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Church Family Bible Record

This appeared in Lakelines, the newsletter of the Lake County Genealogical Society Newsletter Vol. 18, No. 3, Pg. 24 &25, July 1992. It was retranscribed here by Cathi Salmi.

This Holy Bible was originally owned by Harriet N. Church, bought by her husband, G. Augustus Church. This Bible was published by J. B. Lippincott & Co. in Philadelphia, 1860. Marginal Notes, Philological and explanatory notes. An analysis and compendium of the Holy Scriptures. This Bible is bound in red leather, tooled and chased in gold, with leaves gold-edged. It is 11 1/2 in. high, 9 1/2 in. wide and 3 1/4 in. thick. It is now [1992] owned by Mrs. Platt Rust, 114 E. South St., Painesville, Ohio.


Gustavus Adolphus Church and Harriet W. Gray married Jan. 25th., 1857

Miss Sylvia H. Church and Charles F. Benedict married Nov. 29th., 1883

Miss Emma Church and Leon M. Brown married Jan. 4th., 1888

Laura E. Benedict and Platt W. Rust married July 15, 1908

Edith H. Benedict and William A. Strong married Sept. 1910

Grace I. Benedict and Luther M. Sanford married Nov. 25, 1913

Leon G. Benedict and Ella Pihl married April 16, 1914

Harriet L. Sanford and Richard C. Bowden married June 8, 1933

Natalie I. Rust and Harvey M. Goldbarth married Dec. 21, 1946


Gustavus Adolphus Church born Dec. 8, 1824

His wife, Harriet Nellie Gray born Apr. 20th., 1824

Harriet Sylvia Church born June 8, 1859

Eva and Emma Church (Twins) born May 10, 1866

Laura Evalyn Benedict born May 28, 1884

Edith Harriet Benedict born Oct. 27, 1885

Leon Gray Benedict born April 19, 1888

Grace Isabel Benedict born Jan. 20, 1890

Natalie J. Rust born May 25, 1912, Painesville, O.

Charles R. Benedict born Nov. 10, 1914, Conneaut, O.

George A. Benedict born Feb. 26, 1917, Conneaut, O.

Manda Benedict born Feb. 17, 1921, Conneaut, O.

Harriet S. Sanford born Nov. 13, 1914, Painesville

Phillip B. Sanford born Dec. 12, 1916, Painesville

Phyllis J. Sanford born Feb. 25, 1922, Painesville

Hazel C. Sanford born Dec. 10, 1924, Painesville

Richard Clayton Bowden born July 26, 1938

Christopher Bowden born Oct. 26, 1942


Gustavus Adolphus Church died June 4, 1879

Harriet N. Church died July 7, 1894

Sylvia Church Benedict died Jan. 1, 1892

Edith H. Strong died Nov. 19, 1926

Phillip B. Sanford died Jan. 10, 1921

Charles F. Benedict died July 7, 1902

Leon Gray Benedict died Oct. 2, 1938

Leon M. Brown died July 5th., 1941

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