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Abstract of
Painesville Telephone Company Directory, April 18, 1907

The 1907 Courthouse capsule which was opened in 2007 contained many items of historical interest for Lake County. The items and documents in the capsule belong to the Lake County Commissioners and Judges. They are on long-term loan to the Lake County Historical Society.

Painesville Telephone Company Directory, April 18, 1907 - 9.5 in x 13.25; 4 pages; folded light cardboard faded to light brown; thin pink string loop at upper left hand corner; telephone numbers for Main, Rural, Harbor, or Long Distance are listed in 3 columns. [ 841 entries]

This index was created and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

Name Description Exchange Number
Abramson, Abe res Main 359J
Adams, H. O. farm res Main 347L3
Adams, Marg'et res Main 272
Adams, Martin farm res Rural 6F
Alderman, H. W. farm res Main 296L3
Aldrich, Frank W. res Main 177R
Alexander, Ray res Main 404R
Allen, Geo. Second hand store Main 422G
Allis, I. B. res Main 253L
Alvord, G. W. law office Main 105
Alvord, Horace res Main 483
American Express Co. Main 83
Amidon, H. N. Dr. res Main 100
Anderson, Andrew res Main 437J
Anderson, J. J. farm res Main 326J
Anderson, T. R. General store Rural 8G
Andre, L. Painter & paperhanger Main 391L
Andrews & Sons, S. Dealers in stoves, etc. Main 409R
Armstrong, C. E. res Main 252J
Aten, C. J. res Main 481R
Atwood, B. E. res Main 386R
Austin, George S. res Main 365J
Austin, Mrs. W. C. res Main 89G
Austin's Pharmacy of Main 89
Auto Shop M. A. Dingley, Prop. Main 17
Averill, B. H. res Harbor 8
Avery, C. A. res Main 135
Avery, W. G. res Main 263
B&O RR Co. Trainmaster's office Main 53L
B&O RR Co. Eng house Main 53J
B&O RR Co. Freight of Main 90
Babcock, H. M.
Babcock, J. C. Capt. res Harbor 30J
Bacon, Horace res Main 103
Bailey, John E. farm res Main 296L2
Baker & Son , W. L. Cold storage Main 95
Baker, C. F farm res Main 257R
Baker, Chas. P. res Main 182
Baker, H. G. farm res Main 257R2
Baker, W. L. res Main 123
Baldauf, B. L. res Main 474R
Baldwin, J. A Furnaces & Plumbing Main 316L
Baldwin, Mrs. E. J. res Main 412R
Baley, J. U. res Main 326L3
Barber, E. D. Insurance Main 32
Barber, E. D. Mentor res Call Long Distance
Barker, Fred res Main 236
Barkinen, John Meat market Harbor 6
Barnes' Pharmacy office Main 91L
Barnes, Harley res Main 10
Barnett, F. E. Vet Sur res Main 37
Barnum & Patton Groceries Main 408J
Barrett, Courtney farm res Main 340L3
Barrett, F. E. farm res Main 340L2
Barrett, Richard res Main 395J
Barrows & Co. J. F. Pianos & organs Main 204
Bartholomew, Harry res Main 440R
Bartholomew, Miss Marion res Main 274L
Bartlett, A. M. res Main 208R2
Bartlett, E. B. res Main 434L3
Bartlett, S. H. Rev res Main 197
Barto, J. C. res Main 280
Barto, J. C. Clerk at Courthouse, office Main 85
Barto, J. C. (Co. Clerk) ofc Main 85
Bash, B. L. res Main 462
Bash, E. A. res Main 282R
Bates, Geo. A. res Main 260
Bechtol, J. A. res Main 443
Beebe, Guy S. res Main 414J
Belden, W. E. res Main 208L
Belknap, R. S. res Main 337J
Benedict, G. M, res Main 226J
Beres, John farm res Main 326R3
Bernard, A. F. Rosemont Nurseries Rural 3F
Bernard, F. F. res Main 345
Blackmon, Chas. F. res Main 110J
Blackmon, Mrs. G. W. res Main 110L
Blackmon's Sons G. W. Hardware & plumbing Main 118
Blackmore, Geo. W. farm res Main 456L
Blackmore, John res Main 348J
Blackmore, John Shop Main 454R
Blakely, E. F. Pros Atty Main 375
Blakely, Elbert F. res Main 375 R
Blodgett, C. S. Light draying; res Main 192R
Boalt, Miss res Main 310
Board of Public Safety Main 47
Board of Public Service Main 47
Bond, R.D. farm res Main 307L
Bookkeeper Tel. office Main 495
