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Index to Lake County, Ohio
1890 Veteran's Census Schedule

The 1890 Federal Census schedules burned in 1921. The remaining Veteran Schedules contained the name of the veteran, and if deceased, his widow's name. (In this case the man's name is found in parentheses below.) It also listed his rank, regiments, enlistment and discharge dates, length of service, post office address, and disability.

Disclaimer from the indexer: This was done as an experiment, while studying the feasibility of indexing the 1930 census. It is not proofread. It has errors, but was provided here as most entries will be useful. If you would like to proofread with a microfilm copy, contact the webmaster and a copy of the township reading can be provided. Painesville City had the most illegible writing, hence the most need of interpretation.

Index to Lake County, Ohio 1890 Veteran's Census Schedule

Name Location Page
Abill, Mark Willoughby Twp. 7
Ackley, Reuben L. Perry Twp. 1
Adams, Eugene E. Concord Twp. 2
Adams, John Q. Madison Twp. 7
Adkin, Thos. S. Painesville Village 3
Alexander, John W. Painesville Village 14
Anir? Samuel Willoughby Twp. 6
Armstrong Lewis Willoughby Twp. 1
Armstrong, Adalade V. (Lucian D.) Kirtland Twp. 2
Austin, Amos Madison Twp. 3
Austin, John Madison Twp. 3
Babcock, Henry M. Concord Twp. 2
Babcock, Joseph C. Painesville Twp. 3
Badger?, Nathaniel? S? Madison Twp. 5
Baker, Edwin W. Painesville Village 1
Baker, Schuyler J. Mentor Twp. 2
Balch, George H. Madison Twp. 5
Baldwin, Adelbert M. Painesville Village 7
Baldwin, Charles L. Willoughby Twp. 1
Barber, Dwight Painesville Village 2
Barber, Sanford D. Painesville Village 15
Barkalow, George M. Perry Twp. 4
Barkley?, George W. [crossed off] Confed Painesville Village 6
Barlow, Ebenezer R. Painesville Village 14
Barnes, Calvin? Painesville Village 3
Barnes, Samuel W. Painesville Village 7
Barnett, Frank F. Perry Twp. 3
Barrinster?, William H? Painesville Village 8
Bartlett, Rebecca A. (Ansil) LeRoy Twp. 3
Basquin, Oliver W. LeRoy Twp. 2
Bassett, Richard A. Willoughby Twp. 6
Bean?, Walter? M.? [crossed off] reenlistment Painesville Village 7
Beard, Thomas F. Painesville Village 17
Bedell, Benjamin H. LeRoy Twp. 1
Beebe, Ezra R. (aka William Warren) Willoughby Twp. 2
Beebe, Hiram Willoughby Twp. 7
Beebe, Samuel Willoughby Twp. 2
Belden, Albert N. Willoughby Twp. 1
Bell, George J. Mentor Twp. 2
Bemis, Emeline H. (Eli A.) Willoughby Twp. 4
Bennett, Sarah Resinfrance? (Harrison) Painesville Twp. 1
Beuseyton?, Henry R. Madison Twp. 3
Bevokens, Siranons? Painesville Village 6
Biddaker, Lewis Painesville Village 9
Bidwell, Walter H. Madison Twp. 6
Bigelow, Jane M. (David L.) Willoughby Twp. 7
Billington, Levi O. Painesville Twp. 1
Bixler, Eka? Painesville Village 7
Blakeley, Harlow W. Madison Twp. 6
Blodget, John Mentor Twp. 6
Blodget, Richard M. Mentor Twp. 4
Blood, Marian (Jaduriah) Madison Twp. 9
Bolster, Henry Madison Twp. 2
Bond, Richard D. Concord Twp. 2
Boughton?, Mary (Chauncy) Painesville Village 3
