Lake County Ohio GenWeb

1820 "Lake County" Census

Indexeded and submitted by Becky Falin, 1996.

This is an enumerations of the townships in Geauga and Cuyahoga counties that became Lake county in 1840.

This area had a population of 4583 persons.

Description of columns A through P
A Free white males under 10
B Free white males of 10 and under 16
C Free white males between 16 and 18
D Free white males of 16 and under 26
E Free white males of 26 and under 45
F Free white males of 45 and up
G Free white females under 10
H Free white females of 10 and under 16
I Free white females of 16 and under 26
J Free white females of 26 and under 45
K Free white females of 45 and up
L Foreigners not naturalized
M People involved in Agriculture
N People involved in Commerce
O People involved in Manufacturing
P Blacks [If no blacks, this column is blank.]

Name                          ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP Township    County

Abbey, Abel                   130201101010500  Madison     Geauga

Adams, Martin                 100001001010100  Painesville Geauga

Adams, Roswell                000010400100100  Painesville Geauga

Adams, Sebastain              110010011000100  Painesville Geauga

Agard, Caleb                  000111001000200  Madison     Geauga

Allen, Abner                  231101000010500  Madison     Geauga

Allen, Nemiah                 100010000000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Allison, David                000011101000200  Painesville Geauga

Ames, Abel                    320101110100101  Kirtland    Geauga

Ames, Jeremiah                000010001100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Ames, Stephen                 000101000010101  Kirtland    Geauga

Ammidon, William              000101101000100  Perry       Geauga

Anderson, Noah                300010010110100  Painesville Geauga

Andrews, Amos                 021201000010300  Painesville Geauga

Andrews, James                010010100100001  Madison     Geauga

Armstrong, Milton             000120200100102  Painesville Geauga

Arnold, Hopkins               011101001010300  Madison     Geauga

Arnold, Jonathan              000100300100100  Madison     Geauga

Arrance, Hez                  010010000010100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Babcock, Henry T              221101100100100  Painesville Geauga

Bacheldor, Ira & Lab.         000110002000200  Madison     Geauga

Bacon, David                  200010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Bacon, Dexter                 200100101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Bailey, David                 010120101000102  Madison     Geauga

Bailey, Harlow                200010000100001  Madison     Geauga

Baker, Francis                100100010010000  Leroy       Geauga

Baker, Hosea                  000010100100100  Painesville Geauga

Balch, William                100010001000100  Madison     Geauga

Baldwin, Lemuel               010010110100100  Painesville Geauga

Bales, Caleb                  100001021010100  Perry       Geauga

Bales, Joshua                 100010201000100  Perry       Geauga

Bark, Francis                 010001000001100  Painesville Geauga

Barker, Asa                   110010300100100  Madison     Geauga

Barker, Samuel                010100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Barton, Roger                 310110020100101  Mentor      Geauga

Bartram, David                000100100110200  Madison     Geauga

Bartram, Levi                 000010300100100  Madison     Geauga

Bassett, Nathan               010010300100100  Madison     Geauga

Bates, Benjamin               020301010150000  Leroy       Geauga

Bates, Caleb Jr.              300010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Baxter, Isaac                 000010001000100  Mentor      Geauga

Bckwith, Russell              200110102000200  Painesville Geauga

Beardslee, Andrew J           110010100110100  Kirtland    Geauga

Becdle, James                 000010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Beckwith, Chauncy             100010001000100  Painesville Geauga

Beckwith, Sylvester           000100211000100  Painesville Geauga

Beebe, Mary                   000000120100000  Perry       Geauga

Beeman, John                  100010101000100  Madison     Geauga

Belcher, Elisha               000001211100100  Perry       Geauga

Bellows, Samuel               000100000100001  Madison     Geauga

Berman, Reuben B              400101000100001  Kirtland    Geauga

Berman, Stephen W             000310101100003  Painesville Geauga

Billings, Titus               200010001000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Billitti, Francis             120010200113001  Painesville Geauga

Bilson, Peter                 310010200100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Bilson, Wiliam                110010200000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Bingham, Alva                 000100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Bingham, Elias                120001110010300  Madison     Geauga

Bissell, Edward               100010010000100  Madison     Geauga

Bissell, Fitch                000010001100000  Painesville Geauga

Bixby, Julius                 000111101000300  Painesville Geauga

Blair, Robert                 200010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Blair, Thomas                 200010000100100  Madison     Geauga

Blakeslee, Tillotson          000001000000100  Painesville Geauga

Blish, Benj. Jr.              010010011000100  Painesville Geauga

Blish, Benjamin               000001001010100  Painesville Geauga

Blish, Lenas                  000010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Blodget, Clark                010300001010003  Painesville Geauga

Blue, Michael                 010111000200300  Perry       Geauga

Bolls, Gordon                 300010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Bond, Eli                     210020210100110  Painesville Geauga

Booth, Elihu                  300210310100003  Mentor      Geauga

Boss, Clark                   110010211010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Boss, Jonathan                100200222100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Bowen, John                   001201000100300  Perry       Geauga

Boyden, James                 101110110100002  Kirtland    Geauga

Bradley, Jonathan             100100001000100  Painesville Geauga

Bradley, Thomas               100010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Brakeman, Henry               310011010130000  Leroy       Geauga

Bras, Garret                  101321120010600  Mentor      Geauga

Bratt, Charles                211210101100201  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brewer, Abraham               100111420100201  Painesville Geauga

