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Bible Record
Edmund K. Miller & Mary Ann Hazen

From the Family Record pages of a Hitchcock’s New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: Old and New Testaments, revised and edited by Rev. Roswell D. Hitchcock, D.D. [New York: A. J. Johnson, 1870]. Photocopied pages on file at Morley Library.

Transcribed by Phyllis S. Williams

NOTE: Anything appearing below in brackets[] is a transcriber’s note and not in the original text.

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Edmund K. Miller
Mary Ann Hazen

Maria Amelia Miller
George Albert Miller
Maud Miller
Chester Thomas Miller
Mary Miller
Edmund Douglas Miller

                      Grand Children
Mary V[?]. Hansard
Helen M. Hansard
Edmund M. Hansard
William J. Hansard
George C. Hansard

Sarah S. Harper       Sept. 11th 1871      Munson, Geauga, Ohio
George W. Harper      March 3rd 1874          "    Geauga, O
Robert E. Harper      March 25th 1876         "      "     "
Mary M. Harper        June 29th 1878          "      "     "
Lillis E. Harper      May 9th 1884         Chardon,  "
Verne H. Miller ----- Edmund K. Miller   [no dates given]
  Manchester  Coffee Co.  Tennessee
George C. Miller      Aug.[no entry]          "      "     "
Alice M. Miller       Apr. 8th 1885        Munson,   "     "
Chester Miller        [no date given]      Manchester Coffee Co., Tenn.
Gertrude H. Miller    15th of Nov. 1896    Stoutsburg, Jaspe[r] Co. Ind.
Florence E. Carroll   Apr 13th 1882[?]     Willoughby, Lake Co. O
Frank M. Carroll      Aug 20th 1884            "           "    "
Ruth M. Carroll       August 13th 1892         "           "

Edmund K. Miller and Mary Ann Hazen
  Feb. 17th 1844 at Chardon Geauga Co. Ohio
  By Joseph Harris Esq.

Charles T. Hansard and Amelia Miller
  Apr. 27th 1870  Munson Geauga Co. Ohio
  Elder D. R. King

Robert Harper and Maud Miller
  Sept. 5th 1870  Munson Geauga Co. Ohio
  O. M. Calkins, Esq.

Chester T. Miller and Alice Chapman
  Sept. [no entry]   Munson Geauga Co. Ohio
  Elder D. R. King

Frank C. Carroll and Mary Miller
  May 3rd 1881[7?]  Chardon Geauga Co. Ohio
  Reverend LeRoy

Edmond D. Miller and Josephine Erskin
  [No further information given and in a different handwriting from the original]

Edmund K. Miller Oct. 28th 1890[?]  [In a different handwriting from the original]
Aged 71 year 4 months and 1 day

George A. Miller  Oct. 28th 1865 [This entry is in the original handwriting]
Aged 19 years 2 months 26 days

Alice wife of C. T. Miller Apr. 13th 1885 
Alice Maud their daughter Dec. 1885
Ruth Mary Carroll  May 15th 1898
[Above three entries in a different handwriting from the original]

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