2007- Vital Records- Painesville Telegraph Births 1881-1900 index. Submitted by Janet Kucera with thanks to her and Sally Malone at Morley Library.

15 Apr 2007- Newspapers and Obituaries- Indexes- News-Herald- Obit Index for 2005. Thanks to Susan Clark and Herb Turk.

24 Mar 2007- Pioneers Registry- Surnames AMIDON, CONLEY, DENSMORE, FLYNN, FOSTER, LEAKEY, PARRISH, SULLIVAN, WHEELER, and UNKNOWN. Thanks to all who submitted.

23 Mar 2007- Newspapers and Obits- Indexes- News-Herald Index 1990-2005 now has the full range of dates with the addition of the 1980s.

21 Dec 2006- Funeral Homes- Current- Updates on links and added Brickman Funeral Homes

6 Nov 2006- Newspapers and Obituaries- Index- Willoughby Ohio Independent Index to Abstracts April 1879 to Jan 1882. Thanks to Pat Brown for abstracting; Mary and Robert Priola for indexing, and Sally Malone for submitting this index to the abstract book at Morley.

31 Oct 2006- Societies-Ohio Genealogical Society- added two names to First Families of Ohio database DOANE and WOODRUFF.

29 Oct 2006- Newspapers and Obituaries- Indexes- News-Herald Index 1990-2005. Another decade- 1990-1999 has been added. Thanks to Herb Turk for formatting Cynthia's typing.

17 Sep 2006- Pioneer Registry- New surnames Allen, Black, Case, McClurg, Priest, Smith, and Smythe.

21 June 2006- History- Link to the new transcription of Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe thanks to Joan Asche & volunteers.

21 June 2006- History- Links to new histories for Kirtland and North Perry Village. Also Willowick History Project by Gale Lippucci and Colleen Kelly.p> 19 June 2006- Pioneer Registry- New entries for surnames Banham, Callow, Crowe, Inman, Kenning, Kewish, Long, Mallo, Radcliffe, Riippa, Rintala, Sherman. Thanks much. Sorry it took so long to get these up.

18 June 2006- Newspapers and Obituaries- Indexes- News-Herald Index 2000-2005. Thanks to Willoughby Library for assistance and use of their paper and digitized indexes. Thanks to Herb Turk for presentation.

3 Apr 2006- Historical and Genealogical Societies- Willoughby Historical Society- a list of early western Lake County resident photographs in the WHS collection. Submitted by Oscar Ash. Thanks to him and WHS.

2 Apr 2006- Biography- Erma Brown, autobiography and reminiscences of the Newhous family. Again, thanks to Casi Doskey for transcription.

2 Apr 2006- Biography- Seymour Wheeler and Eliza written by Lois Hess, transcribed by teen volunteer, Casi Doskey. Thanks!

2 Apr 2006- Biography- Benjamin Blish, thanks to several, submitted by Gary Silverstein.

21 Mar 2006- Census- Enumeration of youth- 1843 Concord District No. 3, thanks to Casi Dosky.

21 Mar 2006- Government- 1816 Internal Duties in NE OH Thanks to Frances Slack and Casi Dosky.

27 Feb 2006- Biography- George W. Wright - thanks to Tim Gonnering.

27 Feb 2006- Pioneer Registry- New entries for surnames Bacon, Bruntage, Chappel, Chappell, Duncan, Powers, Robb, Rogers, Stevers, Wright. Thanks, folks. These are really valuable.

15 Feb 2006- Government- Road Tax District No. 5 Concord 1845. Thanks, Casi and Sally.

14 Feb 2006- History- Madison Pioneers in 1819 Thanks again, Casi and Sally.

14 Feb 2006- Biography- David Gray additions of death notice and obituary to the 100 yr. anniversary article. Thanks, Casi and Sally.

3 Feb 2006- Biography- Links to new biographies on the GenWeb Archive have been added for William H. BEARD, James COOK, James Abram GARFIELD, Thomas W. HARVEY, George Trumbull LADD, John Flavial MORSE, Henry H. SHEPARD, J. D. THOMPSON, and Samuel WIRE.