Brewster, Jasper              001401011010500  Madison     Geauga

Briggs, Adam C                100100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Briggs, Alish                 200100001000100  Mentor      Geauga

Brigham, Jona.                100211210100301  Madison     Geauga

Britt, John                   000010320100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Bronson, Lemon                200100001000100  Mentor      Geauga

Brooks, David                 020101120200200  Madison     Geauga

Brooks, Issac                 100010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Brooks, Samuel                100010201000100  Painesville Geauga

Brooks, Thomas                222201002010300  Painesville Geauga

Brown, Benjamin               011101200010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brown, Deliverance            101201133010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brown, Dolphin                200010010100100  Painesville Geauga

Brown, Hosea                  300110300100200  Painesville Geauga

Brown, Isaac                  100100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brown, Julius                 000200001000002  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brown, Oliver                 000101000010200  Painesville Geauga

Brown, Samuel                 000200001000002  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Brownell, Cushing             200110101100101  Painesville Geauga

Burch, Morris C               000040300100400  Madison     Geauga

Burchard, Charles             100020000110200  Painesville Geauga

Burchard, Dan.                200110301000200  Painesville Geauga

Burhitt, Cornelius            410010220100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Burnet, Elisha                210010120100100  Painesville Geauga

Burns, James                  200021110100200  Painesville Geauga

Burns, John                   200010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Burns, Thomas                 230010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Burr, Charles                 000100101000001  Madison     Geauga

Burridge, Samuel              100010300100100  Perry       Geauga

Butler, Amos                  100100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Butler, John                  300201111010300  Perry       Geauga

Butler, Ormond                010101210110200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Butler, Samuel                100100100200010  Painesville Geauga

Button, Avery                 100010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Button, Elijah                420010100100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Cable, Alva                   000320000000113  Painesville Geauga

Cady, Benjamin                000010200100100  Perry       Geauga

Cady, Joseph                  100110011000100  Perry       Geauga

Cady, William                 100010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Cady, William W               120011210110200  Madison     Geauga

Call, Asa                     010211001100400  Perry       Geauga

Call, Asa Jr.                 100010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Call, Cyrel                   020010300100100  Mentor      Geauga

Call, Jona. P                 100010300100100  Mentor      Geauga

Call, Joseph                  000001000010100  Perry       Geauga

Call, Orvis                   000100010010000  Leroy       Geauga

Call, Richard                 000010200100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Call, Rufus                   011401100010500  Perry       Geauga

Calwell, George               210101220100101  Perry       Geauga

Calwell, Joseph               000200001000200  Perry       Geauga

Cannon, John                  000010000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Card, Thomas                  000140202011400  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Carmon, John                  000010201000100  Madison     Geauga

Carrel, Hercules              010301220100301  Painesville Geauga

Carrel, John                  220110300100101  Painesville Geauga

Carrel, Stephen               210001200010100  Painesville Geauga

Carrel, Thomas                100320210100302  Mentor      Geauga

Carrol, James                 300010100100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Carrol, Thomas                000001000010000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Chandler, David               000001011010100  Mentor      Geauga

Chase, Joseph                 020001000010100  Painesville Geauga

Chatfield, Isaac              000010410100001  Kirtland    Geauga

Chatfield, Silas              111110320100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Chilson, Hiram                000200000000200  Perry       Geauga

Chilson, Wesley               000100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Christy, David                000010000000010  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Clapp, Orris                  130201003010300  Mentor      Geauga

Clapp, Richmond               100100102000100  Painesville Geauga

Clark, Billings               110010002010100  Painesville Geauga

Clark, Job                    201110330100200  Painesville Geauga

Clark, John                   000010401000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Clark, Nathaniel              000101000000200  Painesville Geauga

Cleaveland, Hardon            300130300100004  Painesville Geauga

Cohoon, Benj. P               100240101100204  Painesville Geauga

Cole, Calvin                  100520331200241  Painesville Geauga

Cole, Justin                  100100100200100  Madison     Geauga

Cole, William                 000020300100101  Painesville Geauga

Collester, Thomas             100010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Collister, William            000001000010100  Mentor      Geauga

Colson, Christopher           100010220100000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Colton, Josiah                000010100100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Cone, Salmon                  311110210100300  Painesville Geauga

Cook, Erial                   100010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Cooper, John M                000010010000100  Painesville Geauga

Corning, Warren               110301211010400  Mentor      Geauga

Cornwell, Sylvester           100300201000003  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Covert, Luke                  200010200100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Cower, Andrew                 000010110100100  Painesville Geauga

Crafts, Christopher           010111013000102  Painesville Geauga

Cram, Nathan                  100010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Crandall, Horace              000100201000100  Madison     Geauga

Crandle, John                 121301200010500  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Crandle, Limien               200100000000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Crary, Christopher            020101002010200  Kirtland    Geauga

Crary, Erastus                200010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Crawford, Robert              200010110110100  Perry       Geauga

Crowfoot, Benjamin            100110101000100  Perry       Geauga

Crowfoot, Gideon              100100101000100  Painesville Geauga

Crowfoot, John                010011210100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Crowfoot, Malcom              110101000100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Cummins, William              100010400100100  Painesville Geauga

Cunningham, Amos              200010021100100  Madison     Geauga

Cunningham, Artemas           200120200100300  Madison     Geauga

Cunningham, Cyrus             100010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Cunningham, John              000101000010200  Madison     Geauga

