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Joseph Emerson 1754-1850

From A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio, New Connecticut Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Painesville, Ohio, 1902.

Typed and submitted by Becky Falin, 1996.

Joseph Emerson, of Haverhill, Mass. was born in Feb. 1754, living to be ninety-five years, nine months and sixteen days old.

He began his life as a soldier in the Revolution, at the first call, enlisting Apr. 16, 1775, for eight months, under Capt. James Sawyer, and Col. Frye of Massachusetts troops.

During this first enlistment he was engaged in the battle of Bunker Hill,which in his declining years, was very vivid to him, and he loved to tell the story of the battle, and of the part Gen. William Prescott took in it, to every one who cared to listen.

His second enlistment was July 1777, for two months, under Capt. Aaron Osgood and Col. Lyman. He was a pensioner.

Joseph Emerson married Lydia Foster, who died in Massachusetts. Later he married Mary Hilton, who is buried beside him in South Madison, near the Gore church.

He is described as a "large man, six feet tall, with hair white as snow, reaching to his shoulders, which he always wore braided as in the olden time." On his tombstone is this inscription:

Jospeh Emerson
Died January 23, 1850
Aged 95 years, 9 months, 16 days
"I have a house not made with hands,
Eternal and on high.
Here my spirit waiting stands,
'Till God shall bit it rise."

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