Bowman, Anna E. (Alexander) Painesville Twp. 2
Bradway, Wm. Perry Twp. 2
Brain, James Kirtland Twp. 1
Brakeman, Mary B. (Gerry) Painesville Village 16
Brasington?, Oliver H. Madison Twp. 4
Brick, Margret B. (Patick) Painesville Village 12
Briggs, Anthony Mentor Twp. 3
Brockway, Franklin M. Kirtland Twp. 2
Brockway, Richard LeRoy Twp. 2
Bromfisan?, Louisa C. (Reuben M.) Painesville Village 5
Broms? Anna B. (James B.) Willoughby Twp. 1
Brooks, Elizabeth (Nelson Malone) Mentor Twp. 5
Brooks, Mary M. (Nelson Bates) Painesville Village 16
Brooks, Samuel Mentor Twp. 5
Brotzman, Philip Madison Twp. 3
Broughton, Eunice? (Job) Perry Twp. 2
Brown, Arthur L. Willoughby Twp. 2
Brown, Frederick Madison Twp. 2
Brown, Hosea F. Concord Twp. 2
Brown, Libbus? Madison Twp. 4
Brown, Lydia A. (Benjamin Baduns? Painesville Twp. 2
Browne, Henry B. Painesville Village 15
Bruner, Ira Mentor Twp. 6
Buckley, Hugh Willoughby Twp. 5
Bump, Asa J. Kirtland Twp. 3
Burbank, Lester D. Willoughby Twp. 1
Burdick, Jewit? Madison Twp. 9
Burdick, Lorenzo D. Willoughby Twp. 6
Burnett, Albert D. Willoughby Twp. 3
Burns?, Patrick Perry Twp. 4
Burr, Edward Concord Twp. 2
Burr, Seymour D. Mentor Twp. 5
Burridge, Eleazer Mentor Twp. 2
Burrows, Jerome? Painesville Village 3
Bush, J.E. Painesville Village 1
Butler, Buel Mentor Twp. 4
Butler, Warren? Willoughby Twp. 5
Buttermore, Samuel Madison Twp. 4
Button, Albert M. Painesville Village 13
Button, Terza W. Thaddeus) Painesville Village 13
Cace, Absalom Mentor Twp. 3
Cady, Fordice A. Madison Twp. 7
Cain?, Edward Painesville Village 1
Caldwell, Jonathan Painesville Village 6
Calkins, Perren? Painesville Village 4
Call, Francis M. Mentor Twp. 2
Call, Leah (Uriah) Kirtland Twp. 3
Call, William Kirtland Twp. 3
Callender, John E. Painesville Village 2
Campbell, James Mentor Twp. 2
Canfield, Charles H. Painesville Twp. 1
Caralett, Catharine LeRoy Twp. 3
Card, Anthony F. Painesville Village 11
Carothers, William N. LeRoy Twp. 3
Carroll, Percy Mentor Twp. 5
Carson, John Madison Twp. 2
Casement, John S. Painesville Village 8
Casterline?, Joel P. Painesville Village 5
Castle, Frederick M. Painesville Village 4
Chapin, Willard H. Willoughby Twp. 4
Chapman, John Madison Twp. 2
Chapman, William Painesville Village 11
Chase, Ralph LeRoy Twp. 2
Child, Irwin S. Painesville Village 5
Clark, Nathan T. Willoughby Twp. 4
Clark?, M. Angehan?, (Harvey E.) Painesville Village 4
Cleveland, Moses A. Painesville Village 14
Cline, Thomas S. Willoughby Twp. 6
Clinton, Anna (James H?.) Willoughby Twp. 7
Coe, Henry H. Painesville Village 10
Colby, John L. Kirtland Twp. 3
Colby, Joseph Painesville Village 7
Cole, Joel E. Madison Twp. 1
Coleman, W.A. Painesville Village 5
Colgrove?, William Painesville Village 7
Collister, John A. Willoughby Twp. 3
Collister, William Madison Twp. 6
Colwell, Albert Painesville Twp. 3
Como, Michel Madison Twp. 6
Cone, Abijah W. Painesville Village 6
Cone, Frank Painesville Village 3
Cone, Isaac W. Madison Twp. 8
Conley, David Painesville Village 14
Converse, George B. Painesville Village 11
