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Minutes of Tri-County Funeral Directors Club District 26
Covering Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties
July 28, 1925 to July 14, 1938

Thanks to Jay Mulqueeny of Spear Mulqueeny Funeral Homes for sharing this book on its way back to the organizaton.

This small looseleaf book of minutes has been abstracted for highlights of the Lake County Funeral Directors. It was found in the basement of Spear Mulqueeny Funeral Home in Painesville, Ohio. A typical entry includes the hotel or place of the meeting, most often in Ashtabula County, a description of the meal, description of the entertainment and the presentation, brief mention of the business discussed and the next meeting planned. Other than appointments and election of officers, the business occasionally consisted of discussions of methods used in the business, pricing, and upcoming legistation. The organizational meeting is transcribed here.

Minutes of the meeting of funeral directors Club Ashtabula Lake & Geauga Counties held at Randall Tavern July 28 1925

This meeting was called by Field Representative J L Deming for the purpose of organizing the above named counties. Dinner was served at 6.30 during which time Eddy Peabody the Edison Banjo King was present and in his inimitable way entertained by splendid renditions on the Banjo. The meeting was composed of funeral directors and wives.

After dinner was over Mr Deming was introduced and in a very able manner dwelt at length on the advantages of organization and how it would prove of benefit to the funeral directors to form an organization.

After the address the matter was discussed pro and con and finally a motion was made to organize. It was duly seconded and was carried. Mr H M Burr being present was chosen by common consent as Secretary Pro Tem.

The following officers were chosen:
President L D Brown of Ashtabula Ohio
Vice President Henry Burr of Chardon Ohio
Secretary-Treasurer C D Fiser Painesville Ohio
A Board of Control was also provided for as follows:

Ashtabula County ------ Chas Marcy Conneaut

Lake County ----------- F H Rogers Painesville O

Geauga County ----------Floyd Laraway Middlefield Ohio

The object of the meeting having been accomplished and there being nothing further to come up the meeting adjourned to meet Aug 19th at Ashtabula Harbor Ohio.

C D Fiser Sec'y

Lake County Highlights

Walter C. Behm of Madison

May 1926 First appearance of Behm in the sign in sheet.
October 17, 1929 He is mentioned on the slate for President.
February 7, 1930 President Behm is leading the meetings for about 1 year.
1933 Appointed to the Flower Committee
January 16, 1936 Appointed to be Lake County Control
April 21, 1938 Appears as Vice President
July 14, 1938 Continues to appear through end of book.

Davis Funeral Home of Willoughby

January 13, 1927 First mention of a Davis
January 12, 1928 Lee P. Davis is appointed Lake County Control.
October 17, 1929 Reapointed control.
January 11, 1932, Absent, but elected Secretary-Treasurer.
April 20, 1933 On slate for Vice President.
July 13, 1933 Appointed to flower committee.
May 3, 1935 Rodger Davis appointed Lake County Control
May 3, 1935 Davis appointed auditor.
January 13, 1938 Last mention of a Davis (Lee)

C. D. Fiser of Painesville

July 28, 1925 First mention at first meeting and is acting Secretary-Treasurer.
October 18, 1928 Vice President
January 11, 1933 President
1933 Lake County Controler.
1935 Flower Committee.
January 16, 1936 Secretary-Treasurer.
January 13, 1938. Fiser had died and organization to write letter of sympathy to his wife.

Johnson Funeral Home of Painesville

July 14, 1938, last page of the book is first mention, no first name.

Nixon of Painesville

July 12, 1934 Petition for membership.
May 3, 1935 Appointed to admitting committee.
April 21, 1938 President.
July 14, 1938 Still present on last entry of book.

Potti Bros. of Ashtabula

April 9, 1936 Noah Potti of Ashtabula
April 9, 1936 Morris Potti of Painesville associated with the Ashtabula home
January 1937 L. Potti and Noah Potti of Ashtabula.
January 13, 1938 Potti Bros. application for membership.
July 14, 1938 Potti still present on last entry.

Fred H. Rogers of Painesville

July 28, 1925 Appointed Lake County Control
January 1932 Again appointed Control, the last mention of Rogers in this book.

Spear, John

April 21, 1938 First mention, John is Secretary-Treasurer.
July 14, 1938, included in last entry.

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