Booth & Co. , A. Fresh fish Main 329R
Borden, W. S. res Main 253J
Borger, J. M. res Main 253R2
Bosworth & Mott res; draying Main 350
Bosworth, C. F. draying Main 350G
Bosworth, H. P. res Main 276R
Bosworth, H. P. Atty Main 13
Boyd, A. P. res Main 74
Boyd, C. H. res Rural 2L
Bradley, Dr. Osteopathic Physician Main 247R
Brady, A. P. Dr. res Main 290
Brakeman, R. J. res Main 376L
Brayton, Mary Miss res Main 175R2
Breed, N. T. res Main 86
Brewer, D.W. General contractor Main 402
Brewer, W. D. res Main 466
Brisbin, S. E. painter Main 482R
Britton, J. H. res Main 418
Brooks, Carrie M. Dressmaking Main 446R
Brooks, Edw. Head'ds Rural 11L
Brooks, Hugh M. Head'ds Rural 11M
Brooks, Mrs. V. L. res Main 461R2
Brooks, T. S. res Main 282L
Brown Hoist Co. The Cleveland Harbor 27
Brown, A. L. farm res Main 347J
Brown, B. C. Painter res Main 421J2
Brown, E. P. farm res Main 326R3
Brown, F. H. farm res Main 347J2
Brown, Frank res Main 184
Buell, Mrs. A. M. res Main 357
Burnley Bat-ry & Mfg. Co. Main 228
Burr, Chas farm res Main 347R3
Burr, Edw. farm res Main 347L2
Burridge, Geo. P. res Main 87
Burridge, Mrs. Saml res Main 315
Burrows, J. S. res Main 42R
Button, Albert res Main 126
C.P. & A.R. R. Power house Main 158R
Callandar & Son G. F. Coal office Main 49
Callander, E. A. res Main 239
Callander, Edward res Main 415
Callander, G. F. res Main 49G
Callender, Joseph Contractor Main 141R
Callender, Pearl draying Main 291
Campbell, D. A. res Main 369L
Campbell, F. G teamster res Main 404J
Canfield & Thompson Grocers Main 27
Card, W. R. Paperhanger & Painter Main 223J
Carmedy, M. H. Dr. res Main 249
Caroll, F. C. Heritage Fruit Farm Rural 1W
Caroll, F. C. res Main 338J
Carr & Henrickle Grocers Main 329
Carroll, F. C. Buckeye Farm Rural 2F
Carter & West; Mills, Meats & groceries Main 256L
Carter, Geo. P. res Main 434J2
Carver, F. A. farm res Main 114L3
Casement, J. S. res Main 61
Casement, Mrs. D. T. res Main 401
Cassler, R. E. farm res Main 456R2
Cawley, R. A. Meats & groceries Main 364R
Chapman & Heartwell Dry goods Main 258
Chapman, Gordon res Main 303L
Chapman, Joseph res Main 170
Chapman, W. E. res Main 399J
Chase, Lew res. Painter & paperhanger Main 447 R
Chesney, B. E. res Main 398
Chief Operator office Main 497
Child, Mrs. C. O. res Main 248
Chilson, Capt. B. F. res Main 209
Christian Science Room Main 299
Christy, J. C. res Main 471R
Chubb, Wm. res Main 433J
Church, G. W. res Main 308R
Churchward, P. R. Cream route Rural 10G
Churchward, P. Sr. res Rural 10M
City Chambers Harbor 1
Clapp, C. H. res Main 335L
Cleveland Trust Co., The Office Main 41
Coe Mfg. Co. Machinists' Shop Main 51R
Coe Mfg. Company office Main 51
Coe, H. H,. res Main 66
Coe, H. P. res Main 275
Colburn, A. Dee res Main 452J
Colburn, F. S. farm res Main 307R3
Colby, G. S. Variety store Main 273R
Cole Coal Co., The Flour and Feed Main 67
Cole Coal Co., The Coal office Main 108
Cole, D. E. res Main 365L
Cole, D. H. res Main 326J2
Cole, W. B. Mentor Ave. Nursery Main 97
Cole, W. B. res Main 97G
Colegrove, Geo. res Main 192R2
Collacott & Son, J. B. Boots & Shoes Main 205L
Collacott, H. R. & Mrs. J. B. res Main 205R
Collins, F. W. res Main 413J
Collister, W. N. Supt., Elec. Light Plant Main 397L
Condon, J. A. res Main 55
Cone, Frank A. res Main 331L
Congregational Church Main 450
Conley, Will res Main 141J
Converse, L. F. res Main 353L
Conway, Rev. E. J. res Main 133
Cook, Ernest H. res, Interior Decorator Main 377L
Corlett, Robert res Main 370R
Corner Pharmacy office Main 63L
Cowles House Main 19
Cowles House Public Pay Station
Cowles Livery & Tansfer Stable Main 112
Cowles, W. T. res Main 176
Craig, Wm. res Main 486
Cranston, Geo. M. res Main 200G
Creedon, John res Main 79
Crofoot & Son, I. W. Meat market Main 25
