Lake County Ohio GenWeb

Index to
Historical Willoughby
Centennial Celebration
by F. N. Shankland

Printed by Riehl, 1953

This index was done in memory of Sara Evans by Cynthia Turk. It was not proofread. The book may be found at Morley Library in the Willougbhy History Box in the Genealogy and Local History Room and many other places locally.

Bold page numbers denote a paragraph or more of information.
Italicized page numbers indicate pictures.
Multiple occurances of a name on a page are common, but not noted here.

1913 Flood12
Abbot, child4
Abbott, David1, 4, 5, 6, 46
Abbott, Ebenezer42
Abbott, Elisha5
Achterhof, Marvin25
Ackley, Dr.16
Ackroyd, Ernest25, 38
Adams, L. R.54
Airport, Cook Cleland's29
Albert, B. F.19
Albrecht, Conrad54
Alexander, E.38
Alexander, T. F. Rev.42
Allen, A. F.13
Allen, Aaron42
Allen, Albert28
Allen, Nehemiah41
Allen, Miss2, 19, 25
Allen, Mrs. Aaron42
Allen, Ruby Mrs.58
Allwardt, E. B. Rev.45
American Clay Co.34
American Clay Machinery Co.12, 35, 37
American Clay-Working Machinery51
American Legion23
Anderson, George54
Andrews, F. Bryan Rev.43
Andrews, Frank38
Andrews, Frank C.52
Andrews, Frank O.52
Andrews, Margaret M. St. John35
Andrews, Margaret Mrs.15
Andrews School for Girls 22, 23, 30
Andrews, W. C.2
Andrews, Wallace C. Mr. & Mrs.15
Andrews, Wallace C. 30
Angier, J. C. Dr.45
Anthony, Mark56
Armington, Stewart31
Armstrong, John52
Armstrong, L. D.49
Atkinson Family42
Augustus, Ellsworth31
Austin, A. Y. Mr.9, 34
Austin Public Hall9
Austin, Sam54
Austin, Samuel54, 55
Austin, Susan Miss39
Ave, Harold28
Axford, Bill29
Axford, Don29
Babcock, Julia G. Mrs.45
Babson, Gerald29
Bailey, Richard29
Bain, F. C.38
Baker, Frank56
Baker, Jay28
Baker, R. S.22
Baker, Tom28
Baldwin, Clayton 26
Baldwin, Mrs. Clarence46
Banks, K. P. Rev.44
Bannister, Joe30
Barber, A. J. 15
Barber, A. P.25
Barber, A. P. Esq.8
Barber, A. R.9
Barber, G.39
Barber, O. N.15
Barbour, Marion28
Barbour, Robert28
Barium and Chemicals, Inc.52
Barium Chemicals40
Barnes Bros.8, 49
Barnes, C. P. Rev.42
Barnes, S. P.38
Barney, J. C. Prof.22
Barney, Mr. 26
Barney, Mrs. 26
Barney, Mrs. J. C.22
Bartholomew, Jennie Mrs.8
Bassett, Alice 26
Bates, Annis42
Bates, Luther8
Bates, Luther P.41
Bates, R. C.15, 31, 33, 34, 48
Bates, Will34
Baurfield pail factory6
Bayce, J. H. [sic]32
Bayerl, Mrs. Karl55
Bayton, T. B.8
Beach, E. C. Rev.42
Bechtold, H. J.25, 52, 55
Beck, Clarence28
Beebower Bros. Mill53
Beebower, E.38
Beidler, J. A.18
Beidler, Jacob54
Beidler, Jacob A.31
Beilstein, Fred13
Belden home8
Belmore, T.54
Ben Hur Motor Co.51
Bergen, G. I. Rev.44
Bernhardt 27
Bernhardt, E. H.25, 36, 38
Bernhardt, Ed27, 29
Bertrand, Richard30
Biglow, George15
Billson, Henry 40
Billson, James39
Birkholz, E. F.54
Birkholz, Ernest27
Birkholz, Ernst F.49
Birkholz, Mrs. Ernst35
Birkholz store35
Bishop, Linda25
Bishop, Linda Miss19
Bishop, Miss2
Blakely, F. 27
Blakely, Frank27, 29
Blakely, W. 27
Blakely, Will29, 56
Bliss, E. O.48
Bliss, Omar15
Bliss, Omar Mrs.15
Boddy, John54
Bollman, F.38
Bolton, C. C.31
Bond Block39
Bond, E. W.31, 32, 32. 33, 35
Bond's Block2
Bourquard, A. B. Mr.46, 55
Boyce, J. H.17, 42, 47, 48, 50
Boyce, Joseph8, 9, 13, 15
Boyce, Joseph H.41, 42
