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1907 Handwritten Document of First Church, Congregational of Painesville, Ohio

The 1907 Courthouse capsule which was opened in 2007 contained many items of historical interest for Lake County. The items and documents in the capsule belong to the Lake County Commissioners and Judges. They are on long-term loan to the Lake County Historical Society.

Included among the time capsule pages is:

First Church of Painesville Handwritten Document
4 pages; lists charter members, pastors through 1898, membership figures, and Sunday School staff. [59 entries]

This index was created and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

Name Position
Adams, Rev. Wm. D. Pastor 1829-1832
Alison, Agnes Charter Member 1810
Alison, David Charter Member 1810
Alison, David Jr. Charter Member 1810
Alison, Matilda Charter Member 1810
Alvord, Geo. W. Sunday School Teacher
Alvord, Mrs. G. W. Sunday School Teacher
Bailey, Rev. N. P. Pastor 1856-1864
Blish, Benjamin Charter Member 1810
Blish, Phoebe Charter Member 1810
Bradley, Mrs. Dr. Sunday School Teacher
Clark, Mary Sunday School Teacher
Clark, Rev.Wm. Walton Pastor 1878-1879
Cole, Margaret Primary Department Superintendent
Cumings, Alice J. Writer of this document
Cummings, Alice Ass't. Supt. Of Sunday School
Daly, Rev. James A. Pastor 1872-1876
Derrow, Nathan B. Original Organizer-6/17/1810 Connecticut
Echternach, Mrs. Sunday School Teacher
Fitch, Rev. Ferris Pastor 1834-1836
Gillett, Rev. J. Mills Pastor 1845-1852
Hadler, Mrs. E. N. Sunday School Teacher
Hayden, Rev. Hiram C. Pastor 1867-1871
Hays, Mrs. J. Hayward Sunday School Teacher
Heine, Marie Sunday School Teacher
Higgins, C. O. Ass't. Supt. Of Sunday School
Higgins, C. O. Sunday School Teacher
Hulbert, Rev. H. Pastor 1844-1845
Jones, Jemima Charter Member 1810
Kintner, Mrs. E. E. Sunday School Teacher
Landphair, Mary Primary Department Superintendent
Lee, Lizzie Sunday School Teacher
Lee, Mrs. W. G. Sunday School Teacher
Loomis, Rev. Amasa Pastor 1818-1823
Lyman, Rev. Osange Pastor 1827-1828
Martin, Lydia Charter Member 1810
Martin, Robert Charter Member 1810
Merrill, Mrs. S. J. Sunday School Teacher
Merrill, Rev. Geo. R. Pastor 1879-1886
Parshall, Rev. Terry Pastor 1853-1856
Pomroy, C. W. Sunday School Teacher
Potts, Florence Sunday School Teacher
Scott, Joel Charter Member 1810
Scott, Molly Charter Member 1810
Sheldon, Rev. Geo. Pastor 1823-1825
Sinks, Rev. Perry Wayland Pastor 1887-1897
Skeele, Mrs. A. F. Sunday School Teacher
Skeele, Rev. Arthur F. Pastor 1898-
Skeele, Rev. Arthur F. Supt. Of Sunday School
Skinner, Abraham Charter Member 1810
Skinner, Mary Charter Member 1810
Smith, Rev. Carlos Pastor 1836-1843
Stearns, Newton Sunday School Teacher
Van Dusen, Mrs. Sunday School Teacher
Warren, Katherine Sunday School Teacher
Whitney, J. B. Sunday School Teacher
Wolverton, Annie Sunday School Teacher
Woodworth, Rev. W. W. Pastor 1864-1866

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