Crofoot & Son, I. W. Meat market Main 225
Crofoot, B. F. res Main 119
Crofoot, J. M. farm res Rural 10L
Crofoot, M. E. res Main 4
Crofoot, Mrs. I. W. res Main 476J
Croft, H. C. Contractor Main 453J
Cumings & Downer Civil engineers & surveyors Main 417R
Cumings, H. H. res Main 172L
Cumings, H. P. res Main 417 L
Cummings, L. B. Capt. res Main 140
Curdy, J. E. res Main 445J
Curtis, L. T. Meats & groceries Main 81
Curtis, L. T. res Main 472R
Curtis, Theodore res Main 154
Curtiss, John res Main 399R
Darrow, J. Q. res Main 435L
Davet, J. G. res Main 63R
Davidson, Hunter Rev. Episcopal Rectory Main 60
Davis, Mrs. D. R. res Main 337L
Davis, T. P. res Main 268J
Davis, W. Albert office Main 13
Davis, W. Albert res Main 334R
Dayton, L. D. res Main 460
Dean, U. C. Prop. St. Clair Street Market Main 44
DeForest, R. C. res Main 342R
Detzel, Miss H. D. res Main 292L
Dickey, Thos. res Main 114J2
Dickson, G. H. res Main 482R
Dingley, M. A. see Auto Shop Main 17
Dingley, Martha res Main 423
Dollar Savings B'K office Main 65
Donaldson, E. T. res Main 308J
Donaldson, N. E. res Main 367
Donaldson, W. E. res Main 421R
Doolittle Bros. hardware Main 211
Doolittle, H. M. Prop. Antler Cigar Store Main 224L
Doolittle, H. Marshall res Main 129
Doolittle, Mark R. res Main 407R
Doty, A. H. groceries Main 50
Doty, H. B. Painter & paperhanger Main 247L
Downer, B. F. res Main 432
Downer, Cumings & Civil engineers & surveyors Main 417 R
Downs, J. B. res Main 245
Duer, H. A. Dr. Dentist Main 273L
Duffey, Mary res Main 395L
Dumond, H. E. res Main 92L
Duncan, Lew res Main 382L
Duncan, W. S. res Main 399L
Dunwell, E. B. res Main 293
Durfy, H. H. Dr. res Main 252R
Easton, C. R. farm res Main 456L3
Echternach, C. F. res Main 356J
Eddy, F. H. meatmarket Main 381R
Eddy, J. E. teamster, res Main 374R
Eddy, Mrs. D. M. res Main 446J
Ede, W. H. res Main 487R
Edgar, Mrs. J. A. Dressmaking; res Main 410J
Educational Supply Co. Main 75
Eggleston, A. A. res Main 307J2
Electric Package Co. Office Main 200
Electric Package Co. Harbor 9G
Elfring, Geo. Chief of Police; res Main 428
Elias, B. K. res Main 309J
Elks Club Room Main 385
Ellidge, Frank res Main 419J
Elliott, L. J. res Main 463
Engine House Office Main 62
Evergreen Cemetery Main 73
Faulkner, Geo. H. res Main 351J
Fenton, Mrs. J. C. res Rural 23F
Ferron, Peter J. res Main 473
Few & Sons, A. farm res Main 456R
Few Bros. Props. Lake View Dairy Farm Rural 8L
Fifield, A. A. res Main 231
Fifield, Franklin farm res Main 226R2
Fisher, Dr. A. J. res Main 218
Fisher, Mrs. R. W. res Main 216
Fitch, Mrs. James res Main 394
Flavin, W. R. Board of Public Safety; res Main 332
Ford & Patterson Groceries & U. S. Express Main 122
Forrest, Mrs. M. D. res Main 480R
Foss, W. D. res Main 317
Foster, John res Harbor 24
Fowler, C. H. res Main 438
Fowler, O. A. res Rural 17J
Fowler, W. H. Dr. res Main 171
Fowlis, Miss res Main 384
Foyer Steel Stamping Co. office Main 132R
Fredebaugh, John res, well driller Rural 24J
Freeman, John res Main 318L2
Freeman, Stephen M. res Main 177J
Freer, C. A. Main 480J
Fresh Air Camp Main 257J2
Fulk, G. V. res Main 92J
Gage Co., Paine & Groceries Main 202
Gage, L. P. Main 198L
Gail G. Grant Co., The Dry goods Main 324
Gardner, A. L. Dr. res Main 88
Garner, J. L. Draying Main 477
Garrett, James res Main 52L
Gates, Freeman res Main 104
George, Robt. res Main 330L
Gilmore, E. T. res Main 191
Gleason, Geo. W. res Main 303J2
Globe Mfg. Co. The P. K. Smith, Prop. Main 261L
Goldsmith, S. J. res Main 201
Gordon, James res Main 475L
Gordon, L. S. farm res Rural 1L
Gordon, R. L. res Main 471R2
Gordon, T. F. res Main 471L2
Gould, E. E. res Main 96
Grant & Searl outfitters Main 324
Grant, Gail G. res Main 230
Grauel, C. M. Manager, Painesville Telephone Co.