3 Feb 2006- History- Pioneer History - Reminiscence of first pioneers in Lake County by Spencer Phelps. Thanks to Casi Dosky.

3 Feb 2006- Biography- David Abbot- a very long history of this mill builder in early Lake Co. history. Thanks again to Casi Dosky.

3 Feb 2006- Churches- Weller family Bible transcribed by Frances Slack, re transcribed by Casi Dosky.

26 Jan 2006- Front page- Search tips for better useage of the search engine. Written by Herb Turk, we appreciate this assistance, since there is so much on the site now. FreeFind has extended our searchability, and we thank them for that. They help make volunteer projects accessible.

21 Jan 2006- Societies- OGS- First Families of Ohio ancestors have been updated from 2000-2005 for Geauga and Cuyahoga Counties. No Lake, folks. We need to get busy and apply for our ancestors!

21 Jan 2006- Biographies- Obit of Ezra Brakeman. Thank you, Casi Dosky.

21 Jan 2006- History- Past and Present - The laying of the Cornerstone of Parmly House in Painesville. Thanks again to Casi Dosky, teen volunteer.

21 Jan 2006- History- Early Settlers of LeRoy. Thanks to Casi Dosky, teen volunteer.

18 Jan 2006- Biographies- David Gray 100 Years and Reuben B. Chaffe biographical obituary thanks to Casi Dosky, teen volunteer.

18 Jan 2006- Directories- Transcription of the Painesville City General Directory, 1895 by Linda Jeffery.

3 Jan 2006- Pioneer Registry- surnames Baker, McAdams, Green, Unknown.

3 Jan 2006- Churches, Ministers & Bibles- ME Pastors assigned 1909

3 Jan 2006- Libraries- Morley microfilm collection. Added new films- naturalization, Non-population census schedules, 1930 census, ED maps, etc.

3 Jan 2006- Newspapers- update, mostly Morley's new collection of early Ohio newspapers, Willoughby Republican and Willoughby Gazette. A few corrections.

2 Dec 2005- Pioneer Registry- new entries for surnames Barrett, Brass, Bronson, Burns, Crary, Dunwell, Hanks, Harter, Knowlton, Mathews, Witt, Witter.

1 Dec 2005- Main page- Resources- a bit of consolidation, but nothing lost.

31 Oct 2005- Directories- Listing of businesses and individuals listed in the 1857 Lake County Map, indexed by Linda Jeffery, with thanks.

27 Oct 2005- Lake County Infirmary record transcriptions for vol. 1 and 2 (1852-1911) Transcribed by Cynthia Turk, proofread by Barbara Hurst.

21 Oct 2005- Government- Geauga Deeds 1790-1840 for land now in Lake County. A project of Lake County Genealogical Society.

12 Sept 2005- Historical & Genealogical Societies- Ohio Genealogical Society- database of First Families of Ohio from Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga Counties. Thanks to Kay Hudson for the formatting and OGS for permission to post.

12 June 2005- Oops, forgot the link- 3 Sep 2005- Funeral Homes- 1887 - 1888 Funeral Home Records, Painesville. Thanks to Linda Jeffery for extracting these from records abstracted by Lake County Genealogical Society from Spear Mulqueeny Funeral Home. Book predates both Spear and Mulqueeny homes.

31 Aug 2005- Military- link to a list of WW II Army and Air Force Casualties.

27 Aug 2005- Pioneer Registry- New submissions for surnames Parsons, Pierce, Smith, Shepard, Watrous, Woodworth and Unknown. Thanks, submitters.

23 Aug 2005- Government- Geauga Deeds before 1840 for Lake County land. A project of the Lake County Genealogical Society. Thanks to all who helped get this large database completed!

29 July 2005- Bios, added pieces from 1915 atlas for Stephen D. Carroll, Geo. W. Colegrove adn Geo. A. Bates. Thanks to Georgi Rolan for the transcriptions.

