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Defective, Dependent & Delinquent Classes
Special Census Schedule

NARA Microfilm T1159, Roll 100

The following people are found in this special census schedule. Note, if the name appears twice, it is on two separate pages, sometimes widely spread. This schedule is not so many pages as to make it hard to find. Lake County Infirmary Inmates are also listed with reason for and date of admission, although not included here.

This film is available through the LDS Family History Library, Western Reserve Historical Society, and soon, Morley Library in Painesville.

Adams, Ichabod Madison Blind
Armstrong, Mary A. Perry Blind
Belden, Polly Willoughby Blind
Birge, Martin Painesville Blind
Bliss, Lolly Willoughby Blind
Bliss, Polly Willoughby Blind
Bond, Charlotte Kirtland Village Blind
Brown, Hannah Willoughby Insane
Brown, Hannah Willoughby Insane
Butterfield, Pattie B. Perry Blind
Candee, Phebe Painesville Deaf-Mute
Canfield, Charles H. Painesville Blind
Cole, Ruth Madison Deaf-Mute
Conant, Agnes Willoughby Blind
Conant, Cyrus Willoughby Blind
Conners, Edwin Concord Township Deaf-Mute
Cowles, Albert Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Bawlden Kirtland Paupers
Cowles Family Painesville Township Paupers
Cowles, Florence Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Frank Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Grace Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Horace Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Howard Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Lyman Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Margurite Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, Mrs. Kirtland Paupers
Cowles, R. W. (see also wife & children) Kirtland Paupers
Crofoot, Gedeon Painesville Blind
Croft, Mary Ervin Painesville Township Blind
Curtiss, Charles Painesville Township Blind
Custin, Albert Akron Lake Co. Jail
Darrow, Leonard Madison Idiot
Darrow, Leonard Madison Deaf-Mute
Davis, William W. Painesville Deaf-Mute
Deveraux, Donald Painesville Township Blind
Dobbs, Jane Painesville Township Blind
Fitch, Hellen Concord Insane
Francis, Chester P. Kirtland Insane
Gray, Emmeh Painesville Township Blind
Gray, Emmet Painesville Blind
Gray, Martin Mentor Insane
Green , Sym Painesville Township Idiot
Green, Fidelia Kirtland Township Deaf-Mute
Harrey, Emily B. Concord Insane
Highland, Ann Painesville Township Idiot
Hodges, Irwin C. Concord Insane
Hoffman, Calvin Painesville Lake Co. Jail
Hopkins, Edgar Mentor Insane
Jackson, John Painesville Homeless
Johnson, Charles Willoughby Deaf-Mute
Johnston, Reese Painesville Township Blind
Keener, Frederick L. Perry Deaf-Mute
Kingsbury, Mariane Painesville Blind
Kingsbury, Marnina Painesville Deaf-Mute
Kniffen, Ann Willoughby Blind
Lameraux, George Willoughby Idiot
Lamereaux, George Willoughby Idiot
Larch, Sophia Concord Insane
Martindale, Hattie Kirtland Insane
Mathews, Caroline Painesville Blind
McNamara, Mary Painesville Township Blind
Murray, Wilson Concord Insane
Norris, Olive [crossed off] Painesville Township Idiot
Norris, Olive Painesville Township Blind
Rauch, Menni Painesville Township Blind
Richardson, Ephriam Perry Idiot
Roach, Mennin Painesville Township Insane
Roddik, Am? Kirtland Township Deaf-Mute
Rouch, Meane [crossed off] Painesville Township Idiot
Sawdey, Cyrus Perry Idiot
Sawdey, Henry Perry Idiot
Sawdey, Martha F. Perry Idiot
Seward, Chas. [crossed off] Painesville Township Idiot
Smith, Alden Painesville Township Idiot
Smith, Alden Painesville Township Idiot
Smith, Reuben Painesville Blind
Steward, Chas. Willoughby Blind
Stewart, Chas. Willoughby Blind
Whitney, Sarah Mentor Blind
Williams, William Painesville Blind

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