Grauel, C. M. res Main 35
Grauel, C. M. Mgr. office Main 495
Grauel, H. W. Dr. office Main 58
Gray, Allen res Main 314
Gray, S. K. res Main 398
Green & Co. W. F. livery Main 30
Green, Amelia res Main 173J
Green, Harry C. res Main 433L2
Greene, Clarence res Main 348L
Greene, S. F. res Main 407J
Gregory, E. S. farm res Main 326R2
Gregory, Ralph E. res Main 301
Griswold, Henry res Main 405L
Hadeler, E. W. Dry goods Main 72L
Hagenburger, C. florist Main 24L
Hall, Miss res Main 310
Hamilton, Mary res Main 455L
Hammar, H. E. Att'y Main 13
Handeler, E. W. res Main 72R
Hard, Chester res Main 432J
Harding, A. E. Rev. res Harbor 19
Hardy, E. G. res Main 362L2
Harper, Robt. Sr. res Rural 2J
Harrington, G. C. res Main 406J
Harrison, Edwin res Rural 24L
Harrison, Radcliffe & Bakery & ice cream Main 68
Harrison, W. C. res Main 330R
Harrison, W. D. farm res Rural 6L
Hart, Frank W. res Rural 18G
Hart, Frank W. farm res Rural 18J
Harter, M. L. res Main 342L
Haskell, S. A. health office Main 157R
Haskell, S. A. res Main 157 L
Hatch, Alfa res Main 451
Hawgood, A. H. Capt. farm res Main 338L
Hawkins Bros. Plumbing and Tinning Main 333R
Hawley, C. M. Dr. res Main 77
Hawley, W. W. res Main 232
Hayes, Sarah res Main 303R
Hayward, E. P. Coal office Main 82
Hayward, E. P. res Main 82G
Hazen, C. D. res; Supt. L. E. Concrete Co. Main 351L
Hazer, W. C. res; Mgr. Mentor Knitting Mills Main 292R
Heartwell, Chapman & Dry goods Main 258
Heartwell, E. D. Aud. At Courthouse, office Main 40
Heartwell, E. D. res Main 311
Heartwell, E. D. County Auditors Office Main 40
Heath, F. B. res Main 139
Heisley, Mrs. M. A. dressmaking Main 257L
Henderson, Richard res Main 276L
Henrickle, Carr & Grocers Main 329
Henry, Frank Hotel, Richmond Main 150
Herald Print Co. Main 75
Higgins, C. O. res Main 392L
High School, New Harbor 37
High School, Old Harbor 28
Hill & Son, S. E. farm res Main 296J2
Hill, Frank E. Painter & paperhanger Main 461R
Hine, C. A. farm res Main 109
Hines, Arthur L. res Main 192R3
Hissey, M. E. Dr. res Main 389
Hodges, Rand & Hardware store Main 196L
Hohenthall, T. Rev. res Harbor 26
Holland, F. G. res Main 433R
Horton Mfg. Co. office; mfg of brick machines & general machinists Main 98
Horton, C. H. res Main 98G
Horton, W. M. farm res Rural 3J
Hough, John L. res Rural 16F
Houghton, J. H. grocer's Main 320
House, C. F. Dr. res Main 34
House, Edward L. res Main 22
Howatt, D. F. farm res Rural 26F
Hoyt, Lucy res Main 331R
Hubbard's Steam Laundry Main 130
Hudson, C. O. Dr. res Main 180
Hulbert, L. J. General contractor Rural 16J
Hull Bros (Perry) res Rural 9J
Hungerford, F. A. res Harbor 18
Hunter, J. W. Sheriff at Courthouse, office Main 78
Hunter, J. W. sheriff; jail Main 78
Huntington, Edwin G. justice of the peace Main 426R
Huntington, Francis res Main 343
Huntington, Mrs. G. H. res Main 396R
Huntington, R. E. General contractor Main 485
Hurst, Thos. res Rural 2M
Infirmary county office Main 16
Ingraham, Dan H. groceries Harbor 29
Irons, W. O. farm res Rural 25F
Isham, A. L. res; light draying Main 434R
Jackson Street School Main 160
Jackson, A. A. res Main 453R
Jackson, Rob't. res Main 435R
Jacobs & Carnegie bakery & restaurant Main 144
Jacobs Bros. brink farm Main 156
Jail county office Main 78
Jardine, J. res Main 165
Jayne, A. L. farm res Rural 11G
Jeffries, S. fruit & banana dealer Main 449R
Jerome, Frank J. res Main 169
Jerome, Mrs. Joseph res Main 281
Johns, Ernest res Main 397J
Johnson, Judson res Main 339J2
Johnson, Judson Meat market Main 151R
Jones & Nye men's furnishings & shoes Main 409L
Jones, J. Page popcorn Main 358