Boyce, Julia F. Mrs.42
Boyce Mill2, 47
Boyce, Mr.34
Boyce, Nancy 26
Boyce, T. W.50
Boyce, Thomas W.48
Boyce, Will "Chipmunk" 40
Boyd, 28
Boyd, Beverly28
Boyd, Frank54
Boyd, Frank M.38
Boyd, Robert28
Boyd, Ross28
Brayton, Rev. Mr.43
Brennan, F. P. Rev.44
Briggs, Art27
Briggs, Arthur28
Bright, H. E. Rev.42
Broderick, Ed54
Brooks, J. G.19
Brooks, John G. Mr.45
Brott, E.38
Brott, E. E.38
Brott, Emerson28
Brown, A. L.48
Brown, Arthur7
Brown, Charles12
Brown, H. R.38
Brown, Hiram1, 5, 41
Brown, Sam27
Brown, Watson6
Browning, Richard51
Browning School24
Browning, V. R. plant6
Browning, V. R.51
Browning, Victor R. & Co., Inc.51
Bryant, Ethel54
Bryant, Ethel D. Miss46
Buchtman, Mrs. Wilfred W.55
Buckeye Rubber Co.51
Buckman, Ed. 40
Bunnel's Hill6
Burgess, C. W. Capt.55, 56
Burgess, Elmer (Roger)56
Burgess, Frank27
Burgess, Frank Lieut.56
Burgess, Roger56
Burgess, Roger E. 2nd Lieut56
Burr and Bates8, 50
Burton, Theodore31
Butler, Orman5
C. P. & E. Interurban12
C.P. and E. Railway36
Caldwell, Eva Burgess56
Card family32
Card, Joseph5, 32
Card, Louisa30
Card, Thomas5
Carmichael, W. J.31, 33, 36, 38
Carnegie, Andrew45
Carpenter, Harrison15
Carpenter, Rose 26
Carrel, A. K.2, 35, 49
Carrel Bros.2, 49
Carrel, Cora Mrs.38
Carrel, Harriet Mrs.44
Carrel, Mrs. A. K.36, 45
Carrel, Reece V. (Store)2
Carrel, Reece Y.13, 15, 44, 49
Carroll, Henry T. 15
Cartwright, Richard29
Case, Leonard19
Cassels, Dr.16
Cattell, C. L.38
Cemetery, first9
Chadderton Cheese Factory51
Chadderton, Joseph9, 50
Chagrin Falls-Willoughby Road6
Chagrin Franklin Library45
Chagrin Mills5, 46
Chandler, Rev.45
Chapin, Billy7
Chapin, Chester Rev.42
Chapin, M. L. 18
Chapin, Mary E.42
Chapin, N. D.25
Chapin, Rev.42
Chapin, William8, 40
Chase, 27
Chase, Mel27
Chase, Melvin 29
Chase, Most Rev. Bishop43
Chase, Paul38
Cheney, J. R. Rev.42
Chesbro, Anna 26
Chesbro, Phrania Dr.25
Christy, Daniel41, 50
Circulating Library Society45
Clair, J. F. Jr.55
Clair, J. F. Judge55
Clair, John F.39
Clair, John F. Jr.55
Clair, John Sr.54
Clair, William54
Clark and Pike Office7
Clark, C. D25, 45
Clark, Dr.39
Clark, E. A. Dr. 15
Clark, Ellen G.25, 38
Clark, Frank 26
Clark, Leon 26
Clark, N.48
Clark, N. C.9
Clark, Nathan 15
Clark, Oliver30
Clark, Rose 26
Clark, W. T.8, 50
Cleaveland, Moses46
Clement, G. W.25
Clinger, Tom30
Cobb family34
Code, James 40
Code, William44
Coe, Truman Rev.42
Cole, 27
Cole, Clark 29
Cole, Mary A. Mrs.25
Collister, W. C. 25, 31, 32, 33, 36, 36, 38, 54
Colsen, Christ39
Colsen, Christopher1
Colson, C. C.41
Colson, Christopher5, 32, 47
Colson, Christopher, Esq.41
Conant, J. B. Major52
Condon, J.38
Conner, Julia 26
Cook Cleland Airport51
Cook Cleland's Airport29
Cook, Clifford30
Cook, Murray37
Cooper, Myers Y.31
Corbett, Dick2
Cornwall, Gwendolyn K.23
Costello, Sam54
Cotrell, Asa C.47
Cottrell, Asa2, 9, 15, 50
Cottrell, Metta 26
Cottrell, Nichols5
Cottrell, Norman39, 41
Covan, J. T.28
Cover, Lake5
Cowan, Will56
Cowen, Gilbert 40
Cowles, Grant 26
Cox, James M.31
Cranston, Barzilla K.41
Crawford, Bert56
Crawford, E.50
Crawford's Saloon39
Crobaugh, Georgia46
Crowther, A. J.38
Crowther, E. M.25, 36, 38
Crowther, I. M.36, 38
Cupp, Marshall29
Curtis, Grove56
Cushman, Nathan50
