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Eleazar hickox

The following article is from the Painesville Telegraph, 4 April 1900 page 1 and reprinted in Vol. 13, No. 4 page 6 of the October 1987 "LakeLines," the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society, retranscribed here by Cathi Salmi.

Eleazar Hickox

Mr. Eleazar Hickox, who settled in Burton in March 1804, has left it on record that in February of that year he left Connecticut for Burton with a horse and cutter with about four hundred pounds of chain and steel and from Buffalo he came up the lake on the ice and with some difficulty he came ashore against General Paine's, who with a canoe helped him across Grand River. There was some ice running in the river which they to dodge and the horse they had to swim across. After getting across they turned in and rubbed the horse to get up circulation, after which they loaded up his goods, and drove up as far as Painesville and stayed overnight with Mr. Smith. This, he said, was on the 20th of March, 1804. Mr. Hickox further says that there were only two houses to what was afterwards the village of Painesville. The next day with some difficulty he reached Hambden, then called Painesville. Also Bondstown, and on the next day after waiting for the Cuyahoga to run down so he could cross it, he arrived at Burton about sundown, March 22, 1804.

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