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Paul M. Lincoln

As published in the Alumni Record, Painesville High School, Painesville, Ohio
Compiled and Published by the Painesville High School Alumni Association in 1925

Transcribed by Linda Jeffery, November 2004.

Paul M. Lincoln, ’88

P.H.S. has given to the world one who not only has seen electrical engineering grow from nothing to what it is to-day but who has in no small degree helped in the great development and progress along electrical lines.

This graduate is Mr. Paul M. Lincoln, Director of the School of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. He received his diploma from high school in 1888 and entered as a student in the classical department at Western Reserve Unitersity. At the end of the first year he decided not to return to W.R.U. for as Mr. Lincoln himself says, “It took me a year at Western Reserve University to find out that I was not cut out for a classical scholar.”

He then transferred into Electrical Engineering at Ohio State University, graduating from there in Electrical Engineering in 1892. The next year was spent with the Short Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio. This was followed by several years’ experience with the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company at Pittsburgh, Pa. and with the Niagara Falls Power Company at Niagara Fall, N.Y.

Mr. Lincoln had proved so well his ability along his chosen line that the Westinghouse Company again desired his services. For over seventeen years he served efficiently this company. The Lincoln Electric Company at Cleveland owes much to the work of Mr. Lincoln who was with them for a period of three years.

In October 1922 he was offered the Directorship of the School of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University which he accepted and since that time he has been the capable leader of a prominent school in a great university which is training men to produce even greater things along electrical lines.

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