Cushman, Polly50
Daniel Bros Coal Yard50
Daniel Christy House50
Daniels, "Peps"29
Daniels, Alberta Mrs.3
Daniels, Allie2
Daniels Bros Coal yard6
Daniels, Frank3
Daniels, John15
Daniels, Lyle28
Davidian, Bert30
Davis, Byron 40
Davis, Harry L.31
Davis, Jesse25
Davis, L. P.25, 31, 38
Davis, Mrs. Roger46
Davis, Robert V.25
Davis, Roger B.25
Davis, W. R. Dr.8
Davis, Wayne54
Davis, Wayne E.39
Dawley, Ray 26
Dawson, Henry7
Dayton, T. B.38
Delamater, Dr.16
Delsantro, C. N.38
Delsantro, Charles28
Delsantro, Chas.38
Delsantro, Mike28, 41
Depew, W. A.19
Dewey, Arthur M.31
Dickey, 28
Dickey and Collister8, 36, 48, 49, 50
Dickey, E. J.31, 32, 33, 36, 45
Dickinson, S. C. Rev.42
Dille, Jefferson8
Disbro, J. E.25, 54, 55
Disbro, Robert55
Dodd Bros.50
Dodd, John A. & Sons6
Dodd, Sadie 26
Dodd's Woolen Mill49
Dodds Woolen Mill1
Donahey, Vic31
Douda, F.38
Douglas, W. D.13
Downing, Frank 26
Dugway Hill6
Dunlap, Frank28
Durban, George 15
Durban, Jennie 26
Dymock, John W.41
Easton, J. A.31
Easton, Jack 37, 37, 58
Economy Engineering Co.52
Eddy, George S.41, 45, 50
Eddy, Mary Baker44
Edgell, Scott30
Edwards, Bobby 29
Edwards, Laura Bates34
Egbert, Angelina22
Egbert, Samuel L.41
Eldredge, L. O. Rev.42
Electric Packers Agency36
Ellen, Bertha35, 57
Ellen, Blanche35
Ellen, Emma35
Ellen, Florence35
Ellen, Howard56
Ellen, J. S.2, 25, 31, 32, 32, 33, 37, 50
Ellen, J. S. & Co.9
Ellen, J. S. Mayor9
Ellen, John Capt10
Ellen, John S.41, 43, 54
Ellen, John S. Capt.35, 49
Elliott, Isarell15
Elliott, Morgan13
Ellsworth, Maurice28
Ellsworth, Maurice (Fat)28
Ellsworth, Mrs. R. H.55
Ellsworth, Ralph54
Ellwell, Alf27
Ellwell, Alfred56
Ellwell, Stewart 29
Elwell, 27
Elwell home8
Elwell, Lucia Stewart Mrs.34
Ely, Charles39
Emerson, H. I.31
Evans, William39
Excell, Benjamin15, 47
Excell, Benjamin Rev.18
Fairburn, John Rev.43
Fairley, Reed28, 39, 41, 54
Farngling, E. W.48
Fatica, Anthony58
Fench, Peter46
Ferguson, A. W.25, 31, 35, 38,
Ferguson Families42
Ferguson, Hezekiah5
Ferguson, John L.5
Ferguson, Mildred 26
Ferguson, Thomas5
Ferris, F. E.46
Ferry, Chape15
Fickes, A. J.25, 38
Fickes, Madeline46
Fish, C. C.50
Flickinger, Nellie G. Miss22
Flood, 191312
Forward, Mrs. 18
Foster, Stan29
Four, Dean29
Fowles, Lena22
Fowles, S.48
Fowles, Samuel8
Franz, R. J.54
Freer, Titus5
French, Mrs. J. E. 32
French, Peter5
Frey-Sheckler Co.51
Frost, A. E.25, 38, 54
Fuller, Lynn31
Fuller, Lynn I.31
Fuller, Mrs. Simeon35
Fulton, Jesse38
Gallagher, Frank38
Ganger, Gideon41
Garfield, Gen.10
Garfield, James Abram10
Garfield, James R.11
Garnett, 27
Garnett, Arland 29
Gear's Barber Shop40
Geremia, P.38
Gibbons, Benjamin13
Gibbons Brothers 8, 48
Gibbons, Frank L.51
Gibbons House51
Gibson, Charles56
Gibson, Charles 1st Lieut56
Gibson, Charles Lieut.56
Gibson, T.48
Gibson, Thomas7
Gibson, W. F.55
Gill, Jerry29, 30
Gillespie, Stanley 29
Gillespie, Wm.38
Gillette, Florence Mrs.25
Gilmore, Byron 40
Gilson farm12, 46
Gilson, The50
Gist, W. M.7
Gist, W. W. 18, 19, 20
Gist, William Wesley21
Glasscock, Ira54
Glavac, Eddie29
Gleason, J. H.38
Gleason, James H.38
Gleason, Tom56
Golden, Henry Dr.43
Goodrich, Dan 15
Goodrich, Frank56
Goodrich, Fred 29
Goodrich, Panther27
Goodrich, Warren40, 41
Gordon, Hugh42
