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Presbyterian and Congregational Ministers
in Lake County
From the Beginning to 1835

Submitted by Cynthia Turk

Thanks to Rebecca B. Hill for her transcription in "The OGS Report" 41:3 (2001) which made this work much easier.

The Plan of Union: or A History of the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches of the Western Reserve by William S. Kennedy (Hudson, Ohio: Pentagon Steam Press, 1856, now available on HeritageQuest Online or at Hudson Library) has a table of all the ministers of the Presbyterian churches in the Western Reserve to 1835. Below are those that are listed for the current Lake County. Many likely also worked elsewhere in or out of the Western Reserve and that service is not mentioned here. Some may have also worked as supplies for periods of less than six months and are not included here.

Concord Church was formed in 1834.

Kirtland Church was formed 1819.

Madison First Church formed 1814

Madison Second Church was formed in 1830.

LeRoy church was formed in 1835.

Painesville Church formed 1810.

Richmond (Grand River) Church was formed 1834.

Willoughby Church was formed in 1833.

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