Lake County Ohio GenWeb

Index to
The Story of Fairport,
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Sesqui-Centennial - July 1946

This index was developed to help researchers locate information and photos about Fairport history, families, commerce and, buildings. Numbers were assigned to the Story of Fairport pages starting with the title page as "1" and continuing without interruption through pages of text, advertisements and graphics through the publisher's ad on page 116. The conventions used by the indexer, Lake County Genealogical Society early member and Past President Phyllis Williams, are explained at the beginning of the index itself. There are more than 2512 entries.

The "official souvenir edition" commemorating Fairport's Sesquicentennial Celebration for the years 1796 to 1946 was published by the Neal Printing Company. It is filled with short articles relating to Fairport history - of early pioneers, the lives of famous citizens, the development and operation of businesses, and the lives of ordinary citizens.

Scattered throughout the book are historic photographs of landmark buildings. Also reproduced are group photographs of local community organization members and sports teams. Many captions include the names of those pictured. Many local businesses that supported the effort are recognized by the advertisements spaced throughout the book. Stylized Native American motifs were used to enhance the 4 sides of the cover and the title page.

Written anecdotes providing additional identifications for the photos, adding other stories relating to information printed in this book, and offering corrections are welcome and will be placed in the Morley Library Genealogy and Local History collection's Fairport archival box. They may be mailed to:

Genealogy and Local History Room
Morley Library
184 Phelps Street
Painesville OH 44077


The original book editors and authors
Phyllis Williams for doing the indexing
Carl Thomas Engel and Morley Library for support, counsel, time
Sally D. Malone for suggesting and coordinating this project, and for providing the introductory materials
Herbert M. Turk for publishing to the web and the details that made it better for this presentation


1. Photos have been designated
2. Women are indexed under both married and maiden names.
3. Fairport (only) streets are indexed beginning with the word Street
4. All lake vessels begin with the word ship: Ship, "George R. Page"
5. Similarly, parks, bands, churches, islands and railroads are indexed with those words first.
6. In advertisements, businesses are listed by name: Johnny and Myrt's Sweet Shop. Additionally, personal names in ads are indexed separately.

Type of Entry: advertisement, event, family name, location, organization, title or topic
PageIndex EntryTypeArticle Title
41A & P Storea 
18A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co.a 
88A. J. McCrone Co.a 
38A. J. Simon Storea 
78Acme Pie Co.a 
47Adams, George K,. Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Adams, JosephfSlovaks
50Adams, Stephen P., Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Adams, Stevef 
103Aeolian Pipe Organt 
8Agnew, Samuelfsurveying party
13Agricultural Society of Geauga Countyospeech
47Ahlberg, Helmi, Mrs.f 
21Aho, G. A., Rev.f 
50Aho, G. A., Rev. and Mrs.f 
58Aho, Johnf 
58Aho, Johnf 
101Aho, Robert G.f 
58Ahonen, Lillian, Mrs.f 
65Alanen Radio Servicea 
65Alanen, Tauno M.f 
49Alberg, J. T., Mr. and Mrsf 
72Albert, Augustf 
77Alinen, Isaacf 
19Alto, Gusfband
47Alto, Vernie, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Alto, Vernie, Mrs.fworkers
47Alto, Wm., Mr. and Mrs.f 
54Ameen, Georgef 
54Ameen's Confectionerya 
77Anderson, Johnf 
38Andrus, Ford W.f 
46Annala, "Ike"f 
8Annala, Florafcredits
89Annala, Floraf 
109Annala, Jackfteam
40Annala, Jackfbaseball
97Annala, Jackfball
107Annala, Jackf 
89Annala, Jacobf 
79Annala, Jacobf 
40Annala, Jacobfmayor
50Annala, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Annala, Marief 
32Ann's Food Storea 
50Anthony, Robert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Anti-Slavery Society of the State of OhiooBlack laws
50Anzek, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Appleseed, Johnnyfplay
49Arcadi, James, Mr. and Mrs.f 
48Arlington Building ruins (photo)t 
42Arlington Hotel Buildinglbank
62Arlington Hotel Building (photo)l 
13Arlington, Thethotels
47Armstrong, Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Ashman, Charles, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Ashton, Jack, Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Asuma, A. Walter (photo)f 
89Asuma, Sadief 
89Asuma, Walterf 
40Atkins, Thomasfbaseball
8Atwater, Amzifsurveying party
43Austin, Judgef 
6Austin, Seymour, Judgefhistory
8Ayers, Elishafsurveying party
73Babcock familyfIndian
99Babcock, Josephf 
112Babcock, Joseph C.f 
51Babcock, Joseph, Capt.fFairmont
73Babcock, Joseph, Capt.fIndian
62Babcock, Joseph, Captainfcoast guard
42Babcock, Lieut.fcamp
58Bacso, Bela P., Rev. (photo)f 
58Bacso, Bela, Mrs.f 
110Bacso, Bela, Rev.fcommittee
50Bacso, Bela, Rev. and Mrs.f 
25Baer, Hiramf 
42Baer, Lieut.fcamp
45Bagin, Johnf 
8Bailey, Agnesfcredits
61Bailey, Agnesf 
40Bailey, Augustfbaseball
109Bailey, Billfteam
61Bailey, Gertrudef 
8Bailey, Gertrudefcredits
109Bailey, Gusfteam
97Bailey, Gusfball
97Bailey, Williamfball
107Bailey, Williamf 
40Bailey, Wm.fbaseball
49Bailey, Wm., Mrs.f 
45Bajc, Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Baker, Charles P., Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Baliga, Paul, Mr. and Mrs.f 
109Ball Team, 1911 (photo)t 
45Balogh, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Band, "Sulo" (photo)t 
72Band, Harding High Schoolt 
10Band, Harding High School (photo)o 
10Band, Imatrao 
19Band, Imatra (photo)tband
10Band, Suloo 
63Bantz, Charlesf 
8Barber, Amosfsurveying party
81Barber, E. D.oburning
37Barkinen, JohnfImmigrants
75Barkinen, Samf 
71Barkinen, Sammiefclass
102Barks, Forrestf 
40Barnes, "Jigger"fbaseball
70Barnes, Art "Jigger"fbaseball
109Barnes, Art "Jigger"fteam
97Barnes, Arthur "Jigger"fball
107Barnes, Arthur "Jiggers"f 
8Barnes, Samuelfsurveying party
107Barnum, P. T.ftruck
71Barra, Johnfclass
71Barra, Lizziefclass
49Barrish, Elizabeth M., Mrs.f 
110Barrish, Elizabeth, Mrs.fworkers
80Barrish, JosephfSuomi Church
37Bartich, MikefImmigrants
49Bartish, Charles, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Bartish, Jack, Mr. and Mrs.f 
39Barton Bros. Garagea 
103Basco, Bela P., Rev.f 
70Baseball team, early 1900's (photo)t 
48Bass, Samuelf 
107Bates, Frankf 
109Bates, Frank "Huddy"fteam
49Bates, Winslow, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Bauer, Frank L.f 
110Bauer, Theresa, Mrs.fworkers
83Baxter, Rev.fplay
104Beacon Marketa 
8Beard, Davidfsurveying party
37Becker, Howard U., Mr. and Mrs.f 
107Beeman, H.f 
40Beeman, pitcherfbaseball
84Bell, J. M., D. D. S.a 
63Bell, Louis IIIf 
63Bell, Louis, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
63Bell, Richardf 
103Bellony, Alexander M.f 
63Bell's Restauranta 
104Ben Franklin Storea 
95Bendick, MikefSlovaks
49Bendzsak, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Benham, Shadrachfsurveying party
50Beno, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Benton, Stephenfsurveying party
93Berecz, Basil, Fr.fchurch
58Berentz, Rothf 
33Bergen, John, Rev.fchurch
50Bernay, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
33Bertich, Mikefchurch
45Beseda, Joseph A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Beseda, Margaretf 
59Better Business Boardo 
49Beverage Distributers, Inc.o 
58Bezzeg, Johnf 
37Big 4 Cleanersa 
64Big Water God, The (Indian legend)t 
68Bill Brown Furniture Co.a 
110Bittner, Grantfcommittee
58Bittner, Grantf 
73Bittner, Grantfcorrection
47Bittner, Grant, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Bittner, Marionfplay
20Bitzer Furniture Co.a 
8Bjerstedt, Robert, Mrs.fcredits
95Black LawstBlack laws
35Black Rock (dredge?)tCleaveland
68Blair, Howardf 
25Blake, A. F.f 
50Blakeslee, Donald J. M., Col. and Mrs.f 
35Blakeslee, Donald, Col.f 
47Blakeslee, Ronald, Mr. and Mrs.f 
52Blooming Grove estatet 
14Blue Room Beauty Salona 
48Blummenthal, Alexf 
69Board of Educationo 
60Board of EducationoLawrence
69Board of Library Trusteeso 
9boarding house (photo)l 
83Bobel, Maryfgraduates
101Bodak, John B.f 
58Boley, C. E.f 
49Boley, C. E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Boley, Charlesfplay
7Boley, Charles E.fVillage officials
110Boley, Charles, Mrs.fworkers
71Bolton, Harryfclass
11Bond, Eli, Gen.fpioneer
114Booth, Robertf 
47Borelle, Paul, Mr. and Mrs.f 
105Bowden, Tom "Sundown"fcolorful
49Bradley, Ralph J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Braid, Stanleyf 
58Braid, Stanleyf 
8Braid, Stanley, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
50Braid, Stanley, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Braski, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
11Bread & Butter Food Shopa 
71Brennan, Lenafclass
45Brennon, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Brewster, Donald, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Briant, Johnfsurveying party
46Bridge, St. Clair St.(photo)t 
40Bridge, St. Clair Street (collapsed)t 
67Bridge, St. Clair Street (photo)l 
21Bright, F. A., Rev.fgraduation
70Brown, "Ginger"fbaseball
68Brown, Billf 
109Brown, Clemfteam
7Brown, E. H.fVillage officials
31Brown, Elijahfhistorical soc.