Gordon, Mrs. Hugh42
Gordon, Wm.31
Gough, Robert42
Graham, Elisha5
Graham, Eluzer46
Granger, H. C.48
Grant, Josiah5
Gray, Florence 26
Green, A. B.43
Greene, Jenny Chadderton51
Gregg, 28
Gressel, Ed54
Grether, George30
Griffith, G. P. Ship Disaster11
Grimme, Ernst Prof. 18
Gross, W. P. Rev.55
Gross, William P.43
Gross, Wm. P. Rev.55
Gross, Wm. Rev.46
Grover, Charles6, 15
Grover, Karl 29
Grover, Mary Mrs.46
Gulley brook6
Gunn, A. W.39
Gunn, Harriett 57
Hadfield-Penfield Co51
Hadfield-Penfield Steel Co.35
Haggett, H. P.38
Haggett, Harry P.25
Hall, F. M.25
Hall, F. M. Prof.43
Hall, H. H.43
Hall, Simeon5
Hall, Will 57
Hamilton, Chas. W. Rev.42
Hannah, M. A.2
Hanscom, Alice35, 43, 45
Hanscom, Alva31, 32, 33, 35
Hanson, Ariel17, 18
Hanson, Belle 57
Harbach, T. H. 15
Harback and Hubbell50
Harback, T. S.7, 8
Harback, Thomas17
Hardecker, F.48
Hardecker, Frank13, 48
Hardgrove, R.54
Hare, Abner 40
Hare, Irwin 40
Harmon, Hiram P.15
Harmon, Judson31
Harmon, Rubin13
Harris, Andrew L.31
Harris, Edward B. Rev.43
Harrold, A. E.38
Hart, L. B.25
Hart, Roy54
Harvey, Parley13
Haskell, Ethel Ada22
Hastings, Mary P. Miss45
Hastings, Russ56
Haver, Will56
Hayden, A. S.43
Hayes, C. 27
Hayes, Cliff 29
Hayes, President2, 9
Hayes, President & Mrs.10
Hayes, R. 27
Hayes, Ralph 27, 29
Hayes, Rutherford B.10
Hazeltine, John15
Heinle, W. C.38
Heinz, LaVerne54
Hemminger, Harry38
Hempel, Hank29
Hencke, J. W.54
Hencke, John W.41
Henderson Dr.1
Henderson family32
Henderson, John Dr.5
Henderson, John M.41
Hengesbach, Mary 26
Hengesbach, U. A.38
Hengesbach, Urban38
Hern, Claude49
Hern, Claude D.49
Herrick, Myron T.31
Hesketh, William30
Hess, C. B. Rev.42
Heyner, Edwin G.52
Hibschman, R. O.3, 30, 31
Hibschman, Ruby46
Higgins, A. M.7
Higgins, C. J.50
Hilderbrand, George29
Hilderbrand, James30
Hildreth, Samuel15
Hill, A. T. And Co.49
Hill, Ellen Ward Mrs.9, 17
Hill, John8, 44, 48, 49, 50
Hinrichsen, A. N. Rev.44
Hirst, Charles D. Rev.45
Hoage, William39
Hobart House30
Hobart, Wilson M.15
Hobarts Corners6
Holmes, Minnie 26
Hooper, Henry15
Hopkins, Charles13
Houliston, Andrew13, 43
Howard, Elbert58
Howland, Paul30, 31
Hubbel, Henry15
Hughes, Frank36, 38
Hughes, Frank 40
Hull, Charles T. Rev.43
Hull, E. W.38
Hull, General5
Hull, Mrs. Charles T.43
Humphrey, Helen9
Humphrey, Oscar15
Hunt, James41
Huntoon, Scribner Capt.17
Hurd, A. R.31, 33, 34
Hurd, G. M.48
Hurd, Gertrude8
Hurlburt, Lillian21
Hurr, A. R.8
Huston, Bruce54
Hutchinson's Harness39
Hyde, Ralph 29
Hykes, E.54
Ice, Zelma25
Ingersoll, Frank 40
Ingersoll, Hannah51
Inman, B. S.50
Inman's shoe shop8
J. H. R. Products Co.40, 52
Jackson, Foster56
Jackson, Thurlow56
Jeavons, A. N.52
Jeffers, W. M.42
Jenkins, C. C.39
Jenkins, Charles 15
Jenkins, J.1, 50
Jenkins, J. & Son48
Jenkins, John J.15, 43
Johnny Hill's Store49
Johnson, E. C.55
Jones, Art29
Jones family5
Jones, Felix7, 48
Jones, Henry15
Jones, Mr.39
Jones, O. C. Rev.42
Jordan, J.31, 33, 36, 36, 38
Jordan, J. J.31
Jordan, J. Mayor54
Jordan, Joseph13, 41
Judd, Ellsworth5
Judd, William1
Kagey, M. I.38
Kalek, Nicholas39
Kanaga, Milton Rev.43
Keene, J. F. Rev.43
Kelley, Edward 29
Kelley, Louise38
Kelley, Louise G.39
Kelley, Lyman 29
Kelsey, Martha Josephine22
