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1850 Products of Industry Non-Population Census Schedule Index
Lake County, Ohio
Microfilm Series T1159, Roll 13

Abstracted by Cynthia Turk, proofread by Marianne Wiley. It has been pubished in part in "LakeLines," the newsletter of Lake County Genealogical Society.

This schedule asked many questions in addition to the regular population census, including the following headings: Name of Corporation, Company, or Individual, producing Articles to the Annual Value of $500; Name of Business, Manufacture, or Product; Capital invested in Real and Personal Estate in the Business; Raw Material used, including Fuel: Quantities, Kinds, Values; Kind of Motive power, machinery, structure, or resource.; Average number of hands employed- male, female; Wages (average monthly cost of male labor, female labor); Annual Product - Quantities, Kinds, Values. Only the first two columns are included below in this Abstract. The Townships in the Lake County portion of the film are in this order: Perry, Willoughby, Painesville, Kirtland, Madison, Leroy, Mentor, Concord.

By way of example, Thomas Wilder of Painesville was a plow maker. His investment was worth $2000 in 1850. In a year, he used 40 tons of iron worth $1200 and $800 worth of timbers. His factory was steam powered, and had three people employed at an average cost of $25.00 each per month. In the year 1849-1850 Wilder produced 600 plows valued at $4,000.