50Brown, Elijah H.f 
71Brown, Emmafclass
93Brown, Ethelfcommencement
97Brown, Fredfball
71Brown, Freddiefclass
47Brown, Richard C., Mr. and Mrs.f 
42Buck, Georgefbank
113Buckeye Dairy Co.a 
22Buckeye Fisheriesa 
86Buckeye Soda Co.o 
58Bumblis, Williamf 
58Bumblis, Williamf 
110Bumblis, Williamfcommittee
8Burbank, Stephenfsurveying party
70Burns, Joefbaseball
13bus accidenttbus tragedy
60Butchers' Association, Fairport and PainesvilleoLawrence
57Butler Bros.olocation
83Butler, Dolliefplay
83Butler, Mrs.fplay
73Butler, Samuelfwarehouses
31Butler, SamuelfButler
83Butler, Samuel, Capt.fplay
110Butterfield, Josephfcommittee
68Butterfield, Joseph V.f 
47Butterfield, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
68Butterfield's Billiardsa 
112Button, Albertf 
21Byrnes, T. W.fgraduation
50Cadwell, M. D., Dr.fband
7Cadwell, Pearl L.fVillage officials
58Cadwell, Pearl L.f 
58Cadwell, Pearl, Mrs.f 
71Call, Daisyfclass
109Calloway, Bertfteam
42Camp Gen. Minshulltcamp
80Camp LuthertSuomi Church
47Campana, Michael G., Mr. and Mrs.f 
99Card, Jonathan Fordf 
29Carl, C. P.f 
77Carnegie, Andrewf 
50Carnival, "Band benefit"e 
71Carrol, Almafclass
25Carruthers, Jamesf 
25Carruthers, James, Mrs.f 
49Caruso, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
102Casella Dry Cleaning Co.a 
95Cashmere, GeorgefSlovaks
58Cashmere, Mariamf 
8Cashmere, Marion, Mrs.fcredits
75Cashmere, Maryf 
49Cashmere, Mary, Missf 
47Centnar, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
23Central Meat Market (photo)t 
39Chalfin, Maxf 
47Chamberlin, Leof 
97Championship basketball team, 1925 (photo)t 
49Chaney, Lewis, Mr. and Mrs.f 
21Chapman, Capt.fgraduation
45Chapman, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Chapman, Edward, Mrs.fworkers
44Chapman, Johnf 
8Chapman, Mr.fsurveying party
45Chapman, Walter, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Childs, Wm.fband
96Church parsonage, Suomil 
80Church, American LutherantLutheran Church
93Church, Congregationallcommencement
37Church, CongregationaltImmigrants
95Church, Congregationaltschools
83Church, Congregationallgraduates
25Church, Fairport Congregational (photo)t 
21Church, Finnish Am.Evangelical Lutheran Nationalt 
80Church, First Evangelical LutherantLutheran Church
103Church, First Hungarian Reformedt 
103Church, Hungarian Evangelical and Reformedt 
103Church, Hungarian Reformed (photo)t 
33Church, Immaculate Conceptiontchurch
21Church, Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran (photo)t 
81Church, Lutherantburning
21Church, National Evangelical Lutherant 
25Church, Painesville Congregationalt 
67Church, Roman Catholict 
93Church, St. Anthonylchurch
67Church, St. Anthony's (photo)t 
33Church, St. Anthony's (photo)tchurch
93Church, St. Michael's Greek Catholic (photo)tchurch
59Church, Suomil 
80Church, Suomi Zion LutherantSuomi Church
79Church, Suomi Zion Lutheran Church (photo)t 
70Church, Suomi, dedication (photo)e 
21Church, The People's Lutheran Freet 
49Cinke, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
112Citzens Tickett 
63Clark, Chas. H. and familyf 
71Clark, Mamiefclass
58Clark, Royf 
91Clark, Royf 
49Clark, Roy L., Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Classes of 1893 and 1896t 
63Cleary, Auraf 
35Cleaveland, Moses (poem)fCleaveland
8Cleaveland, Moses, Generalfsurveying party
44Cleaveland, Moses, Generalf 
39Cleveland Trust Co.a 
64Cleveland, Gen.f 
44clothing storet 
8Coffin, Michaelfsurveying party
47Colavecchio, Vincent, Mr. and Mrs.f 
32Coleman Photo Servicea 
8Coleman, Brucefcredits
58Coleman, Brucef 
32Coleman, Bruce, Mr. and Mrs.f 
40Colgrove, "Tiny"fbaseball
102Colgrove, M. S.f 
40Colgrove, R. E.fbaseball
102Colgrove's Drug Storea 
93Commencement, 1908ecommencement
83commencement, eigth grade, 1909egraduates
46Concoby, Billf 
92Condon Bros. Coal Co.a 
97Congas, Victorfteam
89Congas, Vienof 
101Congos, Arthur B.f 
104Conley, Paulinef 
52Conn. Land Co.o 
6Connecticut Land Co.ohistory
77Connecticut Land Co.o 
47Conner, Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.f 
3Constitutional Convention, First Statee 
83Converse, Frankfplay
97Cooper, Johnfball
40Cooper, Johnfbaseball
107Cooper, Johnf 
101Cooper, John E.f 
58Cornelius, Capt.f 
71Cotch, Maryfclass
45Cotter, Gerald M.f 
71Cousoc, Theresafclass
33Craig, Williamfchurch
33Craig, Wm.fchurch
58Cramer, Frankf 
47Cramer, Frank A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Cramer, William A. (photo)f 
50Crofoot, B. Frankfband
103Csekes, Bela, Rev.f 
103Csutoros, Elek, Rev.f 
46Cubs baseball team (photo)t 
83Curley, Catfishfplay
64Cuyahoga Creekt 
45Daunch, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Daunch, Julius, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Davenport, Samuelfsurveying party
21Davis, Josephinefgraduation
92Davis, Rogerf 
107DeLaray, Tommyf 
104DeLay, Earlf 
50Demko, Zoltan, Rev.f 
7demographics, villaget 
98Depot Cafea 
77Diamond Alkali Co.o 
9Diamond Alkali Co. (photo)obeginnings
86Diamond Alkali Companyt 
85Diamond Alkali Company (photo)t 
109Diamond Alkilifteam
46Diamond Alkili Co. (photo)o 
57Diamond Alkili Companyolocation
89Dickley, John P.f 
8Doan, Nathanielfsurveying party
114Dobbins, Thomasf 
56Dominish Bros. Fish Co.a 
56Dominish, Jamesf 
56Dominish, Josephf 
56Dominish, Stevef 
50Donaldson, Lester W., Mr. and Mrs.f 
82Dougherty, Russf 
82Dougherty's Cafea 
110Drobnick, JosephfAFL
49Drobnick, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Drobnick, Joseph, Mrs.fworkers
110Ducke, Helmi, Mrs.fworkers
49Ducke, Wilfred, Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Duncan, Georgefclass
62Duncan, Mosefcoast guard
8Dunham, Timothyfsurveying party
71Dunlap, Pearlfclass
42Dunn, James, Jr.fbank
50Dunning, C. L., Mr. and Mrs.f 
7Dunning, ClaytonfVillage officials
17DuPont, Lammotfexplosion
17DuPonte de Nemoursfexplosion
82Dutch's Garagea 
47Dye, Dale, Mr. and Mrs.f 
23E. E. Lawrence & Co., Central Meat Market (photo)t 
87E. F. Gongwer Co.a 
15Eagle Taverntlandmark
13Eagle Tavernthotels
39Earl Ives Equipment Co.a 
49Eckert, Herman, Mr. and Mrs.f 
63Ed's Bakerya 
103Egry, Laszlo, Rev.f 
71Einshaw, Anniefclass
71Einshaw, Johnfclass
50Eldridge, C. D.fband
27Election, 1901 (tie votes)t 
108Electric Ore-Handling Fast Plants (photo)t 
8Ellar, Johnfcredits
49Ellar, Joseph, Mrs. and familyf 
58Eller, Johnf 
35Eller, John Michaelf 
91Empfield, William N. (photo)f 
44Equity Lumber Co.a 
103Erdei, Charles, Rev.f 
104Erickson, Einof 
89Erkkila, Bettyf 
63Erkkila, Ernestf 
19Erkkila, Niilofband
47Erkkila, Uno, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Erkkila, Waltof 
58Eskola, Matt E.f 
96Eskola, Matt E. (photo)f 
49Esterhay, Anton, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Esterhay, Juliusfcommittee
7Esterhay, JuliusfVillage officials
58Esterhay, Juliusf 
86Evans, Raymond F.f 
50Evans, Raymond F., Mr. and Mrs.f 
68F. W. Woolworth Co.a 
33Fa, Ariaganfchurch
51Fairmont (photo)t 
83"Fairport 100 Years Ago" (play)tplay
42Fairport Banking and Trust Companyobank
40Fairport Baseball Clubobaseball
116Fairport Beacona 
60Fairport Board of TradeoLawrence
45Fairport Booster Club (members 45, 47, 49, 50)o 
42Fairport Cadetstcamp
64Fairport delivery serviceo 
54Fairport Dine & Winea 
42Fairport Furniture Co.a 
52Fairport Gas Co.o 
31Fairport Harbor Historical Societyohistorical soc.
73Fairport Marine Museumt 
68Fairport Restauranta 
58Fairport Sesquicentenniale 
14"Fairport Through the Years" (poem)t 
77Fairporters in 1888 (photo)t 
50Fallet, Johnf 
47Farmer, B. L., Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Farmer, B., Mrs.f 
7Farmer, HazelfVillage officials
110Farmer, Hazelfcommittee
13Fashion Shoppea 
45Fazekas, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Fetchko, PeterfSlovaks
23Fiefield, Danf 
91Fifield, Freeman (photo)f 
71Fifield, Stellafclass
37Finn HollowtImmigrants
48Finnish Americal League for Democracyf 
48Finnish Educational Societyo 
27Finnish Temperance Societyt 
83Fire DepartmenttFire Dept.
70Fire Department horse-drawn wagon (photo)t 
7Fire Station (photo)l 
19first harbor (photo)t 
13first hotelthotels
99first mayort 
13first mayortspeech
39First National Bank in Painesvillea 
97first night football gametlights
97First Professional Ball Team, 1904 (photo)tball
46first salt well (photo)t 
12first schoolt 
95first schooltschools
12first steamboattsteamboats
12first trialttrial
107first truck (photo)ttruck
58Fisher, B., Dr.f 
45Fisher, Benjamin, Dr. and Mrs.f 
110Fitzgibbons, Dorothy, Mrs.fworkers
49Fitzgibbons, Harold, Mr. and Mrs.f 
99Flanders, Jacobf 
47Fohl, Maryf 
8Forbes, Samuelfsurveying party
38Ford W. Andrus, Real Estate Brokera 
28Foster, Johnf 
27Foster, Johnf 
52Fowler, Samuelf 
77Fowler, Samuelf 
66Frank Stanton Motorsa 
71Frank, Freddiefclass
71Frankie, Gracefclass
70Fredebaugh, Fredfbaseball
40Freeman, W. H.f 
40Freeman's Barber Shopa 
83Fry, A. J., Mrs.fgraduates
93Fry, A. J., Prof.fcommencement
83Fry, A. J., Prof.fgraduates
60Fryer, Maxf 
49Fundermark, Elmer, Mr. and Mrs.f 
25Gadsby, Geo., Rev.f 
43Gail G. Grant, Inc.a 
76Gallagher, Pat, Mrs.f 
45Galm, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Gasperak, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Gates, "Bet-a-Million"f 
58Gedeon, Georgef 
58Gedeon, Georgef 
110Gedeon, Georgefcommittee
83Gedeon, Georgefplay
31Gedeon, Georgefhistorical soc.