29 July 2005- Bios, added a piece from 1915 atlas to W. F. Post. Thanks to Georgi Rolan for the transcription.

20 July 2005- Funeral Homes- A Short History of Mentor Funeral Homes

19 July 2005- Funeral Homes- Additions to Painesville Funeral Homes

6 July 2005- Societies- Willoughby Historical Society now has a file of the surname books they have compliled.

6 July 2005- Church- Minister Licenses- Vol. 2 added to database. Now complete.

2 July 2005- Pioneer Registry- new submissions: Barbhouse, Johnson, Mentor, Patchin, Shepard, Skinner, Statfford, Woodword

2 July 2005- Church- Minister Licenses to marry in Lake Co. Newly transcribed by Cynthia Turk. Includes all volumes found.

26 June 2005- Funeral Homes- Minutes of Tri-County Funeral Directors Club District 26- the organizational meeting minutes and an abstract of entries of Lake County Funeral Directors. Transcribed, and abstracted by Cynthia Turk with thanks for the book loaned by Jay Mulqueeny of Spear Mulqueeny Funeral Homes.

25 June 2005- Funeral Homes- Mulqueeny Bros. Funeral Homes- A timeline of its Fairport and Painesville Funeral Homes. Written and submitted by Mary Jo Gartland. Thanks, Mary Jo!

13 June 2005- History- Pioneer Sketches of Madison, Lake County, Ohio edited by Joseph C. Hager, PhD. Terrific scholarly, but interesting, book of stories by the pioneers themselves. The full 125 pg book is here in addition to a preview. Much appreciated!

12 June 2005- Funeral Homes- "A Short History of the early Funeral Parlors in Painesville, Ohio" by Linda Jeffery. Thanks again, Linda.

12 June 2005- Funeral Homes- 1887 - 1888 Funeral Home Records, Painesville. Thanks to Linda Jeffery for extracting these from records abstracted by Lake County Genealogical Society from Spear Mulqueeny Funeral Home. Book predates both Spear and Mulqueeny homes.

28 May 2005- Biographies- Mary Preola has submitted an index to Lempi of Finn Hollow by Elaine Lillback. Thanks to both for sharing a bit of history.

28 May 2005- Biographies- A set of biographical abstracts of Lake County men in Northern Wisconsin by Frances Slack, transcribed by Mary Preola submitted by Sally Malone. Thanks, folks.

24 May 2005- Front page news. Added an OHGenWeb trophy for complying with all the rules of Ohio and US GenWeb. Our new State Coordinator, Sandra Quinn has offered these to have county coordinators spiff up their sites. It benefitted you because I found some lost files for you and some other errors were fixed.

23 May 2005- Pioneers- found a couple of orphaned files from a couple of years ago that never got linked. JOHNSON and WATSON have been linked now. Sorry.

23 May 2005- Biographies- FULLER, GREEN, MERRY and TYLER have been connected. They had been orphaned some time ago with linking errors. Sorry about that, too.

7 May 2005- Vital Records- Probate Births YES! The alphabetical transcription of 10,349 birth records 1867-1908 is finally completed. This has been a coordinated effort with many helping. We thank the following people for typing: Lori Watson, Mary Turk, Phyllis Williams, Joan Vaughn, Nora Russell, Marcia Green, and Barb Hurst. Members of Lake County Genealogical Society who proofread every word and number are Phyllis Williams, Janet Kucera, and Sarah Evans. Herb Turk did the formatting and HTML.

18 Apr 2005- Pioneer Registry- new entries for surnames Allen, Anderson, Arnold, Balch, Basquin, Bates, Billington, Call, Chadwick, Covey, Crofoot, Dennis, Fredebaugh, Kimmy, Murphy, Pike, Reigert, Richmond, Woodward.