Kendall, F. H.31
Kennedy and Rockafellow49
Kennedy, Capt.39
Kennedy, H. F.25, 31, 36, 38, 54
Kennedy, Joseph48
Kennedy, R.50
Kennedy, R. & Son48
Kennedy, Ransome Capt.7, 11, 15
Kennedy, William28
Kenning, H.38
Kezler, Peter5
Kidward, Hattie25
Kilpatrick, R. W.19
Kimball, Carl31
Kimball, Carl R.31
King Bridge Co.12
King, Mary E. Mrs.25
Kingsley, Anna 57
Kingsley Inn40, 51
Kinnison, C. W.46, 55
Kinnison, Charles21
Kinnison, Charles W.55
Kinnison, James21
Kinnison, Paul F.21
Kinnison, Prof. 21
Kinnison, R. H. 20
Kinnison, Ripley. H. Prof.19
Kinnison, Ruth21
Kirby, Mrs. W. D.44
Kirby, W. D.25
Kirby, W. D. Mr44
Kirtland, Dr.16
Kitter, J. M. Rev.44
Klco, Francis29, 30
Kleifeld's Restaurant40
Klein, Arne28
Klein, Toivo28
Knieling block2
Knieling, L.40
Knieling, Louis8, 49, 50
Kobus, Larry30
Kraus, Donald C.25
Krause-Winograd Co.53
Lake Erie College17
Lake Erie Seminary17
Lake, H.55
Lamb, F. W.38
Lang, Richard29
Larned, Harold29
Law, Geo. F.38
Law, George56
Law, George Lieut.56
Law, Harry56
Law, Mrs. George F.35
Lawrence, Ray 26
Lee, L. O.2, 19, 25
Lee, Roberta31
Lewis, Glenn54
Lewis, James1, 5, 47
Lewis, Mrs. L. D.55
Lillie, W. A.43
Lilly, Cliff56
Lincoln, Abraham2, 9
Lincoln Field28
Lincoln School24
Lindemuth, L. A. Rev.43
Little, C. C.31
Lloyd, Harry27
Long, Bill29
Loreiux Hotel51
Losey, Heman31, 32
Losey, Mr.34
Low, Sam31, 38
Lowary, 28
Lowman, Glenn25
Lunt, F. S.31
Lunt, Forest3, 30
Lux, Mrs. R. C.55
Lyman, Azariah5
Lyon, Adelia Miss32
Lyons, Ashley 40
Lyons, J. E.38
Magoon, Richard56
Makepeace, Nelson13
Malone, Charles39, 39, 41
Malone, Don F.25
Mannino, John54
Mantey, H. A.38
Manville, George49
Manville, George B.49
Manville, George E.48, 50
Manville, Gertrude56
Manville, Olney56
Markell, James13
Marsh, Milo Mr.55
Marshall Drug40
Martin, A. T. Rev.44
Martin, George W. 20, 21
Martin, T. D.21
Maus, Erwin Jr.46
Mayer, S. A. Rev.42
McBride, Don29
McCann, J. Dr.38
McCann, James Dr.38
McCann, Mrs.38
McCollister, Dr.36
McCollister, F. L.38
McCreary, Gerald54
McCulloch, L. P. Rev.43
McKillen, Ben54
McKinley, Keith54
McKinley, William10
McKinnie, Mrs. H. J.32
McMahon, Gertrude56
McMahon, James A.36, 38, 41, 49, 54
McMahon, Jas. 26
McMahon, John38
McMahon, L.38
McMahon, Lawrence55
McMahon, M. W. Rev.44
McMahon, Michael13
McMahon, Mrs.56
McMahon, Mrs. James56
McMahon, Richard 40
McNamara, W. B. Rev.44
Melbourne, O. T.54
Mellor, C. M.45
Memorial Legion House24
Menger, Clara31
Merchant, A. E.48
Merrill, J. H.9, 15
Merrills, Budd 26
Mertz, R. A.52
Metcalf, M. B.48
Milestone, Erma25
Miller, Arvilla39
Miller, Dewitt C.7
Miller, F. Ralph Rev.44
Miller, Joe 15
Miller, John1, 5, 47
Miller, Lewis5
Minegan, Charles28
Mitchall, 28
Mitchell, Howard29
Moeller, Fred38
Moody, Sowman A.41
Mook, Norville28
Mooney, J. D.25
Moore, 27
Moore, Charles E. Rev.45
Moore, E. W.31
Moore, Howard27, 29
Moore, T. M. Dr.8
Moore, William50
Mosely, A. R.38
Mosely, W. H. Rev.44
Mosher Family42
Mosher, John13
Mosher, Levi15
Mulroy, Jim29
Murphy, G. G. Dr.44
Murphy, James 40
Myers, Ted39
Naegellen, Vic29
Nash, Abel5
Nash, Alvin18
Nash, Fr.44
Nash, George K.31
Nash, W. M. Rev.44
Neil, George C. Rev.43
Neil, Rev.44
Nelson, J. D. Dr.25, 51, 55
Nelson, Mrs. Ralph46