47Gedeon, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Germek, Laura, Mrs.f 
93Gernat, John B., Rev. Fr.fchurch
108Gibbs, H. W.f 
50Gibbs, Howard W., Mr. and Mrs.f 
98Gil Schwartz Distributorsa 
58Gillespie, Frankf 
49Gillespie, Frank A., Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Giratos, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Giratos, John, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
57Glenn L. Martin Companyolocation
47Gnod, Robert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
32Goblowsky, Annf 
58Goblowsky, Annf 
6gold searcht 
38Good Housekeeping Shopa 
8Gooding, Georgefsurveying party
58Gottwig, Edf 
16Gottwig, Ed., Mr. and Mrs.f 
96Gottwig's Buildingl 
16Gottwig's Restauranta 
112Graham, C. E.f 
25Graham, C. E.f 
64Grand Rivert 
46Grand River House (photo)l 
83Granger, Edw., Capt.fplay
83Granger, Gideon, Hon.fplay
13Granger, Ralphfspeech
99Granger, Ralphf 
33Granger, Ralphfrailroads
83Granger, Ralph, Hon.fplay
63Granlund, Toivof 
50Grant, Gail G., Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
17Graselli, Caesar A.fexplosion
101Gray, Delmarf 
47Gray, Delmar, Mrs.f 
8Gray, Francisfsurveying party
42Gray, W. D.fbank
60Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Waterway CommissionoLawrence
95Greek Catholic Union of the United StatesoSlovaks
20Green Shoe Storea 
73Greig, R. A. (photo)f 
50Greig, R. A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
7Greig, R. E.fVillage officials
73Grieg, R. A.f 
33Grow, Edwardfchurch
37Gulfair Service Centera 
8Gun, Elija, Mr. and Mrs.fsurveying party
71Guraly, "Fighting John" (photo)f 
53Guraly, Johnf 
58Guraly, Johnf 
110Guraly, Johnfcommittee
62Guraly, Josephfcast
31Guraly, Joseph T., Jr.fhistorical soc.
53Guraly's Restaurant, Inc.a 
49Gurley, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Gyure, Florencef 
47Gyure, Joseph, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Gyure, Nickf 
80Haapanen, Alfred, Rev.tSuomi Church
93Haapanen, Rev.fcommencement
49Haas, Joseph J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Haas, Mariefplay
72Haavisto, Isaacf 
89Hackley, Leslief 
103Hady, Albert, Rev.f 
50Haffner, Ettaf 
19Hakala, Arvifband
47Hakli, Peter, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Hakola, Laurie, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Halavacs, Alex, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Haleeni, JacobfImmigrants
8Halket, Jamesfsurveying party
95Halko, MikefSlovaks
8Hall, William E.fsurveying party
83Hallen, Elmafgraduates
95Hambor, GeorgefSlovaks
95Hambor, George, Jr.fSlovaks
49Hambor, George, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Hambor, George, Sr.fSlovaks
49Hambor, George, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Hambor, JosephfAFL
8Hamilton, Jamesfsurveying party
47Hamilton, Ray E.f 
8Hanehet, Lukefsurveying party
77Hannuksela, Ameliaf 
47Hanson, Albertf 
28harbor (photo)t 
30Harbor Land Co.a 
69Harding High School, Fairport (photo)t 
21Hardy, Missfgraduation
71Harmonic, Annafclass
95Harmonic, JohnfSlovaks
11Harper, (poet)f 
2Harper, Homerf 
47Harri, Eino, Mr. and Mrs.f 
40Harris, B. F.fmayor
50Harris, B. F., Mayorfband
91Harris, B. Frank (photo)f 
71Harris, Lulafclass
70Harris, Rosemanfbaseball
8Harris, Thomasfsurveying party
95Hawkins, J. C.fSlovaks
29Hawley's Flowersa 
49Hayduk, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Hayduke, Jessie, Mrs.f 
104Headland, Austinf 
110Headland, Austinfcommittee
58Headland, Austinf 
47Heikkila, Emil, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Heikkila, Gabriel, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Heinton, Robert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Heiskanen, Uso, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Helsius, Bruno, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Helstein, JohnfImmigrants
37Helstein, KallefImmigrants
79Helsten, Kustaaf 
10Helstrom, Einarfband
58Helstrom, Mr.f 
21Henderson, R. W.fgraduation
93Henderson, R. W., Prof.fcommencement
83Henderson, R. W., Prof.fgraduates
8Henes, Harvey H.fcredits
40Henry, A.fbaseball
109Henry, Art "Dutch"fteam
97Henry, Arthurfball
21Henry, Edwardfgraduation
31Henry, Georgefhistorical soc.
71Henry, Georgefclass
58Henry, Georgef 
50Henry, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
40Henry, J.fbaseball
42Henry, Jas., Capt.fcamp
109Henry, Jimfteam
71Henry, Lillyfclass
21Henry, Lily Rosefgraduation
21Henry, Lottiefgraduation
62Henry, Williamfcoast guard
112Herbert, Jamesf 
56Hersman, Royf 
79Herttua, Mattif 
79Herttua, Milef 
111Hervey, Bill (his Gang) (photo)t 
8Hervey, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
50Hervey, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Hervey, Henryf 
79Hervey, J. H.f 
19Hervey, Johnfband
47Hervey, Wilhelmf 
95Hervey, Wilhelm, Mr. and Mrs. (photo)t 
95Hervey, Wilhelminaf 
89Hietanen, Arlenef 
89Hietanen, Dorothyf 
71Hietanen, Ed.fclass
89Hietanen, Edlaf 
71Hietanen, Mattfclass
72Hietanen, Mattf 
79Hietanen, Mattf 
89Hietanen, Ruthf 
47Hietnen, Everett J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
19Hilberg, Einofband
83Hilberg, Fredfplay
19Hilberg, Johnfband
61Hilberg, Johnf 
58Hilberg, Johnf 
89Hilberg, Lailaf 
61Hilberg's Marketa 
77Hill, "Jim"f 
89Hill, Elizabethf 
61Hill, F. Oscarf 
83Hill, Huldafplay
89Hill, Mikef 
48Hill, Nikolaif 
89Hill, Onnif 
101Hill, Wilhof 
47Hill, William, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Hill, Wm., Mr. and Mrs.f 
80Hillila, Bernhard, Rev.tSuomi Church
50Hillila, Bernhard, Rev. and Mrs.f 
80Hillila, Huga, Rev.tSuomi Church
80Hillila, Hugo, Rev.fSuomi Church
61Hill's Hardwarea 
34Hilston and Sonsa 
73Hilston, Albertf 
7Hilston, AlbertfVillage officials
58Hilston, Arnoldf 
77Hilston, Charlesf 
77Hilston, Charlesf 
77Hilston, Charlesf 
79Hilston, Charles G.f 
77Hilston, Emmaf 
77Hilston, Hildaf 
47Hilston, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Hilston, Juliaf 
45Hilston, Kenneth W.f 
89Hilston, Lilyf 
77Hilston, Miinaf 
77Hilston, Miina, Mrs.f 
71Hilston, Minafclass
97Hilston, Nealfteam
77Hilston, Serefiija, Mrs.f 
11Hine, Homer Hubbellfpioneer
37Hirvi, WilliamfImmigrants
72Hissa, Jacobf 
86Historical Society, Fairportobooks
59Historical Society, Fairport Harboro 
31Historical Society, Fairport Harborohistorical soc.
45Hoch, Andrew K., Mr. and Mrs.f 
31Hoffman, Fabian, Rev.fhistorical soc.
81Hoffman, G. P.fburning
50Hoffmann, Fabian, Rev.f 
93Hoffmann, Fabian, Rev. Fr.fchurch
45Hogya, Frank, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Hogya, John P., Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Hogya, John P., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Hogya, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
80Hohenthal, Torsten, Rev.tSuomi Church
72Hokkanen, Josephf 
71Hollain, Jackfclass
71Hollain, Susanfclass
63Hollbom, Einarf 
64Holley, Johnf 
8Holley, John Miltonfsurveying party
62Holley, Orinfcoast guard
89Holm. Hildaf 
72Holma, Heikkif 
58Holson, Johnf 
40Holson, John O.f 
75Holson, Normaf 
77Honkala, Gusf 
95Hornyak, AndrewfSlovaks
33Horstman, Ignatius, Bishopfchurch
49Horvath, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Howard, Thomasfplay
58Hritz, Andrewf 
47Huffman, David, Mr. and Mrs.f 
114Hugh's Budget Jewelersa 
19Huhtala, Victorfband
47Humppi, Wilhelmina, Mrs.f 
50Hungerford, L. W.fband
91Hungerford, Lee W. (photo)f 
46Hungerford, Nellief 
8Hungerford, Samuelfsurveying party
37Huntington BeachlMayor
3Huntington, Addie L., Mrs.f 
99Huntington, Colbertf 
3Huntington, Edwin G., Mr. and Mrs.f 
99Huntington, Julianf 
3Huntington, Lucillef 
3Huntington, Lucy Tombesf 
52Huntington, Samuelf 
37Huntington, SamuelfMayor
80Huntington, Samuelf 
86Huntington, Samuelf 
73Huntington, Samuelfwarehouses
3Huntington, Samuel (photo)f 
6Huntington, Samuel, Governorfhistory
86Huntington's law bookstbooks
80Huotari, Kaarlo, Rev.tSuomi Church
89Hutander, Einof 
89Hutander, Ruthf 
21Hutchinson, Superintendentfgraduation
80Huuskonen, John, Rev.fLutheran Church
110Hyduke, Jessiefcommittee
83Ice Carnivale 
83Ice Palacet 
36Ideal Dairy Productsa 
41Ideal, Electrical Appliance Dealera 
49Ignat, John, Sr.f 
83Ignat, Josephfplay
45Ignat, Marthaf 
41Ignatt, Johnf 
79Iisakkila, Isaacf 
73Indian Massacre at Sanduskyt 
6Indians, Eriethistory
6Indians, Northern Ohiothistory
24Industrial Rayon Corporation (photo)a 
86Ingley, Albert H.f 
50Ingley, Albert H., Mr. and Mrs.f 
42Ingraham, H. D.fbank
49Irons, W. O., Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Irwin, J. R.fSlovaks
71Irwin, Royfclass
50Irwin, T. M.fband
46Irwin, Thomasf 
40Irwin, Thomasfbaseball
42Irwin, Thomas M.fbank
25Irwin, Tomf 
7Isackila, EdwardfVillage officials
47Isackila, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Isackila, Edward, Mrs.fcredits
89Isakkila, Isaacf 
89Isakkila, Tyynef 
56Isaly's Dairy Storea 
25Island, Averill'stislands
25Island, Grasstislands
108Island, Grassl 
25Island, Ramtislands
58Ivary, Mattf 
39Ives, Earlf 
41J. A. Kortesmakia 
94J. J. Newberry Co.a 
18J. L. Prokop and Sons, floristsa 
100J. O. Myllykoski, coal dealera 
47Jacob, Andrew G., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Jacobs, J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
86Jacobsen-Cooper American Legion Posto 
49Jacobson, Alice, Mrs.f 
47Jacobson, John A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Jacobson, Mattf 
110Jarboe, J., Mrs.fworkers
58Jarvinen, Mrs.f 
48Jarvinen, Victorf 
49Jarvinen, W. D., Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Jarvinen, Wm.f 
50Jarvis, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
20Jeannette Julyana 
52Jefferson, Presidentf 
45Jeffries, Ralph W., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Jenkins, Squirefplay
112Jerome, F. J.f 
113John A. Makitalo, Sr., photographer (photo)a 
82John E. Saboa 
44John G. Resetara 
35John Michael Eller, phtographera 
61Johnny and Myrtt's Sweet Shoppea 
44Johnny Appleseedt 
40John's Service Stationa 
23Johnson, Billf 
50Johnson, Fred, Marshalfband
71Johnson, Gracefclass
23Johnson, Johnf 
54Johnson, Royf 
42Johnson, Tom L.fcamp
8Johnston, Belle R., Mrs.fcredits
50Joles, R. C.fband
97Joles, Rayfball
71Joles, Rayfclass
107Joles, Rayf 
8Joles, Ray, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
13Jones' Hallthotels
95Jones, JimfSlovaks
74Joss, W. J.f 
75Juhola, Allenf 
75Juhola, Johnf 
47Juist, Felix, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
20Julyan, Jeannettef 
77Jussila, Samuelf 
45Juzna, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
80K., P. E.tSuomi Church
93K., P. E.fanti-saloon
95Kakas, JoefSlovaks
87Kallay Bros.a 
45Kalliomaa, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
