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Census Schedules Available for Lake County, Ohio

Written and submitted by Cynthia Turk 30 March 2002 and corrected and updated 28 May 2004 and 10 Jan 2005.

Schedule National Archives
Family History Library
US/CAN Census Area #

1820 Population Geauga M33/ 91 181397 G, M, W,
1830 Population Geauga M19/ 131 337942 G, M, W
1830 Population Cuyahoga M19/ 129 337940 M, W
1840 Population Lake (Includes Veterans) M704/ 407 2170 G, M, W
1850 Population M432/ 701 444694 G, M, W
1850 Agricultural T1159/ 6 1602330 W, M
1850 Industry T1159/ 13 1602337 W, M
1850 Mortality T1159/ 14 978351 or 1602338 W, M
1860 Population M63/ 996 803996 or 20193 G, M, W, K
1860 Agricultural T1159/ 22 1602346 W, M
1860 Mortality T1159/ 30 1602354 W, M
1870 Population M593/ 1230 552729 or 295592 G, M, W
1870 Agricultural T1159/ 39 1602356 W, M
1880 Population T9/ 1038 1255038 G, M, W, K
1880 Agricultural T1159/ 70 1602394 W, M
1880 Defective, Dependent, Delinquent T1159/ 100 1602424 W, M
1890 Veteran M123/ 74 338233 G, M, W, K
1900 Population Includes institutions T623/ 1291 1241291 G, M, W
1910 Population T624/ 1203 1375216 M, W, K
1920 Population T625/ 1403 1821403 M, W, (K partial?)
1930 Population - Except Perry and areas on film 1827. * All institutions T626/1826 2341560 (vault) W, M, K
1930 Population - Perry Twp., Perry Village, N. Perry Village, Wickliffe Village, Willowick Village, Lakeline and Willoughby Twp* T627/ 1827 2341561 W, M, K
1940 Population - produced digitally, available online. T627/3208 online only none

* For specific Enumeration Districts, see NARA ED descriptions

When ordering film, recheck and verify the numbers. Errors occur, and neither this author nor this site can be responsible for incorrect orders.

Heritage Quest offers population schedules on microfilm for purchase or rental for members. They also sell population schedules on CD ROM. Order these by the National Archives Series and Roll number. One roll is on one CD.

When ordering from the Family History Library, go to your local Family History Center. The population schedules have "US/CAN Census Area" before the number. Non population schedules have "US/CAN" before the number. Films ordered through the Family History Center must be viewed at the Family History Center. Before ordering, be sure to check if someone else has already ordered it, or if it is on permanent loan.

Locating film--Lake County Historical Society maintains a collection of population schedules, but they can not be printed. Other local libraries also have some of Lake County's census.

Cleveland Public Library, Ohio Historical Society and State Library of Ohio each have a complete set of Ohio's extant population and non-population census schedules.

Western Reserve Historical Society has the most complete US Federal census collection in Northeastern Ohio.

Census Indexes AIS index books are available at Morley Library for Ohio for 1820 through 1860. The Heritage Quest Books are available for 1870. The Ohio Genealogical Society Book Indexes are available for 1880. They also have a variety of indexes on CD ROM. There is no index for 1890-1930 at Morley except as on-line databases.

Western Reserve Historical Society has all of the indexes mentioned for Morley Library, but also has the index for 1890, the soundex for 1900-1920.

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