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Jonathan Kellogg 1773-1836

Contributed by Dennis Lawrence, grandson of Guy Carey Kellogg, and 3 great grandson of Jonathan 19 July 2004.

Jonathan Kellogg was born January 24, 1773 probably in Essex, NY, son of Zachariah Kellicutt and Charity. He married on May 25, 1800 in Weathersfield, Vermont, Hannah Upham, who was born July 13, 1780 probably in the same place on May 25, 1800 to Asa and Lydia Pierce Upham.

The family of Jonathan Kellogg lived in the Geauga County Ohio area starting from about 1821. Jonathan and his son Leonard were found on the Leroy Township Pollbook for October 9, 1822 and Jonathan was found on the Leroy Township Pollbook for October 12, 1824.

As the family married they moved on west and settled in towns such as Elkhart, Indiana; Walkerton, Indiana; Laporte, Indiana; Charles City, Iowa, except for Silas who remained in the Lake County, Ohio area.

Harvey Deloss Kellogg the son of Harvey moved his family to a homestead in Alcona Twp, Rooks Co., Kansas by covered wagon in 1878. There were four wagons in the party and Harvey Delos had a yoke of oxen and a team of horses. First houses in the west were made of prairie sod or were dug out of the bank. They then moved to Hendley, Nebraska.

Guy Carey Kellogg the son of Harvey Delos Kellogg raised his family in Hendley, Nebraska and moved back to the Northeast Ohio area about 1912, living in Ashtabula County the rest of his life.

The patriarch of this family, Jonathan Kellogg died January 22, 1836, probably in Madison, Ohio. His grave site has not as yet been found. His widow, Hannah, continued on west with children and died July 9, 1859 in Charles City, Iowa. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery there.

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