26Kamenar Mobilgas Stationa 
95Kamenar, JohnfSlovaks
47Kamenar, John M., Mr. and Mrs.f 
26Kamenar, Josephf 
95Kamenar, MichaelfSlovaks
26Kamenar, Stevef 
75Kangas, Edithf 
49Kangas, Eino A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Kangas, Eugenefcommittee
58Kangas, Millerf 
40Kangas, Victorfmayor
58Kanocz, Stevef 
49Kanocz, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kanyuh, G. C., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Kanyuh, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Kanyuh, MikefSlovaks
58Kanyuh, Paulf 
49Kanyuh, Stephen R., Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Kanyuh, Varmaf 
32Kanyuh's Taverna 
112Kap, V.f 
41Kapel Winerya 
41Kapel, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
46Karhu, Einar "Larry"f 
37Karhu, JohnfImmigrants
50Karplak, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Kasari, Idaf 
89Kasari, Johnf 
47Kasari, V. M.f 
89Kasari, Vainof 
51Kasvi Temperance Hall (photo)t 
111Kasvi Temperance Societyo 
72Kasvi Temperance Societyo 
97Katila, Albertfteam
49Katila, Arvi L.f 
8Katila, Carlfcredits
58Katila, Carl M.f 
50Katila, Carl M., Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Katila, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Katila, George E.f 
77Katila, Johnf 
19Katila, Johnfband
110Katila, JohnfAFL
47Katila, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
93Katila, Lempi E.fcommencement
8Katila, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
47Katila, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Katila, Nealfplay
58Katila, Neal J.f 
50Katila, Neal J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
116Katila, Neal J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Katila, NiilesfImmigrants
45Katko, Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kato, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Kaukonen, Amy A. (photo)f 
40Kaukonen, Amy, Dr.fmayor
71Kauppi, Arthurfclass
71Kauppi, Matildafclass
47Kauppinen, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kautiainen, Arvo, Mr. and Mrs.f 
78Kay, Haroldf 
21Keener, E. D., Mr. and Mrs.fgraduation
77Keltamaki, Johnf 
82Kephart, M. C.f 
103Kerekes, Bela, Rev.f 
45Kerestman, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kessler, Joe, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kessler, Joe, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Kiikka, Albert G.f 
89Kiikka, Almaf 
89Kiikka, Jacobf 
45Kiikka, John F., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Kiikka, William, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kiikka, Wm. J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Kiikkas, Matt E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
64Killinen, Edwardf 
46Killinen, Edwardf 
47Killinen, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Killinen, Mattfband
79Killinen, Mattf 
64Killinen, Mattf 
72Killinen, Mattf 
50Killinen, Matt, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
8Killinen, Matt, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
42Killinen, Mattifbank
79Killinen, Mattif 
37Killinen, MattifImmigrants
58Killinen, Pearlf 
31Killinen, Pearlfhistorical soc.
72Killinen, Pearl E.f 
84Kinnunen, D. D. S.a 
50Kinnunen, Ida, Mrs.f 
71Kintosh, Johnfclass
71Kintosh, Mikefclass
45Kish, Esther, Mrs.f 
104Kish, Helenf 
58Kish, Johnf 
47Kish, John, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Kishman, Charlesf 
49Kitinoja, Phyllis J.f 
106Kitty and Jigg's Cafea 
48Kivimaki, Jacobf 
109Kivimaki, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.fgang
47Kivimaki, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Kivimaki, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
80Kivioja, Abel, Rev.tSuomi Church
79Kivioja, Abel, Rev.f 
37Kivioja, Abel, Rev.fImmigrants
50Klein, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
59Klien's Free Attractionse 
50Klumph, Lynn R., Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Knights and Ladies of Kaleva (photo)o 
13Knights of Kalevaokaleva
42Knisely, J. H., Jr.fbank
42Knisely, J. H., Jr.fbank
49Knotts, Clarence, Mr. and Mrs.f 
62Knuute, Jolesfcoast guard
49Kochis, Anton, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Kohan, MikefSlovaks
21Kokkonen, A. E., Rev.f 
95Kolesar, AndrewfSlovaks
49Kolesar, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
61Kolesar, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Kollar, JoefSlovaks
45Komendat, Michael, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Kontiainen, Mattf 
49Kordich, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Korpi, Jack, Mr. and Mrs.f 
75Korpinen, Kennethf 
41Kortesmaki, J. A.f 
45Koskela, Hagerf 
89Koski, Ainof 
89Koski, Everettf 
49Koski, Jacob O., Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Koski, Lizziefclass
71Koski, Lucyfclass
47Kosman, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
33Koszak, Johnfchurch
49Kovach, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Kovach, Mary, Missfworkers
45Kovach, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
75Kovach, Robertf 
95Kovak, JoefSlovaks
95Koval, JohnfSlovaks
95Kraynik, AndrewfSlovaks
49Kraynik, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Kriiku, Onni A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
103Krisik, Alajos, Rev.f 
103Krivulka, Charles, Rev.f 
45Krivulka, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
3Krog, B. H.f 
74Kubb, Normanf 
49Kucsma, Joseph P., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Kuhan, Harryf 
19Kuitti, Johnfband
49Kuivila, Carl J.f 
79Kuivila, Mattif 
79Kuivila, Mattif 
47Kula, Hildaf 
77Kulberg, Jacobf 
97Kulberg, Johnfteam
72Kulberg, Mattf 
77Kulberg, Mattf 
79Kulma, Thomasf 
89Kulma, Williamf 
33Kulnane, G. C.fchurch
50Kulnane, Jamesfband
107Kulnane, Jamesf 
49Kunashko, Alexf 
37Kupari, JacobfImmigrants
58Kylmanen, Ruth, Missf 
87L. E. Patch Agencya 
99L. Keys and Co.o 
58Laczko, Johnf 
31Laczko, John W.fhistorical soc.
58Laczko, John W.f 
49Laczko, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Lagerstedt, Arthur, Mr. and Mrs.f 
79Lahti, Gabrielf 
89Lahti, Helmif 
79Lahti, Mahtif 
47Lahti, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Lahti, Mattif 
77Laine, Gideonf 
44Laird Lumber Co.a 
19Laitinen, Arvifband
19Laitinen, Johnfband
11Laitinen, Johnf 
19Laitinen, Rudolphfband
49Laivala, Gust, Mr. and Mrs.f 
90Lake Cabs, Inc.a 
60Lake County Board of HealthoLawrence
92Lake County Gas Co.a 
52Lake County Gas Co.o 
60Lake County Savings and Loan Co.oLawrence
115Lake County Transportation Co.a 
97Lake Shore League (professional basketball)oteam
89Lake, Amandaf 
89Lake, Helenf 
87Lake, R. A.f 
83Lake, R. A.fplay
89Lake, R. A.f 
89Lake, Violetf 
87Lake's Barber Shopa 
89Lakia, Jacobf 
110Lamar HousetLamar
81Lamar Housetburning
71Lamar, Ellenfclass
110Lamar, HenryfLamar
110Lamar, Henry Anson, CaptainfLamar
33Lamar, Mary, Mrs.fchurch
45Lampela, Henry, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Lampella, Toby, Mr. and Mrs.f 
80Lamprecht, Albert, Rev.fLutheran Church
8Landon, Josephfsurveying party
110Lasczko, Johnfcommittee
58Lasko, Frankf 
7Lasko, FrankfVillage officials
49Lasko, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
25Latham, Earnest, Rev.f 
47Latva, Wiljo, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Lausche, Frank J., Gov. (photo)f 
49Lautanen, Charles, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Lautanen, John J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
70Lawler, Jayfbaseball
49Lawler, Mary, Mrs.f 
95Lawrence, E. E.fSlovaks
42Lawrence, E. E.fcamp
81Lawrence, E. E.fburning
50Lawrence, E. E.fband
93Lawrence, E. E.fcommencement
21Lawrence, E. E.fgraduation
42Lawrence, E. E.fbank
37Lawrence, E. E.fMayor
23Lawrence, E. E.f 
83Lawrence, E. E.fgraduates
60Lawrence, Edward E. Sr. (photo)f 
37Lawrence, EthelfMayor
70Lee, Lesterfbaseball
45Lee, R. E.f 
45Lefelhocz, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Lefelhocz, Stephen J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Lehtinen, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Lehtinen, Rev.fImmigrants
45Lehto, Alex, Mr. and Mrs.f 
79Leino, Mattf 
79Leino, Mattif 
79Leiviska, Hannes, Rev.f 
80Leiviska, Hannes, Rev.tSuomi Church
47Lengyel, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Lepisto, Edwin E.f 
7Lepisto, IsaacfVillage officials
45Lepisto, Isaac, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Lepisto, Walfred, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Lepisto, Walt, Mrs.fworkers
49Lesko, Louis, Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Letuity, Nicholasfclass
71Lewis, Charleyfclass
21L'Homediu, Mr. and Mrs.fgraduation
93L'hommedieu, Frances J.fcommencement
31lighthouse (photo)thistorical soc.
15lighthouse (photo)tlandmark
19Lighthouse Hill 1858 (photo)t 
86Lighthouse Marine Museumlbooks
47Liikala, Isaac, Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Liikaluoma, Henryf 
72Liikaluoma, Michaelf 
50Liikaluoma, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Liimakka, Eerofcommittee
58Liimakka, Eero M.f 
50Liimakka, Eero, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Liimakka, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.f 
113Liimakka, M. E,. familyf 
49Lillstrong, Armas, Mr. and Mrs.f 
19Lillstrung, Oscarfband
50Lindsco, Arthur, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Lindsco, Lillianfplay
41Lintala, Johnf 
72Lintala, John, Sr.f 
19Lintala, Tonyfband
58Lintala, Tonyf 
47Lintala, Tony, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Lipovich, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
79Lipsanen, Gabrielf 
80Lipsanen, Gabriel, Rev.tSuomi Church
22Local 12231, U. M. W. A., District 50a 
8Lock, Johnfsurveying party
50Locotosh, M.fband
71Locotosh, Maryfclass
95Locotosh, MichaelfSlovaks
81Locotosh, Miketburning
95Locotosh, PaulfSlovaks
49Locotosh, Paul, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Locotosh, Paul, Mrs.fSlovaks
49Loija, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Loovi, IsaacfImmigrants
52Ludwig, Milton J.f 
19Luhtanen, Frankfband
93Lukach, John, Fr.fchurch
45Lund, Albert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
78Lunka, Tony, Mr. and Mrs.f 
78Lunka's Cafea 
71Lunke, Johnfclass
45Luoma, Albin G.f 
71Luoma, Almafclass
49Luoma, Jalmer T.f 
58Luoma, Johnf 
110Luoma, John R.fcommittee
7Luoma, John R.fVillage officials
47Luoma, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Luoma, Nestor, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Luoma, Norman R.f 
49Luoma, Olga, Mrs. and familyf 
101Luoto, August M.f 
71Lurvey, Arthurfclass
110Luthanen, Lillianfcommittee
31Luthanen, Lillian W.fhistorical soc.