Coock, Chas. Madison Twp. 3
Coolidge, Carlos Perry Twp. 3
Cooper, David Perry Twp. 3
Cope, John LeRoy Twp. 3
Corkinor?, William H. Painesville Village 13
Corry, Alexander Madison Twp. 1
Covert, Chauncey Willoughby Twp. 7
Cowan, William H. Willoughby Twp. 3
Cowan, William H. Willoughby Twp. 3
Cox, Elizabeth A. (Charles) Kirtland Twp. 2
Cox, Thomas Kirtland Twp. 1
Coy, Willis Painesville Village 12
Crandall, Widow (Chas.) Painesville Village 3
Crawford, Emory Willoughby Twp. 2
Crobaugh, John F. Concord Twp. 2
Crobaugh, William Willoughby Twp. 1
Crocker, Ephram Madison Twp. 9
Crofoot, Albert D. Painesville Village 3
Crowe, Charles E. LeRoy Twp. 1
Curtis, Benjamin M. Kirtland Twp. 2
Curtis, Elijah W. Kirtland Twp. 2
Curtiss, Preserved H. Mentor Twp. 3
Davis, Alvira? (Joseph) Painesville Village 4
Davis, Cyrus N. Willoughby Twp. 6
Davis, Wm. A. Perry Twp. 1
Day, Charles S. Madison Twp. 7
Dayton, Maria A. (Eli A.) Painesville Village 16
DeMerit, Charles O. Kirtland Twp. 2
Devins, Mary A. (Albert Higgins) Kirtland Twp. 2
Dewey, Ira E. Kirtland Twp. 3
Dewey, Sylvia H. (Charles N.) Kirtland Twp. 3
Dickey, Matthew Mentor Twp. 4
Dickinson, John Painesville Village 3
Dims?, Cornilia (Willis?) Madison Twp. 8
Dodd, Thomas Willoughby Twp. 7
Dodge, Amos W. Concord Twp. 1
Dodge, Charles E. Madison Twp. 6
Dodge, Chas. R. Painesville Village 3
Donaldson, Edwin T. Painesville Village 4
Donovan, Carnelus LeRoy Twp. 2
Doty, David Perry Twp. 1
Doty, George W. Painesville Village 16
Dowling?, Peter Painesville Village 6
Downing Sanford M. Willoughby Twp. 7
Durand, Austin? Painesville Village 11
Durfy, Henry Painesville Village 3
Dusenberry, Silver? Madison Twp. 7
Dusler, Eli Madison Twp. 5
Dyers, Maria S. (John K.?) Painesville Village 17
Eabou, Origen S. Madison Twp. 2
Eastman, John O. Painesville Village 3
Easult?, Martin Madison Twp. 8
Eddy, Geo. S. Willoughby Twp. 4
Edgar, Jane O. (John E.) Painesville Village 3
Ellen, John S. Willoughby Twp. 2
Elliott, Andrew Willoughby Twp. 3
Elwell, Bauna? Painesville Village 3
Ely, Ira W. Painesville Village 13
Ely, Warren W. Concord Twp. 1
Erwin, Ellen (Patrick) Mentor Twp. 3
Evarts?, John Madison Twp. 10
Fahnstock, Charles Mentor Twp. 5
Fairchild, John G. Perry Twp. 4
Faulk, Sarah A. (Lawrence?) Painesville Village 13
Fenton, Arthur E. Painesville Village 14
Ferguson, John B. Madison Twp. 5
Ferron, James R. Painesville Twp. 2
Finan, B.W. Painesville Village 2
Fita, George A. Perry Twp. 3
Fitch, William T. Madison Twp. 1
Flint, Edwin Madison Twp. 3
Flood, James F. Painesville Village 6
Flynn, Michael S. Painesville Village 11
Forbes, Alexander Madison Twp. 5
Forbes, William E. Madison Twp. 1
Ford, Mancil D. Madison Twp. 2
Foster, Rufus Madison Twp. 2
Francis, John C. Kirtland Twp. 2
Fredebaugh, Benjamin Painesville Twp. 3
Frefredt?, Erasmus Painesville Village 9
French, Edwin C. Painesville Village 16
Frissell, Thomas B. Kirtland Twp. 1
Fuller, Alonzo Kirtland Twp. 1
Gaines, Calvin Perry Twp. 2
Gallagher, Fred? Painesville Village 10
Gallagher, John Mentor Twp. 4