Neuman, P. H.38
Neville, George25
Nevue, C. M. O.9, 50
Nichols, Edson C.41
Nichols, H. S.38
Nichols, Horace38
Nickle Plate House51
Norris, Don54
Norton, Eber13
O'Connell, J. T. Rev.44
O'Farrell, Patrick Rev.44
Ohio Rubber Co.51
Ohm, H. G.55
Ohm, Harry38, 46
Ohm, John31, 32, 38
Ohm, John K.13, 38
Olmstad, Aaron6
Olsaver, C.38
Olsaver, Clayton36
Olsaver, Edith Dickey36
Orcutt, E. M.31
Ormsby, Elizabeth Miss19, 25
Ormsby, Miss2
Orr, Chester26, 27, 56
Otis, 28
Otis, Adna Mrs.23
Otis, Dexter23
Otis, E. M.20, 23, 24, 27, 54
Otis, Ed56
Otis, Esher23
Otis farm6
Otis, Supr.24
Overturf, Eugenie (Farrell)31
Oviatt Mfg. Co.53
Pachnowski, Joe38
page, Maynard28
Page, Florence Mrs.45
Page, Frances 26
Page, Frank31
Page, Julia Conner 56
Page, Thomas 15
Palmatier, A. B. 40
Palmer, W. J. 40
Parker, Charles1, 5, 6
Parker, Silas5
Parks, Alice46
Parks Family51
Parks, L. Beaumont25
Parks, Mrs. F.42
Parks, Mrs. H. F.41
Parsons, J. F. Rev.43
Pasini, 28
Pasini, H. F. (Pat)29
Pasini, Pat29
Patt Bros. Co.53
Patterson, O. L. Dr.54
Pattison, J. M.31
Pavlik, Al52
Payne Hill6
Payne's Woolen Mills6
Pease, Bessie 26
Pelton, Frank27, 36
Penfield, Gertrude2
Penfield, J. A.25
Penfield, J. W.1, 2, 9, 35, 50
Penfield, J. W. Brick34
Penfield, J. W. & Son51
Penfield, J. W. & Son Brick and Tile Machinery Co.46
Penfield, J. W. & Son48
Penfield, James V.9
Penfield, L. J.45
Penfield, L. W.25, 32, 33, 41, 54
Penfield, Louis. W.35
Penfield, Mr.34
Penfield, Mrs. L. W. 57
Penfield, Mrs. R. C. 57
Penfield, R. C. 57
Penfield, Raymond C.35, 51
Peterson, H. W. Rev.42
Peudeprat, Peter Fr.44
Phelp's Woods48
Phelps Home1
Phelps, Samuel43
Phelps, Will48
Phelps' Old Tavern51
Pierce, John49
Pizzie, Joseph54
Pizzie Shoe Shop40
Pleasant Valley6
Poling, Luther29, 30
Pour, Dean29
Powell House9
Powell, N.48, 51
Pratt, B. F. 18
Pratt, Mrs.Allan55
Prentiss, F. F.31
Presley, Don29
Proseus, A. L.43
Purola, Gyneth38
Quigley, Samuel Jr.15
Rafferty, Bill27
Raines, Guy Rev.43
Ralls, Robert30
Ramsey, W. M. Rev.43
Randall, H. J.43
Rappe, Most Rev. Bishop44
Reeve, Etta 26
Rentschler, Delia Mrs.55
Rentschler, Dr.52
Rentschler, M. J.52, 54
Reynolds, Isaac38
Reynolds, Osec C.15
Richards, Budd27
Richardson, Clyde 56
Richardson, Emma Dodd 56
Richardson, S. C.38
Richey, Tom29
Ridele Co.51
Rider Tavern1
Robert, Fr.44
Roberts, Link 40
Roberts, W. L. Rev.43
Robinson & Gillette48, 53
Robinson, James 15
Robinson, James B.53
Robinson, Mrs. J. B.46
Roby, Capt.11
Rockafellow, George54
Rockafellow, S. A.38
Rockliffe, J. E. Rev.44
Roe, A. P. Rev.43
Rogers, Flora Bates34
Rogers, Mack34, 56
Roosevelt, Theodore3, 11
Rose, Herbert 26
Rossiter, W. R.38
Roush, Ernest29
Rudd, Cullen B.15
Ruetenik, F. E31
Rugnetta, Frank29
Ryan, "Larry"41
Ryan block2
Ryan, J. V. 40
Ryan, Joe28
Ryan, Joseph41
Ryan, L.40, 48
Ryan, Larry39, 41
Ryan, Lawrence8
Ryan, Tom28
Sabin, W. W. Mr.45
Sadosky, Len29
Sage, John Rev.43
Sammon, Dan30
Sawyer, Eugene V.31
Saxton, Ernest 26
Saxton, Harvey56
Sayle & Davis48
Schad, Wm.38
Scherman, Howard55
Schmelz, Donald29
Schmock, E. L.25, 54
Schnedler, E. W. Rev.45
Schulters, H. V.31
Schultz, A. B.38
Schwarzwaelder, C.38, 54
Scott, John T.31
Sears, Prof.18
Seelye, Mary3, 30, 31
Seitz, Harold28
Shankland, Alan25