Jones, Trevor P. res Main 149L
Joughin, John Hardware & plumbing Main 70
Keefe Plumbing Co. office Main 224R
Keener, E. D. furniture & undertaking Main 115
Keener, E. D. res Main 59
Kehres, J. J. res Main 395 R
Kelley & Ingersoll Meats & groceries Main 91R
Kendall, F. H. res Main 8
Kenny, E. O. res Main 368J
Kentosh, J. R. meatmarket Harbor 32
Kerr, Frank L. insurance Main 7L
Kerr, Miss F. M. res Main 99
Kile, Chas. res Main 399R2
Kile, O. W. res; Sec. Water Works Main 187L
Kimball, S. H. Dr. res Main 439
King, C. H. res Rural 10J
King, Gertrude S. Dr. res Main 478
King, H. W. res Main 257L3
King, J. H. Dr. office Harbor 40
King, J. O. res Main 405R
King, Mrs. C. M. res Rural 9M
King, S. R. res Main 221
Kinnter, A. E. store; Jeweler & optician Main 116J
Kintner, A. E. res Main 370J
Kintner, E. E. res Main 195
Kirby, J. J. res; Truby Coal Co. Main 474L
Knapp, H. P. res Main 430
Knapp, W. A. res; Maple Brook Dairy Main 164
Kohankie, H. Euclid Ave. Nurseries Main 137
Kohankie, Martin Mentor Avenue Nurseries Main 338R
Korth, Wm. farm res Main 456L2
Kurtz, The Misses res Main 175R
L.S.&M.S. R'y Co. freight office Main 2
L.S.&M.S. R'y Ps'ger depot 5c local Pay Station
Lake Erie College office Main 38
Lake Erie Concrete Co. office Main 351R
Lake Shore Passenger station Public Pay Station
Lake View Fruit Farm Dr. D. J. Merriman, Prop. Rural 1J
Lamar House James Roohan, Prop Harbor 20
Lamunyan, T. W. res Main 192L2
Landphair, Miss res Main 452 R
Lane, John res Main 73G
Lanphair, Wallace res; agent Grand Union Tea Co. Main 339R
Lanphier, W. S. Old Homestead Hotel Main 467L
Laroe, R. H. res Main 474J
Lathrop, Dr. B. P. res Main 362L
Lawrence, E. E. Marine Supply store Harbor 15G
Lawrence, E. E. res Harbor 15J
Lawton, A. P. res Main 361
Lee, A. A. res Main 107L
Lee, A. A. L and A Ins Main 107R
Lee, W. G. res Main 305
Leland, A. W. res Main 274R
Leonard, D. F. res Main 242
Leuty, W. E. farm res Main 307L2
Lewis, H. J. Groceries Main 287
Lewis, R. D. res Main 172R
Life Saving Station Rural 14
Light, W. C. res Main 158L
Lightner, J. E. res Main 207R
Lightner's Pharmacy Harbor 33
Lightner's Store Main 207L
Linden Beach E. L. House & Co., Prop. Main 431R
Lindsley, R. B. Moody Farm Rural 23J
Linton, Thos. res Main 10
Little Mountain Toll Sta
Littlejohn, Mrs. Gibbons res Main 288
Littlejohn, T. A. Boots and Shoes Main 138
Lockwood, J. S. Gent's Furnishing Goods Main 411L
Lockwood, W. R. Lansing Farm Rural 10R
Loomis, F. W. res Main 446R2
Loomis, L.G. & Son Meats & groceries Main 54
Loomis, Norm res Main 434R3
Lord & Son, Geo. A. Printers & stationary Main 408R
Lucas, S. B. res Main 476L
Lusk, Mrs. W. B. res; dressmaking Main 435J
Lynch, E. J. res Main 400L
Lynch, John res Main 410L3
Lynch, Susan res Main 400R
Lynch, T. P. res Main 362R2
MacCaslin, Miss J. B. res Main 371
Mackey & Co. Groceries Harbor 23
Malin & Son, S. L. Lumber dealers Main 127
Malin, W. E. res Main 341
Mallory, C. F. carpenter Main 226R2
Manager Tel. office Main 495
Manchester, Robt. res Main 295
Mandelcorn, S. Savings Bank Store Harbor 34
Manley, H. L. farm res Main 307R2
Manley, W. O. farm res Main 296R
Markham, J. W. res Main 490
Marquette, H. P. res Main 282J
Marshall, Nelson res Main 334J
Marshall, T. H. res Main 163
Mather, Geo. E. res Main 223L
Mather, Geo. E. office Main 107R
Mather, P. F. res Main 153
Mathews, J. F. Dry goods Main 304R
Mathews, J. F. res Main 304L
Mathews, Mrs. Geo. res Main 318R
Maunder, J. S. farm res Main 257J
May & Co., A. T. Transfer Livery and feed barns, L. S. depot Main 117R
Mayew, E. D. res Main 382R2
McAbee, Mrs. M. G. res Main 189