Garfield, Lucretia R. (James A.) Mentor Twp. 4
Gelmons?, Eugene F. Painesville Village 6
Gilbreath, William Painesville Village 12
Gill, Henry C. Madison Twp. 7
Glasier, Madison Painesville Village 15
Glenns, Alexr. Painesville Village 9
Goldsmith, Francis J. Painesville Village 10
Goodrich, Henry R. Willoughby Twp. 1
Gould, E.E. Painesville Village 11
Graves, William O. Kirtland Twp. 3
Gray, Elroy L. Painesville Village 15
Gray, Hiram R. Willoughby Twp. 1
Gray, James E. LeRoy Twp. 1
Gray, Roy Painesville Village 8
Green, Aurelia A. (W.T.) Mentor Twp. 1
Green, Horace Willoughby Twp. 7
Green, James LeRoy Twp. 2
Green, Samuel W. Painesville Village 11
Green, Simeon F. Painesville Village 8
Gregory, Hattie H. (Marcus E.) Painesville Village 17
Grover, Alonzo Painesville Village 12
Grover, Alvord Madison Twp. 9
Hadly, Anna L. (Francis) Madison Twp. 7
Hafele, John C. Kirtland Twp. 1
Halett, J.C. Painesville Village 9
Hall, Edward J.E. Painesville Village 10
Hall, Monroe J. Madison Twp. 4
Hall, Selden D. Painesville Village 15
Halstead, William H. Madison Twp. 6
Hamblin, Davis D. Perry Twp. 3
Hamilton, Mathew L. Painesville Village 7
Handy, Conroy I.? Painesville Twp. 1
Hardaker, Frank Willoughby Twp. 6
Hardy, Sarah J. (J.H.) Painesville Village 1
Harlow?, W. Eustace? Painesville Village 1
Harris, Jonathan Painesville Village 12
Harris, Joseph K. Madison Twp. 6
Harroun, Alexander D. LeRoy Twp. 2
Hart, Arthur P.? Mentor Twp. 5
Harvey, Helen M (Fahnstock) Concord Twp. 2
Haskell, James A. Mentor Twp. 1
Hathaway, James? E. Painesville Village 16
Haver?, Charles F. Willoughby Twp. 3
Hawley, George W. Mentor Twp. 2
Hayes, Charles N. Mentor Twp. 6
Haywood, Edward H. Painesville Twp. 3
Hazeltine, John G?. Kirtland Twp. 1
Heath, Ralph Kirtland Twp. 3
Hendry, Francis Madison Twp. 1
Henry?, Lenard Painesville Twp. 3
Heplow?, Frances O. (William T. Slayton) Willoughby Twp. 2
Herrick, Burgess Perry Twp. 3
Hewitt, Marcus T. Madison Twp. 2
Hickock, Albert Madison Twp. 3
Hickock, Samuel W. Madison Twp. 5
Hill, Chas. C. Perry Twp. 4
Hill, Hiram H. Madison Twp. 3
Hill, Maria A. (Charles) Painesville Village 12
Hill, Thomas E. Madison Twp. 8
Hills, Sily?, F. Willoughby Twp. 6
Hodges, Jane (Mathew M.) Painesville Twp. 3
Hoffman, James Painesville Village 2
Holcomb, Delorma M. Madison Twp. 1
Holcomb, Henry Painesville Village 14
Homes, Charles W. Willoughby Twp. 2
Hopkins, Daniel F. Willoughby Twp. 7
Hopkins, Martin V. Mentor Twp. 1
Hopkins, Wilson S. Mentor Twp. 2
Hover, Catherine C. (Thomas) Painesville Village 4
Hrunisky, James Painesville Twp. 2
Hubbard, Simon S. Perry Twp. 1
Hubbard?, Henry Painesville Village 6
Humphrey, James O. Willoughby Twp. 5
Huntingont, Marvin B. Painesville Village 12
Huntington, Henry Painesville Twp. 2
Hutchinson, Chauncy Madison Twp. 4
Hutchinson, Maude F. (William J.) Willoughby Twp. 5
Irwin, John R. Painesville Village 15
Irwin, Margaret B. (-, Burns) Painesville Village 15
Isham, A.L. Perry Twp. 4
Jacks, Lewis H. Mentor Twp. 1
Jackson, Stewart D. Painesville Village 17
Jammison, Robert Mentor Twp. 2
