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Girls Friendly Society, Holiday House, Salida Beach

Contributed by Don Shepard and transcribed by Cynthia Turk, this appeared in "Church Life," the newsletter of the Episcopal Diocese, Cleveland Ohio in April 1908, Vol. XXI, No. 10. Don tells that these Holiday Houses began in the 1890s for working young girls to offer education and religious training. Each parish had one. The original one was on Little Mountain Road with a chapel which moved to Salida Beach.

In the purchase this month of its new Holiday House at Salida Beach, the Girl's Friendly Society of the diocese of Ohio, has taken the most important step in its history.

For a long time the diocesan and branch officers have felt the need of a place where their girls could go at a moderate expense for rest and recreation during summer vacations. Such Holiday Houses are owned and well patronized in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and other States.

The objects of the Society are:

  • 1) to bind together in one Society Churchwomen as Associates and girls and young women as Members for mutual help (religious and secular) for sympathy and prayer;
  • 2) To encourage purity of life, dutifulness to parents, faithfulness to employers and thrift;
    All these objects are furthered by the association and intercourse of the Holiday House.

    Last year a piece of property situated at Salida Beach - midway between Willoughby and West Mentor and accessible by trolley from the city, - was offered to our Society for the desired vacation house. Two and a half acres of timbered land, having a supply of natural spring water, good drainage, rights to the use of 225 feet of lake front for bathing, a living room, dining room, etc. and furniture; a cottage of six rooms, and an ice house, comprise this most desirable offer, at a reasonable price.

    After careful deiberation as to ways and means a committee consisting of the Bishop, Dean and Rev. Mr. Stearly, was asked to inspect the porperty and advise the officers of the Society as to the advisability of purchase. This committee returned a most favorable report and negotiations for purchase were entered into at once and deeds of transfer were signed during the past month.

    It is hoped that the House may be ready for occupation by the last of June. much must, however, be done meantime in preparing and fully fitting up the place for its guests. In order to meet these expenses a "Trip Around the World" is to be given in Trinity Cathedral house, Cleveland, on Tuesday evening, April 28th. Attendants in costume will preside over the sales in booths representing different countries; and a musical program will be rendered by members of the Fortnightly Club, with special features by the members of the Fireside Club of the Cathedral.

    Contributions to the Holiday House fund present opportunities to loyal Churchmen and women for memorials of others "who, having finished their work do rest from their labors." The influence of the Girl's Friendly House in spiritual, mental, and physical refreshment will be felt in renewed devotion on the part of the members to the objects of the Society. Filial affection, loyalty to employers, and purity of life benefit not only the members themselves but also the community at large.

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