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Courthouse Commission Stonecutters

The 1907 Courthouse capsule which was opened in 2007 contained many items of historical interest for Lake County. The items and documents in the capsule belong to the Lake County Commissioners and Judges. They are on long-term loan to the Lake County Historical Society.

Included among the time capsule pages is:

Courthouse Commission-Stonecutters - Two pieces of cream colored paper; Papers were rolled up in The Stone Cutters' Journal a 24 page newspaper published in Washington D. C. Vol XXI No. 8, August 1907. The following papers can be found under the Government Related section:

Additionally there was a piece of stationery which included Geo. Carmichael, J. W. Myer, and C. Mulcahy, as Courthouse Contractors. It was dated August 9, 1907; on off-white stationary with picture of Summit County Court House in sienna; 8.5 in. x 11 in.; in folder.

This index was created and submitted by Marianne Wiley.

Name Postion City
Allen, J. Stonecutter
Allen, William Stonecutter
Anderson, Peter Stonecutter
Bennett, W. H. Stonecutter
Blair, Robert Stonecutter
Cameron, John Stonecutter
Campbell, Frank Stonecutter
Carmichael, Thos. B. Gen'l Foreman
Carrell, A. K. Commission Willoughby
Cottrell, C. C. Commission Willoughby
Cowles, W. T. Vice President of Commisssion Painesville
Croft, C. Bricklayer
Dowling, Tom Bricklayer
Dyer, J. Milton Architect
Eadon, Thomas Stonecutter
English, Roy W. Timekeeper
Fritz, Ernest Stonecutter
Gallagher, John Bricklayer
Grant, Alex Stonecutter
Gutgesell, A. Stonecutter
Gutgesell, O. Stonecutter
Hastings, Hugh Stonecutter
Heartwell, E. D. Secretary of Commission
Howard, F. N. Bricklayer
Jackson, J. T. Stonecutter
Lambert, Wm. Stonecutter
Manchester, E. Commission Perry
McDanel, James F. Carpt. Foreman
McDonald, Alex Stonecutter
Meldrum W. Stonecutter
Miller, Nick Foreman
Muir, Stewart Stonecutter
Mulcahy, John Bricklayer Foreman
Murray, F. H. President of Commission Painesville
Noble, J. Stonecutter
Ramsay, John Stonecutter
Schulze, Robert Stonecutter
Seitz, J. H. Stonecutter
Shelby, James Bricklayer
Stocking, C. H. Commission Painesville
Strachen, Robt. Stonecutter
Walker, Wm. Stonecutter
Walton, James Stonecutter
Walton, John Stonecutter
Warner, F. G. L. Commission Painesville
Webster, Chas. Stonecutter
Welch, Chas. Iron Erection Foreman
Whartenby, H. Bricklayer
Whyte, John Stonecutter
Williams, E. H. Superintendent

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