Jefferson, Geo. Madison Twp. 4
Jenkins, Charles C. Willoughby Twp. 2
Jerome, Joseph Painesville Village 14
Jewell, Henry C. Painesville Twp. 1
Johnson, William H. Mentor Twp. 1
Jones, Albert Concord Twp. 1
Judd, Anson A. Mentor Twp. 6
Judson, Elwood Painesville Twp. 1
Kean, Elizabeth D. (John) Painesville Village 10
Keener, Charlotte (Martin) Perry Twp. 2
Kellar, Norman S. Painesville Twp. 1
Kelley, Thomas Mentor Twp. 6
Kelley, William H. Kirtland Twp. 3
Kellogg, George Madison Twp. 6
Kelly, Jonen? A. (Simeon? G?) Painesville Village 11
Kelsey, Arthur Willoughby Twp. 5
Kelsey, Wm. Painesville Village 3
Kewish?, William Painesville Village 14
Kibbie, Anisa? M. Painesville Village 15
King, Chris H. Painesville Village 7
Kinno?, William H. Painesville Twp. 3
Kissick, Thomas Madison Twp. 7
Knight, Louis Painesville Village 7
Kuhns, Augusta M.J.(George?) Painesville Twp. 2
Lamb, Cahrles W. Mentor Twp. 2
LaMoriaux?, Samuel A. Willoughby Twp. 3
Lane, Henry Willoughby Twp. 3
Lane, John B. Painesville Village 15
Lapham, James M. Mentor Twp. 5
Lapham, William L. Perry Twp. 4
Learen Kirtland Twp. 3
Leland, Major G. Painesville Village 12
Leonard, Elizabeth A. (-) Painesville Village 12
LeRoy, Charles V. Willoughby Twp. 6
Lester?, George LeRoy Twp. 3
Lewis, Sarah A. (Charson? A.) Painesville Village 4
Lillie, Charles P. Willoughby Twp. 3
Lipscomb, Eziekel Willoughby Twp. 3
Little, John Perry Twp. 1
Lockwood, Homer Madison Twp. 4
Lott, George Madison Twp. 4
Lowery?, Edward B. Mentor Twp. 1
Loy, Joseph H. Willoughby Twp. 4
Ludick, Augustus Madison Twp. 6
Mack, Henry Mentor Twp. 2
Mallory, Amanda R. (Willard Triskett) Perry Twp. 1
Mallory, Mary A. (Gibon? O.) Painesville Village 2
Manchester, Elmer Perry Twp. 4
Manchester, Herman J. Perry Twp. 2
Manchester, Lyman C. Perry Twp. 4
Manley, Delos C. Willoughby Twp. 6
Manley, Edgar A. Madison Twp. 3
Manley, Seth Madison Twp. 3
Marah, Elena (Shuble I?) Madison Twp. 9
Marsh, Lloyd A. Perry Twp. 1
Marshall, William Willoughby Twp. 6
Martin, Clarissa M. (Harrison) Kirtland Twp. 1
Mather, Pliny F. Painesville Twp. 3
Mathew, William D. Mentor Twp. 2
McCarthy, William Painesville Village 16
McEwen, Wm. G. Perry Twp. 2
McFarland, Milton S. Kirtland Twp. 3
Meigs, Gideon E.? Painesville Village 16
Merles?, Ekkruct? Madison Twp. 2
Merrick, Oscar M. Perry Twp. 2
Miller, James S. Perry Twp. 4
Miller, John M. Madison Twp. 7
Millis, George W. Concord Twp. 1
Milton, Gary Madison Twp. 4
Minturn?, Barbara? (James) Painesville Twp. 1
Mirriman, David G. Painesville Village 13
Moll?, Solan? Painesville Village 11
Monroe, Alferd R. Madison Twp. 2
Montgomery, John A. Madison Twp. 2
Moore, Solomon Mentor Twp. 5
Morley, Charles F. Painesville Village 9
Morley, Thomas Mentor Twp. 4
Morrison, Dallon? Y. Painesville Village 9
Morse, Frederick H. Kirtland Twp. 3
Morse, John H. Kirtland Twp. 2
Morton, Edward Painesville Village 12
Moryburg, Levi Madison Twp. 7
Mosher Herman G. LeRoy Twp. 3
Mosher, Hugh W. LeRoy Twp. 3
Moss, Ephram W. Madison Twp. 8
Mulcahy, Catharine (Michael) Madison Twp. 9