58Luthanen, Lillian W.f 
20Lutz's Restauranta 
71Luuke, Sophiafclass
78Lyric Lake and Park Theatresa 
52Lyric Realty Co.a 
82M. C. Kepharta 
68Mack, Maryf 
110Mack, Stevefcommittee
58Mack, Stevef 
76Mack, Stevef 
47Mackey, Allan, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
45Mackey, Annaf 
77Mackey, Annaf 
8Mackey, Annafcredits
58Mackey, Benf 
75Mackey, Ben, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Mackey, Carl, Mr. and Mrs.f 
63Mackey, Eileenf 
102Mackey, Fannyf 
102Mackey, Irmaf 
49Mackey, Jacob E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
46Mackey, Johnf 
102Mackey, Lillianf 
101Mackey, Oswald E.f 
49Mackey, Sofia, Mrs.f 
77Mackey, Susannaf 
102Mackey, Vernaf 
110Mackey, WalterfAFL
49Mackey, Walter, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
45Mackey, William E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Mackey, William, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Mackey. Gus "Kivimaki"f 
75Mackey's Self-Servea 
83Mackintosh, Mr.fplay
93Mackov, Joseph, Fr.fchurch
93Mackov, Joseph, Rev. Fr.fchurch
76Mack's Cafe (photo)a 
45Mahalsky, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Mahalsky, Edward, Mrs.f 
45Mahalsky, Paulinef 
77Majaneva, Samuelf 
45Majoros, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Majoros, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Makela, Agnesf 
47Maki, Alex, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Maki, Vilhofplay
37Maki, WilliamfImmigrants
45Makitalo, Helvif 
113Makitalo, Sr., John A. (photo)f 
49Mamrak, Michaelf 
50Manchester, Robertfband
93Mankovich, Cornell, Fr.fchurch
79Mannikko, Solomonf 
49Mannikko, Solomon, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Manninen, Edwin A.f 
59Marine Museumt 
60Marine Supply Co.oLawrence
23Marine Supply Companyt 
58Marko, Edf 
79Markoo, Jacobf 
50Maro, John, Rev.f 
58Maro, Rev.f 
83Marshall, Herbertfplay
45Marshall, Herbert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Marshall, Herbert, Mrs.fplay
110Marshall, Herbert, Mrs.fworkers
83Marshall, Leonardfplay
110Marshall, Leonard, Mrs.fworkers
11Martin Motor Sales, Ltd.a 
96Martin Motors Buildingl 
11Martin, Georgef 
79Marttala, Johnf 
45Maruschak, Bettyf 
110Maruschak, Bettyfworkers
45Maruschak, Elizabeth, Mrs.f 
32Mar-Val Bowling and Val-Mar Bara 
8Mason, Asafsurveying party
58Mason, Rexf 
95Matsko, JohnfSlovaks
109Matson, Isaac (his Gang) (photo)tgang
96Matt E. Eskola, general contractora 
46Mattson, Augustf 
101Mattson, Donald W.f 
46Mattson, Edf 
71Mattson, Idafclass
21Mattson, Ida Marionfgraduation
37Mattson, IsaacfImmigrants
71Mattson, Olgafclass
77Mattson, Olgaf 
77Mattson, Susanna, Mrs.f 
39Max Chalfina 
60Max Fryer and Sona 
40Mayor, first womantmayor
91Mayors of Fairport (photo)a 
58McCleod, Rayf 
101McCormick, Leighton P.f 
109McCoy, Georgefteam
83McCoy, Mrs.fplay
14McCrone buildingt 
107McCrone, A. J.f 
88McCrone, A. J.f 
71McCrone, Annafclass
70McCrone, Artfbaseball
40McCrone, Arthurfbaseball
83McCrone, Harryfgraduates
33McCrone, Jamesfchurch
86McCrone, Katherine O'Brien (photo)f 
95McCrone, PatfSlovaks
23McCrone, Patrickf 
112McCrone, Patrickf 
107McCue, Willief 
8McIntyre, Josephfsurveying party
47McKeever, Earle, Mr. and Mrs.f 
72McKinley, Williamf 
50McKnight, C. B., Mr. and Mrs.f 
107McLean agencyotruck
71McLean, Jenniefclass
108Meek, Gordonf 
42Meek, Gordonfbank
83Meek, Rev.fgraduates
103Men's Sick Benefit Societyo 
49Merchak, Julian J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
62Merrill, Jamesfcoast guard
42Merrill, S. J.fbank
58Meyers, Iris, Mrs.f 
93Meyers, Margaretfcommencement
50Meyers, Robertfband
45Meyers, Robert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
38Michael Paul's Barber Shopa 
65Michael's Restauranta 
21Miettinen, M. P., Rev.f 
81Mighton and Merrilloburning
103Mighton, C. T.f 
47Mihalenko, Mary Annf 
58Mikula, Johnf 
110Mikula, Johnfcommittee
45Mikula, Mary, Mrs.f 
49Milavec, Mike, Mr. and Mrs.f 
25Millard, Austinfunderground
25Millard, Lymanfunderground
47Miller, John, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. and sonf 
37Millonzi, Thomasf 
52Milton J. Ludwiga 
42Minshull, Gen.fcamp
47Mirch, Joseph F., Mr. and Mrs.f 
31Mitchell, Carol C.fhistorical soc.
47Mitchell, Carroll C., Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Mitchell, Jacob B. (photo)f 
28Mitchell, Jakef 
27Mitchell, Jakef 
47Mohner, Joseph, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Molasses, Mollyfplay
46Molnar, Miklosf 
93Molnar, Miliosfcommencement
47Moloney, James, Sherifff 
80Molter, Carl W., Rev.fLutheran Church
50Molter, Carl W., Rev. and Mrs.f 
21Molyneaux, Fredfgraduation
49Mononen, Walter, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Moore, Albertfgraduates
97Moore, Albert, Mascotfball
110Mora, WalterfAFL
47Mora, Walter, Mr. and Mrs.f 
22Morgan Linen Service, Inc.a 
77Morgan, J. P.f 
48Morgan, Juliana Walworthf 
102Morick, Juliaf 
8Morly, Ezekielfsurveying party
47Moroz, Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Morrick, Johnf 
73Morse, J. R., Col.fwarehouses
40Moser, L. H.fmayor
83Moses, Muddyfplay
71Mosher, Tommyfclass
45Mosier, Harold, Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Motch, Frankfclass
71Motch, Johnfclass
71Motch, Minniefclass
33Motch, Nicolasfchurch
70Motsch, Frankfbaseball
31Mount Vernonlhistorical soc.
49Mraz, Mike, Mr. and Mrs.f 
39Mulqueeny Bros. Funeral Homea 
39Mulqueeny, Williamf 
112Municipal Election, 1889t 
8Munson, Titus V.fsurveying party
21Murray, Thomas Linkfgraduation
49Mutch, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Myers, Daniel, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Myers, Irisf 
110Myers, Irisfcommittee
110Myers, Iris, Mrs.fworkers
8Myers, Iris, Mrs.fcredits
110Myers, Mrs.fworkers
89Myllykoski, J. O.f 
100Myllykoski, J. O.f 
79Myllykoski, Nickolaif 
89Myllykoski, Robertf 
90Nagel Auto Partsa 
90Nagel's Scrap Iron & Metal Co.a 
47Nagy, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
60National Great Lakes Harbors AssociationoLawrence
95National Slovak LodgeoSlovaks
116Neal Printing Co.a 
45Nelson, Herbert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
106Nenno, Gordon, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Neroda, MichaelfAFL
45Neroda, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Neroda, Samuel S., Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Nevanpera, Kustaaf 
36Newcomb, Fred N.f 
36Newcomb's Service Stationa 
45Niemi, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Niemi, Arthur J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Niemi, Elmer, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Niemi, Oscar, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
21Niemi, R. V., Rev.f 
71Niemnen, Inafclass
63Nissula, Jacobf 
16nitro-glycerine explosiont 
47Noponen, Vernon E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
74Norman Kubba 
96North Star Dairy Buildingl 
16North Star Dairy Co. (photo)a 
80Northwest ArmytHuntington
48Northwest Territoryt 
7Nortunen, VerniefVillage officials
58Nortunen, Vernonf 
32Nucciarone, Jamesf 
89Nuuja, Hannaf 
89Nuuja, Mattif 
89Nygord, Emmaf 
47Nygord, Everettf 
46O'Brien, Edf 
86O'Brien, Katherine McCrone (photo)f 
83O'Brien, Thomasfplay
47Ode, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Ode, William S.f 
31Ohio Archeological and Historical Societyohistorical soc.
