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History of Mentor Headlands and Vicinity, Lake County, Ohio
1957 Homer J. Gault, ed.

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Alexander, Mary6
allotment, Mentor Headlands Park19
allotment, names 195723
arrow heads12
artifacts [Native American]12
Atwater, Amsi14
Atwater, Caleb16
Austin, Sidney33
auxiliary police department, history35
auxiliary police department, history36
Averill's Island [river]9
Bacon, Ralph14
Becker Avenue21
Benton, Stephen14
Blunt, C.E., Lt. Col.8
Boy Scouts37
bridge near lagoons22
Brooks family18
Brooks, Andros18
Brooks, Andros [home photo]22
Brooks, Charles [home photo]19
Brooks, Elizabeth18
Brooks, Ernest [home photo]20
Brooks, Henry18
Brooks, Hugh18
Brooks, Hugh [home photo]16
Brownies (Scouts)37
burial ground [Native American]13
Burns grandson, Ralph17
Burns, John17
camping ground [historic]12
captain, Great Lakes ship17
captain, Great Lakes ship18
carnival, 4th of July, history37
Cat Nation [American Indians]15
Cat Nation [Native Americans]12
Catholic services26
cemeteries [Native American]13
Chagrin River [surveying]13
Chapman, Nathan14
Church, Baptist25
churches, history25
Civic Club37
Civil Defense police course36
Cleaveland, General15
Cleveland Museum of Natural History30
Cleveland, Moses13
club house photo [Overlook Drive]15
commerce, headlands, 1800s18
commerce, seaport cities32
Community Center Council36
Connecticut Land Company16
Corduroy Road [road]16
Corduroy Road construction21
Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army8
cow bridges10
Cubs (Scouts)37
Cunningham, E.34
Cuyahoga River14
Cuyahoga River [surveying]13
Damm, L.35
development, subdivision23
Diamond Alkali [company]9
Dovenbarger, Ralph, Rev.26
Eries [Native Americans]12
erosion, lake bank11
Evans, Wm.35
Evans, Zoa P.5
Fairport Port Authority32
Fellows, Thomas F.6
Fellows, Thomas F.34
fire chief, first34
Fire chiefs, list, 1931 - 195735
fire department equipment, 192534
fire department equipment, 195535
fire department, volunteer34
fire pits [historic]12
firefighting statistics 1953-195635
firehouse, new (1947)34
first child born18
first foot path, marsh21
first road, Headlands20
first settlers14
Fountain, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
Fountain, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
French and Indian War29
Garden Club5
Gault, Homer J.6
Geauga County formation16
Geauga County records33
Girl Scouts37
glacier effect on lake level28
glacier, geological impact27
Graham, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
Grand River [river]9
Grand River [river]14
Grand River [river]15
Grand River [river], islands9
Grand River [village]10
Grand River ford20
Grand River Harbor Company33
Grand River, old channel27
Grandon, town plat deed33
Granger, Gideon16
Grass Island [river]9
Greene, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
Hacket, James14
Hall, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
Hamilton, James14
harbor [Lake Erie]14
Harbor development, Grandon33
Harbor of Refuge8
Hayden, William R., Rev26
Headlands location7
Headlands Road bridge20
Headlands Road bridge21
Headlands Road home photo16
Headlands Road home photo19
Headlands Road home photo20
Headlands Road home photo22
Headlands Road residents17
Headlands size8
Headlands, land description27
Henricle, Merton18
Henricle, Myra Jordan6
Henricle, Sara18
Hine, Homer Norton, II29
Hine, Robert35
Hine, Robert N.6
Hine, Robert N.34
Hitchcock's Point20
Holley, (John Milton)14
Holley, John Milton13
Holley, John Milton16
Holley, Milton14
home photo [Andros Brooks]22
Home photo [Charles Brooks]19
Home photo [Ernest Brooks20
Home photo [Hugh Brooks]16
Home photo [Wayne Myers]16
Hough, Bessie6
house numbering system23
Houston, Thomas B.6
Houston, Thomas R.27
Hubbell, Walter16
Ice Age, clay deposits28
Ice Age, geological impact27
Ice Age, geological impact28
incorporation into a village20
Indian settlement [Grand River]15
Industry, Morton Salt31
Information sources5
Iroquois [Native Americans]12
Jackman, A. E.34
Jackman, A. E., Jr34
Jackman, A. E., Sr.34
Jayne Brothers18
Jayne, Jennie A.6
Jayne, Justin H6
Jayne, L34
Kellto, Martha G.6
Kellto, Martha G.26
Keltto, Martha G.5