Cunningham, Nabby             000100110100100  Madison     Geauga

Curtiss, Charles              101110330100200  Madison     Geauga

Curtiss, Joseph               000200101000101  Perry       Geauga

Dalmadge, James               100110200100200  Painesville Geauga

Daniels, Aaron                410201030100300  Mentor      Geauga

Daniels, Amos                 100010001000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Davis, Henry                  120010100100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Day, Elezer                   301110100100100  Madison     Geauga

Dearborn, Josiah              000010010100100  Madison     Geauga

Demons, Harvey                100010001000001  Mentor      Geauga

Dike, Hardin                  000001002010100  Painesville Geauga

Disbrow, Erastus & Russell    000200000020000  Leroy       Geauga

Doan, John M                  120001130100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Dodge, Gillead                100100101000100  Perry       Geauga

Dodge, Herman                 120010301110001  Madison     Geauga

Dodge, Seymour                020010412100100  Madison     Geauga

Dorrell, Bela                 110020200100002  Mentor      Geauga

Dow, Evans                    200010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Dowell, Benanuel              220010210100100  Painesville Geauga

Drake, Ambrose                120110211100100  Painesville Geauga

Draper, Samuel                300010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Durand, Lyman                 010201002010300  Painesville Geauga

Durthick, James               220010201100000  Madison     Geauga

Durvin, Lenas                 100100000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Durvin, Noah                  110101110100101  Kirtland    Geauga

Dustin, Ebenezer              210010110100001  Madison     Geauga

Eastman, William              100010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Eaton, Robert                 200420221100132  Painesville Geauga

Eddy, William                 110001100100100  Painesville Geauga

Elias, Joseph                 000010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Ellis, Lemuel                 100200001000100  Madison     Geauga

Ellis, Lemuel                 011101110100300  Perry       Geauga

Ellis, Samuel                 010100301000200  Perry       Geauga

Ellis, Simon                  210220101100400  Perry       Geauga

Elsworth, Wm                  100101010100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Ely, Abel C                   200011010100200  Madison     Geauga

Ely, Asaph                    000010010010000  Leroy       Geauga

Emerson, Elijah               200210100100300  Painesville Geauga

Emerson, George               401110110100200  Painesville Geauga

Emerson, Jos. & Foster        200300111100300  Madison     Geauga

Emerson, Timothy              110010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Emerson, widow of Jesse       000000000010000  Painesville Geauga

Emery, John Jr.               010110011000000  Madison     Geauga

Emes, Benjamin                111101120010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Emes, Benjm. Jr.              000100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Emes, Joseph                  200100101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Emes, Loel                    100100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Ensign, Horace                0001010010102001 Madison     Geauga

Estel, Thomas                 310001100100100  Perry       Geauga

Evans, Ora                    000100201000001  Madison     Geauga

Fairbanks, Joshua             200110001020000  Leroy       Geauga

Falkinburgh, Charles          201301111100301  Painesville Geauga

Farley, Amos                  210001121100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Federick, Philip P            100010210100001  Madison     Geauga

Fenn, Titus                   000100000100100  Madison     Geauga

Fenn, Titus                   000100000100100  Painesville Geauga

Fenner, Anthony               110010010100001  Kirtland    Geauga

Fletcher, William             121101200010200  Mentor      Geauga

Fobes, Lemuel                 100101012010200  Mentor      Geauga

Forbes, Elisha                010001010010200  Madison     Geauga

Force, Samuel                 100110201000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Ford, Elijah                  011101010010300  Madison     Geauga

Ford, Elisha                  210010200100001  Madison     Geauga

Forgison, Hez                 100110201010100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Forgison, John                000200001000200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Foss, Cotton                  300010200100000  Madison     Geauga

Foster, William               000010000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Fowler, John L                100010300100001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Fowler, Richard               300010000100100  Perry       Geauga

Fox, Abner                    300210101100201  Mentor      Geauga

Fox, Israel                   000001010010100  Mentor      Geauga

Freeman, Nathan               000001001010100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Freeman, Theron               200010100100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Freeman, Zebulon R.S.         000010001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Freer, Simeon                 010201201010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Freer, Titus                  100010101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

French, Daniel J              101110211100100  Painesville Geauga

French, David                 400010201000100  Painesville Geauga

French, Jacob                 310110020100200  Painesville Geauga

French, Nathaniel             00011 101000200  Perry       Geauga

French, Porter                210010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

French, Timothy               110030400100300  Painesville Geauga

Frisbie, Benjm. Jr.           200010000100100  Madison     Geauga

Fuller, Amisa                 010111001010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Fuller, Joseph                010101110010300  Madison     Geauga

Fuller, Mathew                001101000010100  Painesville Geauga

Fuller, Simeon                000010001010100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Fuller, Thomas                320010100100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Gage, James Jr.               101110001000200  Madison     Geauga

Gage, Moses                   000010000000001  Madison     Geauga

Galloway, Danl. B             200010210100100  Mentor      Geauga

Gardner, Joel A               011200001000001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Gee, James                    200100101000100  Perry       Geauga

Gier, Elias R                 110010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Gifford, Benjamin             000010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Gillett, Abraham              100010101000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Gillett, Edward               310010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Glines, Sally                 200000010100000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Goldsmith, Jonathan           100311410200104  Painesville Geauga

Goodell, Elisha               000010000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Goodell, John                 010001001010100  Kirtland    Geauga

Goodell, Nathan E             000100001000001  Kirtland    Geauga

Goodell, Warner               101101020100200  Mentor      Geauga

Goodrich, Josiah              100010100200100  Madison     Geauga

Goodspeed, Nathl.             100010000010001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Gordon, George                000101010000001  Painesville Geauga