Shankland, F. N.1, 18, 31, 41, 46, 54, 55, 56
Shankland, Frank N.55, 58
Shankland, Martha J. Kelsey22
Shankland, S. D. Supt. 27
Shankland, S. D.2, 3, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30, 31, 45, 54
Shankland, S. D. Hon.45
Shankland, Sherrie 26
Shankland, Sherwood Dodge 20, 22
Shankland, Sherwood W.22
Sharp, George 15
Sharp, Rufus5
Sharpe, A. T.12
Sharpe, Carrie 56
Sharpe, Charles O.32
Sharpe, George H.41
Sharpe, H. A.31, 32, 33
Sharpe, Mr.34
Sharpe, O. H.31, 32, 33
Sharpe, Orin H. 15
Shave, Bob Jr.30
Shaw, C. B.38, 54
Shaw, Charles B.49
Shaw, Harold B.38
Sheetz, John A.54
Sheffield, Florence25
Sheffield, Wesley (Happy)28
Shepard, Sarah42
Sheraton Furniture Co.53
Sherman, Fordyce28
Sherman, Fordyce M.25
Sherman, J. L.48
Sherman, N. F. Mrs.25
Sherman, Ray 29
Sherman, W. P.31, 33, 36, 38
Sherman, William38
Sherwin, Henry farm6
Shimmon, John31
Shimmon, John G. Dr.25
Shipman, C. M.25, 52
Shreve, Otis38
Sigsbey, E. S.36
Sigsby, E. S.38
Silsby residence23
Singer, Ray28
Sivak, Ernie29, 30
Skiff, George25, 31, 32
Skiff, George F.8
Sloan, R. R.43
Smart, C. S.48
Smart, Carl S.49
Smart, Carlos32
Smart, Frank32
Smart, James56
Smart, James H.31, 32, 33, 37
Smart, John H.32
Smart, Marguerite25
Smart, Mary32
Smart, S. W.8, 9, 25, 32, 48, 50
Smart, Samuel9, 31, 32, 32, 33, 37, 49
Smart, Samuel W.37
Smith, Chuck30
Smith, Danford15
Smith, Ebenezer5, 46
Smith, Franklin G.52
Smith, H. T.8, 48
Smith, Harry29
Smith, Herbert38
Smith, J. Allen56, 57
Smith, James Campbell53
Smith, Jean28
Smith, Mabel 26
Smith, Mrs. Ward35
Smith, N. C.8, 9, 25, 38, 57
Smith, W. S. Rev.42
Smith, Ward II35
Snyder store35
Sodon, Carl 26
Southam, Will 29
Spencer, George B.46
Sperry, P. V.13
Squier, C. S.50
Squires, Hiram K.13
St. John, Dr.8, 13, 15
St. John, G. C.31
St. John, Gamaliel30
St. John, Gamaliel (Dick)30
St. John, Louisa M.44
St. John, Margaret M.30
St. John, Orson Swift30
St. John, Orson II30
St. John, Orson L.31
St. John, Thomas Card30
Stafford, H. F.52
Stafford, Jack29, 30
Stamberger, Kenny29
Standard Drug34
Stark, C. G.38
Starling Medical College 16
Steele, Rev. Mr.45
Stevens, H. K.50
Stevens, H. R.48
Stevens, Henry48
Stevens, Mrs. E. C.45
Stewart, H.31, 33
Stewart, H. A.34
Stewart, J. W.9, 13, 15, 48, 49
Stewart, William15
Stillisano, Ang29
Stillisano, Frank29
Stillisano, Rocco28
Stocking, C. H.9
Stockwell, L. B.38, 54
Stone, Bill29, 30
Stone, Florence 26
Storm, Fred13
Storm, G. W.25, 31, 33, 34
Storm, George13
Storm, George Dr.15, 34
Storm, Stephen 15
Streve, Otis38
Strickland, F. N.45
Strimple, F.38
Strimple, F. L.38
Strimple, Louise25
Stuckey, R. B.38
Stump, George38
Stump, Ralph38
Sturm, Joe54
Sturm's Market40
Sulzmann, Mrs. A. R.55
Sutch, T. H.53
Swan, Dr.43
Talbot estate28
Talbot, Mrs. L. J.32
Talbot, Orin15
Tanner, Chas. Dr.25
Tanner, Florence Ball 56
Tanner, Holly5
Tarbell, Mr.17
Tarr, Frank30
Taylor, Alice 26
Thomas, George7, 54
Thomas, Julius56
Thomas, Robert8
Thomas, William9
Thwing, Mary8
Tile Machine Company34
Tinker, Joseph Rev.42
Tittle, Dick29
Todd, C. B.31, 32, 33, 37
Todd, Cecil B.1, 54, 58
Todd, Luzerne Prof. 18
Todd, Mayor13
Tryon, Alf56
Tryon, E. T.51
Tryon, H. G.6
Turner, Ray 26
Tuttle, Martin39
Tyler, Alvin28