McClellan, Frank res Main 413L
McCrea, James res Main 336
McCrone, Jack office Main 145L
McCrone, Pat office Harbor 7
McGwinn, J. W. res Rural 17F
McKeowan, Robt. res Rural 1F
McLean, C. H. Carriage Repository Main 151L
McLeod, Geo. K. store Main 116L
McMackin, Roy res Rural 26G
McMillan, R. livery-barn Main 222L
Mead, Geo. machine shop Main 426L
Meek, G. F. res Main 368R
Melton, A. B. res Main 378R
Melton, D. F. res Main 173R
Merrill, A. farm res Main 296R3
Merrill, Mighton & lumber yard Harbor 38
Merrill, S. J. res Main 285L
Merriman, D. J. Dr. res; Physician & Surgeon Main 20
Methodist Church Main 270
Mighton & Merrill lumber yard Harbor 38
Mighton, M. C. res Main 379L
Mighton, P. J. res Main 146
Mighton, W. M. res; carpenter & contractor Main 181
Miles, J. res Rural 25J
Miller, Geo. D. farm res Main 347R2
Miller, H. R. & C. A. Fl'ts Main 422
Miller, Mrs. M. A. res Main 452L
Mills, Carter & West Meats & groceries Main 256L
Moodey, Chas. res Main 403R
Moodey, F. C. res Main 388
Moodey, Fannie V. res Main 312
Moodey, R. C. res Main 212
Morgan, T. W. Blacksmith shop Main 235
Morgan, T. W. res; fire chief Main 234
Morley & Warren Marble Works Main 360
Morse, Geo. res Main 289R
Morse, H. res Main 213
Mosher, H. M. res Main 268L
Mott & Bosworth res; draying Main 350
Mullen, Helena A. res; stenographer Main 410R2
Murphy, E. A. builder Main 414R
Murray, F. H. farm res Main 307J
Murray, Geo. res Main 368L
Murray, Sarah A. res Main 289L
Murray, Thomas W. res Main 391R
Myers, Robert res Harbor 31
Neff, Mrs. K. M. res Main 316R
New High School Main 69
Nichols, F. S. res Main 194R
Nickel Plate Milling Co. Main 306
Nims, F. C. res Main 215
Nixon, Miss Face & scalp specialist Main 387
Nolan, H. T. Mayor's office Main 15
Noonan, Dan res Main 487R2
Norton, E. L. Dr. dentist Main 424
NYC&St. L R'wy co. freight office Main 3
NYC&St. L R'wy co. Passenger station Main 250
Nye, C. H. res Main 284
Nye, C. H. office Main 93
Nye, Clark H. Probate at Courthouse, office Main 93
Nye, H. D. res Main 392L
O'Brien, W. R. res; contractor Main 141L
Ohio Mfg Co. office Main 327
Oliver, M. H. farm res Main 296J3
Owens, J. F. farm res Main 456J
P& L. E. Dock Co. office Harbor 11
Paige, C. C. res Main 448
Paige, R. K. res Main 366
Paine & Gage Co. Groceries Main 202
Paine, B. A. res Main 480L
Painesville Celery Co. of. Main 264L
Painesville Concrete & Building Co. Main 101
Painesville Elevator Co. office Main 43
Painesville Gas Co. office Main 32
Painesville Gas Co. wks Main 121L
Painesville Hospital Main 297
Painesville Metallic Binding Co. office Main 261L
Painesville Mineral Springs Co. Main 267
Painesville Nat'l Bank Main 178
Painesville Phone Co. office; St. Clair St. Public Pay Station
Painesville Phone Co. office; Fairport Public Pay Station
Painesville Pub Library Main 227
Painesville Water Works Dept. office Main 47
Palm Garden Hotel Main 64
Palmer, I. N. res Rural 2G
Palmer, Williard A. Parmelee farm Main 114R2
Pamly, J. L. res Main 210
Park, K. D. Dr. res Main 190L
Parker, C. E. farm res Main 340J2
Parker, Roy A. res Main 237L
Parks, Charles res Main 149R
Parmelee, James Parmelee farm Main 114R
Parmly Farm F. P. Bock Main 456J2
Parmly, Leo L. res Main 183
Parmly, The B. H. Rogers Manager Main 26
Parmly, The Public Pay Station
Parsons, A. W. res Main 283
Parsons, Wm. Prof. res Main 174
Patterson, Ford & Groceries & U. S. Express Main 122
Payne, O. N. res; painter & paperhanger Main 381L
Pease, W. B. res; Ohio Farmers Ins. Co. Main 186
Perine, T. L. res Main 259
Perkins, Mrs. Ella res Main 446L2
Perry, A. T. res; painter & paperhanger Main 233