Graham, David                 000100101000001  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Hugh                  011111020010400  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Hugh 2nd              200010000100100  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Hugh F                100100101000100  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Hugh W                100010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Graham, John                  400210100100300  Perry       Geauga

Graham, John 2nd              200020102001200  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Lemuel                200100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Samuel                200010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Graham, Samuel                010001000010100  Perry       Geauga

Graham, Theron                000010101000001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Graham, William               220111310110300  Perry       Geauga

Granger, Carlos               000110100100002  Painesville Geauga

Grant, Josiah                 310001001100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Graves, Phillip               310010000100001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Greene, David                 000100001000100  Madison     Geauga

Greene, Joseph                020201010010300  Madison     Geauga

Greene, Lovice                100000000100000  Leroy       Geauga

Griffith, Duty                120010321100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Griswald, Truman              220010211100100  Mentor      Geauga

Grover, Joseph                001210020010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Grover, Lemuel                010100201000100  Painesville Geauga

Grover, Luther                211210101100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Grovinor, Israel              100201000010000  Painesville Geauga

Haines, John                  200010310100100  Perry       Geauga

Haines, Levi                  110010300100100  Perry       Geauga

Hall, Asa                     200010200100100  Mentor      Geauga

Hall, George                  010010120100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hall, Hez                     000201000010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hall, James                   210041202100211  Painesville Geauga

Hall, John                    000001000000000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hall, John                    220010200100100  Mentor      Geauga

Hall, Levi                    000200001000200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hall, Samuel                  210110101000300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hall, William                 200001201000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hallick, Joshua               000200111000200  Madison     Geauga

Halloway, George              010010300100000  Painesville Geauga

Hanks, Benjamin               300010111000001  Madison     Geauga

Hanks, Elijah                 000001000010100  Madison     Geauga

Hanks, Elijah Jr.             300110210100100  Perry       Geauga

Hanks, John                   000010301000100  Madison     Geauga

Hardin, Abraham               020001120010100  Painesville Geauga

Hardy, Samuel                 320010101100100  Painesville Geauga

Harmon, Oliver                010001000010100  Painesville Geauga

Harmon, Oliver Jr.            200010100100100  Painesville Geauga

Harmon, Robert                300110001010100  Painesville Geauga

Harmon, William B             200011110100000  Painesville Geauga

Harper, James A               000020321100200  Madison     Geauga

Harper, John A                210101022100200  Perry       Geauga

Harris, Joseph                000100010000100  Madison     Geauga

Harris, Milo                  000120102010003  Painesville Geauga

Harris, Tyler                 100010001000100  Painesville Geauga

Hawkins, Russell              200110201100200  Mentor      Geauga

Hayden, John                  310010310100100  Mentor      Geauga

Hayes, Ebenezer               200020100100200  Painesville Geauga

Hazleton, William             300010100100100  Painesville Geauga

Henderson, John M             100120102000111  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hendrick, Hawkins             122210300100300  Kirtland    Geauga

Hewitt, John                  000001000000100  Painesville Geauga

Higby, John                   011201010000200  Painesville Geauga

Higley, George                100110102000100  Madison     Geauga

Hildreth, Osney               000030101000300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hill, Alpheus                 100001200100100  Painesville Geauga

Hill, Amasa                   120011101110200  Madison     Geauga

Hill, David                   001110010110200  Madison     Geauga

Hill, John                    020101101010400  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hill, Joseph                  300101000010200  Madison     Geauga

Hill, Stephen                 100200001000200  Leroy       Geauga

Hill, Timothy                 100010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Hill, Valentine               100010101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hillard, Peres                000100102000001  Kirtland    Geauga

Hills, Jedidiah               110010200100010  Painesville Geauga

Hinckley, Benjamin            010101010010300  Madison     Geauga

Hinckley, Benjm. Jr.          000100001000001  Madison     Geauga

Hinckley, Joshua              200010200100001  Madison     Geauga

Hines, John P                 000110001100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hines, Reuben                 200110010100200  Perry       Geauga

Hitchcock, James              120010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Hitchcock, Jona.              001110210100101  Kirtland    Geauga

Hitt, George                  100100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hobart, Noah                  000010001000100  Madison     Geauga

Hodges, Simeon                120201002010201  Mentor      Geauga

Holbrook, David               110010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Holbrook, William             010020100100101  Painesville Geauga

Holcomb, Joel                 000211011010400  Leroy       Geauga

Holcomb, Timothy              201110311200200  Madison     Geauga

Holmes, Lory                  430010200100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Holmes, Morris                000110110100001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Holmes, Oren                  000110101100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hopkins, Benjm. & Saml.       110011101010200  Mentor      Geauga

Hopkins, Benjm. Jr.           000010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Hopkins, Daniel               000010001000100  Mentor      Geauga

Hotchkiss, Abner              110001221100100  Madison     Geauga

House, Seely                  100010200100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Hoyt, Isaac W                 010101011100001  Madison     Geauga

Hubbard, John                 010030000100400  Madison     Geauga

Hull, David                   100210100100003  Painesville Geauga

Humphrey, Roswell             100301000010103  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Huntington, Flavius J         100110001000000  Painesville Geauga

Huntington, Francis           010310010100300  Painesville Geauga

Huntoon, Corbin               100211001110301  Painesville Geauga

Huntoon, Scribner             000110420100200  Painesville Geauga

Hutchinson, Wm                220101110100400  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Ingersol, Calvin              120301010010400  Mentor      Geauga