Abraham EllisonB Smith
Charles NewellPlows & Stoves
L. S. & E. BoothTanning & Boots & Shoes
Orestus G. EnosWagon Making
Goodale F. CurtissSaw Mill
John LitusSaw Mill
Andrews & BostwickSaw Mill
Charles TuttleCooping
Orrin ChenyShoe making
Randolph Pirmey [Plimy?]Wagon Maker
Samuel Darous?Shoe Maker
John L. PayneHarness Making
Wm. RadcliffeTailor
Samuel BrindallBlackSmith
Wm. YaxleyBoots & Shoes
Joseph MasonBsmithing
Seneca HurdCabinet Making
H. DennisonCooping
Thomas JonesShoe Making
Ezra SherwoodBsmithing
R. M. WintersStove Making
John NicholsBsmithing
Rufus CallStove Making (Cooper)
Sherman HurdCabinet Making
Samuel ComstockCabinet Making
M. M. FiskBSmithing
William LawrenceCooping
Anson Lempkins [?]Cooping
Welcome AckleyWagon Making (Wheelwright)
Heman WilliamsGrist Mill
Hinurd [Hiram?] WilliamsSaw Mill
A. J. Morse Jr.Tanning
A. J. MorseBoot Making
Smith Morton & CoTool Making
David BurrBoots & Shoes
Roswell BurrShoe Making
A. P. Oviat & SonHoe & Fork [?]
Ralph SuttonWeaving
Daniel E. WoodruffSaw Mill
Church & CurtissHorse Rakes & Wagons
Howe & RogersWoolen Factory
Howe & CurtissSaw Mill
J. W. Rust & CoStoves & Plows
Jonathan StickneyFlour Mill
Parrish JoiceBoots & Shoes
M. A. BriggsBoots & Shoes
Henry W. Lentz [?]Bsmithing
Timothy GlobaBoots & Shoes
Alpheus WilsonB Smith
Benj. ScribnerBoots & Shoes
Samuel Meeker [?]Cabinet Maker
D.A.D. Yer [?]Cooper
Walter S. HickockCabinet &c
David ArnoldB. Smithing
Ellison ReynoldsShoe Making
H. CollisterShoe Making
O. & J. A. WarnerSaw Mill
O. & J. A. WarnerSaw Mill
O. & J. A. WarnerSaw Mill
O. & J. A. WarnerSaw Mill
O. & J. A. WarnerGrist Mills (flour)
Daniel PhelpsSaw Mill
Daniel PhelpsTurning Lathe (wood)
Paul VandevoortBoot Maker
Peter BrakemanBlacksmith
John C. WayTanner
Willard LevinsSaw Mill
James H. BrownSaw Mill
Edward CaseTanner
Nathaniel SwiftEdge tools
Chauncy Case Jr.Saw Mill
John ValentineSaw Mill
J. H. & B. M. MontgomerySaw Mill
Henry PaineIron Furnace (Foundry)
Barton F. PaineSaw Mill
Loomis & ShepardSaw Mill
Pratt & DavisTanning
John R. CoeChair Maker and Bed steads
John R. Coe 2ndSaw Mill.
Charles Waitman Blacksmith & Carriage maker
C. C. ThompsonCarriages (Wheelwright)
John W. Burns Wagon Maker (Wheelwright)
L. H. FrankTanner
O. P. Cowdry Tinner & Sheet iron Worker
Ezra BondHarness Maker (Saddles)
Christopher DixonAshery
Wm. FeatherstonSaw Mill
Daniel LawrenceCooper
Elbridge NicholsCooper
James IrvinSaw Mill
John IrvinGrist Mills (flour)
A. SimmonsBlacksmith
Isaac ShermanAshery
Julius Harvey [looks like Kenney or Kemcez]Wagons (wheelwrights)
Alfred MorleyWagons (wheel)
A. HollisterCooper
W. W. HughesCooper
C. C. HoweCabinet maker
Elbridge NicholsCooper
R. JohnsonBoot & Shoemaker
Stephen HallBoot & Shoemaker
Alexander RobinsonBroom Maker
Jeremiah KnightsBoot & Shoe Maker
Lewis HurdBoot & Shoe Maker
M. C. JohnsonCooper
Simon B. BenedictBoot & Shoemaker
Edwin S. NortonBoot & Shoemaker
William CrandallCooper
Julius HarveyBlack Smith
Joseph FrankHarness Maker (saddles)
Wm. D. LongBlack Smith
Benijah UphamWagon Maker (Wheelwright)
Chancey RichardsonChair Maker
Samuel WisnerBlack Smith
Theron HenryCabinet Maker
William AshcraftCooper
Ariel PiersonBsmith
B. WestCooper
Jacob ChapmanShoe Maker
Lafayette RogersCooper
Robert MaltbyTailor
A. McFarlandTailor
S. S. Fowles [looks like Forjess]Boot & ShoeMaker
Benj. C. DavisB. Smith
Norman DodgeCooper
Joel AshcraftCooper
John HembletonCooper
Robert ThompsonCabinet Making
Elisha WoodTanner etc.
Elisha WoodBoot & Shoemaking
A. P. TeachoutSaw Mill
A. P. TeachoutGrist Mill
A. P. TeachoutMachine Shop
A. P. TeachoutMachine Shop
John KelloggBlacksmith
H. N. SweetTailor
J. DarrowChair Making
Harry WoodHarness Making (Saddles)
John Garlliner?Boot & Shoe Making
George DamonWaggon Maker (Wheelwright)
David A. MorrisBlack Smith
Asa TalcottCabinet Making
Dudley BaileyTanning
Aretus TrumbullGrist Mill
Aretus TrumbullSaw Mill
Lyman DotySaw Mill
Reuben CopleySaw Mill
Wood & ParkerBrick Making
Harris & FrisbieBrick Making
T. GarlickDentist
Mills Converse & CoShip building
William AllenLime Kiln
Daniel Gow?Saw Mill
Lewis ParkerTanning
D. H. BabcockCabinet Making
Ellis KilbyShoemaking
Lewis WoodTanning
George PrattBlacksmith
Myron CaufildHarness Making
Horton SelbyBlacksmith
Asa S. TurneyCarriage Making (Wheelwright)
Saml. StrattonBlacksmith
John GaleCooper
Amos A. GennungFoundry (Iron)
A. A. GennungCarriage Making (Wheelwright)
G. M. WebsterCabinet Making
John DawSaw Mill
Jason OldsCabinet making
Arcole Iron CoPig Iron Manuftg.
Isaac BurnahamMachine Tool Shop
Josiah BurnamSaw Mill
Willard AllenSaw Mill
James CourtrightSaw Mill
Ruben BurnamCooper
Franklin FarmerBlack Smith
Harrison RossmanCarriage Making
B. G. HaydenTinner
M. & G. HitchcockCarriage Making
Charles BurrBlacksmithing
John PatrickShoemaking
Eliphlet StrattonBlacksmith
Fredrick NicholsCarriage maker (Wheelwright)
Geo. KennedyBlacksmith
A. A. TurneyCarriage maker (Wheelwright)
John L.Crofoot Boot Maker
Wm. A. BlairSawmill
Hiram IvesBlack smith
J. W. ButterfieldCooper
Caleb Van EssTanner
Caleb Van EssBoot & Shoemaker
Carlos NorrisSawmill
Solomon OwenSawmill
Calvin SinclairCooper
Lewis B. WoodSawmill
Richard CallGrist mill
William CurtissCooper
E. A. WardCooper
Thomas LloydSaw Mill
Andrew GraySaw Mill
Truman RichardsonSaw Mill
Albert HolmesGrist Mills (flour)
Hiram BrownCooper
J. W. StewartHarness Maker (saddler)
N. ClarkTailor
J. SilverthorneHominy? Mills
J. J. HumphreyCarriages (Wheelwright)
Samuel WilsonWashing Machines (Wooden Ware Maker)
Robert TimmonsCabinet Making
D. C. MillerTailor
Levi WhitneyGrain Cradle Making
S. A. VanBrocklinPlow Making
D. M. PeaseEdge tools
J. V. VialGrist Mills (flour)
John WolcottWoolen Factory
J. Woolcott Jr.Saw Mill
J. R. HallBlacksmith
J. R. HallLime Kiln (Burners)
Asa ChildsHarness Making (Saddles)
D. B. ClaytonTinner (& Sheet iron makers)
Charles C. AllenClothiery
A. H. Wilmot & Co.Harness Making
Horace KingsburyJeweller & Watchmaker, Silver Smith
L. K. WellsBootmaking
Holmes & BurtonBoot Making
D. M. EddyTanning
Eddy & KilbornBoot Making
R. H. BeebeBoot Making
Miller & AbbottTinner & Sheet iron worker
Geauga Iron Co.Stove & Hollow Ware Manufactory
C. W StickneyHarness Making
Geauga Iron Co.Pig Iron Manufactory (Furnace & Iron)
Sines & DonaldsonCabinet Making
O. T. SinesBootmaking
Christopher S. MorseGunsmith
Croft & BayleyCarriages (Coach Mak.)
John S. MathewsClothiers
Hawley & GrosvenorOil Mill (Linseed)
E. EdgertonEdge tools
Milo HarrisCabinet Making
Hitchcock & BelknapCabinet Making
Geauga Iron Co.Saw Mill
James DurandCooper
R. HaysLime Kiln (Burners)
Moses MorrellBrick Making
N. PowellTailor
Moses MorrellLime Kiln (Burner)
Thomas WilderPlow Making (Ag imp Maker)
Abel BeersCooper
A. ChurchShingle Making (Wooden Ware Mak.)
M. M. FisherTailor

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