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The Washington Street Burying Ground, Painesville

This listing, copied by Becky Falin from a 1956 work of Mary H. Collacott, has now been supplemented with comments from the work of Mrs. Howard Anthony.

The burying ground on Washington Street is now occupied by Harvey High School. This was one of the oldest burying grounds in the area, but fell into neglect in the mid 1800s. Stones were buried in 1874 and 1878 and the high school was later erected on the site. A complete list of burials is not available, but following is a list of some of the gravestones placed underground, and some of the lot owners at the time.

About these lists, Mary H. Collacott wrote, " [These] lists of names were found among the papers left by Simeon Hickok of South Street, Painesville. They were made at the time the stones were laid underground and are not complete, as some of the paper pages on which they were written, crumbled away and some of the writing was not legible."

Grave Stones Buried in 1874

Lydia Ann Clark, wife of J Shorks

Curtis Blanpheer

Win Glover

Nathaniel Bates

Mary E Paine

Anastasia and Geo. N. Root

Eleazer Paine (the remains of Eleazer Paine were disinterred and removed to Evergreen Cemetery)

Aurel Paine (although Aurel Ellsworth Paine appears on a stone, she survived her husband Eleazer and married John Wolcott of Ashtabula County)

Aurel, daughter of Aurel Paine

Henry H Bagley

Mary L Adams

Benjamin F Tracy

Harriet H Mansfield

Ephraim Smith

Samuel Griffith

Seba French

Tabitha, wife of J Roberts

Eliza Warren

Christian Kneep

Elizabeth How

Deland How

_illey Whiting [Polly]

Thos. A Gill

Mrs. Dorthea Kingsbury

Mrs. Hannah Granger

Win. H. Shultz [or Stultz]

Ira Seeley

Ann Reilly

Joseph Pepoon

B F Tracy, Jr.

Andrew Newman

Mary Ann Manley

Mary E French, wife of ___ [Seba] French

Warren French

Edgar Durand

James C Tool [O'Toole]

Catherine Fogle

Edmund [D.] How[e]

Henry Gray

Sally, wife of E Duty

Jonathan Stephens

H Kingsbury

Sarah J. Granger

Milo Phelps

Mary H Ladd

John and Julia Mulligan

Charles A and Florence N. Pepoon

Agnes Tracy

Elizabeth Nutt

Caroline, wife of Edgar Durand



Christian Tear

Abigail, wife of E How

Mary Ann How

Persis, wife of A P Hyde

E Lizzie Smith

Lucy Hill [Hull?]

Clara, wife of Solon Button

Jerome Briggs

Betsey Hitchcock

Rebecca, wife of Thomas Brooks

Marian Cable

Alvah Cable, Jr.

Sarah, wife of Thomas Greer

Susannah Hotchkiss

Christopher Crofts

Three children of O.M. Craig [Crary]

Stephen and Sarah M Gilbert

Daniel & Charity Albert

Franklin and Alfred Maltbie

Hazen Bean

Marcus Smith

Mary Ann Hawley [Handy]

Jane Williams

Delight, wife of John Handy

Laura Emerson

Jesse Emerson

Adeline Emerson

Lucy, wife of A Emerson

W Edward Stuart

Inez, N.Y. ____cp.

Pierpont Edwards

Rachel Clayton

Charlotte, wife and mother

Otis Edwards

Sally, wife of Elisha Abbott

Grave Stones Buried in 1878

Mary, wife of Frederick Fossett

Adeline, wife of Wm. Merriman

Hannah, wife of Joseph Waldo

unmarked stone

Helen Drew

Gen. Edward Paine (Edward Paine's remains were disinterred and placed beneath a monument in 1900)

Archibald Criswell

Charles E Paine

Chas. W Stickney

Samuel W P Houk

Albert Taylor

J R McDowell

Alphonson Blake

William R Waldo

Jno. Kniffen

Ann, wife of Harvey Galloway

Overton Pockton

Charlotte, wife of Maj. J.W. Paine

Ferdinand D Bascom

Chas. E Stickney

Aurelia, wife of M.L. Knapp

Ninson G Root

Eugene Encell

____ Pepoon

Elizabeth Weaver

Joseph Waldo

Obadiah Kniffen

Miluret Eno.

Nellie Couch

Adelaide Thomas

Emma Jane.

Tummar A Houk

Dr. Lyman Cook

John Miryan

Lot Owners about 1878 and 1879

G.A.D. Streator

H. King

J. Sanborn

G. Emerson

R. Moodey

U. Seeley

D. Hull

S.W. Phelps

J. Ly___

D. Olds, Jr.

E. Champney

J.H. Paine

J. Rider

J. Knight

D.M. Eddy

Solomon Kingsbury

C. Croft

William Holbrook

J.H. Mathews

I. Gillett

F.J. Hart

R. Beckwith

Benj. Hillard

Francis Billette

A. Thorp

M. Huntington

Mr. Phelps

H. Cleveland

T. Brooks

Mr. Sperry

C. Cole

William Kerr

E. Bond

E. Emerson

J. Rice

M. Harris

I. Seeley

J. Hills

____ White

Wm. Perkins

C Granger

J. Adams

B. Knight

C. Blodget

J.W. Paine

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