Ingersol, Philo               300100000100100  Mentor      Geauga

Ingraham, Daniel              121110200100100  Madison     Geauga

Irvin, Thomas                 000010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Isham, Ezra                   000010101000100  Madison     Geauga

Isham, John                   200010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Jewell, Luther                100010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Jewell, Walter                100100001000100  Painesville Geauga

Jewell, William               011201011010300  Painesville Geauga

Jewett, David                 200010101000100  Mentor      Geauga

Johnson, John                 200010101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Johnson, Nathan B             100110410100100  Madison     Geauga

Johnston, William             100010000100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Jones, Benaiah                000101000100200  Painesville Geauga

Jones, Josiah                 100010000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Jones, William                210011200100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Jordan, Thomas                000100000100100  Painesville Geauga

Joslin, Amasa                 201210110100300  Kirtland    Geauga

Joy, Ebenezer                 000101000010200  Perry       Geauga

Judd, Thomas Jr.              400010200100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Judson, Enoch                 100201001010300  Madison     Geauga

Judson, Orto                  001110001000001  Madison     Geauga

Keep, Luther                  100010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Kellogg, Daniel               110201021010102  Painesville Geauga

Kellogg, Preserood S          100010210100001  Painesville Geauga

Kerr, Daniel                  000010100100100  Mentor      Geauga

Kerr, Moses                   010101011010200  Mentor      Geauga

Kerr, William                 100010301000100  Painesville Geauga

Kibbie, Moses                 100110101000200  Painesville Geauga

Kimball, Abel                 000001000000100  Madison     Geauga

Kimball, Daniel               100010430100100  Mentor      Geauga

Kimball, Lemuel               010211111010401  Madison     Geauga

Kimball, Sol. C               000010001000100  Madison     Geauga

King, Hezekiah                230010110100100  Painesville Geauga

King, Thomas                  210120200200300  Madison     Geauga

King, William                 100010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Kingsbury, Solomon            200020011000101  Painesville Geauga

Knieppe, Chrisgan             200201301000300  Painesville Geauga

Knieppe, Elijah               000010001000100  Painesville Geauga

Knights, Benjamin             010001220010010  Painesville Geauga

Kusler, Peter                 110010321100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Ladd, Jeduthan                000110100100002  Kirtland    Geauga

Ladd, Jesse                   010521012100310  Madison     Geauga

Laman, Riah                   100010000100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Lamberton, Asher              100010300100001  Madison     Geauga

Lapham, Benjm.                001100011010200  Kirtland    Geauga

Lapham, David                 210001000010100  Painesville Geauga

Lapham, Dunkin                200010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Lapham, John                  000010201000100  Painesville Geauga

Lapham, Josiah                000100001000100  Painesville Geauga

Lapham, Thomas                300010220100100  Painesville Geauga

Lattimore, William            010610111000124  Painesville Geauga

Lee, Jason                    000101000010200  Madison     Geauga

Lewis, Mary                   001200011010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Lockwood, Garrit              210100200100100  Perry       Geauga

Lockwood, Jonathan            200010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Loomis, Amasa                 000010000100000  Painesville Geauga

Loomis, Bohan                 000010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Loomis, Elisha                300010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Losey, Miller                 000010101000100  Mentor      Geauga

Losey, Silas                  120101012010200  Mentor      Geauga

Loveland, Chancey             200100101000100  Perry       Geauga

Loveland, Levi                010001000110200  Madison     Geauga

Lovell, Ebenezer              200010210100001  Madison     Geauga

Lumsor, Sheldon               010010020100100  Madison     Geauga

Lyman, Burnhan                100010210000100  Painesville Geauga

Mallory, Asa                  210010202100100  Painesville Geauga

Maltbie, Allen                200010200100001  Kirtland    Geauga

Mann, Nathan                  000111000010300  Mentor      Geauga

Manwell, Benjm.               100010001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Mapes, Samuel                 200010001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Marally, John                 000100101000000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Marble, Aretus                200010001000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Marble, Levi                  010010300100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Markle, Peter                 211101120010300  Kirtland    Geauga

Marks, John                   200010100100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Marsh, Allen P                000110000000002  Painesville Geauga

Marsh, Reuben                 100010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Marshall, Joseph              100100001000100  Leroy       Geauga

Martin, Duty                  410010011100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Martin, Geo U.                100001020100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Martin, Isaac M               110010111010001  Madison     Geauga

Martin, Robert                111201110010201  Painesville Geauga

Mason, John                   220010200100100  Painesville Geauga

Mason, John                   200010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Mathews, Daniel               200001000200100  Painesville Geauga

Mathews, John H               100210011000000  Painesville Geauga

Mathews, Nathnl. E            220010011110100  Mentor      Geauga

Maynard, Jotham               100010001000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Maynard, Silas                000010000010100  Kirtland    Geauga

McCurdy, Robert               500010000100100  Painesville Geauga

McMecken, John                100100101000100  Madison     Geauga

McMillen, William             110010100100100  Painesville Geauga

McNutt, James                 220201010010300  Kirtland    Geauga

Meeker, Ephraim               300010000100100  Mentor      Geauga

Merrill, Alijah               210020111100011  Painesville Geauga

Merrill, Erastus              310020230100200  Painesville Geauga

Merriman, Amasa               000010310100100  Madison     Geauga

Merris, Joseph                200010210100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Messinger, Ashbel             000001120100100  Painesville Geauga

