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Simeon C. Hickok 1817-1901

From The Willoughby Independent, Friday 17 Feb 1896 page 3.

Mr. Simeon C. Hickok, of the county seat, spent Tuesday in town calling upon and dining with Mr. A. P. Barber, his old chum on the board of commissioners; also on Mr. G. E. Manville, his employe during the 70's; and not forgetting, as in duty bound, the Independent office. Mr. Hickok is 78 years old, has resided in the county for 68 years of that time, and is well preserved both physically and mentally. His reminiscences of men and measures are related with much interest, and nothing of note has transpired in the vicinity for the past sixty years but he has knowledge of - in fact, he is a veritable encyclopedia of local facts and figures. He has always taken an interest in matters pertaining to our village, and this is right for fifty-five years ago the present month he here launched his matrimonial bark, the ceremony taking place at the old Cushman hotel and the knot being tied by the Rev. Mr. Akin, the Methodist minister then in charge of this circuit. In coversing of the historic buildings of the place, he alluded to the "Zebra" hotel, which derived its name from the painting of the exterior, imitating the colors of that animal. Mr. Hickok served as county commissioner for nine years, and was a faithful and efficient officer.

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