Tyler, Clarence28
U.S. Chemical Warfare Service51, 52
Uhl, Harrison38
Upham, Benager S.13
Van Deusen, Donald28
Van Deusen, Harold28
Van Deusen, Howard28
Van Deusen, Lillian39
Van Deusen twins28
Van Deusen, Wallace29
Van Duesen, Wallace [sic]27
Van Dusen [sic] 27
Van Gorder, A. H.31, 45, 54
Van Gorder, George31
Viall and Pomery9
Viall, Charles, Mr. Mrs.9
Viall, Clara22
Viall, E. G. Mrs.25
Viall, Esquire Farm50
Viall, Ethel38
Viall, Ethel G.45
Viall, Jacob 15
Vohlers, E. E.38, 54
Waite, A. G. 33, 35
Waite, F. C.38
Waite, Frederick C.16
Waite, J. O.38
Waldo, Joseph5
Waldorf Bar40
Walker, Adele Stockwell 56
Walker, D. G.38
Walker, John29
Wall, Lois46
Wallace, Chester 26
Walsh, E. P.36, 38, 40, 49
Walsh, Edw.38
Wanbermong, Chief4
Ward, E. A.17
Ward, Elijah13
Ward, Ethel 26
Ward family35
Ward, J. A.35
Ward, J. C.31
Ward, John C.20, 31
Ward, John Carroll21
Ward, Jonathan15
Ward, Joseph A.48
Ward, Philip 56
Warden, Noah5
Warner, Nabby Miss5
Warner, Zopher13
Warren, John31
Wasson, Mrs. C. W.2
Waterman, Charles39, 40, 41
Waterman, Chas.38
Waterman, W.48
Waters, C. R.21
Watts, Roy56
Waugh, A. . Rev.2
Waugh, A. J.42
Webster, 27
Webster, Roy 29
Webster, Roy H.41
Weit, J. Edw.54
Weit, J. Edward46, 54, 55
Wellman, Edward 26
Wellman, Marsh56
Wells, Lawrence28
Wenham, Percy38
Werner, 28
West, Jacob1, 5, 46, 47
Western Reserve College16
Whitcomb, R. N.31
White, Anson13
White, C. A.53
White, Charles25
White, George31
White, Milton13
White, Oscar9, 48
Whiting, Charles56
Whiting, Julia 26
Wightman, L. H.47
Wike, Chet30
Wilber, J. H.9, 15, 48
Wilcox, Willis28
Wilder, Albert28
Wilder, Ely15
Wilder, Oily 15
Wiley, A. N.44
Williams, A. C.8, 19
Williams, Alexander15
Williams, F. M.25
Williams, John31
Williams, Max54
Willis, Frank B.31
Willis, Mr.39
Willoughby Canning Factory52
Willoughby College17, 19
Willoughby Collegiate Institute17
Willoughby Female Seminary17
Willoughby Gazette & Job Printing8
Willoughby High School19
Willoughby Medical College of Columbus16
Willoughby, Professor5
Willoughby University of Lake Erie16
Willoughby, Westel, Dr. 5
Wilson, "Elder"8
Wilson, George13
Wilson, Jeanette56
Wilson, Ray56
Wilson, Ray Winegar49
Wilson, S. S25, 31, 33, 36, 51
Wilson, S. V.13, 15, 39, 47, 48
Wilson, Samuel5, 12, 17, 18, 31, 34, 42, 47
Wilson, Sarah34, 42
Wilson, Sidney22, 58
Wilson, Sidney S.1, 2, 13, 31, 32, 36, 46, 57
Wilson, Sidney Smart49
Wilson, Sidney V.9, 49
Wilson Store49
Wilson, W. C.25, 57
Wilson's Store36
Winegar, E.38
Winegar, Edmond38
Winkler, Harry Mr.46
Winlund Machine Shop53
Winograd, Sam53
Winter, Don54
Winters, Harry25, 29, 58
Wirt family32
Witt, E. H.55
Witt, Ellwood H.54, 55, 58
Wolwin Chair Co.53
Wood, F. M.27, 29, 46
Woodin, Mr.11
Woodside, J. B.20, 46, 54
Woodside, J. Barnes24
Woodworth, Lida19
Woolsey, Bemjamin17, 18
Woolsey fund19
Woolsey, Richard1, 5, 9, 47, 48
Woolworth Co.40
Worallo, S. S.48
Worden, James15
Work, Matilda Peebles21
Work, Tilla P. 18
Worrallo, C.34
Worrallo, Charles5
Worrallo, Clark34, 47
Wright, Mrs. Charles42
Wright store35
Yaxley, Charles 57
Yaxley, R. H. 40
Yaxley, Richard15
Yaxley, W. H.48
Zebra Stage Coach House50
Zebra Stage House39

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