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George Munson

The following article is from the Painesville Telegraph, 5 June 1884, pg. 1 and reprinted in the July 1991 "LakeLines," the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society, retranscribed here by Kerri O'Connor.

More PIONEER SKETCHES on the Munson Family:

The eighth child of Ashbel and Candace S. Munson was named William Grinnell; he was born Aug. 11th, 1812, and died May 30th, 1813, aged nine months. George being the ninth and youngest child of this family, was born July 10th, 1815. He was six years old when his parents left their home in Connecticut. His birth day like three of his sisters occuring while on the journey to Ohio. In 1844 he visited his native town and was able by his retentive memory to notice the changes that had taken place in his native town in over twenty years. His health was such that he was unable to perform the labor of his older brothers, but he was a man of good judgement and handled cattle to some extent with other traffic. When he came to be 21 in 1836, he still remained at this father's, working the farm and at the death of his father, Dec. 19th, 1841, he came in full possession of the house built of logs and erected a frame to the one previously built. He was social and like his father had a fund of anecdotes to illustrate his ideas, which made him a very aggreeable companion for old or young. He was a kind hearted good neighbor; always appearing to manifest the disposition to live quietly and peaceable with all mankind, and he succeeded in gaining the respect of his fellow citizens. He had a good degree of prosperity. He purchased in addition to his farm, two acres of land on which was a house which he built an addition making a very agreeable home for his family. But the time came for him to bid adeau to earhly scenes; he caught a violent cold which did not yield to medicine and assumed a congestive form. He died much lamented, March 15th, 1869, aged fifty-four.

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