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The following article by Frances Slack appeared in The Ohio Genealogical Society Report Vol. 30, issue 3, (1990). Retyped by Cynthia Turk and used with permission.

The following list of burials was taken from an 1878 map of the Old Washington Street Cemetery, then located on a site east of the present Harvey High School. The last burial was in 1869, although by 1861 some graves had been removed to the new Evergreen Cemetery. The remaining stones were buried in 1878 and the cemetery site vacated in 1898. The original list compiled by the DAR is at the Morley Library, Painesville. Corrections and additional notes have been made from the 1878 map, the incomplete Sexton's Records (SR), and other information found at the Lake County Historical Society. Compiled by Frances N. Slack and submitted by the Lake County Chapter, OGS.

Otis Edward

Charlotte, a wife and mother

Cyrus (no other stone near)

Dr. Lyman Cook (1)

Vinsong Root (2)



John Morgan (3)

Samuel W.P. Houk

Tammer A. Houk

Charles W. Stickney (4)

Emma Jane (with the above stone) (5)

Char. E. Stickney

Julias Smith

L. H. Wakelee & wife (6)

Amelia, wife of M. L. Knapp (7)

Sophia, wife of Dan'l Barnum

Adeline Thomas

Ferdinand D. Barnum

Archibold Croswell (8)

Charlotte, wife of Maj. J. W. Paine

Gen. Edw Paine (9)

Eugine Encell (10)

Albert Taylor (11)

Overton Botch (?) (12)

Milo S. Eno

Obediah Kniffen (13)

John Kniffen

Ann Galloway, wife of Harvey G (14)

William R. Waldow (15)

Hannah, w. of Joseph Waldow

Josephine Waldow

Heber R. Brew

Adeline Merriman, w. of Wm M (16)

Elizabeth Weaver

Alphonse Blake

Mary Fossett, wife of Fredk F (17)

Sally, w of Elisha Abbot

Rachel Clayton (18)

Lucy, w. of A. Emmerson

Laura L. Emmerson

Jesse Emmerson (19)

Jane Williams

Delight, s of Jno Handy (dau?)

Marcus L. Smith

Hasom Bean

Mary H. Ladd

Franklin L. & Alfred C. Maltbie

3 children of C. M. Crary

Stephen & Sarah Albert

Dan'l & Chairity Albert

Christopher Crofts

Clara, w. of Solon Button (20)

Thos. A. Gill

Sally, wife of E. Duty

E. Lizzie Swift

Minerva L. Whitney

Polly Whitney

Persis, w. of A. P. Hyde (21)

Susannah Hotchkiss

Lucy Hull

Eben W. Champney

John Champney

Ira Seely

Jerome Briggs

Milo Phelps

Wm. H. Schultz

Sarah S. Granger

H. Kingsbury (22)

Mrs. Dinthia Kingsbury

Jonathan Stephens

Sarah, w. of Thos. Greer

Mary Ann Howe

Abagald, w. of E. Howe

Elizabeth Howe

Edmund D. Howe

Dr. Samuel Howe

Peirmont Edwards (next block to O.P. and MJP., above)

Inez (stone by itself)

W. Edward Stuart

Adaline Emmerson

Eliza Kaneen (23)

James O'Toole


Edgar Durand

Caroline, w. of Edgar Durand

Marian Cable

Alvah Cable Jr

Rebecca, wife of Thos Brooks

Betsy Hitchcock

Tibitha, w. of J. Roberts

Warren French (24)

Seba French

Mary, wife of Seba French (25)

Mary E. French

Samuel Griffith (26)

Ephraim Smith

Ann Maria Maneley

Elizabeth Nutt

Andrew Herrman

Harriet H. Mansfield

Agnes Tracy

Catharine Foyle

Chas. Kaneen

Christian Tear

E.O.} near, but not on Tear lot)


B. F. Tracy Jr.

Benjamin Franklin Tracy (27)

Chas A & Florence N. Pepoon (28)

J. R. McDowall Pepoon

Joseph Pepoon

Mary L. Adams

John & Julia Muligan (29)

Henry E. Bagley

Auxel, dau of Aurel Paine

Aurel Paine (30)

Eleazer Paine (31)

Mary F. Paine

Ann Reilly

Henry C. Gray (32)

Nath'l Bates

Wm Glover (33)

Annabelle Pool

Curis Lanphear

Lydia Ann Clark, wife of J. Shooks

Amerelle and Geo. W. Root


1 Dr. Cook, bur on the Mathews lot, Evergreen Cemetery; d 10 July 1859, ae 87 y. Wife, Sarah L. Cook, d 6 June 1872, ae 97 y.