Mulsan?, Harris? Painesville Twp. 2
Mummery, Thomas J. Mentor Twp. 6
Murray, Eugene J. Concord Twp. 2
Murray, William Painesville Village 5
Myers, Margret (John) Willoughby Twp. 7
Nactindal, Harrison L. Mentor Twp. 3
Nash, Edward P. Madison Twp. 1
Nighman, Stephen LeRoy Twp. 1
Nodine?, Jacob Willoughby Twp. 7
Nolan, James Madison Twp. 3
Noonan, Mertin Painesville Twp. 2
Noyes, Elizabeth (Oden) Madison Twp. 1
Olin?, Seward? S. Painesville Twp. 3
Olliver, James Concord Twp. 2
Ostrandor, Soloman LeRoy Twp. 1
Paine, Franklin Painesville Village 14
Paine, George S. Painesville Village 13
Palmer, Dora L. (Walter G.) Painesville Village 17
Pancost, William H. Madison Twp. 6
Parks, John Kirtland Twp. 3
Parmely?, J.G. Painesville Village 1
Parmly, Geo. G. Painesville Village 1
Patch, Macy? Madison Twp. 10
Payne, Geo. W. Painesville Village 5
Peak, John B. LeRoy Twp. 1
Peck, David B. Mentor Twp. 2
Peck, David B. Mentor Twp. 3
Perrin, Thomas L. Painesville Village 13
Perry, Henry W. Perry Twp. 4
Perry, Jesse M. Perry Twp. 4
Pershing, Harmon Madison Twp. 4
Peters, Frances T. (Asa B.) Willoughby Twp. 4
Pettinfer, Oscar Madison Twp. 8
Pettingell, Wm. Painesville Village 2
Phelps, Abram J. Kirtland Twp. 2
Phelps, Spencer Kirtland Twp. 2
Pierson?, J. Lucy Painesville Village 4
Pinney, Orator L. Mentor Twp. 1
Pitcher, Henry L. Painesville Village 15
Plaisted, Joseph Painesville Village 1
Plaisted, William H. Kirtland Twp. 3
Platts, Sidney Madison Twp. 3
Pohlman?, Samuel Painesville Village 15
Pomeroy Dwight C. Willoughby Twp. 2
Pool, James A. Painesville Twp. 1
Potter, Daniel D. Madison Twp. 6
Potts, Samuel J. LeRoy Twp. 2
Poutz, Royal Madison Twp. 5
Prentice, Hiram Madison Twp. 7
Proctor, Edward LeRoy Twp. 1
Quigley, George Willoughby Twp. 7
Quigley, William Willoughby Twp. 7
Quincy, David E. Mentor Twp. 5
Quirk?, Charles R. Madison Twp. 6
Radcliffe, Thomas G. Painesville Village 10
Radfield?, Insitone? [crossed off] conf. Painesville Village 10
Rand, Silas M. Madison Twp. 1
Rand, Solon A. Madison Twp. 5
Rand, Elmer H. Madison Twp. 6
Rayen?, James T. Willoughby Twp. 1
Reed, Sherwin? E. Painesville Twp. 2
Rennon?, Charles Painesville Village 6
Rexford, William J. Mentor Twp. 1
Richards, John L. LeRoy Twp. 1
Richardson, Calvin J. Willoughby Twp. 7
Richardson, Jesse Painesville Village 14
Ricker, Wm. F. Perry Twp. 1
Ridge?, Frank M. Painesville Village 2
Riker?, George C? Painesville Twp. 2
Ring, Spencer? Painesville Village 5
Rippin, Ambrose Mentor Twp. 6
Rizo?, Milton H. Painesville Village 7
Roberts, Cordelia Madison Twp. 8
Roberts, Hagen L. Madison Twp. 10
Roberts, Myron H. Willoughby Twp. 3
Roberts, Ransom? R. Willoughby Twp. 5
Roberts, William Painesville Village 15
Roberts, William B. Willoughby Twp. 5
Robinson, Charles H. Kirtland Twp. 1
Rockefellow, Elizabeth K. (Oscar H.) Willoughby Twp. 4
Rogers, George F. Painesville Village 11
Root, William . Painesville Twp. 2
Roppencker, Louis G. Mentor Twp. 1
Rosa?, Harriet W. (Abijah?) Painesville Village 1
Rose, Jesse E. Willoughby Twp. 7