73Ohio Territory forestst 
58Oinonen, Napf 
49Oinonen, Nap, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Oinonen, Oscar, Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Ojala, Samf 
110Ojanpa, Edwinfcommittee
58Ojanpa, Edwinf 
89Ojanpaa, Johnf 
108Old Bayoul 
62Old Village Hall (photo)l 
60O'Leary's Grilla 
37Olin, S. C.f 
35Olin, S. C.fCleaveland
14Olin, S. C. (poet)f 
2Olin, S.C.f 
83Olin, Saulfplay
58Olin, Saulf 
110Olin, Saulfcommittee
97Olin, Saulfteam
8Olin, Saul C.fcredits
83Olin, Saul C.fplay
58Olin, Saul C.f 
62Olin, Saul C.fcast
5Olin, Saul C. (photo)f 
50Olin, Saul C., Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Oliver, Henry J.f 
12Oliver, Henry W.fdocks
12Oliver, J. C.fsteamboats
7Olle, GeorgefVillage officials
47Olle, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Ollila, Edward, Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Ollila, Johnf 
37Ollila, JohnfImmigrants
47Olson, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Ondo Electric Repairo 
100Ondo, Margaretf 
100Ondo, Maryf 
47Ondus, Emil, Mr. and Mrs.f 
7Ondus, George J.fVillage officials
83Orchestra, Fairport High Schooltplay
110Oresko, Bettyfworkers
37Orhi, Rev.fImmigrants
49Orosz, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Orosz, Margaretfworkers
49Orosz, Peter, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Orris, David J.f 
30Oscar Ruusten, jewelera 
49Otto, Joseph E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
112Owen, Danielf 
49Owen, Jeanne, Mrs.f 
45Owen, Russell L., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Owens, Constablefplay
27P & L E Dock Companyo 
111P. & L. E. Docko 
13P. & L. E. Dock Co.oreservoir
108P. & L. E. Dock Co. (photo)t 
72P. & L. E. Dock Companyo 
109P. and L. E. Dock Co.ogang
95P. and L. E. Dockso 
62pageant cast, "Landing of the Settlers" (photo)t 
59pageant, "Landing of Settlers"e 
12Paine, Joel, Sheriffftrial
60Painesville Chamber of CommerceoLawrence
18Painesville Coca-Cola Distributing Co.a 
114Painesville Elevator Co.a 
29Painesville Garden and Greenhouse Co.a 
45Palinsky, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Palko, ImrofSlovaks
71Palko, Maryfclass
50Palmer, Fred, Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Palmer, Hartley T. (photo)f 
19Palo, Johnfband
7Papp, AlexfVillage officials
49Papp, Alex W., Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Papp, Alex, Mrs.f 
72parade, "Torch Light"e 
50Paradise Apartmentsl 
47Paradise Apartmentsl 
110Paradise Apartmentslworkers
12Park Beveragea 
12Park, Ed.f 
51Park, Fairport MemoriallFairmont
37Park, Fairport MemoriallMayor
101Park, Fairport Memoriall 
55Park, Fairport Memorial, 1906 (photo)l 
59Park, Huntingtonl 
37Park, HuntingtonlMayor
3Park, Huntingtonl 
59Park, Memoriall 
77Park, Painesville Townshipl 
31Park, VillagelButler
8Parker, Charlesfsurveying party
30Parkway Service Stationa 
71Parrish, Corafclass
71Parrish, Jamesfclass
45Parrish, Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Parrish, Martinfband
71Parrish, Maryfclass
49Parrish, Nate, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Parrish, Walterfcredits
71Parrish, Walterfclass
70Parrish, Walterfbaseball
49Partanen, Hilma, Mrs.f 
47Pasanen, Oscar, Mr. and Mrs.f 
87Patch, L. E.f 
58Patch, L. E.f 
83Patch, L. E., Mrs.fplay
58Patch, L. E., Mrs.f 
110Patch, Lucinda, Mrs.fworkers
95Patrick, MichaelfSlovaks
47Patrick, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Patterson, Guy, Mr. and Mrs.f 
13Paul, Georgef 
38Paul, Michaelf 
13Paul's Barber Shopa 
50Payne, Dickfband
50Payne, Dickfband
43Payne, Elizeerf 
50Payne, Richardfband
95Paytosh, GeorgefSlovaks
95Paytosh, GeorgefSlovaks
8Pease, Sethfsurveying party
64Peerless Truck (photo)t 
63Peltoma, Miriamf 
110Peltoma, Swanters, Mrs.fworkers
95Pennock, JohnfSlovaks
70Pennock, Johnfbaseball
108Pennsyvania and Lake Erie Dock Companyt 
21Penttinen, E., Rev.f 
112Peoples Tickett 
89Pera, Elizabethf 
89Pernoja, Idaf 
47Pernoja, Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Perry, Mr.fsurveying party
105Perry's Victory on Lake Eriet1913
33Petrick, Mikefchurch
95Petro, MikefSlovaks
47Pierce, Cecil, Mr. and Mrs.f 
12piers 1825tpiers
7Pietila, EinofVillage officials
49Pietila, Eino A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Pietila, Paul, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Pillar, AndrewfSlovaks
47Pillar, Andrew M.. Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Pillar, Bettyfworkers
49Pillar, John E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Pillar, Laura E.fgraduates
110Pillar, Mamie, Mrs.fworkers
71Pillar, Maryfclass
95Pillar, MichaelfSlovaks
47Pillar, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
42Pillar, Mikefbank
105Pincus, Hartfsturgeons
27Pittsburgh, Painesville & Fairport Railroad Companyo 
13Plank Roadlroad
48Plum Street Hall (photo)t 
77Plummi, Andrewf 
77Plummi, Susannaf 
72Pohto, "Iso"f 
101Pohto, Adelbert E.f 
84Pohto, Allan R., D. D. S.a 
45Pohto, Arvo, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Pohto, Ben, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
110Pohto, Ben, Mrs.fworkers
49Pohto, Caleb T.f 
49Pohto, Carl, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Pohto, Carolf 
45Pohto, Charles K., Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Pohto, Jacobf 
72Pohto, Jacobf 
45Pohto, Linda J.f 
37Pohto, MikkofImmigrants
45Pohto, Mikko, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Pohto, Olavif 
45Pohto, Patriciaf 
110Pohto, ReubenfAFL
47Pohto, Reuben, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Pohto, Serafiaf 
45Pollack, Geoge, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Pollack, George, Jr.fAFL
95Pollack, George, Sr.fSlovaks
49Pollock, George, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
102Pomfrey, Gordonf 
102Pomfrey, Herbertf 
114Popely, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. and sonf 
114Popely's Marketa 
8Porter, Augustusfsurveying party
64Porter, Mr.f 
30Potti Bros. Funeral Homea 
42Poytosh, Johnfbank
101Praskis, Thomas A.f 
71Proctor, Lillianfclass
21Proctor, Lillian Ellsworthfgraduation
112Progressive Supply Co.a 
50Prosser, H. D., Mr and Mrs.f 
108Prosser, Hughf 
8Proudfoot, Georgefsurveying party
69Public Library, Fairport (photo)t 
77Puska, Justiinaf 
93Racz, Peter, Rev. Fr.fchurch
31Radike, Irene, Mrs.fhistorical soc.
40Radike, Oscarfmayor
77Railroad, B and OoOliver
27Railroad, Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabulat 
33Railroad, Fairport, Painesville & Warrentrailroads
18Railroad, Fairport, Painesville and Easterna 
99Railroad, Lake Shoret 
33Railroad, Lake Shoretrailroads
27Railroad, New York Centralt 
99Railroad, New York Centralt 
33Railroad, NYCtrailroads
33Railroad, Painesville & Youngstowntrailroads
12Railroad, Painesville and Youngstowntdocks
49Rajala, Neil J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Rasmussen, Edward T., Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Rasmussen, Niles M. (photo)f 
48Rasmussen, Niles W., Captainf 
83Raudasoja, Frankfgraduates
89Rauhala, Agnesf 
89Rauhala, Taunof 
54Ray's Paint & Wallpaper Storea 
47Rebo, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Reboczi, Daniel J.f 
110Reeves, Carlfcommittee
58Reeves, Carl E.f 
49Reeves, Carl, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Rego, George, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Rego, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
36Reliable Supply Co.a 
45Remaley, Henry T., Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Rendric, Mattfclass
37Rendrick administrationtMayor
71Rendrick, Huldafclass
58Rendrick, Johnf 
71Rendrick, Johnfclass
83Rendrick, John O.fplay
62Rendrick, John O.fcast
52Rendrick, John O. (photo)f 
91Rendrick, John O. (photo)f 
50Rendrick, John O., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Resetar, Johnfcommittee
58Resetar, Johnf 
44Resetar, John G.f 
110Resetar, John G.fAFL
47Resetar, John G., Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Resetar, MichaelfSlovaks
112Reynolds, Mr.f 
49Riboczi, Alexf 
49Riboczi, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Rice, Olney F.fsurveying party
54Rich, Helenf 
54Rich, Tonyf 
86Richards, John T.f 
114Richmond Valley Inna 
31Rider Tavernt 
31Rider, Josephf 
43Rider, Josephf 
45Riihimaki, Evaf 
45Riihimaki, Gusf 
47Riippa, M. Elizabethf 
112Riker, Geo. L.f 
91Riker, George L. (photo)f 
95Riker, George L., CaptainfSlovaks
83Riley, Georgefplay
39Ringman, R. A.f 
72Rinta, Johnf 
37Rinta, MikefImmigrants
37Rintaluhta, JohnfImmigrants
45Rinyo, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Ritari, A. J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Ritari, Arthurfplay
37Ritari, Arthur J.fMayor
8Ritari, Arthur J.fcredits
7Ritari, Arthur J.fVillage officials
58Ritari, Arthur J.f 
52Ritari, Arthur J.f 
62Ritari, Arthur J.fcast
43Ritari, Arthur J.f 
4Ritari, Arthur J. (photo)f 
110Ritari, Arthur J., Mayorfcommittee
58Ritari, Arthur, Mayorf 
45Ritari, Edward N., Mr. and Mrs.f 
21Ritari, Emmafgraduation
52Ritari, Ethel L.f 
72Ritari, Jacobf 
79Ritari, Johnf 
71Ritari, Johnfclass
37Ritari, JohnfImmigrants
37Ritari, JohnfMayor
50Ritari, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Ritari, MaryfMayor
8Ritari, MayorfMayor
49Rittick, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
31Riverside (Skinner home)tRiverside
52Road, Fairportl 
48Road, Fairportl 
44Road, Statet 
11Road, Statelpioneer
49Roberts, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.f 
21Robison, Myrafgraduation
17Roby, Capt.fGriffith
77Rockefeller, John D.f 
42Rogat Hardware Co.a 
6Rogers, Majorfhistory
101Roll of Honor Memorial (photo)t 
107Ronni, Ikef 
37Ronni, IsaacfImmigrants
42Root, M. L.fbank
50Root, M. L.fband
21Rose, E., Mrs.fgraduation
66Roy George Music Co.a 
54Roy Johnson's Sanitary Barber Shopa 
47Rubint, Louis, Mrs.f 
49Rudney, John D. Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
105Ruggles, Chas.fsturgeons
89Ruustein, Oscarf 
30Ruusten, Oscarf 
94S. S. Kresge Co.a 
45Saarela, Allan, Mr. and Mrs.f 
37Saari, AlexfImmigrants
42Saari, Alexfbank
49Saari, Alex, familyf 
31Saari, Alma W.fhistorical soc.
