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1825 Residents of Painesville, Ohio

This originally appeared in "Lake Lines", publication of the Lake County Genealogical Society, issue 15:2 (April 1989). It was digitally typed by Morley Library teen volunteer David Nelson and submitted by Sally Malone.

A list of 1867 residents of Painesville (then Lake Co., formerly Geauga Co.), Ohio who had been residents in the fall of 1825, complied by Mr. L. E. MILLER. An asterisk “*” indicates those who were heads of a family; all others were from infants to young adults in 1825. Ohio.

The list is from an undated clipping (probably 1867) from the Painesville TELEGRAPH. Submitted by Frances N. Slack, Mentor,

Robert Moodey*

Mrs. S. Mathews

Lyman Paine

Mrs. R. Moodey

Mrs. Hallock

Zera Rider

Milo Harris*

Mrs. H. F. Shephard

E. O. Huntington

Mrs. M. Harris

Mrs. J. A. Tracy**

Ruxton Streeter

F. J. Huntington*

Franklin Paine

Wheeler Sperry

Mrs. F. J. Huntington

Mrs. F. Paine

Mrs. S. L. Noble

Marvin Huntington*

Mrs. M. Dempsey

Mrs. P. P. Sanford

Mrs. M. Huntington

Mrs. A. Roy

Mrs. C. A. Avery

Mrs. Russell

Mrs. L. Durand

Mrs. C. D. Adams

Eber D. Howe*

Mrs. Martha Aikins

Mrs. B. F. Scofield

Mrs. H. Beard

Benj. D. Chesney

Mrs. Asa Childs

Mrs. Julia Gillett

Samuel Moodey

Miss H. Beard

Mrs. Dr. Rosa

David Mathews

Mrs. Chambers

Mrs. L. Miller

Franklin Williams

Mrs. J. Sedgebeer

Robert Offer*

L. E. Miller

Miss M. Miller

Mrs. R. Offer

Samuel Mathews

Miss Seeley

Stephen Mathews*

L. S. Abbott

Mrs. Clark



Mrs. Laura King

The following persons resided in the village in the fall of 1825:

Fairport EDWARD BABCOCK, Furnace

**Note written around the edge of the clipping: MRS. J. A. TRACY, mother of MRS. SETH MARSHALL, grandmother of MRS. K. T. M. WARREN, great-grandmother of THOMAS MANLEY WARREN, Saginaw, and great-great-grandmother of our three sons, MORLEY, DON & ROGER.

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