11 Apr 2005- Vital Records- Over 4000 delayed and corrected birth records 1855-2000 indexed now. Fabulous resource!

8 Apr 2005- Maps- A link has been added to the index to the 1874 Landowners Maps. Thanks Geauga Co. Gen. Soc. off site.

27 Feb 2005- Schools- A link to Morgan Library of Ohio for some pre 1850 School publication indices.

26 Feb 2005- Pioneer Registry has new entries for surnames Amidon, Chaffee, Crofoot, Ives, Kimmy, Kissick, Malkin, Merrill, Long, Pike, and Woodward.

25 Feb 2005- Cemeteries- Washington St. Cemetery has some small corrections and additions from work of several past researchers.

10 Feb 2005- Military- Link to Ribbon Checker-USMC, a way to check what different honors would look like on a uniform.

2 Feb 2005- Government- Link to Trumbull Deeds 1799-1804 abstracts. (off site)

2 Feb 2005- Vital Records- Link to Trumbull Co. marriages 1799-1804 (off site)

2 Feb 2005- Military- Link to officers elected 1804.(off site)

31 Jan- Government- Willoughby Ear Marks 1815-1850. Names of early Chagrin and Willoughby residents and their animal markings.

31 Jan- Government- Tax Duplicates info. Page numbers for 1840-1841 film to get you started.

18 Jan- Newspapers update with new Morley Library collection of early newspapers. Also check their genealogy web site for non NEOhio issues.

16 Jan- Schools- Yearbooks- A new topic, a new project. 1952 Riverside High School yearbook, gift of Don Karr, has been indexed by Cynthia Turk. Also a listing of schools in the county with the yearbooks that are available and the repository where they are is begun. If you know where others are housed, please send a list to the webmaster! If you would like to index or donate a yearbook also contact the webmaster.

12 Jan 2005- Funeral Homes- Keener Funeral Home. Some history items on this funeral home and its director submitted by Linda Jeffery. Thanks, Linda.

12 Jan 2005- Biographies- A new one on Edwin D. Keener has been submitted by Linda Jeffery. Thanks, again!

11 Jan 2005- Government- Explanation for tax research and listing of page numbers for reel 1 of Lake Co. Tax duplicates.

10 Jan 2005- Census- Census Resources and Film Numbers. Updated to include non-population schedules at Morley and holdings of Kirtland Family History Center.

1 Jan 2005- Probate- Geauga County Probate and Guardianships 1806-1821, An abstract by Frances Slack, submitted by Cynthia Turk

5 Dec 2004- Pioneer Registry- New surname listings for Brown, Donaldson, Hines, Miltner, Taylor, Vrooman, Walters, Williams, Wooldridge. Thanks to multiple submitters.

14 Nov 2004- Societies- Perry Historical Society- Listing of some of the Society holdings.

14 Nov 2004- Societies- Perry Historical Society- Listing of Vertical Family Files.

12 Nov 2004- Schools- Abstracts from Alumni Record, History of Painesville High School and Record of Alumni since 1868. Large set of tables including graduates' spouses, addresses, etc. A big thank you to Linda Jeffery for this and the next few related items. Also thanks to Herb Turk for formatting this for presentation here.

12 Nov 2004- Biographies- New bios from the above Alumni Record for Addie Nye Norton '01, Bertha R. Barden '01, Henry C. Beardslee '83, Harry Clyde Brooks '77, Mrs. Lydia Cone Curtis '72, Nellie M. Dingley '00, George M. Fisher '76, Colbert H. Greer '76, Charles Burridge Hawley '04, Frank J. Jerome '73, Lillian E. Kurtz '81, William L. Lathrop '75, Eleanor Loomis '00, Paul M. Lincoln '88, Alfred Mathews '71, George D. McGwinn '96, Helen A. Pepoon '73, Harry Spillman '01, Miss Matilda Spence '10, Jessie M. Turney '91, Franz C. Warner '96, Charles Lloyd Wyman '99, and Thomas B. Wyman '98. Again thanks to Linda Jeffery.

