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1870 Federal Census of Perry Township

These records were abstracted from the 1870 Federal Census records by Deb Breniser.

Each person takes two lines of the table, to minimize scrolling; even so, we recommend setting your browser to full screen size to view the data.

The first row of data contains:

Dwelling #
Number of the residence, in the order in which they were surveyed.
Family #
Families were also numbered as surveyed; note that there could be no or one or more families in a dwelling.
Last Name
First Name
Given name(s)
Includes 'at school', 'at home', 'invalid'.
Value of real estate
Value of personal property
State, country

The second row contains further information:

Father foreign born
'X' = yes
Mother foreign born
'X' = yes
Month born in year
Month of birth of children less than 1 year old
Month married in year
Month of marriage if married less than 1 year
School in year
'X' = attended in past year
Cannot read
'X' = yes
Cannot write
'X' = yes
No entries in this column
Male eligible to vote
'X' = yes
Male ineligible to vote
'X' = yes

Color: Since all persons were listed as 'W' , this column was omitted to reduce table size.

The complete table is around 500kB in size, so was split into several (10) smaller parts. We present the data in the order in which the houses were canvassed, (as provided) rather than an alphabetical listing. This gives an idea of who the neighbors were, as well as listing other people of different surnames living in the same household. If you are looking for a specific person, we recommend using this site's Search Engine. You may also browse from table to table using the navigation buttons.

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