Metcalf, Aaron                100010010100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Metcalf, Joseph               100010200100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Metcalf, Levi                 200020001000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Metcalf, Samuel               100010101000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Millard, Barrella             400010100100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Miller, James                 200110111000200  Madison     Geauga

Miller, Lewis                 200011221000101  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Miller, Nahum                 010010200000100  Madison     Geauga

Minckler, Elijah              410010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Minckler, John                220010110100100  Perry       Geauga

Minckler, Mathew              200010001000100  Madison     Geauga

Mixer, Julius U               000010001000100  Madison     Geauga

Mixer, Phineas                101111001010300  Madison     Geauga

Monk, John                    010111011010200  Kirtland    Geauga

Montgomery, John H            100011034010200  Madison     Geauga

Moodey, Robert                200010100100000  Painesville Geauga

Moore, Issac                  200011101000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Moore, Robert W               100010101000100  Madison     Geauga

Moore, Solomon                210110111100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Morley, Isaac                 000020400100101  Kirtland    Geauga

Morley, Thomas                010001001010100  Kirtland    Geauga

Morley, Thomas Jr.            200010000100100  Mentor      Geauga

Morrow, James                 000010001000001  Madison     Geauga

Morse, Jacob                  111110310100200  Painesville Geauga

Morse, Joshua                 001201120100100  Perry       Geauga

Morse, Joshua 2nd             200010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Morse, William                410010120100100  Perry       Geauga

Mosher, Gideon                111210320100400  Perry       Geauga

Mothrop, Timothy              300110110100002  Madison     Geauga

Murray, Albert                000001000010100  Painesville Geauga

Murray, John                  300210100100300  Painesville Geauga

Nash, Abel                    000100100100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Nash, Joel                    200100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Newcomb, Silas                210001100100100  Madison     Geauga

Newell, Grandison             300020010100200  Mentor      Geauga

Norris, Benjamin              110010001000100  Perry       Geauga

North, Salmon                 200001100100100  Madison     Geauga

Northup, Milton               001201111010300  Madison     Geauga

Norton, Winthrop              100100101000001  Madison     Geauga

Nowlin, Dudley                100020000110200  Mentor      Geauga

Noyes, John                   000020101000200  Madison     Geauga

Nye, Ebenezer                 620010001100100  Painesville Geauga

Obrien, John                  000010201000100  Painesville Geauga

Olds, Daniel                  010211001010300  Painesville Geauga

Olds, Daniel Jr.              400010110110100  Perry       Geauga

Olds, James                   200110010100200  Painesville Geauga

Ormsley, Gideon               200010101000100  Madison     Geauga

Osborn, Joseph                200010400100100  Madison     Geauga

Owen, Abner                   100010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Owen, Amasa                   300010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Owen, Luther                  100010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Owen, Martin                  200010001000100  Madison     Geauga

Paine, Asahel R               100010400100100  Painesville Geauga

Paine, Edward                 011401020110500  Painesville Geauga

Paine, Hendrick E             210110101100200  Leroy       Geauga

Palmer, Isaac                 211201101010300  Painesville Geauga

Palmer, William               010010101000001  Painesville Geauga

Park, Amaziah                 100001222100100  Perry       Geauga

Park, Joshua                  020101110010200  Perry       Geauga

Parker, Benjm.                000010201000100  Mentor      Geauga

Parker, Clark                 311110200100200  Mentor      Geauga

Parker, Harrison              000100201000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Parker, Jacob                 000001000000000  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Parker, Samuel                010210002000300  Mentor      Geauga

Parker, Silas                 300010001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Parker, Simeon                200010101000100  Mentor      Geauga

Parks, John                   100101021010200  Kirtland    Geauga

Parks, Robert                 000120201000300  Kirtland    Geauga

Parmely, David                110110210100200  Perry       Geauga

Parmely, Eleazer              010001000010100  Perry       Geauga

Parris, John                  210010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Partridge, Edward             000110201100002  Painesville Geauga

Patch, Elisha                 200010101000100  Leroy       Geauga

Pearse, James                 200100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Pease, George                 000110100100100  Madison     Geauga

Pease, Jacob                  200020001000002  Mentor      Geauga

Pepoon, Silas                 100320012010300  Painesville Geauga

Perkins, David                100001200100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Perry, Isaac                  200010201000100  Madison     Geauga

Perry, James                  030010310100100  Perry       Geauga

Phelps, Milo                  200020300100002  Painesville Geauga

Phelps, Samuel W              101120320100000  Painesville Geauga

Phelps, Seth                  020101000010101  Painesville Geauga

Phelps, Spencer               210010110100100  Painesville Geauga

Phillip, William              100110112000110  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Pitcher, Lyman                110110200100200  Kirtland    Geauga

Pomeroy, Ebenezer             031201102010500  Perry       Geauga

Potter, Samuel                200020210100101  Madison     Geauga

Pressler, John                211201220100400  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Prior, Abel                   110010001100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Prouty, James                 111301311000400  Mentor      Geauga

Purse, Leonard                300110100100100  Madison     Geauga

Quackenbush, Wm.              100010300100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Randall, Elias                000010101000001  Perry       Geauga

Randall, Harvey               100100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Randall, Jason                410010100100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Rawson, Grindall              200010200100100  Madison     Geauga

Reed, Hawley                  200110003000110  Painesville Geauga

Rexford, Joel                 130010100100100  Mentor      Geauga

Reynolds, Edward              110010210100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Reynolds, James               100010200100001  Mentor      Geauga

