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Stephen Norwood 1762-1842

This biography was written and contributed by DJ Weber.

Stephen Norwood was born in 1762 and died in East Painesville, Perry Township, Lake County, Ohio in August 1842, aged eighty years. The death date is either August 1, 1842 or August 15, 1842; there are two conflicting markers within the cemetery identifying the date of death.

He is buried in Perry Township in the South Ridge Cemetery, Lane Road and South Ridge Road, near the little Church.

In 1902 in "A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio" prepared by the New Connecticut Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Painesville, Ohio, and the update in 1985, Stephen Norwood was identified as having served with the America forces in the Revolutionary War. This may or may not be correct but the Daughters of the American Revolution identifed Stephen Norwood incorrectly by using service information of another Stephen Norwood from the Commonweath of Massachusetts.

The Stephen Norwood buried in South Ridge Cemetery was very possibly born in the New York Colony, parents Stephen and Anna/Hanna Norwood. Stephen, his family and several other related Norwood families moved to Lake County in the late 1820s from the Livingston Manor area of Columbia County, New York.

He was accompanied in his move to Lake County by the family of his brother David Norwood, his older daugher Mary Norwood Wilson and his son or nephew Francis Norwood who eventually moved to Trumbull County. His wife was Elisabeth Welch who died December 11, 1859 and is also buried in the South Ridge Cemetery. Several additional children remained unmarried or childless and their remains are buried near Stephen Norwood in the South Ridge Cemetery.

The Norwood male line of Stephen Norwood did not continue but Ford and Wilson families through his daughters have continued to exist.

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