12 Nov 2004- Photo Album- Photos that accompanied the biographies in the Alumni Record for Lillian E. Kurtz, '81; William L. Lathrop, '75; Eleanor Loomis, '00; Miss Matilda Spence, '10; Jessie M. Turney, '91; Franz Warner, '96; Charles Lloyd Wyman, '99; Thomas B. Wyman, '98.

6 Nov 2004- Institutions- County Home Records- an inventory of the records found in the county home when it closed this year.

23 Oct 2004- Churches, Ministers and Bibles- Presbyterian and Congregational Ministers who served in Lake County from the beginning to 1835.

2 Oct 2004- Biographies- New Table of Contents (actually an index) of the biographies to History of Northeastern Ohio by Stewart in 1935. Thanks to David Denner for loan of vol. 1 with the index in it.

2 Oct 2004- Vital Records- Deaths- The death record transcription is complete! With a huge thank you to all who helped on this.

1 Oct 2004- Military- New link to searchable Ohio Roster of War of 1812 at Ohio Historical Society.

20 Sept. 2004- Pioneer Registry- new surname for Sawdey.

10 Sept 2004- Libraries-Kirtland Family History Center- A listing of the Lake and Geauga County microfilm/fiche and books of the permanent collection of the Kirtland FHC. A huge thank you to staff at the FHC for creating and maintaining their database and sharing this important piece of it with Lake County OHGenWeb.

12 Aug 2004- Societies-Lake County Historical Society- A listing of the surname vertical file at the History Center. About 1700 surnames are included. This is a companion to the Genealogy files already listed there. Thanks to Herb Turk for this one!

8 Aug 2004-Pioneer Registry- new names submitted: Arnold, Brabande, Crellin, Crow, Green, Henning, McAdams, Miller, Nehls, Pacholke, Schmittel. Thanks, folks!

6 Aug 2004-Vital Records-Probate Deaths- vol. 1, pages 114-129 have been typed, proofed and added. Thanks Barb and Janet.

3 Aug 2004-Photo Album- picture of Perry High School Class of 1924, unidentified except Edward S. Lawrence, submitted by Dennis Lawrence. Thanks.

21 July 2004- Biographies- Timothy William Morgan, Nellie Cashel Morgan and Dr. Ross Allen Greenwood, by Pam Greenwood, with accompanying photographs in the Photo album.

21 July 2004- Photo album- a picture of Fairport Lighthouse and Capt. Daniel Hopkins Green, and a map of Mentor Marsh, courtesy of Marcia Green.

20 July 2004-Pioneer Registry- surnames Kellogg and Upham. 20 July 2004- Biography-Sketch of Jonathan Kellogg's LeRoy Twp. family thanks to Dennis Lawrence.

13 July 2004- VitalRecords- Probate Deaths- pages 90-113 have been added from vol. 1. Barb and the proofers have been busy.

11 July 2004- Vital Records- Link to Genealogy General-listing of LDS microfilm numbers for Lake Co. Vital Records.

30 June 2004-Census- Index to 1850 and 1860 Mortality Schedules. Death records not available elsewhere for years ending 1 June.

28 June 2004-Pioneer Registry- New surname entries for CONE, GREEN, HARRIS, JEWELL, LOCKWOOD, SKINNER, WEBB, and YOUNG. Thanks to the submitters!

31 May 2004-Naturalizations- Lake County Genealogical Society has completed it's Common Pleas Naturalization index covering 1906-1975. This has been added to the Probate index covering 1860-1906. It is linked from our GenWeb site, but it is on the LCGS projects site.

31 May 2004-Census- 1880 DDD Classes Non Population Census Schedule Index.

31 May 2004-Military- A link to the National Archives WW II Army database is now here. Lots of wonderful info!

28 May 2004-Cemeteries-Washington St. Cemetery Burials- from the 1878 map and other records, compiled by Frances Slack, retyped by Cynthia Turk.