Perry, Ordell res; painter & paperhanger Main 278
Philip, S. E. Capt. res Main 352
Pierce, M. E. res; City Agt. Grand Union Tea Co. Main 468
Pierson, Mrs. I. K. res Main 313
Pitcher, H. L. res Main 391J
Plaisted, J. M. res Main 194R
Police Headquarters Main 125
Pomeroy, C. W. res Main 132L
Post A. W. res Main 362J
Post Office Public Pay Station
Post, Emma Mrs. boarding house Main 192J
Post, W. F. Livery & undertaking Main 113
Post, W. F. res Main 113G
Postal Tel. Cable Co. Harbor 10
Poytosh, Geo. office Harbor 16
Prendergast, F. E. res Rural 16G
Prentice, E. G. teamster Main 471L
Prentice, G. H. res Main 142
Prouty, Will farm res Rural 6W
Puska, Henry furniture Harbor 25
P'ville Steam Laundry E. L. House & Co., Prop. Main 22
Pyle, F. T. office Main 18
Pyle, F. T. res Main 28
Radcliffe & Harrison Bakery & ice cream Main 68
Radcliffe, W. R. res Main 325
Radcliffe, Wall farm res Main 307J3
Rand& Hodges Hardware store Main 196L
Rand, S. A. res Main 196R
Ray, B. F. Dr. Physician & surgeon Main 155L
Reade, Geo. A farm res Main 296R2
Realty Title & Investment Co. office Main 1
Reed, L. R. Morris & Co.; res Main 322
Reynolds, A. G. law office Main 105
Reynolds, A. G. res Main 255
Reynolds, A. G. farm res Rural 1R
Richardson, J. res Main 33
Richmond Jail Richm'd Main 150R
Richmond, Lloyd L res Main 425
Rigby, Thos. res Main 303L2
Riker, Charles C. res; contractor Main 444
Riker, Mrs. Geo. L. res Harbor 30G
Robinson, John plumber Main 220
Robinson, John T. res Main 220G
Rogers Furniture & Undertaking Co. store Main 168
Rogers, B. H. Manager, The Parmly Main 26
Rogers, F. H. res Main 168G
Rogers, N. J. farm res Main 257L2
Rogers, Thorp & Carriage & Harness Dealers Main 179L
Rogers, W. R. res Main 179R
Rogerson, A. J. res; painter & paperhanger Main 173J2
Rogerson, W. J. res Main 339L2
Roohan, Mrs. James office Main 458R
Root, E. B. Dr. res Main 76
Root, M. L. hotel office Harbor 22
Rose, B. W. res Main 331J
Rose, C. P. res Main 52R
Rosenberg, J. L. res Main 56
Rothermel, R. A. K. res Main 363
Rottenberg, Max clothing, dry goods, boots & shoes Harbor 39
Rottenberg, R. res Main 359L
Royal Candy Store J. Schiappacasse Main 300R
Ruhling & Son Ridgeview Garden Rural 8F
Russell, C. K. res Main 335J
Russell, E. H. farm res Main 340R3
Rust, B. H. res Main 457
Rust, E. D. res; general contracting Main 340J
Rust, F. W. farm res Main 257R3
Rust, L. B. farm res Main 296L
Rust, T. H. res Main 203
Saba, S. fruit dealer Main 6R
Salvation Army Main 405J
Sanborn, M. D. res Main 469L
Sargent, J. D. contractor Main 12
Savage, Wm. res Main 238
Sawyer, E. V. res Main 355
Schiappacasse & Co. T. Main 420R
Schiappacasse, A. res Main 420L
Schiappacasse, J. Royal Candy Store Main 300R
Schiappacasse, J. Columbia Store Main 300L
Schimko, John Rev. Harbor 14
Schroeder, Albert F Lake Front Road Main 431L
Schulz, Charles F. Lake Front Road Main 431L
Schwab, E. E. office Harbor 21
Scott, C. J. real estate Main 7R
Scott, C. J. res Main 14
Scott, W. O. agent, Standard Oil Co. Main 198R
Seaman, H. S. res Main 414L
Searl & Grant Groceries Main 27
Searl & Grant Groceries Main 427
Searl, E. M. res; Organ and piano tuner Main 339J2
Searl, F. A. res Main 84
Searl, Grant & outfitters Main 324
Seiler, E. F. res Main 353R
Severance, Mrs. M. S. res Main 339L
Shann, H. J. res Main 223R
Shedd, Mrs. Frank res Main 459
Shelby, James res Main 319
Sheldon, E. M. res Main 175L
Shepard, Earl D. res Main 194L
Shepard, Lee H. res Main 240
Shepherd & Shepherd law office Main 265
Shepherd, B. C. res Main 199L
Shepherd, Geo. H. res Main 199R
Sheriff, County jail Main 78
