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Willoughby List of Pioneer Women

The following article is from The Willoughby Independent (Lake Co., Ohio) Friday February 7, 1896 on page 3. Transcribed by Cynthia Turk.

The following is a partial list of the pioneer women of Willoughby township, residents from 1801 to 1850:

Mrs. Catharine Miller 1801
Mrs. Ebenezer Smith 1801
Mrs. Lydia Brown 1810
Mrs. Hannah Hall (Waldo) 1812
Mrs. Parmela Huston (Hall) 1812
Mrs. Sallie Glines (Baton) 1812
Mrs. Lydia M. Card 1812
Mrs. Annis Brown 1815
Mrs. Clarissa Wirt 1815
Mrs. Sarah Woolsey 1816
Mrs. Sarah Wilson (McMurthy) 1817
Mrs. Lucy A. Ward (Carroll) 1817
Mrs. Polly Graves 1817
Mrs. Caroline King (Graves) 1817
Mrs. Rebecca Jones (Graves) 1817
Mrs. Keziah Woolsey (Hall) 1817
Mrs. Lucy Tarbell (Jones) 1817
Mrs. Sarah Smith 1817
Mrs. Sallie Smith 1818
Mrs. Lucretia Dingee (Alvord) 1820
Mrs. Helen I. Wright (Wilson) 1820
Mrs. Sally Bliss (Lucas) 1821
Mrs. Martha Halstead (Brush) 1821
Mrs. Mary Bliss (Hall) 1822
Mrs. Sally Sharp (Bliss) 1823
Mrs. Eliza Clark (Huston) 1823
Miss Lucynthia Tarbell 1824
Mrs. Maria Miller (Storm) 1825
Mrs. Dr. Brainard (Pelton) 1825
Mrs. Hannah Miller 1825
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller 1825
Mrs. Stephen Lapham 1825
Mrs. Nathan Christy 1825
Mrs. Daniel Christy 1825
Mrs. L. Goodman 1825
Mrs. Obadiah Smith 1825
Mrs. Amy Worrallo 1825
Mrs. Jabez Hill 1825
Mrs. James Carrel 1825
Mrs. Curtiss Brown 1825
Mrs. Thomas Strong 1825
Mrs. Weltha Brown 1826
Mrs. Speedy Waite 1826
Mrs. John Storm 1826
Mrs. R. P. Suits 1826
Mrs. Harriet Clark 1826
Mrs. Prudence Sharpe 1826
Mrs. Hannah Card 1826
Mrs. Elmina Holmes 1830
Mrs. Sarah M. Wilson 1830
Mrs. Elizabeth Laman (Wilson) 1819
Mrs. Nancy Losey (Mix) 1837
Mrs. Eliza Skiff (Mix) 1840
Mrs. Emma Williams 1847
Mrs. Rosilla Cornwell 1850
Mrs. Polly Hopkins 1834
Mrs. Sarah Gray 1837
Mrs. Amanda Rosencrans 1835
Mrs. Jane B. Durban (Hopkins) 1834
Mrs. Marietta Gray 1834

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