Kervan, Evelyn R.6
Kerven, Evelyn R.5
Kindergarten Association37
Knudson, A. T.25
La Salle13
Laczko, John W.32
Lake County organization16
Lake Erie water levels8
lake levels10
Lake Maumee [glacial lake]28
Lake Shore Boulevard21
Lake View Drive16
land use18
land use19
Lapham, Margaret A.6
Lapham, Margaret A.26
Limestone docks9
Little, Joyce6
log road construction21
lot 116
lot 216
lot 316
lot 416
M.H.V. Firemen34
Mansell, John, M.r and Mrs.17
Marchant, Ahaz16
marsh [location]16
McAdams, Captain [Great Lakes ship]18
Mentor gore13
Mentor Harbor8
Mentor Harbor8
Mentor Harbor history29
Mentor Headlands Fire Dep't. history34
Mentor Headlands Improvement Ass'n. history33
Mentor Headlands Improvement Ass'n. history (M.H.I.A.)34
Mentor Headlands incorporation issue20
Mentor Headlands Park allotment19
Mentor Headlands Volunteer Fire Department, history34
Mentor Headlands, fauna12
Mentor Headlands, flora12
Mentor Headlands, gas10
Mentor Headlands, soils10
Mentor Headlands, trees12
Mentor Headlands, wild fruits12
Mentor Headlands, wild game12
Mentor lagoons8
Mentor Lagoons, development plans31
Mentor Lagoons, Inc.31
Mentor Marsh [as an island]29
Mentor Marsh flora and fauna30
Mentor Marsh location8
Mentor Marsh size8
Mentor Marsh, Dredging9
Mentor Marsh, elevation8
Mentor Marsh, flora7
Mentor Marsh, flora9
Mentor Marsh, formation7
Mentor Marsh, formation8
Mentor Marsh, islands9
Mentor Marsh, use of8
Mentor Township fire department35
Mentor Township records16
Middleton, R.35
Middleton, W.35
Morton Salt Company10
Morton Salt, company history31
Mrs. Mentor Headlands37
Muehle, B.H. Assistant Engineer8
Myers, Wayne [home photo]16
Native Americans12
North Mentor Methodist Church26
North Mentor Methodist Church history26
Norton property13
Norton property13
Norton, Homer Hine6
Painesville pumping station23
parade, 4th of July, history37
Park, Headlands State, history31
Parker, Charles14
Parks, Mrs. Ben [Perry resident]15
Pease, Seth13
Pease, Seth14
Perry Park15
Phelps, Francis M. S.16
Phelps, Oliver16
population growth19
population, seasonal19
port authorities, history32
Porter, Augustus14
postal service history reference24
Proudfoot, George14
public transportation25
Ram Island [river]10
range number13
Recreation Council37
Reed, Myrtle G.6
Riley, Florence G.6
Riley, Florence G., Mrs.38
Road, Corduroy9
Road, Forest12
Road, Heisley9
Road, Woodridge Lane12
rock salt [strata]10
Rogers, Major Robert29
Rogers' Rangers29
Route 44, extension32
salt beds31
salt, wells10
schools, history25
scout, War of 181217
seiche [storm surge]11
Shepard, Wareham14
Skinner, R. L.34
Smith, J34
Smith, Margaret Norton6
Smith, Mary C.5
Spafford, Amos13
spear points12
spring [burning or boiling, in Lake Erie]15
St. Lawrence Seaway, history32
Stephens, Dorothy R.6
Stephens, Lucille M.5
Sterling, Helen H.5
Stoddard, Richard14
Stoddard, Richard M.13
storm surge [seiche]11
Stowe, Mr.15
street list, Mentor Headlands 195722
Street, Corduroy (fire dep't. locations)34
Street, Corduroy road36
Street, Marigold road36
Street, Overlook (fire dep't. location)34
Street, Overlook Drive36
Street, Second, Grandon33
streets, paving23
subdivision, formation23
subdivision, names23
Survey [1796 Western Reserve]14
Survey, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army8
Survey, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army9
Survey, U.S. Geological7
Survey, U.S. Lake10
Surveying [1796]13
surveying [1796]14
temperatures, air11
temporary roads, marsh21
The Mentor Headlands Community Center, Inc.36
tidal wave [seiche]11
Tinker, Joseph14
Titus Beach23
tornado occurrence11
township number13
Tract 1416
Tract 1516
trees, commercial products from18
trees, Headlands varieties18
tribes [Native American]12
Trumbull County16
veteran, War of 181217
Wake Robin Road21
Ware, William36
waste treatment24
water god [American Indians]15
water supply [drawn from lake]24
water, service23
water, service24
water, supply [cisterns]24
Waterman, Mrs. Sara Henricle18
Waterman, Sara F.6
Waterman, Sara F.25
Wetzel, A.34
Wetzel, Arthur36
Wetzel, Marjorie C.6
Wetzel, Marjorie C.37
Wiley-Dondero Seaway Act32
Williams-Murphey development23
Wisconsin Age28

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