58Saari, Alma, Missf 
50Saari, Eino, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Saari, Jacob, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Saari, Margaret, Mrs.f 
89Saari, Niilof 
47Saari, Oscar, Mr. and Mrs.f 
14Sabo, Bettyf 
14Sabo, Helenf 
82Sabo, John E.f 
49Sabo, Joseph S., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Sabol, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Sakutna, GeorgefSlovaks
70Sakutney, Johnfbaseball
47Salmi, Leo, Mr. and Mrs.f 
102Salmi, Thelmaf 
80Salminen, Rev.fLutheran Church
71Salo, Emmafclass
93Saloon Era"tanti-saloon
80Salovaara, Kaarlo, Rev.tSuomi Church
95Saluk, TonyfSlovaks
66Sanborn Motor Equipment, Inc.a 
19Sandhill, Charlesfband
47Sandhill, Charles, Mr. and Mrs.f 
19Sandhill, Williamfband
49Sarkkinen, Eino, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Sarosy, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Sarosy, Mr.f 
8Sawtel, Amosfsurveying party
91Schaeffer, Ben F. (photo)f 
42Schnerer, Williamfbank
81school firetburning
12school, first in Fairporttschool
86School, McKinleyt 
80School, McKinley (class photo)t 
80School, Plum Streettschool photo
81School, Plum Street (photo)tburning
71Schooner Comett 
45Schuler, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Schuster, Nylef 
30Schuster, Nyle, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Schuster, Nyle, Mrs.f 
42Schwab, Edwardfbank
115Sears Roebuck and Co.a 
101Sekki, Arthur R.f 
50Seneca Stigwanish
110Sesquicentennial Committee (photo)tcommittee
112Setzler, Henryf 
49Sheats, Clifford, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Sheats, Lina, Mrs.fworkers
8Shepard, Theodorefsurveying party
8Shepard. Warehamfsurveying party
86ship, "City of Erie"t 
93ship, "Exile"tore
12ship, "Fairport"tsteamboats
95ship, "George R. Page"tSlovaks
6ship, "Griffin"thistory
105ship, "Niagara"t1913
86ship, "Tashmoo"t 
12ship, "Walk-in-the-Water"tsteamboats
17ship, G. P. Griffith (burning)tGriffith
71Shirley, Emmafclass
21Shirley, Grace Gibsonfgraduation
82Shoemaker, Oliverf 
8Sholtis, Michaelfcredits
110Sholtis, Michaelfcommittee
7Sholtis, Michael J.fVillage officials
58Sholtis, Mikef 
58Sholtis, Mikef 
109Shook, Rayfteam
8Shulay, Danielfsurveying party
102Shuping, Howardf 
47Silanpaa, Matt, Jr.f 
45Silvi, Allen, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Silvi, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Silvi, Virginia, Mrs.fworkers
93Simmons, Alfredfcommencement
38Simon, A. J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Simpson, Adelbertfclass
47Sinko, John A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
72Sippola, Alfredf 
14Sirola, J. V., tailora 
72Sironen, Alexf 
19Sironen, Anstifband
47Sivak, Elizabeth, Mrs.f 
79Sivila, Isaacf 
49Sivula, J. A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
40Sivula, Jackfmayor
47Skeeters, Max J., Dr. and Mrs.f 
31Skinner home ("Riverside")tRiverside
6Skinner, Abraham, Capt.fhistory
11Skinner, Abraham, Capt.fpioneer
12Skinner, Capt.ftrial
47Skrabec, Mike, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Skytta, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Slivka, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Smith, Clifford, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Smith, Harry D.f 
3Smith, Louis, Mrs.f 
62Snell, Alvafcoast guard
21Snell, Carltonfgraduation
30Snyder, B. H.f 
47Snyder, B. H., Mr. and Mrs.f 
100Snyder, Barbaraf 
43Solomon, Judgef 
72Somppi, Johnf 
83Somppi, Lainafgraduates
71Somppi, Lemppifclass
71Somppi, Maryfclass
97Somppi, Tomfteam
45Sorvisto, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Sorvisto, Norafgraduates
7Soules, Robert D.fVillage officials
45Soules, Robert D., Mr. and Mrs.f 
94Sperber, D. M.f 
108Spivak Hilll 
8Spofford, Amosfsurveying party
48St. Clair, Governorf 
95St. Francis Cadet LodgeoSlovaks
93St. Poratunsky, Rev. Fr.fchurch
88Standard Oil Co.a 
40Stange, A.fbaseball
109Stange, Artfteam
49Stange, Edward, Capt. and Mrs.f 
50Stange, Frankfband
71Stange, Frankfclass
50Stange, Frank H., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Stange, Frank, Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
97Stange, Fredfball
110Stange, Fred, Jr.fAFL
49Stange, Fred, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Stange, Fred, Jr., Mrs.fworkers
71Stange, Minniefclass
47Stange, William J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
96Stanton Motors Storage Buildingl 
66Stanton, Frankf 
86steamboat race, 1901t 
45Steel, Thomas B., Mr. and Mrs.f 
76Steinback, Edwinf 
49Steinback, Lydia, Mrs.f 
50Steinback, Martin, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Steinback, Williamf 
47Steinback, Williamf 
110Steinbeck, Martin, Mrs.fworkers
39Steinkamp, W. H.f 
109Stern, Louisfteam
42Stern, Louisfbank
109Stern, Louisfteam
109Stevens, Cliffordfteam
45Stevens, Harold A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
104Stevens, Richardf 
49Stewart, Carl, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Stewart, William R. Sr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Stiles, Job, Mr. and Mrs.fsurveying party
8Stoddard, Richard M.fsurveying party
105Storrs and Harrison Nurseryosturgeons
8Stow, Joshuafsurveying party
64Stow, Mr.f 
13Street, "Plank Road"lroad
44Street, Burtonl 
110Street, Burtonlworkers
45Street, Burtonl 
13Street, Burtonlroad
44Street, Burtonl 
50Street, Chestnutl 
73Street, Chestnutlcorrection
47Street, Chestnutl 
110Street, Chestnutlworkers
41Street, Courtlandl 
49Street, Courtlandl 
45Street, Courtlandl 
47Street, Courtlandl 
110Street, Courtlandlworkers
95Street, EaglelSlovaks
78Street, Eaglel 
39Street, Eaglel 
31Street, EaglelButler
79Street, Eaglel 
25Street, Eaglel 
80Street, EaglelSuomi Church
49Street, Eaglel 
30Street, Eaglel 
113Street, Eaglel 
50Street, Eaglel 
11Street, Eaglel 
110Street, Eaglelworkers
12Street, Eaglelschool
47Street, Eaglel 
48Street, Eaglel 
80Street, EaglelLutheran Church
16Street, Eaglel 
61Street, Eaglel 
109Street, Eastfteam
107Street, Eastl 
9Street, Eastlboarding house
6Street, Eastlhistory
26Street, Eastl 
30Street, Eastl 
78Street, Eastl 
50Street, Eastl 
80Street, EastlSuomi Church
36Street, Eastl 
32Street, Eastl 
40Street, Eastl 
45Street, Eastl 
110Street, Eastlworkers
52Street, Fairport Roadl 
48Street, Fairport Roadl 
79Street, Fifthl 
110Street, Fifthlworkers
50Street, Fifthl 
47Street, Fifthl 
30Street, Fifthl 
77Street, Fourthl 
61Street, Fourthl 
78Street, Fourthl 
50Street, Fourthl 
44Street, Fourthl 
47Street, Fourthl 
37Street, FourthlImmigrants
72Street, Fourthl 
26Street, Fourthl 
110Street, Fourthlworkers
38Street, Highl 
54Street, Highl 
37Street, Highl 
68Street, Highl 
54Street, Highl 
110Street, HighlLamar
86Street, Highl 
31Street, Highlhistorical soc.
47Street, Highl 
53Street, Highl 
99Street, Highl 
100Street, Highl 
110Street, Highlworkers
82Street, Highl 
35Street, Highl 
42Street, Highl 
36Street, Highl 
77Street, Highl 
104Street, Highl 
102Street, Highl 
38Street, Highl 
26Street, Highl 
79Street, Highl 
113Street, Highl 
14Street, Highl 
104Street, Highl 
34Street, Highl 
22Street, Highl 
42Street, Highl 
102Street, Highl 
37Street, HighlImmigrants
32Street, Highl 
56Street, Highl 
106Street, Highl 
41Street, Highl 
49Street, Highl 
47Street, Highl 
37Street, Highl 
40Street, Highl 
41Street, Highl 
87Street, Highl 
30Street, Highl 
44Street, Highl 
45Street, Highl 
13Street, Highlhotels, ad
44Street, Highl 
13Street, Highlroad
13Street, Highlhotels
44Street, Highl 
6Street, Highlhistory
63Street, Highl 
15Street, Highllandmark
108Street, Highl 
65Street, Highl 
51Street, High, pre 1904 (photo)l 
21Street, Hine Avenuel 
49Street, Houghton Courtl 
110Street, Houghton Courtlworkers
50Street, Houghton Courtl 
110Street, Independencelworkers
46Street, Independencel 
47Street, Independencel 
47Street, Joughinl 
110Street, Joughinlworkers
45Street, Joughinl 
110Street, Kinglworkers
45Street, Marinel 
110Street, Marinelworkers
21Street, N. St. Clairl 
110Street, Newlworkers
80Street, NewlLutheran Church
49Street, Newl 
40Street, Newl 
76Street, Newl 
45Street, Newl 
35Street, Newl 
47Street, Newl 
47Street, New Fourthl 
9Street, Old Fourthlboarding house
110Street, Orchardlworkers
45Street, Orchardl 
67Street, Orchardl 
110Street, Pincus Alleylworkers
93Street, Plumlchurch
103Street, Pluml 
21Street, Pluml 
45Street, Pluml 
76Street, Pluml 
61Street, Pluml 
50Street, Pluml 
49Street, Pluml 
80Street, Plumlschool photo
110Street, Plumlworkers
35Street, Pluml 
48Street, Pluml 
41Street, Pluml 
110Street, Plumlworkers
47Street, Pluml 
47Street, Prospectl 
45Street, Prospectl 
110Street, Prospectlworkers
13Street, Richmondlroad
102Street, Secondl 
77Street, Secondl 
47Street, Secondl 
40Street, Secondlbaseball
107Street, Secondl 
32Street, Secondl 
32Street, Secondl 
109Street, Secondfteam
45Street, Secondl 
95Street, SecondlSlovaks
49Street, Secondl 
110Street, Secondlworkers
50Street, Secondl 
49Street, Secondl 
13Street, Secondlhotels
25Street, Secondl 
31Street, Secondlhistorical soc.
47Street, Seventhl 
79Street, Seventhl 
36Street, Seventhl 
34Street, Seventhl 
45Street, Seventhl 
26Street, Seventhl 
75Street, Seventhl 
110Street, Seventhlworkers
50Street, Seventhl 
45Street, Sixthl 
80Street, SixthlSuomi Church
110Street, Sixthlworkers
37Street, Sixthl 
110Street, SixthlLamar
21Street, Sixthl 
61Street, Sixthl 
49Street, Sixthl 
47Street, Sixthl 
103Street, Sixthl 
31Street, Skinner Ave.lRiverside
93Street, Southlchurch
110Street, Southlworkers
110Street, Southlworkers
47Street, Southl 
40Street, St. Clairl 
31Street, St. ClairlRiverside
67Street, St. Clairl 
13Street, St. Clairlbus tragedy
46Street, St. Clairl 
44Street, Statel 
44Street, State Roadl 
11Street, State Roadlpioneer
30Street, Thirdl 
47Street, Thirdl 
50Street, Thirdl 
25Street, Thirdl 
12Street, Thirdlschool
95Street, Thirdlschools
30Street, Thirdl 
52Street, Thirdl 
104Street, Thirdl 
86Street, Thirdl 
95Street, ThirdlSlovaks
16Street, Thirdl 
61Street, Thirdl 
37Street, ThirdlImmigrants
88Street, Thirdl 
110Street, Thirdlworkers
54Street, Thirdl 
12Street, Thirdl 
49Street, Thirdl 
37Street, ThirdlMayor
13Street, Thirdlhotels, ad
14Street, Thirdl 
96Street, Vinel 
45Street, Vinel 
46Street, Vinel 
110Street, Vinelworkers
50Street, Vinel 
47Street, Vinel 
79Street, Waterl 
15Street, Waterllandmark
13Street, Waterlhotels
13Street, Waterlroad
95Street, WaterlSlovaks
44Street, Waterl 
95Street, WaterlSlovaks
23Street, Waterl 
45Street, Waterl 
83Street, Water (fire)tFire Dept.