Ross, Sarrah? (John) Madison Twp. 3
Rossman, Frank Madison Twp. 9
Roughs, George? Painesville Twp. 2
Rowland?, Jacob W. Perry Twp. 3
Rudolph, Joseph Mentor Twp. 4
Runyan, John C. Willoughby Twp. 6
Rush, Orrin Willoughby Twp. 6
Rynd, John Lewis Willoughby Twp. 4
Salkeld, George M. Perry Twp. 1
Samert?, Wesley Mentor Twp. 3
Sanders, Albert H. Concord Twp. 1
Sanford, Asa E. LeRoy Twp. 3
Sarritte?, John H. Mentor Twp. 3
Sawyer, Abel W. Willoughby Twp. 7
Saxton, David Willoughby Twp. 1
Saxton, John L. Willoughby Twp. 2
Schill?, Susan? W. (John) Painesville Village 11
Schwind, Charles Mentor Twp. 5
Scott, Walter Perry Twp. 2
Selden?, Hudson? Painesville Twp. 3
Shafer, Nicholas LeRoy Twp. 2
Shankland, Sherwood? A. Willoughby Twp. 5
Sharp, George H. Willoughby Twp. 6
Shelby, James Painesville Village 1
Sheldon, George G. Painesville Village 10
Sheldon, George J. Painesville Village 10
Shepard, Alvin O. Perry Twp. 3
Shepard, Henry H. Painesville Village 13
Shepard, Josephine (Joseph) Painesville Village 2
Shepard, Warren S. Perry Twp. 3
Sheridan, Denis Mentor Twp. 3
Sherwood, William Madison Twp. 8
Shipp, Conrad S. Painesville Village 12
Sinclair, David B? Perry Twp. 1
Sinclair, Frank J. Willoughby Twp. 4
Sinclair, Henry Perry Twp. 3
Sinclair, W.W. Perry Twp. 2
Sked, Stella A. (William) Kirtland Twp. 2
Slitor, Barnum F.? Painesville Village 16
Smith, Charles Madison Twp. 7
Smith, Cynthia (Thomas J.) Painesville Village 5
Smith, Julia (Henry AKA John Miller) Mentor Twp. 5
Smith, Samuel W. Madison Twp. 5
Smith, Thomas Willoughby Twp. 2
Snell, Hiram Mentor Twp. 4
Spaulding Walter J. Mentor Twp. 1
Spears, Mary M. (Samuel B.) Willoughby Twp. 1
Sprague, Seth Willoughby Twp. 3
St. John, Emily (Leroy) Madison Twp. 2
St.John, Elmyra R. (-) Painesville Village 17
Statton, Franklin H. Madison Twp. 5
Stearns, Henry R. Willoughby Twp. 1
Steinhope, Charles W. Perry Twp. 2
Stevens, Daniel F. Mentor Twp. 2
Stevens, Julius L. Madison Twp. 7
Stevens, Sallew? (George) Madison Twp. 8
Stockwell, Widow (Harris Capt.) Painesville Village 2
Stokes, George S. Kirtland Twp. 1
Storm, Solon C Kirtland Twp. 1
Storm, William I? Painesville Twp. 1
Storm?, Willis P. Painesville Twp. 1
Stratton, Asa A. Madison Twp. 6
Sullivan, Mary C. (Timothy Burns?) Painesville Village 10
Sumner, Ebenezer Painesville Village 12
Swayne, Ann (Michael) Mentor Twp. 4
Sweatland, Leonard Madison Twp. 2
Sweet, John E. Mentor Twp. 5
Sweet, Peter G. Concord Twp. 1
Sweet, Robert M. Madison Twp. 3
Taft, Widow (Aurnen?) Painesville Village 2
Talcott, Earl Painesville Village 10
Tanner, Adaline Tazell? (Harvey) Kirtland Twp. 1
Taylor, Abya? Madison Twp. 1
Taylor, James H. Painesville Village 4
Taylor, LaRoyce? Willoughby Twp. 7
Taylor, Marcus C. Painesville Village 17
Taylor, Richard U. LeRoy Twp. 2
Taylor, Sam? Y. Painesville Village 1
Taylor, William LeRoy Twp. 3
Thayer, Horace R. Perry Twp. 4
Thompson, Angeline (Chas. M.) Perry Twp. 2
Thompson, Daniel Painesville Village 11
Thompson, John D. Perry Twp. 3
Thompson, Thomas Perry Twp. 3
Thorp, Addison S. Perry Twp. 1
