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Willoughby Householders in 1826

The following article is from The Willoughby Independent (Lake Co., Ohio) Friday April 17, 1896 on page 2. Transcribed by Cynthia Turk.

Mrs. Diana Miller furnishes us with a list of householders resident in the township of Chagrin (now Willoughby) in 1826. They are given by school district as follows:

District No. 1 - Silas Rice, Jabez Hill, Isaac Gardner, George Gunn, Arnold Inman, Henry Woolsey, Benjamin Brown, Solomon Moore, Noah Worden, Luther Grover, Ezra Stewart, Ebenezer Smith, Peleg Simmons, john Britt, Henry Bliss, and John Lewis.

District 2 - Noah Wirt, Samuel Wirt, J. M. Henderson, Samuel Miller, Mary Lewis, Roswell Humphrey, Elijah Ward, Polly Johnson, Ozni Hildreth, Patty Colson, N. Christy, James Card, Wm. Weston, Joseph Harris, John Hall, Asa Hall, William Phillips, Orrin Holmes, Asahel Brainard, Phinneus Spaulding, Lemuel Richards, Phillip Graves, Levi Hall, Platt Card, George Hall, Jonathan Lapham, A. G. Briggs, John Holmes, Charles Williams, Widow Winchell, James Dulmage, George B. Viall, Alva Beckwith, Samuel Wilson, Widow Glines, Sylvester Cornwell, Daniel Christy, Nehemiah Allen, G. T. Graham, Wm. F. St. John, Mr. Keyse, Hiram Payne, Richard Woolsey, J. Waldo, Adoniram Hubbell, and William Stevens.

District 3 - Benjamin Woolsey, John Hall, Samuel Brown, Asahel Hurd, Hezekiah Hall, jr., G. H. Mentor, Wm. Van Dusen, Norman Chatfield, J. I. Storm, Simeon Hall, Silas Chatfield, and Abraham Van Dusen.

District 4 - Thomas Lloyd, Leicester Lloyd, William Jones, John Clark, Z. Freeman, John Cone, T. J. Strong, Theron Freeman, Susan Hall, Christopher Whipple, Eliza Frothingham, Asahel Arnold, David Perkins, Walter Strong, J. S. Kaple, Amasa Fuller, Chauncey Fuller, A. C. Tarbell, Clark Boss, Henry Davis, Wm. Hutchinson, Obadiah Smith, James Knowlton, Solomon Mapes, Joseph White, Charles Bratt, and J. Presley.

District 5 - Luke Covert, Ornan Butler, Melauchton Miller, Samuel Shepherd, Samuel Alger, Thomas Hancock, Thomas Crandall, Alva Hancock, John Cottrell, Abraham Bennett, Edward Brush, Ira Goslin, Silas Parker, Nicholas Cottrell, Charles Worallo, Thomas Ferguson, J. L. Ferguson, Joshua Smith, Joseph Waldo, William Johnson, Sylvester Inman, Cyrus Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Josiah Grant, William Bilson, John Charles, E. M. Waldo, James Van Dusen, Amasa Worrallo, Titus Freer, Abel Nash, John Ferguson, Selah House, Thomas Judd, and Jedediah Hoffman.

District 6 - William Waite, Erastus Waite, and S. W. Tinkham.

District 7 - David Rudd, Peter Westbrook, and L. Marble.

District 8 - Henry Stuart, Jesse Smith, Hezekiah Ferguson, Wm. Quackenbush, Simeon Crandall, John Crandall, Deliverance Brown, Simeon Fuller, George Hitt, David Sprague, A. P. Nott, Harmon Parker, James Stafford, and Morris Fowler.

District 9 - Peter Bilson, James Pierce, Joseph Emes, Leonard Gates, N. Presley, John Presley, and others.

In addtion to the above, Esq. Viall, who was here in 1826 but perhaps not a householder, furnishes us the following list of persons who were then doing business here: Lowell Goodman, Wm. Card, Dr. George Card, Varnum Card, James Carrel, S. Fowler, Elijah Jones, Anthony Fenner, Elijah Woolsey, Obed Alvord, Adam Briggs, Wm. Phillips, Hiram Brown, Jacob Wirt, Ebenezer Abbot, John Fowler, Allen Maltby, C. S. Payne, Francis Lewis, Jason Wilkins, Thos. Strong, George Humphrey.

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