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Harriet N. Paine 1814-1880

From the Painesville Telegraph, transcribed by teen volunteer, Ray Julian and submitted by Sally Malone.

From the Painesville TELEGRAPH, Jan. 22, 1880 page 3:

Died. Paine-At her residence in LeRoy, Ohio, Saturday evening, Jan. 17th, 1880, Harriet N. Paine, aged 65 years. Relict of the late Henry Paine.

From the Painesville Telegraph January 29, 1880 page 3:

Perhaps many of your readers will be pleased to read a more extended obituary of Mrs. Harriet N. Paine, of LeRoy, than the brief noticed published last week. She was the eldest daughter of Ira Tuttle, one of the pioneers of Ashtabula Co., O., and was born Nov. 30, 1814, in the township of Austinburgh. Her earliest recollections were of pioneer life; of the apparently endless woods through which rang the blows of the ax by day and the howl of the wolf by night; of the log cabins with their wide fireplace around which the family gathered, by whose side stood the old spinning-wheel with its basket of hand-carded rolls, for in those early days all the cloth worn in the family was made by the family. Nothing strange that the boys and girls of the early day grew up to be self-reliant men and women. At the age of 19 she married Henry Paine, eldest son of Hendrick E. Paine, of LeRoy. Few women have so truly been companions to their husbands as was Mrs. Paine. In all his business , which was extensive in varions [sic] directions, in all his readings and social projects, she was his adviser and helper. Her life was one of usefulness in many ways. The poor who came to her for help never left her unaided, and those who came to her in sympathy received full measure. Fulfilling all the requirements of the mother of a large family, she yet found time for extensive reading and was well informed on all topics of the day. In early life she became a member of the Congregational Church and one of her earliest recollections was of attending church at the first church edifice erected on the Western Reserve. All her life time she was a sincere, devoted follower of the Savior.

She was the mother of ten children, all of whom survive her but three were with her in her last hours. She died in the same house were she was brought a happy bride forty-six years ago. It has ever been her home, and never was a home crowned by the presence and influence of a more faultless life. Her death, although sudden, was not wholly unexpected. For some time she had been troubled with heart disease and six or seven weeks ago she experienced a slight shock of paralysis, but since that time and until the morning of Jan. 13th, she was remarkably well. On that morning she arose with her usual health, ate a hearty breakfast and within an hour was stricken down with a severe shock of paralysis. She lingered with her children and friends till Saturday, being conscious and able to converse most of the time. She murmured "Farewell" to her weeping children, and at seven p.m. her gentle spirit took its flight.

So soon? But yesterday she smiled
And met us at the door with welcome home.
And all the greetings given to her child
Told only motherís love and love alone.

So Soon! To-day the closed eye
And bosom heaving not with fevered breath,
Tell us lifeís work and care are all laid by;
The Motherís love and heart are stilled in death.

O Love! cling fast unto thy dead!
Not to the dear form laid beneath the willow,
Not to the dear face and the silvered head,
Peacefully resting on the casket pillow,

But unto motherís life! The life of pain,
Yet glorified by christian trust and love,
Rich legacy while life and time remain,
Her childrenís beacon light to worlds above.

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