Tosf?, Mary H. (James E.) Painesville Village 2
Tower, Gailord P. Mentor Twp. 1
Traver?, Robt. N. Painesville Village 2
Treat, Horwell B. Painesville Village 16
Treat, W.H. Madison Twp. 1
Tribby, George S. Mentor Twp. 3
Trobridge, Wesley Concord Twp. 1
Turner, Elizabeth P. (Charles) Painesville Village 11
Turney, Carlos A. Madison Twp. 5
Turney, Frank B. Painesville Twp. 1
Tuttle, Lovisa J (Jerome) Concord Twp. 1
Tyerell?, Leasy? Painesville Village 7
Tyler, Franklin R. Concord Twp. 1
Tyler, John E. Mentor Twp. 4
Underwood, Charles S. Painesville Village 17
Upsan, David LeRoy Twp. 3
Uruland?, Frank M. Painesville Twp. 2
Vanderlip, Mark Madison Twp. 9
VanFalkenberg, Cyrrus Painesville Twp. 2
Vanluvan? Schuyler Willoughby Twp. 3
VanNess, Henry R. Perry Twp. 2
Viall, Charles H. Willoughby Twp. 7
Volentin, John H. LeRoy Twp. 1
VonRapp, Anna M. (Arthur C.E.) Painesville Village 16
Vorce, David Painesville Village 5
Vrooman, Fredrick D. Madison Twp. 1
Vrooman, Joel B. Perry Twp. 2
Waits?, W.J. Perry Twp. 3
Wakelee, P. Byron Painesville Village 5
Walevinan?, William G. Willoughby Twp. 4
Walker, Esther E. (-) Painesville Village 12
Warren, William (aka Ezra R. Beebe) Willoughby Twp. 2
Washburn, John G. Willoughby Twp. 7
Wass, George Painesville Village 6
Wass, Wallace Painesville Village 6
Webster, Allijam? Painesville Village 6
Webster, George H. Madison Twp. 8
Weed, Theron S. Mentor Twp. 3
Weise, Alexander Painesville Village 2
Welsh, Albert F. Kirtland Twp. 2
West, Charles Concord Twp. 1
Wetherbee, Emery G. Painesville Village 14
Wheeler, A.A. Painesville Village 4
Wheeler, Allen B. Painesville Village 15
Wheeler, W. Alonzo Perry Twp. 3
Wheeler, William H. Painesville Village 7
White, Keorall? Madison Twp. 7
White, William R. Painesville Village 13
Whiting, James H. Painesville Village 6
Whitney, Emmitt T. Painesville Village 16
Wicker?, Augusta (Chauncey W.) Willoughby Twp. 6
Wilcox, Aaron M. Painesville Village 17
Wilcox?, Elvira (Henry) Painesville Village 5
Wilder, Abel M. Concord Twp. 2
Wilder, Sidney B. Willoughby Twp. 5
Wilker, William Mentor Twp. 6
Williams, Charles B. Painesville Village 16
Williamson, Peter Mentor Twp. 6
Wills, Horatio H. Willoughby Twp. 5
Wilson, David C. Painesville Village 10
Wilson, Orlando E. Painesville Village 7
Wilson, Rosetta (-) Painesville Village 7
Winchester, Relief (Erastus) Madison Twp. 2
Wire, Theo. B. Perry Twp. 2
Wirtz, Rachel (James McGregor) Kirtland Twp. 2
Wood, George Madison Twp. 9
Woodford, Cornelius Painesville Village 15
Woods, Henry R. Mentor Twp. 1
Woodworth, Geo. Madison Twp. 9
Wright, Charles Mentor Twp. 3
Wright, George Painesville Village 6
Wright, Mary J. (Bartan F.) LeRoy Twp. 2
Wright, Thompson H. LeRoy Twp. 2
Yanley, Leonard Madison Twp. 7
Yeomans, Nathaniel Painesville Village 8
Young, Adelia A. (Cyprian B.) Willoughby Twp. 2
Young, Lucilla S. (Thomas R.) Perry Twp. 1

Many of the pages are not actually numbered. Each township or village begins on a page 1 and continues page by page.

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