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Painesville Cemetery Newspaper Citations

These citations were gathered from Cemetery histories by Linda Warfield, Carl Engel, and Ruth Rhinehart, and the collection at Morley Library and the Lake County Historical Society.

The city of Painesville has had several public burial grounds. Various articles have been in the newspaper, The Painesville Telegraph (or similar names). Microfilm is available at Morley Library. The first public cemetery was on Liberty Street opened in 1811. This was followed by Washington Street in about 1822, which closed in the 1870s. A new plot was purchased, but not used west of Painesville. Evergreen opened in 1860. Charter Oak Park became the new resting place of Edward Paine in 1900.

1851 19 Mar p 3The burying ground
1851 19 Mar p 3Meeting re burying grounds
1851 26 Mar p 3Meeting re burying grounds beautification
1852 21 July p 37 acres purchased west of city for burial ground
1852 24 Nov p 37 acres unsuitable, gravelly
1852 22 Dec p 3Lots
1853 26 Jan p 3Lots
1853 2 Feb p 3Ground purchased east of town
1853 13 Apr p 37 acres on Mentor Road for sale
1855 13 June p 3New cemetery needed soon
1859 17 Mar p 3New cemetery lot
1859 24 Mar p 3request purchase bank below Geauga Furnace
1860 23 Feb p 3History of first grave yard- burial of Capt. Pepoon 1811.
1860 12 Apr p 3Draft layout by CC Smith, Esq.
1861 2 Jan p 3*Mortality and grave movings
1861 17 Jan *Burying ground on W bank of Grand River near S. Marshall property
1862 22 May p 3Beautiful new cemetery
1863 8 Jan p 3Sexton's annual report
1863 25 JuneUnbecoming conduct of visitors at Evergreen
1865 13 Apr p 3Attractive area with reburials
1867 26 Sept p 3Washington
1869 10 Sept p 3Improvements to Evergreen
1876 26 Sept p 3Washington Cem. in ruins
1876 9 Dec p 3Plat of Washington
1877 29 Mar p 3*Infirmary Cemetery
1877 1 Nov p 3Washington removals
1877 1 Nov p 3More on Washington removals
1878 10 Jan p 3Vaults
1878 24 Jan p 2Vault rules
1881 24 Nov p 3Law suit over Washington dead
1885 25 June p 3Cemetery addition
1888 6 Sept p 3Fence for Washington
1896 9 Dec p 3Washington- lot given 1835 by Wm. Kerr, purchase of lots from heirs for high school
1897 5 Jan p 1Washington
1897 13 Jan p 1Washington
1897 27 Jan p 1*Pioneer Cemetery history by S.C. Hickok-lots 20 and 21 abandoned as burying ground in 1821-1825.
1897 3 Feb p 1Taxpayers idea on Washington St.
1897 10 Feb p 3Washington
1900 29 Aug p 3Paine monument gets inscription in new location
1907 3 July p 1Elks veteran memorial
1909 8 Oct p 1Big Noble monument
1911 17 Oct p 1More land
1912 16 Apr p 1Considers Mausoleum-Committee on Public Grounds
1919 4 JuneElks WW I Memorial at Evergreen
1951 14 MayPhoto spread of interesting monuments, vault, sculptures at Evergreen
1960 11 MarCemetery marks 100th birthday--pictorial
1976 18 JulyBob Warren, Landscaper, manual grave digger at St. Mary's Cemetery, photo
1977 12 Sept pp 1,2Indigent burials in Evergreen--"the Infirmary Section"
Northern Ohio Journal
1878 26 OctRe: demise of Washington St. Cem, clearing of the land, and plans for school.
1998 11 NovHowell Burr Treat Civil War Medal of Honor commemorated

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