Reynolds, John                001201010010300  Mentor      Geauga

Reynolds, Simeon              110010110100100  Mentor      Geauga

Reynolds, William             100010000100100  Mentor      Geauga

Richards, Lemuel M            000010111000010  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Rico, Silas                   110010200000300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Rider, Joseph                 230001200100100  Painesville Geauga

Riggs, Gideon                 220010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Riley, Thomas                 110010310100100  Madison     Geauga

Robbins, David                221110100100400  Perry       Geauga

Robinson, Austin D            100010001000001  Mentor      Geauga

Robison, Joseph               000010300100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Robison, Lowell               000100201000100  Madison     Geauga

Robison, Oliver               021201301010401  Madison     Geauga

Rockwell, Haven               000110101000101  Perry       Geauga

Rockwell, Levi                100100101000100  Perry       Geauga

Rodgers, Barnabas             100010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Rolfe, Henry                  400010000100100  Perry       Geauga

Root, Jonathan                100010101100100  Mentor      Geauga

Rosa, Storm                   000110101000000  Painesville Geauga

Rose, Lyman                   410010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Rowley, Erastus               300010000100100  Painesville Geauga

Russell, Abel                 100301001010400  Mentor      Geauga

Russell, Jonathan             110010200100100  Mentor      Geauga

Russell, Simeon               221210210100003  Painesville Geauga

Salmon, William               200010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Sammis, Henry                 100010201100100  Painesville Geauga

Sampson, Jonathan             000010201000100  Painesville Geauga

Sanborn, Jonathan             000210001000201  Painesville Geauga

Sanford, Lydia                100000000100000  Madison     Geauga

Sawyer, Benjamin              010020401110200  Mentor      Geauga

Sawyer, Joseph                230020010100200  Mentor      Geauga

Scheverel, Gustavus H         100100001000001  Madison     Geauga

Scott, Joel                   001231001010105  Painesville Geauga

Scovill, Sally                110000110100001  Painesville Geauga

Searls, Milan                 000100011000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Searls, Rowland               400010100100100  Painesville Geauga

Seeley, Ira                   000011100100002  Painesville Geauga

Seeley, Levi                  000001000110000  Mentor      Geauga

Seeley, Robert                131101110010200  Mentor      Geauga

Seeley, Uri                   000010400100100  Painesville Geauga

Sessions, Anson               210010120100100  Painesville Geauga

Sharp, Michael                000010300100100  Madison     Geauga

Sharp, Rufus                  122210410100500  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Shattuck, Alfred              100110200100200  Painesville Geauga

Shattuck, Erastus             401210010100300  Painesville Geauga

Sheffield, Alpheus            300010200100100  Perry       Geauga

Sheffield, Joel               200010100100100  Perry       Geauga

Shepard, Calvin               000010000000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Sherwood, John                110010200100200  Madison     Geauga

Short, James                  000110101000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Shuait, Henry                 100010310100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Sickles, James                100010000100100  Perry       Geauga

Simmons, Peleg                000201020010300  Madison     Geauga

Sinclear, Bradbury            100010201000100  Perry       Geauga

Sinclear, David               101101520010200  Perry       Geauga

Sinclear, David 2nd           100010201000100  Perry       Geauga

Sinclear, John                110101111010200  Perry       Geauga

Sinclear, John Jr.            100010101000100  Perry       Geauga

Skinner, Abraham              021421302300330  Painesville Geauga

Skinner, Isaac K              000210101000300  Kirtland    Geauga

Slaughter, Geo. W.            000010000100001  Painesville Geauga

Smith, Ebert                  000101002010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, Elijah                 110101100100200  Kirtland    Geauga

Smith, Garret B               100100001000100  Madison     Geauga

Smith, Henry                  200010200100001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, Jesse                  100010101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, Joshua                 320010110100300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, Lyman                  200010001000100  Leroy       Geauga

Smith, Obediah                010010010100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, Rebecca                011100010100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Smith, Thomas                 000101210010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Smith, William                020010100010300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Snedker, John W               000100101000001  Madison     Geauga

Spalding, Phineas             101200101000101  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Spencer, James W              200010101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Sperry, Daniel S              300110100100200  Kirtland    Geauga

Sperry, Elam                  200010200100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Sperry, Wheeler               200020120100200  Painesville Geauga

Sprague, David                210010110100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Spring, Squires               210010211000100  Painesville Geauga

Stafford, James               000100101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Stanley, Daniel               000222111010401  Madison     Geauga

Stanley, Joseph               310001011100200  Madison     Geauga

Stannard, Claudius            010101011000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Stannard, Henry               100100101000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Stannard, William             100100101000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Starks, John                  000010001000100  Painesville Geauga

Stevers, John                 100010100100100  Mentor      Geauga

Stocking, Chester             400010000100001  Madison     Geauga

Stockman, Reuben              420010210100100  Painesville Geauga

Stockwell, Amos               200010100100001  Perry       Geauga

Stone, Calvin                 100110000100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Stoughton, Guy                100010201100100  Painesville Geauga

Stowell, Walter               200010000100100  Perry       Geauga

Streeter, Grove A. D.         200010001000001  Painesville Geauga

Streeter, Isaac A             010001000010100  Mentor      Geauga

Strickland, Jotham            200010200100100  Leroy       Geauga

Strong, Rodney                010200201000300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Sweet, Caleb                  000101011010200  Perry       Geauga

