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Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Wright) Munson

The following article is from the Painesville Telegraph, 5 June 1884, pg. 1 and reprinted in the July 1991 "LakeLines," the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society, retranscribed here by Kerri O'Connor.

More PIONEER SKETCHES on the Munson Family:

She was the daughter of Thomas and Charles Wright, and was born in Hudson, Ohio, February 14th, 1820. She received a good common school education and with her good natural abilities has been able to act well her part in the drama of life. She made a profession of religion in early life, uniting with the Congregational Church in Hudson. After her marriage her church relations were transferred to the M. E. Church in Mentor, and it can be said that she adorned that profession in a well ordered life and conversation. She was married in her father's house in Hudson, Ohio to Geo. Munson, of Mentor, Sept. 21, 1853. They were the parents of one child, Alice (Wright) Munson, now residing at the former home of her parents in Mentor, with her husband, Eugene Case, a native of Hudson. In this connection it may not be improper to say that Mr. Munson by will gave all his property, real and personal, to his wife, and it afforded her and daughter a competent living. She unfortunately broke her wrist, causing great suffering, and finally a deranged mind. She was brought from the Asylum at Newburgh to her old home in Mentor, where her daughter and husband kindly took care of her. A few hours previous to her death her reason returned and she desired to see her relatives, and seemed very glad to see the face of her little grandson. She died Sabbath evening, October 14th, 1883, aged 64 years. A large number of relatives and friends assembled to attend to her burial; appropriate remarks were made by Rev. Mr. Ely, of the M. E. Church, the last sad rites of burial.

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