9 May 2004-Biographies- An index, table of contents and complete book, Obituaries and Life Sketches of the Early Saints Who Lived and Died in the Kirtland Ohio Area by Janet Lisonbee. Thanks for sharing, Janet!

29 Apr 2004-Vital Records- Probate Deaths- The second volume of deaths is now completely transcribed and available. Transcribers are Lori Watson, Sean Wellman, Phyllis Williams, Mary Turk, and Barbara Hurst. A huge number of hours has gone into this project and it is much appreciated. We still have some volume 1 to go.

17 Apr 2004- Resources & Lookup volunteers- New volunteer! Thanks Kathy Fuller!

11 Apr 2004-Pioneer Registry- New names- Morton, Solosi, Yatchso, Miers.

10 Apr 2004-Vital Records- Geauga Divorces- A few 1840 era divorces have been added, from work of Frances Slack.

7 Apr 2004-New Catagory--Funeral Homes- A listing of current Lake County Funeral Homes, addresses, contact info, establishment dates where available. Historic info requested.

7 Apr 2004- Vital Records- More death records have been uploaded. About 69% is now available.

27 Mar 2004- Military- A compilation of soldiers who served in the Spanish American War from Lake County. Transcribed by Teen Volunteer David Nelson.

27 Mar 2004- Census- A List of Residents of Painesville in 1825, as recalled in 1867 by L. E. Miller. Thanks again to Volunteer David Nelson.

27 Mar 2004- Vital Records- A new link added for Geauga County Archives new site (week of 20 Mar 2004).

27 Mar 2004- History- A Geauga County History by Dr. Bari Oyler Stith for its Bicentennial in 2006 is linked.

14 Mar 2004- Vital Records- Probate Births Indexing project is underway. See the file to volunteer.

14 Mar 2004- Vital Records- Probate Deaths- Many files have been added thanks to transcribers Sean Wellman, Mary Turk, Phyllis Williams, Lori Watson, and Barbara Hurst. About 2/3 of the records are now available.

9 Mar 2004- Biography, Isaac Palmer 1802-1884 transcribed by Kerri O'Connor. Thank you!

1 Mar 2004- Vital Records- Probate Deaths- Vol. 1, pages 162-195, thanks to Mary Turk and Sean Wellman.

28 Feb 2004- Vital Records- Probate Deaths- New pages Vol. 2 pages 62-83 thanks to Barbara Hurst and the proofing and computer team.

13 Feb 2004- Vital Records- Probate Deaths- New pages (Vol. 1, pg 54 to 69 and 138-149; and Vol. 2 pg 2-33) have been posted thanks to the transcription efforts of Lori Watson and Mary Turk. Proofing has been done by Thelma Moore (recently deceased), Janet Kucera and Pat Swaine of Lake County Genealogical Society. Herb Turk has provided a lot of computer magic to bring this to you. There is much more in process from several new transcribers. A big thank you to all!

9 Feb 2004-Pioneer Registry- New submissions for the following surnames have been added: Steinfurth, Churchill, McCarthy, and Unknown.

9 Feb 2004- Biography- Levi Kerr addition. The very long funeral article-- has been added to the original writeup transcribed by David Nelson. Thankfully, David has been busy at Morley Library.

9 Feb 2004- Biography- Capt. Clark Parker, 1781-1847 and Ebenezer Merry ca. 1773-1846 transcribed by David Nelson and submitted by Sally Malone. Thank you both.

4 Feb 2004- Biography- Nathaniel Blakely 1798-1883 written and submitted by Mary Susan Spence & Joseph C. Hager. This is a well documented work of family history. What a welcome addition!

16 Jan 2004- Biography- Levi Kerr 1822-1885, transcribed by David Nelson and submitted by Sally Malone. Thanks to both!

14 Jan 2004- Churches- Miller-Hazen Family Bible with Carrolls of Willoughby. We appreciate this transcription by Phyllis Williams.