Sweet, Ebenezer               000110001000200  Perry       Geauga

Talcott, Asa                  000100010000100  Madison     Geauga

Talcott, Joseph Jr.           220010220100200  Madison     Geauga

Tamer, Holly                  020101100010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Tappen, Abraham               201110310100200  Madison     Geauga

Tarbull, Abun C               200010000100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Taylor, John                  110001111100100  Painesville Geauga

Taylor, Jonathan              000100101000100  Painesville Geauga

Tiel                          300010100100100  Painesville Geauga

Tinney, Oliver Jr.            100010001000100  Leroy       Geauga

Tisdale, Chester A            120010000100200  Madison     Geauga

Tisdale, Curtiss              120110110110300  Madison     Geauga

Tomlinson, Saml.              000010000000100  Kirtland    Geauga

Tubbs, Horace                 000010001000100  Perry       Geauga

Turney, Asa                   111101100010200  Madison     Geauga

Turney, Daniel                110010100100200  Perry       Geauga

Turney, David                 000100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Turney, Geo. W                000100010000100  Madison     Geauga

Turney, James M               200010101000100  Painesville Geauga

Tuttle, Joseph                000111000110300  Painesville Geauga

Valentine, Mathias            101101310100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Vantyle, Daniel               110100002010100  Perry       Geauga

Vaughn, Richard               200010100100100  Mentor      Geauga

Venduza, James                100100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Venduza, Robert               001301010010400  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Vesey, Benjamin               210101011010200  Perry       Geauga

Vosburg, Martin W             100010101000001  Painesville Geauga

Vroman, Bartholomew           320001300010100  Painesville Geauga

Waits, John                   100010200100100  Perry       Geauga

Waldo, Joseph                 011101000010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Waldo, Joseph Jr.             100110000100101  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Ware, Asaph                   100110001000200  Madison     Geauga

Ware, James                   001211001110400  Madison     Geauga

Ware, Justin                  210010300100200  Madison     Geauga

Warner, George                010030001100012  Painesville Geauga

Warner, Lopher                310010110100100  Leroy       Geauga

Warner, Nathan                101301001010400  Madison     Geauga

Warner, Nathan Jr.            210010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Warner, Thadeus               100010000100100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Warrallo, Amsey               000100101000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Warrallo, Charles W           010001210100200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Warrallo, William             000100001000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Warren, Elijah                220001000010100  Madison     Geauga

Warterman, Arthur             110201221100300  Madison     Geauga

Watkins, Truman               000100000000100  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Weaver, Henry                 110010110100100  Perry       Geauga

Webster, Asa                  110101201100100  Mentor      Geauga

Welch, Jonathan               002201000010300  Perry       Geauga

Wert, Samuel                  101111101000300  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Westbrook, Peter              100200101000200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Whaley, John K                100110001000020  Painesville Geauga

Wheeler, Hiram                000101000000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Wheeler, Leonard              100020101000200  Perry       Geauga

Wheeler, Levi                 000100000010100  Perry       Geauga

Wheeler, Luman                100100001000001  Madison     Geauga

Wheeler, Mrs.                 000000000110000  Painesville Geauga

Wheeler, Nathan               110001001100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Wheeler, Samuel               000110201000000  Madison     Geauga

Whipple, Jonathan             000100100100100  Leroy       Geauga

Whipple, Nathan               100010101000100  Madison     Geauga

White, David                  200010010100100  Madison     Geauga

White, Samuel T               100110101000101  Painesville Geauga

Whitney, Daniel               300010110100100  Kirtland    Geauga

Wilcox, Calvin                000100101000001  Mentor      Geauga

Wilcox, Clark                 000110000010200  Painesville Geauga

Wilkins, Jason                000010101000001  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Williams, Charles             001200301000200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Williams, Eben Rev.           000010000110000  Painesville Geauga

Williams, Ebenezer            000131120020111  Painesville Geauga

Williams, Heman               000110000100200  Painesville Geauga

Williams, John                010010300100100  Painesville Geauga

Williams, John                100100001000100  Perry       Geauga

Williams, Sol. D.             100100101000100  Leroy       Geauga

Wilson, David                 141121110100301  Mentor      Geauga

Wilson, David G               000100101000100  Madison     Geauga

Wilson, Luke                  100020001000200  Kirtland    Geauga

Wilson, Samuel                000110101000200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Winchel, Abel                 000100000000100  Mentor      Geauga

Winchel, Shubel               001200020010200  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Winchell, Horace & Luther     000200000000200  Madison     Geauga

Winchell, Simeon              000211031010400  Painesville Geauga

Witter, Alfred                021110200100200  Kirtland    Geauga

Wood, John                    000010300100100  Madison     Geauga

Wood, Lewis                   101401110110500  Perry       Geauga

Woodard, David                200010301100100  Madison     Geauga

Woodard, Isaac                010101020100100  Leroy       Geauga

Woods, Timothy                000010101000100  Madison     Geauga

Woolsey, Benjm.               0000100001001001 Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Woolsey, Henry                001301000010201  Chagrin     Cuyahoga

Woolsey, Thomas               000100001000100  Madison     Geauga

Wright, Benjm. Jr.            000021000010300  Leroy       Geauga

Wright, Thomas L              310010320100200  Perry       Geauga

Wright, William               211110320100200  Leroy       Geauga

Young, John                   100010301000100  Perry       Geauga

Young, Mark                   100010100100100  Madison     Geauga

Young, Samuel                 001221110110300  Leroy       Geauga

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