Sherman, H. G. Dr. res Main 344
Shiland, J. L. res Main 378J
Shore Club, The Main 302
Short, Jas. res Main 470
Skeele, A. F. Rev. Cong'l parsonage Main 266
Slutz, M. J. Methodist parsonage Main 349
Smart, H. T. res Main 128
Smith & Co. W. F. drugs & groceries Main 11
Smith & Co. W. F. drugs & groceries Main 416
Smith, J. F. lumber Msin 106
Smith, J. F. res Main 380
Smith, Mrs. A. M. res Main 373
Smith, P. K. Prop, Globe Mfg. Co. Main 261L
Smith, P. K. res Main 261R
Smith, W. F. res Main 48
Snedeker, W. res Main 254
Snell, A. res Rural 17G
Snell, Norman B. carpenter & repairer Main 226J2
Spaller, A. W. res; onion seed Rural 23L
Spaulding, John res Main 308L
Spence, Dr. res Main 346
Spencer, John W. res Main 298
Sperry, C. S. res Main 309
Spillman, M. H. grocer Main 71R
Spink, Ora M. res Main 437 R
St. Clair Street School Main 161
Stafford, B. L. res Main 382J2
Stafford, F. E. res Main 318L
Standard Sewing Machine & Painesville Lamp Co. Main 124L
Stanhope, B. E. res Main 442
Stanhope, F. G. res Main 464R
State Street School Main 185
Stearns, C. F. res Main 365R
Steele, Geo. P. res Main 143
Stern & Son R store Harbor 36
Stevens & Co., R. A. Groceries Main 136R
Stocking, Chauncey H. Contractor; res Main 147
Stone, Geo. B. res Main 286
Storrs & Harrison Co. office Main 80
Storrs, W. P. res Main 330J
Streator, C. A. res; contractor Main 354L
Stuber, C. H. res Harbor 12
Stumm, Geo. W. Editor Telegraph-Republican Main 279
Sunny Brook Farm res Main 114J
Sutherland, H. A. res Main 120
Sutton, Jas. res Main 471J
Swain, M.J. res Main 461J
Sweet, O. M. teamster; res Main 421L
Taipoli, Alex groceries Harbor 13
Tawney, C. M. rs Main 481R2
Taylor, Delbert res Main 434J
Taylor, Fred res Main 484R
Tear, Capt. F. S. res Main 187 R
Telegraph=Replublican Main 42
Thayer, C. J. res Main 369R
Thoirs, A. res Main 194L
Thomas, John res Main 397R
Thompson & Canfield Grocers Main 27
Thompson, A. L. res; teamster Main 208R
Thompson, Chas. res; brickyard Main 162
Thompson, J. C. res Main 476R
Thompson, M. S. res Main 436
Thorp & Rogers Carriage & Harness Dealers Main 179L
Thorp, L. A. res Main 413R
Tillotson, Dr. L. H. res Main 23
Tilotson, Earl res; dealer in livestock Main 277
Tisdel, W. C. res Main 152
Titus, C. M. res Main 446L
Todd, W. A. farm res Main 114L2
Topping, M. D. res Main 241
Toubman, M. Savings Bank Store Harbor 34
Township Schools office Main 193
Trowbridge, Geo. G. farm res Main 326L2
Trowbridge, W. W. Rural 3L
Truby Coal Co. office Main 21
Truby, Wm. res Main 21G
Tucker, E. R. garden farm Main 326J3
Tucker, F. C. carpenter Main 166
Tuttle, Daniel H. farm res Rural 6R
Tuttle, G. N. law office Main 217L2
Tuttle, G. N. res Main 393L
Tuttle, H. A. res Main 392R
Tuttle, Lloyd G. res Main 393R
Tuttle, Lloyd G. law office Main 217J
Tuttle, Martin A. law office Main 217R
Tuttle, Martin A. res Main 469R
Tuttle, O. G. draying Main 39
Tuttle, Walter S. farm res Rural 6M
Tuuri, Matti bakery Harbor 5
Up-to-Date Department Store Main 359R
Veit, F. res; carpenter Rural 16M
Viall, C. C. Mrs. res Main 46
Viall, C. C. Mrs. farm res Rural 3W
Vrooman, A. E. res Main 337R
Vrooman, J. B. res Main 437L
Vrooman, W. F. res Main 268R
Wakelee, O. A. res Main 410R2
Waldron, Bert res Main 419R2
Waldron, Chas. res Main 404L
Walker, Clara Isham millinery Main 396L
Walton, E. A. res Main 441
Ward, J. C. res Main 294
Warren, Morley & Marble Works Main 360
Washtington St. School Main 111
West; Mills, Carter & Meats & groceries Main 256L
York, H. E. Dr. res Harbor 4
Young Men's Christian Association Main 323

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