11 Jan 2004- Biography- Harriet N. Paine and Harlow Bailey, transcribed by Ray Julian and submitted by Sally Malone.

31 Dec 2003- Biography- Kerri has contributed another Munson biography-this time on Henry Wetmore. Thanks!

27 Dec 2003- Vital Records- Probate Death Records through page 53 (now 1867 to about 1876,) transcribed by Lori Watson. Thanks, Lori!

9 Dec 2003 - History- 1796 Western Reserve Centennial Souvenir 1896 by H. U. Johnson. This major work was transcribed by Barbara Hurst and Indexed by her as well. Herb Turk has formatted it for this site. Thank you Barb and Herb!

28 Nov 2003- Pioneer Registry- Additional submissions under surnames Brooks, Kelly, Quincy, Snell, Valleau, and Unknown. Thanks to all submitters!

28 Nov 2003- Please see under cemeteries that the link to the Lake County Genealogical Society project now includes Willoughby township, completing the inscriptions for the entire county. Please note that these do not search using the search engine on this site, as it is on another site.

5 Nov 2003- Census- Index to Enumeration of Youth of Special School District of Madison Village 1860 - 1863. Thanks to Ray Julian and Sally Malone.

3 Nov 2003- Census- Youth Enumeration- Index to Pville Twp. 1853-1865. Thanks to Ray Julian and Sally Malone.

3 Nov 2003- Politics & Pollbooks- Pville Twp. 1804, 1816, 1840 from The Telegraph, transcribed by Ray Julian and submitted by Sally Malone.

27 Oct 2003- Biographies- Nicholas Cottrell & son M.W.

22 Oct 2003- Societies- Lake County Historical Society- a listing of over 600 genealogy files at the LCHS library by Carl Engle, retyped by C. Turk.

21 Oct 2003- Pioneers for surnames Brick, Monroe, Tinkham, & Waite

21 Oct 2003- Bios- Sister Myrtle Mary Deane, 1897-1998 and Victor Arthur Cole, 1912-1971. Both submitted by Mary Kay Cole Ward.

29 Sept 2003- Bios- George Munson and Mary Elizabeth Munson transcribed by Kerri O'Connor.

22 Sept 2003- Politics to Pollbooks- Concord Pollbooks 1861, transcribed by a teen volunteer, Ray Julian and submitted by Sally Malone. Thanks to both!

5 Sept 2003- Biographies- Mrs. Candace (Spencer) Munson, thanks to Kerri O'Connor, and
Stephen Norwood, written by DJ Weber with our thanks.

30 Aug 2003- Cemeteries- LCGS has uploaded Perry and Painesville Cemeteries to their site at or click on the first cemetery box under cemeteries for a link.

30 Aug 2003- Activities- New library offerings and a cemetery tour.

23 Aug 2003 - Biographies- George ABBEY, thanks to Kerri O'Connor.

23 Aug 2003 - Pioneer Registry- Surnames PIKE, CHASE

23 Aug 2003 - Activities- Historic Dining dates

19 Aug 2003 - Activities- Historic Marker placement on Saturday.

12 Aug 2003- Lookup volunteers. Thanks to Norm Davis who is planning to move and must resign his post. Many have benefitted from his generous help. Obituaries and court records lookups are adoptable.

12 Aug 2003-Pioneer Registry- Additions for surnames Rockafellow, Graves, Miller, Tuttle.

8 Aug 2003- Politics- Link to The Political Graveyard for Lake Co.

1 Aug 2003- Activities-Three new historical offerings of LakeMetroParks

30 July 2003- Histories- A Pioneer Sketch - History of the Painesville Mills transcribed by Kerri O'Connor

11 July 2003- Vital Records- Miscellaneous Non-probate Birth Certificates 1867-1908

11 July 2003- Vital Records- Miscellaneous Non-probate Death Certificates 1867-1908

10 July 2003 Census-Enumeration of Youth- 1842 Concord District 7

6 July 2003 Vital Records - Geauga County Divorces 1806-1839

6 July 2003 Activities - updated. These are maintained on a regular basis.

6 July 2003 This "What's New?" page!!

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