2 VINCENT Root, Painesville, 43 y, bur 12 Oct 1851; infl of the lungs (SR)

3 John Morgan, 62y, bur 21 Feb 1858; disease of heart. English (SR)

4 C. W. Stickeny, 43 y, bur 14 Sept 1851; dysentary (SR)-new lot 44

5 Perhaps Emily Stickney, 43y, d 19 Aug 1841; Billious Fever (SR) -new lot 44

6 Probably Lewis H. Wakely, Painesville, 81y, bur 11 Mar 1852; old age (SR)
Entry immediately above perhaps wife: 37y, bur 18 Feb 1852; consumption (SR)

7 Amelia Knapp, 40y, bur 1st Apr 1850; nervious disease (SR)

8 Perhaps A. Croswell, 77y, bur 25 May 1856 (SR)

9 Gen. Edward Paine, for whom Painesville is named, there with family 1800; born Ellington CT 27 Jan 1746, died Painesville OH 28 Aug 1841. Reburied 1900 at intersection of W. Washington St., & Mentor Ave, near Lake Erie College, with his statue marking the site. American Revolution.

10 Perhaps "son of James Encel," ly, bur 22 Feb 1861; diphteria (SR)

11 Albert Taylor, 5y 5m; dysentery. Also, Polly Taylor, 59y, dysentery, both bur May 1852 (SR)

12 Obviously Overton LOCKMAN, 3y, congestion of brain (SR)

13 Obediah Kniffin, 80y, bur 16 June 1854; "died very sudden." (SR)

14 "Mrs. Galloway," 31y, bur 30 Sept 1847 (SR)

15 Probably "Lieut William Waldo" No further information (SR)

16 "Wife of Wm Merriman," bur 19 July 1855; consumption. William Merriman, 57y, bur 4 Mar 1861 (SR)

17 "Wife of Fred FOSSELL," 22y, bur 27 Oct 1856 (SR)

18 "Wife of Wm Clayton," 57y, bur 22 May 1858; consumption (SR)

19 Jesse Em(m)erson purch 3 Mar 1811 of John Kinsman of Trumbull Co OH, 476.96 a. Tr 2, Lot 6, R 8, Twp 10; sold 19 Sept 1818 for $500, 136 a. to George Emmerson. Bur Evergreen Cemetery. American Revolution.

20 Solon Button sold land to Thomas Griffith on State Rd

21 "Purcius" Hyde (Whitney) Painesville, 25y, bur 12 Oct 1847; "Married on her death bed." (SR)

22 Probably Horace Kingsbury, "an old citizen," Painesville. Died after May 1822 (SR)

23 Probably "Elisa KANUN," 21 y, of Warren, Trumbull Co; consumption (SR)

24 Warren French, Painesville, 54y, bur 11 Feb 1848; died of lung fever (SR)

25 Mary French, Painesville, 87y 6m, bur 24 Nov 1850; old age (SR)

26 Samuel Griffith, 67y, bur 5 July 1863 (SR)

27 Benjmin Tracy and others incorporated 1825 the Geauga Iron Company at Pepoon Crossing

28 Mrs. C. A. Pepoon, 26 y, bur 12 June 1860; poisoned (SR)

29 John MULLIGAN, 7y, bur 10 Mar 1858; Irish. Also, a "daughter of Mrs. MULLIGAN," 7y, bur 15 May 1859; Irish (SR)

30 Aurel Paine, nee Ellsworth, wife of Col. Eleazer Paine (SR) Aurel Paine taxed 1804 on eighteen town lots in Painesville

31 Eleazer Paine, Colonel, d 4 Feb 1804, 7 months after he arrived at New Market (the first settlement in Painesville area); nephew of Gen. Edward Paine. American Revolution. Bur in Evergreen Cemetery

32 Perhaps Henry C. Gray, Painesville, 3y 7m, bur 28 Oct 1851; croup (SR)

33 Wm Glover, Painesville, bur 28 Dec 1848; in pottersfield; "liquer" (SR)

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