55Street, Water, 1886 (photo)l 
46Street, Water, 1905 (photo)l 
110Street, York Placelworkers
45Street, York Placel 
35Stropkey Storesa 
35Stropkey, Steve, Mrs.f 
83Stuart, Maryfplay
71Stuber, Gracefclass
71Studino, Maryfclass
95Studney, AndrewfSlovaks
95Studney, GeorgefSlovaks
45Sturm, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Stuuri, Arnold W. M.f 
46Stuuri, Mattf 
47Stuuri, Matt V., Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Stuuri, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Stuuri, Matt, Mrs.fworkers
71Suader, Johnfclass
23Sullivan, boyf 
97Sullivan, Stephen, Mgr.fball
33Sullivan, Stevefchurch
97Sunday Blue Lawstball
81Sunol, Matttburning
47Suomela, Eino, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Suomela, Jacob, Mrs.f 
19Suomela, Mattfband
49Suomela, Matt, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
75Suomi Beverage Co.a 
47Suonia, Arthur, Mr. and Mrs.f 
93Suonio, Annafcommencement
45Sutch, Paulf 
58Sutch, Paulf 
110Sutch, Paulfcommittee
45Sutch, Steve A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Sutherland, Alexfband
101Svigel, Joseph T.f 
107Sweeny, Billf 
103Szeghy, John B., Rev.f 
47Szuhay, Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Szuhay, Daniel E., Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Szuhay, David, Mr. and Mrs.f 
79Taipale Buildingl 
45Taipale, Mary Fisher, Mrs.f 
50Taipale, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
93Takach, Basil, Rev. Bishopfchurch
45Takacs, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Takala, Johnf 
39Tame, A. G.f 
77Tantre, Mikkof 
34Tantre, Tony M.f 
7Tantre, Tony M.fVillage officials
34Tantre's Household Appliancesa 
72Tanttari, Johnf 
12Tappan, Abrahamfschool
86Tappan, Abrahamf 
42Taylor, G. W.fbank
22Telling Belle Vernon Co.a 
111Temperance Halll 
93Temperance Societyoanti-saloon
111Temperance Society Anniversary, 1898 (photo)t 
57The Illuminating Companyolocation
29The Kiddies' Shoppea 
7Thomas, EvanfVillage officials
110Thomas, Evanfcommittee
58Thomas, Evan, Jr.f 
50Thomas, Evan, Mr. and Mrs.f 
91Thomas, Evan, Sr. (photo)f 
42Thomas, J. J.fbank
42Thomas. J. J.fbank
105Thompson, "Frenchy the Pirate"fcolorful
47Thompson, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Thomson, Harryfworkers
9Thomson, Harry, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Tinker, Josephfsurveying party
49Tirpak, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Tobias, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
8Todd, MayorfMayor
83Toivonen, Arnoldfplay
62Toivonen, Arnold W.fcast
47Toivonen, Georgef 
47Toivonen, Lillian J.f 
54Toivonen, Ray, Mr. and Mrs.f 
3Tombes, Edithf 
3Tombes, Lucy Huntingtonf 
71Tondar, Idafclass
71Tondari, Johnfclass
49Toppari, Elvi, Missf 
49Toppari, Emma, Missf 
47Toppari, John, Sr., Mrs.f 
49Torkko, A. J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
76Toth, Edithf 
47Toth, Edith R.f 
45Toth, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Toth, John J., Jr.f 
47Toth, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Toth, Mike, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Toth, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
113Toubman Bros.a 
58Toubman, Lesterf 
113Toubman, Lesterf 
44Toubman, Morrisf 
113Toubman, Williamf 
26Toubman's "The Big Store"a 
71Touri, Ernestfclass
8Toyne, W. D.fMayor
45Trenye, Stephenf 
45Troha, Matt, Mr. and Mrs.f 
40trolley car, Fairport-Painesvilletbridge
46trolley car, Fairport-Painesville (photo)t 
97Trolley Leaguetball
107Trolley League Champions, 1908 (photo)tTrolley
108Truby. Williamf 
36Tschuor Electric and Hardwarea 
36Tschuor, D. B.f 
47Tuisku, Solomon, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Tuokkola, August, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Tuokkola, Elmer, Mr. and Mrs.f 
7Tuokkola, S. AugustfVillage officials
50Turbok, Frank, Mr. and Mrs.f 
13Turbok, Maryf 
86Tuttle, Martin A.fbooks
45Tuttle, Martin A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Tuuri, Johnf 
72Tuuri, Mattf 
19Tuuri, Mattfband
107Tuuri, Mattftruck
78Tuuri, Milton J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Tuuri, Ray, Mr. and Mrs.f 
78Tuuri's Marketa 
110U. M. W. A. (AFL)o 
62U. S. Coast Guard Crew, 1886 (photo)tcoast guard
60U. S. Fuel AdministrationoLawrence
45U. S. Post Officel 
58Uhl, Mr.f 
103Ujlaki, Francis, Rev.f 
110Ulle, Williamfcommittee
58Ulle, Williamf 
110Ulle, WilliamfAFL
45Ulle, Wm., Mr. and Mrs.f 
79Ulvila, Emilf 
49Ulvila, Jack W., Mr. and Mrs.f 
25Underground Railroadtunderground
66U-Need-Us Coal and Chemical Co.a 
114Union Sand and Supply Co.a 
93Upper, J. J., Mrs.fcommencement
93Upper, Luellafcommencement
21Upton, Missfgraduation
45Urban, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Urban, Louis, Mr. and Mrs.f 
101Urban, Stevef 
112V. Kap Trucking Co.a 
47Valimaki, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
89Valimaki, Vienof 
95Van Jura, AndrewfSlovaks
95Van Jura, JosephfSlovaks
74VanJoslin Furniture Center (photo)a 
47VanJura, Andrew A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
58VanJura, J., Mrs.f 
45Vargo, James, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Vargo, Steve J., Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Vastyan, Elizabeth, Mrs.f 
49Vayo, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Vegso, Stevef 
47Vegso, Steve, Mr. and Mrs.f 
65Vendely, Alex, Mr. and Mrs.f 
58Vendely, Johnf 
110Vendely, JohnfAFL
65Vendely's Restauranta 
49Vilagi, John, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.f 
38Vilagi, Nicholasf 
40Village halltmayor
95Village Halll 
6Village Halllhistory
27Village Halll 
13Village Halllhotels
13Village Halllreservoir
7Village Hall (photo)l 
47Visti, Ero J.f 
95Volanski, JohnfSlovaks
50Volanski, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Volanski, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Volanski, MichaelfSlovaks
49Volanski, Paul, Mr. and Mrs.f 
93Volansky, Anniefcommencement
97Volunteer firemen (photo)t 
50Wade, Beulahf 
47Wainio, Johnf 
49Wainio, Tauno, Mr. and Mrs. and familyf 
19Wainionpaa, Johnfband
58Wakely, Edwinf 
89Wakkila, Ainof 
47Wakkila, Emil, Mr. and Mrs.f 
71Waldo, Stephenfclass
46Walli, Jackf 
71Walli, Johnfclass
95Walnut Hilll 
45Walters, Joseph, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Waltonen, U. A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
77Walworth, Johnf 
12Walworth, Johnfschool
48Walworth, John, Hon.f 
12Walworth, John, Hon.ftrial
52Walworth, John, Hon.f 
48Walworth, Juliana Morganf 
50Wanbermong, Chief Stigwanish
110Wanska, ArvifAFL
47Wanska, Arvi, Mr. and Mrs.f 
21Ward, E., Mrs.fgraduation
93Warren, E. D., Mrs.fcommencement
73Warren, HattiefIndian
46Warren, Hattief 
8Warren, Hattie, Mrs.fcredits
8Warren, Mosesfsurveying party
101Wasara, Toivof 
48Washington Countytcounty
31Washington, Georgefhistorical soc.
71Water Filtration Plant and Pumping Station (photo)t 
13water reservoirtreservoir
67Water tank (photo)t 
7Water Works Office (photo)l 
55waterfront, 1904 (photo)l 
37Wayner, FrankfImmigrants
45Wayner, John A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
65Wayner, Michaelf 
12Wayside Gardens Co.a 
62Webster, Johnfcoast guard
47Webster, Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.f 
47Weiss, Wm., Mr. and Mrs.f 
31Welsh, Mary P.fButler
45Werbeach, Albert, Mr. and Mrs.f 
45Werbeach, Ernest, Mr. and Mrs.f 
109Werbeach, Henryfteam
15Werbeach, Henry (photo by)fphoto
49Werronen, Arne, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Werronen, Serafia, Mrs.f 
58Wertheimer, J., Dr.f 
100White Cross Beauty Salona 
110Whitmore, Maryfcommittee
58Whitmore, Maryf 
95Whitmore, Mary ZimnyfSlovaks
49Whitmore, William G., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Wickland, Dorothyfplay
33Wiesen, Jos.fchurch
33Wilcox, Aaronfrailroads
8Wilcox, Normanfsurveying party
58Wilde, Ericf 
83Wilde, Ericfplay
91Wilde, Eric (photo)f 
83Wilde, Eric, Mrs.fplay
93Wildman, Paulinefcommencement
21Wilen, W. W., Rev.f 
71Wilhelm, Charleyfclass
71Wilhelm, Emmafclass
71Wilhelm, Fredfclass
49Wilhelm, James, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Williams, Carl P., Mr. and Mrs.f 
83Williams, Carl, Mrs.fplay
37Williamson, William, Rev.fImmigrants
80Williamson, Wm., Rev.fLutheran Church
21Williamson, Wm., Rev.f 
60Willoughby High Level BridgeoLawrence
82Wilson & Fostera 
70Wilson, "Slugger"fbaseball
47Wilson, K. Stevens, Mrs.f 
42Wilson, Mayorfcamp
71Wirsula, Justinafclass
95Wolfe, MichaelfSlovaks
50Wolff, Augustfband
62Wolff, Augustfcast
42Wolff, Augustfbank
46Wolff, Augustf 
95Wolff, AugustfSlovaks
97Wolff, August (Gus)ffiremen
8Wolff, August, Mr. and Mrs.fcredits
46Wolff, August, Sr.f 
83Wolff, August, Sr.fFire Dept.
91Wolff, August, Sr. (photo)f 
62Wolff, Colettafcast
109Wolff, Deweyfteam
97Wolff, George, Coachfteam
70Wolff, Gusffire department
71Wolff, Maryfclass
62Wolff, Ritafcast
21Woodring, W. H., Rev.fgraduation
25Woodring, William H., Rev.f 
101World War I Deadt 
35World War II aviatort 
101World War II Deadt 
94Wright Dept. Storea 
21Wyman, Missfgraduation
25Y. M. C. A., Painesvillet 
59Yacht Club Regattae 
71Yokee, Ednafclass
71Yokee, Myrafclass
42York, H. E., Dr.fbank
107York, H. E., Dr.f 
77York, H. E., Dr.f 
40York, H. E., M. D.fbaseball
95Youhas, GeorgefSlovaks
58Young, Kennethf 
83Young, Sarah A.fgraduates
110Young, Williamfcommittee
58Youppi, Johnf 
49Youppi, John, Mr. and Mrs.f 
49Zalanka, Gabor, Mrs. and familyf 
49Zampini, Michael, Mr. and Mrs.f 
82Zapp Cleanersa 
82Zapp, Dan, Mr. and Mrs.f 
50Zapp, John A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Zatorsky, Ann, Mrs.fworkers
45Zatorsky, Anthony, Mr. and Mrs.f 
110Zatorsky, Audreyfworkers
58Zimney, John, Mrs.f 
95Zimny, JohnfSlovaks
45Zimny, John A., Mr. and Mrs.f 
95Zimny, Mary WhitmorefSlovaks
47Zupan, Jennief 
47Zupan, Josephf 

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