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Benjamin Morse 1755-1813

From A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio, New Connecticut Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Painesville, Ohio, 1902.

Typed and submitted by Becky Falin, 1996.

"Maj. Benj. Morse, Esq., born Nov. 7, 1855, died Feb. 6, 1813, age 59.

To every good he sought his aid to lend,
His country's virtue's and relgion's friend,
The morn shall come, this precious dust shall rise,
And songs immortal fill the immortal skies."

Thus reads the stone which marks his burial place in the old cemetery at Unionville.

"Benjamin Morse served in the Revolutionary War in the third regiment, with Col. Israel Putnam, in Capt. Obadiah Johnson's fifth company, on the first call for troops; was at Bunker Hill, also with the Quebec expedition." Conn. in the Rev.

He married a sister of Col. Alexander Harper, and is supposed to be one of the party that came with him in 1798.

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